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Found 8 results

  1. Here is my first lego ideas project, i have created a new band of fruits characters. Hope you like it ! you can see the project here : friendly & fruity :D
  2. Question: What do you get, when you cross a tank, with a banana, a scorpion, a V8 engine, and a bunch of stud-shooters? Answer: The Banana Scorpion! Color scheme: Yellow, with some black and grey. Driver: A Big Giant Banana-eating Tiger! (this one) Powered Functions: Drive: Tank tracks - powered by 2x M-motors. (also used for steering) Steering: Tank type skid steering. Engine: A massive V8 - powered by a high speed motor. Wacky function 1: Lifting hull mechanism - powered by M-motor. Wacky function 2: High speed spinning sweeper - powered via V8. Wacky function 3: The ability to tank-wheelie!!! (with some help...) Manual Functions: (aka: weapons) Cannon: A giant cannon mounted on the end of the adjustable scorpion tail. Stud-shooters: Front: 2x six-round, and 2x single-round - Rear: 4x single-round. Spring-shooters: 2x rear-mounted. (can be triggered by driver) The story of how The Banana Scorpion was built:
  3. Long time ago in the galaxy far far away, there is a jedi who meant to be a master that will bring the balance to the force, but he turn to the dark...
  4. A banana plantation has been established just outside the new settlement of Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. Demand for this exotic fruit has risen steeply in recent times, with even Her Majesty herself rumoured to enjoy a good banana now and then! A fast trading vessel can transport the fruit back to the mainland before it spoils and will be almost guaranteed to make a tidy profit. ------------------- Another quick build and most probably my last for the month. Purists will not like the bunches of bananas as I've had to use the same trick as in my Cocoa plantation to make the trees look anything like authentic but I am reasonably certain that there is no way to make a bunch of bananas using just Lego! (more than happy to be proved wrong! ) Licensed as a small plantation in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia.
  5. AyliffeMakit

    Bananaman Movie in 2015

    So yeah, apparently DC Thomson and Elstree Studios are making a Bananaman movie. Its due out in 2015, but a teaser poster was released recently: There's also a small teaser site, but there's nothing really on there except for the hashtag #PeelThePower. If you've never heard of it before, the intro from the 80's TV show should get you up to speed on him: So, what do you think of this fruity new hero?
  6. Hey y'all I bought the lego imperial star destroyer a couple of months ago to display because I love to glaze at an Imperial star destroyer. After a while I realised that the set 6211 really lacks in detail. So I thought I would mod it to make it look better. So I started browsing some pictures of the imperial star destroyer to get some ideas. I then came across the UCS Imperial star destroyer and remembered it existed. I then realised that my 6211 SD would never look as epic as this one. So I went to rebrickable to see how many pieces I already had. I have 69% . But I didn't want to destroy my at-at 4483 so now I still have 67% I printed the parts list and started collecting the pieces I need and circled the ones I still have to buy from bricklink. I then realised I only have 1356 pieces. thats about 33%. So I have to buy a lot more. I made a wanted list from the pieces I need and started looking for the stores to buy the pieces from. The total cost is about 450€ which I will gladly pay for an epic star destroyer. I won't buy pieces that are 30€ per piece, so I just bought them in a different color and I will just paint them. That saved me a lot of money. I didn't buy the tan magnet holders because they are 20€ per piece and I need 14 of them, so I'll just buy a different kind of holder. I won't buy the pieces for the tantive IV, I'll just make it with the pieces I have. I now only have to pay some stores and then the waiting game can begin. Thanks for reading. (can somebody tell me how to upload a picture? )
  7. alanboar HK

    [MOC] Banana

    Creator: Alanboar Size : 10 x 10 x 20 cm Pcs : 100 Description: Our family love this fruit - Banana. Flickr : Creator : Alanboar P.S. I joined yahoo competition recently, if you like this model , please vote me at (per day) : https://hk.promotion...O_54f5d1aade39e Thank you.
  8. Teaser: 7,5 cm travel at back, 3,5 cm travel at front, 1260 g weight, 2 rc motors pics later... Oh, it is yellow.