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  1. What total price do you have on Bricklink? Is every selected store domestic?
  2. Thank you Lowlead! It would be amazing to see both models next to each other! 2mpaired should also buy the Torment soon, he told me he wants to build it too
  3. Just letting you guys know the Torment is now available on Rebrickable!
  4. Thank you for buying the instructions Daniel, don't forget to share the finished model to us when you're done!
  5. Of course the stand is included! Thanks for sharing the website.
  6. Hey :) The estimated price for all 3,011 bricks is around $650, from what I've seen on Rebrickable. Before buying the parts I had already sourced half of the list, and spent about $250. Here are the full dimensions:
  7. Thanks so much :) Greeble implementation was both very fun and frustrating at the same time.
  8. May the 4th was THE deadline :) Thanks a lot, I indeed made my best to avoid sacrificing important detail, especially as a greeble freak! Glad you like it.
  9. Hey, thanks a lot! The instructions are priced at $25. Hit me up @ for purchase. Yeah, Jerac's work is outstanding, who can resist his MOCs?
  10. Hey Rubblemaker, thanks for chiming in! I love dark stuff haha. I wanted to make the pictures look like actual scenes from the movie with a "space" type of lighting. But I agree, I should post some photos in more realistic lighting conditions. I'll update the post with new pics shortly. Meanwhile here's how it looks like on my desk right now:
  11. Thanks a lot, glad you like it. I made sure to avoid any rare part but also drastically limited the unique lots to make buying and collecting parts easier (194 unique lots).
  12. Happy May the 4th everyone! Toady is a special day. That's why I'm releasing my first MOC: the Torment Imperial-II Star Destroyer. Made of 3,011 pieces, 25 inches long (79 studs), weighing 2,07kg, it's a medium-sized, modular Imperial-II Star Destroyer holding on a single Lego stand. It features all of the recognizable elements of the real studio model: turrets, antennas, hangars, bridge, neck, engines, with close attention to every detail and proportions of the original Imperial-II ship from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Designing took about 70 days, plus 15 days for building / testing, & another 15 days for making instructions and photos. More than 3 months of work. My goal was to build the most accurate SD as I could, in a limited scale - a moderately-sized build that could still easily fit on a desk or shelf, and be moved freely. This choice of scale made working on greeble and proportions a real challenge. Designing a single, secure stand was not an easy task either. But after all this work, I'm really happy with the result. ► The instructions for the Torment are available (762-page PDF). If you want to buy them, hit me up at All photos in my Flickr album. I plan to make more soon. Hope you guys enjoy it, and may the 4th be with you! FlyInSpace Flickr ♦ Instagram ♦ Rebrickable Extra pictures (dark mode disabled!) :