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  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] [Instructions] Midi-Scale Razor Crest

    Thanks so much! Yes I love the non-Lego look :)
  2. "I like your ship. She's a classic. Razor Crest, am I right?" My Midi-Scale collection keeps expanding with more than a classic piece of spaceship, the legendary Razor Crest from the Mandolorian. Made of 1,230 pieces, 30cm long, this baby ST-70 Gunship has a total of... zero stud across its entire surface, making it a true 100% SNOT build. At such a size, replicating all the complex angles and features of the original model required advanced SNOT techniques. I really wanted to push the limits of what could be done at such a small scale. Capturing the tapered body also required making a very compact 2 stud wide structure that could still hold everything together securely. The ship has two display modes, "in-flight" with its canted stand, and "landed" with easy-to-install landing gear. Hope you like it! ► Instructions for the Razor Crest are available at BrickVault. All pictures on my Flickr page!
  3. Thanks a bunch, means a lot! Glad you like the details and the convenient size :) Many more SW ships to come!
  4. Just saw the finished model you posted today, looks perfect! Love your MOC collection btw, nice too see the Negotiator just above Jerac's Razor Crest :)
  5. Thanks a lot! Glad you liked the techniques :) Great! If you happen to have some WIP pictures I'd be glad to see them :)
  6. Happy May the 4th everyone! To celebrate this day, there's 20% off on instructions for the Venator at Brickvault till tomorrow, so don't miss the sale!
  7. Hey everyone, Happy May the 4th! Today is a special day: my Torment is now 1 year old! To celebrate this day, there's 20% off on instructions at Brickvault till tomorrow, so don't miss the sale!
  8. Thank you Daniel! The weird design of the Mandator is quite interesting, it's been on my to do list for a while now. I still have 5 ships to make instructions for and release, so the schedule is full at the moment!
  9. Thanks so much Ron! And thanks for noticing all of the small details I included. I'm on a long Midi-Scale streak right now, and I'm not done yet! Much more to come soon :)
  10. "Wrecker, easy with my ship. "Your ship?" My Midi-Scale collection expands again with this nanofig-scaled Havoc Marauder from the Bad Batch series. Despite the small size, I once again went for a full SNOT look and paid close attention to proportions of the original shuttle. The build comes with a discrete, transparent stand to be displayed in flight mode. ► Instructions for the Havoc Marauder are available on Rebrickable (163-page PDF). More pics in my Flickr Album.
  11. Hey, thanks a lot! Can't wait to see the finished thing!
  12. Thanks a lot lowlead! The goal was to make it look massive despite the medium scale. Thanks for noticing :) Thanks so much!