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Found 15 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] UCCS Acclamator

    Here we are! My very first UCS-style model is finally out, and it's a big one: the mighty Acclamator-class assault ship from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Made of 5,152 pieces, at 72cm (28,4′′) in length, weighing 3,2kg, it's by far my biggest project to date. This 100% SNOT build was painstakingly modeled to accurate reference material, from exact profile dimensions to surface detail on top and underneath. The underside was also full of geomertic challenges due to its numerous angles and shapes. I wanted to include essential functionality like detachable landing gear for landed display, and openable hangar doors with boarding ramps that slide down to reach the ground. The ship also features a removable stand, as well as a hidden handle to make switching display modes easier. In addition to the "standard" version with Republic markings, I also made a "class-II", all-gray version, which comes with its own instructions and parts list. The Acclamator is technically one of my oldest projects: the initial version of the design was made right after the Torment in 2021, but I eventually shelved it as I wasn't truly satisfied with it. Since then I had so many requests for this ship that the idea of making a new version progressively grew on me, until I took the plunge in late January 2024. Starting the new design from scratch, I decided to scale it exactly to Martin Latta's fantastic UCCS (Ultimate Collector Series) Venator, which happens to be in ~1/1000 scale. So I hope my Acclamator will, along with Latta's Venator, form the basis of a bigger 1/1000 scale BrickVault Republic fleet in the future! ► Instructions for the Acclamator are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. A_Goodman

    [MOC] Battle of Umbara

    "We're clones! We're all clones!" Umbara 20 BBY "We're clones! We're all clones!" Umbara 20 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr "We're clones! We're all clones!" Umbara 20 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. *Your entry has earned 10xp* Orto Plutonia. Snow. Clankers. My squad was deployed onto this planet under the Jedi knight Le're. We flyed to a seps outpost 5 clicks from our small camp. We encounterd a very little resistance. Le're: Sword! Get Inside! Engineer, you keep jamming their signal! Jumper, you cover us! The squad: Yes sir! C&C welcome!
  4. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Clones rooting out snipers at the Battle of Muunilinst
  5. r4canine

    [MOC] Clone Ambush On Naboo

    Here, the clones are trying to scale a rock face with the hope of ambushing a droid camp near some ruins. Meanwhile, the Separatists are inspecting the ruins, with the help of a local archaeologist. Been toying around with other themes for a bit, so I've not really made any Star Wars MOCs in a while, but I built this to get back into it. Tried some different rock and water techniques with it, as well as attempting an (admittedly pretty simple) cheese slope floor design for part of the ruins. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. Hey guys, with the return of the clone wars I've decided to build this moc based on one of my favorite episodes of the series S2epi5. I built one moc of the AT-TE to take the especial place on the moc. Lego Star Wars MOC: Second battle of Geonosis by Lego SWBR, on Flickr Lego Star Wars MOC: Second battle of Geonosis by Lego SWBR, on Flickr Lego Star Wars MOC: Second battle of Geonosis by Lego SWBR, on Flickr
  7. My first official brickfilm, I've worked on it for a while now, i hope you enjoy Ive posted the republic base seen in the film here, @LegoRacer1 it took a while, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it.
  8. Hey everyone, this is my 32x64 moc inspired in the battle of Kashyyyk. I used mods of the sets: 7929, 75036 to improve the moc. Any suggestions? Lego Star Wars: MOC Battle of kashyyyk, on Flickr Lego Star Wars: MOC Battle of kashyyyk, on Flickr
  9. Hey guys, I'm selling a ton of my SW minifigs for a great price. If you wish to purchase one, please email me at or private message me with this information: What minifig/minifigs you want, and your postal code and country so I can give you a shipping quote. After I receive that message I will get back to you with the final price and shipping cost. All payments will be delivered through PayPal. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! Thanks These are the minifigs with their prices: Greavious: $18 Obi Wan: $17 Captian Rex: $22 4 Green troopers: $29 Sensei Wu: $12 Chima Lion: $5 Mini orange snake: $8 Red Snake: $10 Jay: $16 2 grey snakes: $19 2 Power miners: $15 Arc elite clone trooper: $26 Geonosian: $6 Orange clone: $7 Jedi (Barriss offee) : $10 Dark green Clone (Commander gree) : $12 Wookie: $14 Robot: $12 501st legion Blue trooper: $19 Commando droid captain: $8 2 super battle and 2 regular and 1 blue droids: $22 barc trooper (red) : $19 DSC_1342 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1340 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1298 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1347 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1288 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1329 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1305 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1330 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1313 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1292 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1308 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1296 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1304 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1310 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1317 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1321 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1326 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1323 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1353 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1359 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1357 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1356 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr
  10. Location: C10 Marden Tags: Engineering. Civil Building Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Underwater Segway Filing System Traveling in space can be a thirsty business. If you happen to go just past the last star in the system, come to the point where every sane man or alien from Alpha Centauri would turn back towards civilization, and then decide to go a few lightyears futher; you'll happen across a the popular Coffee Shop At the End of the Universe. There you'll find one of Kawashita's addicting inventions, the Nova Java. Members from all three corporations can be found drinking their favorite brew and munching on snacks while be served by clones named Larry. The rivalries between the corporations is set aside for a few moments, because good coffee is worth being seen with your enemies. "So you work for the Alien Defense Unit?" asked Valentine. "Isn't that a little ironic?" "No, no, no! I wanted a medium, decafe, flat white, not a medium decafe octanano!" "Pombe, why are you wearing clothes?" asked the old-timer. "Well I used to come in here without pants because their sign said 'No Shirt, No Socks, No Shoes: No Service. But now they added pants to that list so I bring a change of clothes to put on before I come in to get my coffee. But now worries! In the interest of making people comfortable, it all comes right back off when I leave!" said Pombe. "I finally got them to carry my newly enhanced Larva Friday Grub Worms!" exclaimed Sal. "Have you tried them yet?"
  11. Hi guys! It's my first Topic here, on Eurobricks, hope you'd love it(: I called this base "CargoB-808": its name consists of words "Cargo" and "Base". Train have quite a lot of place inside its aim is to transport some sort of ammunition, weapons, usefull little things^^ Some pictures made from the front: The ground floor plays the role of warehouse: Here u can see a jail and and a surgery: And there are a lot of control pannels on the first floor(: One more beautifull photo and thats it!)
  12. GeneralWashington420

    MOC - Clone Wars Yavin Battle

    A Turbo Tank running over clankers on Yavin! Link to images: Your thoughts?
  13. duboismerci

    [Review] 75089 Geonosis Troopers

    Hello again everyone! Continuing to review the sets I bought during the May the Fourth sale. This is my last review of the 2015 winter wave as I don't have the other sets that still need a review and I don't plan buying them. They are: 75081 T-16 Skyhopper 75084: Wookiee Gunship 75086: Battle Droid Troop Carrier 75087: Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter 75090: Ezra's Speeder Bike If anyone could review these. Thanks! So now on to the review This is my third review : 75089 Geonosis Troopers Name: Geonosis Troopers Theme: Star Wars / Expended universe / The Clone Wars Year: 2015 Pieces: 105 Minifigures: 4 Price: USA 12.99$, ENG 11.99£, CAN 15.99$, EUR 16.99€ Ressources: Brickset Lego store description The front of the box with the new 2015 art: A stormtrooper helmet tagged with a rebel alliance crest. Your standard box art for 2015. On the back of the box, we see the play features and the number os stud shooter and the number of spare studs. Also shown is the clone troopers and the walker's features. In the box, the pieces come in 2 bags and with the instruction booklet. The instruction booklet with the same image as the box on the cover. The back with the win minifigure. Spare parts: mainly spare studs. It's a battlepack! The completed model. The walker with the new stud "gatlin" gun ready to fire! Side view 1 Side view 2 Top view Back view With the legs posed like it's recommended in the manual The walker as 3 features: movable legs, the "gatlin gun" and the opening cockpit. Here is the cockpit opened and closed. Closed The walker is unstable if both legs aren't placed the same way And now what you were all waiting for: The Minifigures! We get 4 of them; 2 Geonosis airborne troopers and 2 Geonosis troopers. The battlepacks comes with 2 different heads: the standard clone trooper face and another one with a different facial expression. The Geonosis trooper compared to the to the Kashyyyk trooper and Utapau trooper. We can see that the camo pattern is different then the Kashyyyk trooper. It has the same back printing as the one from the Utapau BP. Back view The airborne trooper compared to the Utapau BP one. Back view Rating ------ These three points are not included in final score. Price: 6/10 – 105 pieces for 12.99$ is above the 10 cents per piece ration. Also like other battlepacks with the gatlin gun, 20 of those piece are studs for the guns and the canon. Still we get 4 amazing minifigures and a small vehicule. Parts: 7.5/10 – Many of the pieces are studs but we get a nice assortement of pieces in geonosian tan that could be usefull for any desert moc. You love or you don't the new gatlin gun. Build 7/10 – The build takes around 10 minutes. No special technic are involved in the build. Battlepacks are about minifigures and not the building experience, so no surprise here ------ Design 5/10 – This walker is not based on any source material but we have seen enough walkers that we know how it should look or not look like. From the front and from the side the model does look good but looks bad from behind because of a complete lack of detail. There is only so much you can do with 50-60 pieces. You can fit 2 minifigures and their guns on the walker. The legs are movable, the cockpit can be opened and closed and the gatlin gun does shoot fast and far. Still it's a little hard to place the legs in display mode. (refer to image legs posed like it's recommended in the manual) If both legs aren't place the same way, the walker will be very unstable or it will fall. Besides, the walker can't stand on 1 leg and thus it limits the different poses it can take. It's an average build. Nothing amazing. Still it might bring some memories to some of the first walker of the very first battlepack released: the clone walkers BP. Minifigures: 10/10 – The minifigures are outstanding. The camo printing on both troopers is very detailled and beautifull. Printed legs, and backprint on all 4 minifigures. The airborne trooper helmet is also very well made and looks just like the source material. Troopers from a new clone legion is always welcome for MOCs and dioramas. Also we get 2 different faces wich is good for an all clone battlepack. Playability: 6/10 – Not much play features except for the gatlin canon and the opening cockpit. It's hard to set the legs in display mode and both legs must be placed the same way if not the model will be unstable or it won't even stand. The movable legs can't really considered a play feature in this case. Still the shooter is fun to use and so are the minifigure's guns. This is a one faction battlepacks. It's meant to be played with other sets so you can have targets to shoot at! OVERALL 7/10 – A good battlepack. The minifigure are definitively the highlight of the set as you would expect. Adding a new clone legion to your collection is always nice even tho some would have prefered a more "famous" legion like the Galactic Marines or the 501th. Seeing another variant of the airborne trooper is also very nice because the mold for the helmet is amazing. The vehicule included could have been better. In the end this is an above average battlepack with outsanding minifigures that carry a rather average walker. Thoughts and critiques welcomes! Also if there is any grammar mistake burning your eyes, please PM me and I will edit. Thanks for reading!
  14. Hey, haven't posted here in a long time. I made a vignette, star wars of course. More images! <3
  15. sander1992

    [MOC] Kashyyyk

    Hi everyone, This is the first Star Wars MOC I post on Eurobricks. It is almost four and a half years ago I made a Star Wars MOC. I was an exhibitor at an event in the south of the Netherlands. The MOC is inspired from the scenes of Revenge of the Sith and the landscapes from Legoland Germany and Denmark. The landscape is 2 by 6 XL plates big and it has a lot of details. When I see landscapes of Star Wars, I see mostly Endor, Hoth or Christophsis. That is the reason why I wanted Kashyyyk. Here is the link to the pictures. Comments and/or feedback are welcome. It is the first Star Wars MOC in years. Sander