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Found 32 results

  1. Tension

    My entry for the contest. Additional pics
  2. That rubber ducky shirt on the new Robin minifig is way too cool for him, so I made it a new owner. Thomas Magnum. Have tweaked the front of the Ferrari to make it sleeker (final photo)
  3. Hey Everyone!

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! (bonus points for getting that reference) My name is Rob and I'm an 18 year old who plays and displays Lego to partially further my learning of practical effects in film and television. I am an aspiring special effects artist and Lego helps me channel in my inner creativity, as well as my love for taking what I see on the silver screen and building it in the palms of my own hands. Stay building every one! :)
  4. Sheep

    Hello everyone ! My latest brickfilm... A sheep finds a hat, and decides to wear it. But the herd doesn't like the original idea... A fable about trends and choices in the modern world!
  5. Hey all, I want to share my second project in Lego Ideas. The set is based on the spanish series Águila Roja. There you can see more pictures of the lair and information. I will be happy if you support me and if you write what you think about it. :)
  6. Hello everyone! Here my latest build, the S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor, also known as Moonbase Interceptor that is the primary defence spacecraft of the secret SHADO Moonbase. The S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor appeared in the 1970s British television sci-fi show UFO. The Interceptors are white and red one-seater space fighters used over the Moon and in Earth's orbit, equipped only with a self-destroying frontal nuclear missile. The Interceptors, usually, fly in groups of three during a period of red alert. During the flight, the three missiles are fired almost simultaneously. These spacecraft can't fly in Earth's atmosphere, for unknown reasons. My brick built Interceptor has also a detailed interior, lifting the top it's possible to see the cockpit and the jet engine on the back. Below the back view. Few weeks ago I built another vehicle frome the same TV series, the SHADO mobile. Thanks for stopping by.
  7. [MOC] Knight Rider - K.I.T.T.

    This is my project of K.I.T.T.: 250 pieces, 2 minifigures can sit inside, De Lorean (CUUSO/Ideas) scale. Now I must place the orders of pieces to build it :) UPDATE: This is the real MOC :) Full album:
  8. So I've been working on a custom Savitar based on the design in "the Flash". I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, particularly regarding the head.
  9. I was looking through the telly listings for the holiday season when I spotted this: I haven't seen this programme mentioned here on the EB boards or elsewhere so thought I should point it out. I was at the Leicester Square store on the opening day and queued for 4.5 hours to get in. There was a film crew outside the front door but I don't think I was ever in shot.
  10. [MOC] The Batman Batmobile Mark 1

    In 2004 a Batman animated tv series called The Batman was launched. This serie had the difficult task of following the critically acclaimed Batman TAS as such it was met with a pretty negative responds especially due to some of the radical redesigns of the characters.Personally I liked this series quite a lot, sure it may play a part that this was pretty much the first Batman show that I really got into (nostalgia), but I for one actually really like the more "modern" look that the series had. I was especially impressed by the Batmobile (the 1st one). It was something totally different. For a while now I have wanted to recreate this Batmobile in Lego form but never managed to do so until now. I'm very pleased with the final result, I hope that you like it to. Here you can see the Batmobile next to the Batman, as you can see it has quite a low profile. Without the Bat. A look at the front. The side, here you can see some of the details on the side, and again note the low profile. The rear with the exhausts. And ofcourse the Batman can fit inside, probably the most comfortable fit of any of my Batmobiles so far. I have also created a "stealth" version of this Batmobile. This one is pretty much a recoloringInspired by the Young Justice TV Show. I hope that you enjoyed this Batmobile, feedback is always appreciated. Have a nice day ;)
  11. Hi! Any fans of the improvising tv show Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK 1988-1999, US 1998-2007, 2013-) We are doing an impro night with our friends this weekend and I wondered if there would be anybody interested in suggesting Whose Line? related texts for this week and future use? You can easily send your suggestions with this form, thanks in advance for everyone who has time and ideas for us: If you're not yet familiar with this tv show, just search "Whose Line" in YouTube and pick any video. They're all hilarious!
  12. TV crew

    Here's my TV van, inspired to set #6661 Front Rear The whole crew Hope you like :)
  13. Here's my first bigger building project from this Spring. This was a part of our Finnish LUG's modular city at Model Expo 2016 in Helsinki Fair Center in April. Desperate Housewives has been my favourite tv series for a long time, and I have wanted to build the houses and their residents in brick for ages. I knew it would take a lot of effort, but I couldn't imagine how last-minute-ready the whole thing will finally be. You can see a few shortcuts taken here and there, but the main point was whole time more on the whole street itself than on little details. Of course I wanted to make the residents as authentic as I could at the moment, and it was a must to include as much small story details into the layout as possible - still keeping only one copy of each character present. I'm finishing my 10-year-inventory soon so there will be an update to my Wisteria Lane now that I have all the time, space and bricks I ever need for it. But here's finally a photographical look over my street: (few photos here, rest of them at Brickshelf, when available: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565325) There's also a gallery in Facebook about the Street: https://www.facebook...153560424156769 Mary Alice, Paul and Zach Young & Martha Huber and Felicia Tillman Van de Kamp's house Katherine Mayfair's house Aerial view from the first part of the street Aerial view from the second part of the street Aerial view from the park end of the street
  14. Captain Green Hair on TV

    I'm not sure weither this is the right forum, but I actually got an interview on TV. The video is in Dutch but it gives you a nice view on the start of the Greenville layout and it also shows a bit more of my ship the ''Halve Maen''. There are also quite a few MOCs in there I have not posted yet. I will keep you updated on the Greenville layout and everything, but if you have any questions you can ask them here. i hope you enjoy the interview! http://www.omroepfle...bouwen-met-lego PS. Is it possible to embed the video, I don't know how to?
  15. ZOINKS! Shaggy turns out to be one hell of a hotrodder, turning his Dodge A-100 van into a pro-street pavement-pounder. Inspired by the full-size-engined/half-sized-bodied Zingers, the famous customs of the early 70's showcar-scene. The engine is a 2:1 scale full blown V6 race-engine. It's got dragslicks in the back, a wheelie-bar, and a drag-shute. To really appreciate this car it's best to compare it with the standard boring original cartoon version.
  16. Watched this documentary last night on Channel 4 in the UK. Included a brief chat with the designers of the Star Wars TFA line, some glued Xmas builds by Bright Bricks, a guy who was making a Lego compatible board game and some other bits and bobs. My take: they made a potentially fascinating subject boring by focusing exclusively on people rather than lego creations. eg. they were at the Great Western Brickshow in Swindon but didn't show any of the fan builds or layouts. Instead we got endless interviews with staff at the Lego call centre (which, to be honest, might aswell be any corporate call centre dealing with any product, anywhere in the world). I understand the film maker's desire to find a human interest angle - but wish they gave a bit more screen time to some expert builder's cool creations (and not just that 'Merry Christmas' build which was a bit basic for my tastes).
  17. Reply with your answers to these questions, please use a 1 to 10 scale. Set design: Minifigures: TV show: Story: Characters: Animation quality: I'll post my opinions after a few people have replied, hopefully :(
  18. Hello all, I would like to share my Nashville themed MOC and custom minifigs. Nashville Rebricked, is a fan art and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser project that utilizes LEGO® bricks to recreate fan favorite scenes from ABC’s popular prime-time drama series Nashville. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The cast and crew of Nashville, the shows' fans, and supporters of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have been wonderful. After the completion of the project in early October, I'm going to auction off the LEGO Nashville minifig characters and the Bluebird Cafe build, and all proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  19. We all know that LEGO will not release many of our favorite movie or television characters. Here is thr place to show off your purist figures! Rules (I know, bad word, but must be done): 1. Absolutely must be purist. That means no 3rd party brands, knockoffs, or any custom printing. These must be made from existing LEGO parts. 2. No Star Wars, Marvel, or DC characters. There are separate forums for those. 3. Keep the profanity to a minimum. We have people of all ages here. No hard cursing. Otherwise, let's do this!
  20. I'm sort of keeping up with the organised rewatch of X-Files (netflix / DVD / whatever) leading up to the new 6-part season in January (s01e12 Beyond the Sea up next for me). Anyway, have been inspired to make some LEGO X-Files related vignettes and scenes (Mulder's office is the first big one planned). Haven't started on the builds yet. But I got a few parts in the mail today from Bricklink, so have a few trial minifigs whipped up - Mulder, Scully, Deep Throat (though he may end up becoming the basis for Cigarette Smoking Man), and Cecil the pyro dude from "Fire" (s01e11). All purist so far, but may get custom handguns and flashlights... and crazyarms to enhance the figs.
  21. [MOC] Livingroom

    A livingroom, probably from the late 70s.
  22. Be-Leaguered aired about an hour ago in the UK, did you see it? If you did, share your opinions here
  23. I recently purchased 21108 and I think it's one of the all time better sets from Lego. I really enjoyed building it, and I can tell you the endresult is awesome. Like you didn't know already huh. Still ater a while some things started to bug me, and I thought I could improve on some details and overall look. The frontend is unmistakenly 59 Cadillac, but somehow it didn't look right... Wheelwell had a wrong angle; the frontwheels were set too far back; the 'eyebrows' above the headlights stick too far out; the hood is too flat compared to the fenders; too much room between frontwheel and lights because of wrong use of snot-technique, etc... I think I have improved the original model. After I modified the exterior I came across this post by flailix, and his work inspired me to do a proper interior and engine bay. I had just one problem: My car is one stud shorter than the original. So that meant I got even less room to place all 4 minifigs... But I managed to do so... ^ seating ALL 4 minifigs! ^ detailed V8 engine bay ^ notice not one but two exposed studs behind the frontwheel. Somehow it doesn't feel like Lego has forgotten something anymore It now looks like the car has a doorline. ^ I replaced the inverted slope which just had the wrong angle and made the bodywork between frontlights and wheel too large with a cheeseslope. By using other snot-parts I managed to shrink it a bit further and clean up the bumperside by separating it from the headlights. ^ Major modification was shortening the cab by a stud. It forced me to create open windows which I love. The windshield is set back to create more bodywork between frontwheel and windshield. The roofrack needed to be set back a stud creating less room at the back of the roof. Just like the real thing. The blue hoses are now compact together compared to the original set. I used an extra slope next to the hoses to let the body have a better flow. ^ now that the ladder is set back one stud I could attach it by clicking it into a red 1x1 clip I placed in the fin. On this side also more slope pieces above the rear wheel for better flow ^ I used a plate to give the bumper more mass. ^ the round studs don't bother me as much as they do on the original. It's much more a 'one piece' frontfender. It even suggested me to use round studs in the hoodcorners. It really helps rounding off the hoodcorners. The hood got raised because I thought it sat too low between the fenders. ^ now this was the most difficult task: Creating enough room for a decent interior that can seat all 4 minifigs. I'ts not able to hold all 4 backpacks but it does have room for a trap ^ sure it's kinda cosy but hey, it fits!
  24. Hi there, Here are some photos of my newest model I displayed at BrickFair VA this past weekend, a diorama depicting the set of the classic BBC Two sitcom Fawlty Towers. The hall tree with dual umbrella stands in the vestibule at the back of this photo can be seen in better detail here. Here's another shot from the con showing the reception desk, the fire bell, and the moose head with a broken antler. Here's a work-in-progress picture showing an alternate corbel design in light grey and some of the winder stairs. Here's what the whole diorama looked like from the front sitting on the table, which provides another view of the staircase. I plan to modify this and post another set of photos once I get some parts I don't yet own and will maybe even build the upstairs or exterior. Thanks for looking, Nathan