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Found 4 results

  1. Svendp

    Arc display

    hey, I wanted to share this one with you. It got displayed at 3 of our lug events last season, but now I need the parts for new creations 77088857_2462948067319711_7138155527632060416_n by Sven De Poorter, on Flickr Pictures
  2. Terrasher

    [MOC] Arc de Triomphe

    Hello everyone! Right after buying the Big Ben, my love for landmark buildings grew. I also started liking a lot more the Architecture sets. At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to start a big LEGO project, but I had no idea what to do. I thought about making a Star Wars diorama, or tons of micro ships, but what I really wanted was something to accompany my Big Ben and my Tower Bridge. I've always thought that the Arc de Triomphe would make the perfect candidate for a Landmark set. It's got plenty of detail, it's got the right size and is just overall beautiful. One evening, I decided to toy around with some hinged parts I had laying around. I thought about making midi-scaled Arc de Triomphe. That's when I built the ceiling of the arch. It was spot on, but it was a bit too big to make something rather medium sized. So, one thing lead to another, I had tons of spare white bricks and grey greebles, I made a few PaB orders, and then I ended up with this: Sorry if the image quality isn't great, I'm not great with cameras and I don't have a particular place to take pictures of MOCs. My main sources of inspiration for the Arc were a few Architecture sacled MOCs I've seen on LEGO Ideas, and a big Arch built with beige bricks (main inspiration for the tiled walls). Most of the arch was built from scratch. The only special ordered bricks (PaB wall and S@H) were white tiles for the walls, the border of the sculptures (the ones that look like paintings), most of the shields section, the interior side of the walls (the part with the white grilles that make the names), most of the big LBG section right above the main arch, and most 1x1 round flat tiles. The whole build should be built at nearly the same scale as the Tower Bridge. In fact, it's closer to the Bridge's scale than to Big Ben's. Statues and more sculptures: I actually think I went crazy with the details. Certainly for the statues. I really wanted everything to be there. I wanted every arm, leg, tree and bush to be there. The Arc de Triomphe was really my first big LEGO project. Beforehand, the biggest thing I had made were a few modular houses the size of the Pet Shop. This is the best I could do for the inside of the side arches. The four sculptures on the walls are all there, but I only took a picture (or tried) of this one). Ceiling main interior: The roof and the shields: This is the part I'm proudest of. With the shields, the real challenge was to get them all in. There are 11 shields each big side, and 4 (and a window) on each small side. There was actually not mathematical way to get them all in by simply stacking bricks on top of each other and have everything face upwards. So, I built the whole section using SNOT. The only thing that's not actually been built yet (because it's too expensive for what it is), is the sculptures surrounding the roof. And a couple of comparison shots: Alright, that's the Arc de Triomphe.
  3. For a few months I've been hooked to the Architecture Series, being able to collect the several of the recent official sets, bricklinking others and, most of all, skimming the web for Architecture MOCs of places I've been. That's how I've came across Eiffleman's Lego Ideas entry ( with a suitably scaled Arc de Triomphe: Upon seeing it I was hellbent of recreating this landmark and luckily Eiffleman was kind enough to provide enough details to allow "easy" reverse engineering. The result, a very eye catching ~500 piece Architecture MOC with several interesting tricks up it's sleave, especially in the pedestals and the arched ceeling made of 1x1 tiles. I had a blast getting to the "how did he do it" and I'm still rounding up some edges (namely the bas-reliefs in the mid section), but I'm quite happy with the overall look I was able to recreate, even though, unfortunately, some of the pieces Eiffleman uses do not exist in the indicated pieces (namely the statues). Here are some pics of the main stages of the build: I hope some of you enjoy this Eiffleman's MOC as much as I did (and do check another Eiffleman's Arc du Triomphe, in a larger scale).