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Found 17 results


    Deep Sea Suit

    Instructions available NOW for US $7.99: Instructions Explore the depths of the deep sea with the HERMES EX101 Deep Sea ExoSuit. Seat yourself in the double-walled cockpit and use the levers to control the arms and legs. Be careful, though, the oxygen may run out! Attach the hook to rocks so you don't drift away (and watch out for the sharks)! This mech is designed with LEGO bricks that are currently available. However, lights are not included in the package but are only shown in the render. They can be purchased at several third-party retailers including LYGOD, LightMyBricks, Brickloot, and Lightailing. BUILD [url=][/url]Deep Sea Suit Lit Drop 1 by [url=]Peter Bryant[/url], on Flickr This build is remarkably simple: It's divided into 14 submodels, most of which are repetitive. I incorporated what I believe to be my best SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques yet. DESIGN PROCESS As with all of my MOCs, I started by doing a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look. I took heavy inspiration from 76105-1 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition. This means that many design elements are taken from that mech. For example, the design of the legs is very similar to, but not a direct copy of, that robot. [url=][/url]Deep Sea Suit Lit and Released Back by [url=]Peter Bryant[/url], on Flickr FINAL PRODUCT Instructions are available now at the link above. Please, consider purchasing as I am trying to gather all of the parts to build in real life. FEATURES Minifigure cockpit (as in, a Minifigure fits inside) Fully posable Instructions bundle includes .xml file for easy upload to BrickLink and full - color instructions (White Background) Sticker Sheet and display stand coming soon!
  2. Proud to present my latest moc. A motorized ATTE. Instructions can be found here it can walk, steer by articulation and control the main gun rotation and elevation.
  3. Then I realized, that this chassis behaves really well, and started thinking about it as about my new Overland Expedition (or Kostky Trophy) truck. (later I got reminded, that buggy motor is quite hungry, so it can not be used in this kind of event. But, with bigger battery... Have to try.) So, next step was the body. You can see that I experimented with new tire-rim combo. Too heavy, but not bad. And then I finally bought Buwizz. Laziness and worries about custom RC recievers and batteries won. (hope that not for all times :D) I also installed LEDs to the truck. And bought new tires. And finally, last week I took it outside. Hope you like it. :) More upgrades are slowly on the way. ;)
  4. This was originally designed to be the smallest RC car to use a buggy motor, but it soon became an extremely powerful car capable of drifting. I refined the chassis design over 2 prototypes, and then tried multiple combinations of gear ratios and different sizes of wheels to achieve the best speed. The result: this MOC you are looking at right now! Driven by buggy motor, geared 1:1.25 Steered by PF servo Hidden power switch on underside LDcad/POV-Ray animation Video: Instructions: 3D File Drift Racer 3D file.mpd
  5. All, After more then 2 year without working on a new Technic MOC I am now ready to present my new project: A classic roadster based on a Jaguar XK120. I managed to built it in white and separate the frame and the bodywork completety. Due to this there is also a frame version with full RC. It can be build in red and black as well without major adaptations. More pictures, video and instructions to follow.... Rebrickable instructions: Blog from The Lego Car Blog: Blog from The Brothers-brick:
  6. Darthmarty

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Hello, I'm new to this community, but have been building Lego my whole life. My favorite themes when I was growing up in the late 80's and early 90's were Castle and Pirates. In recent years, my favorites are the Star Wars UCS sets, though I'm especially impressed with some of the MOC's both of Star Wars and in general. I first found this forum when I was wondering why Lego hasn't done a set for the Star Wars Nebulon-B Medical Frigate from the Rebel flleet. A google search turned up the absolutely AMAZING MOC of the Nebulon-B by Mortesv, and as I read more about that I of course found a thread or two talking about it in this forum. Over the last few years I've become very impressed with the online tools we have thanks mostly to the ingenuity of the Lego community. Most people, even probably a lot of people that have Lego or buy sets for their kids, have no idea that sites like Bricklink, Brickset, and Rebrickable, exist. The sheer number of online store fronts on Bricklink, and the enormity of how many individual parts there are just boggles my mind. The amount of data that Brickset can tell me about my collection is fascinating. I am now trying to learn about the Lego design software that until a week ago I wasn't aware existed. It seems like Lego Digital Designer is kind of broken and not supported by Lego, yet it seems like folks are still using it? What about Is that more or as popular? Or is there other software besides those? I feel like I am just scratching the surface of the new things I want to learn about - and this forum seems like a great place to figure it all out! Looking forward to participating in this community, almost as much as I am for my two year old getting old enough to graduate from Duplos into Lego!
  7. Midlife-crisis

    MOC / WIP A-Wing mid size

    I was tempted to bricklink Anios UCS A-Wing, but somehow it was a bit too tall for my needs. So i started to build a smaller version - It´s 37 studs long. It´s the first version i dare to show, but there is much work left especially with the tails, rebuilding the cannons as the distance between them is too big, and maybe a snot version of the nose. Part count: 574 Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. Hey Guys, i´m sitting here checking my LDD Parts List of a MOC and wondering what i need and what i might already have from a Set. Is there an easy and Time effective Way to compare the Parts Inventory of a certain Set and the Parts Inventory of a LDD designed MOC to se which Parts the et already contains and which Parts i still need to Order? Like when a Set contains 5 white 2x2 rounded Slopes and the LDD Design contains 10 of the same Piece so that i know i only need to order 5 more from Bricklink or where ever. I hope my Objective is not too confusing.
  9. HOW IT IS WORK: Manage your LEGO set collection, and build an inventory of the parts in those sets. This is remastered version of application with this same name that was brought to as by Jim Valavanis on SourceForge. Is focus on work without internet. Protect user privacy as much as possible. Connection with outside is used when images, price guides must be downloaded. Information about sets | parts can be imported from *.xml file /BrickLink order/ or from *.csv file /BrickLink or Rebrickable set data/. DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsibility for anything that may happen to you using the program. DOWNLOAD: Runnable version /Windows platform/ The LDraw images used as parts images GitHub repository 2018-02-18: Add LDraw support Update db_urls.txt Upgrade GUI Improved missing image file download Fix some bugs
  10. I just tried to go to Rebrickable, and got this: I don't know what's going on, but it's been like this for ages... Is anyone else experiencing this? Edit: It's working now...
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, I will let the Moderators decide. I'm posting it here because quite a few Technic builders have their models on Rebrickable. A couple of days I received the e-mail below. I have not answered it yet. After checking the website it looks like a Rebrickable clone, down to the MOC numbers. Tomik started a discussion on the same subject on Rebrickable a couple of weeks ago, but hasn't had many replies. Has anyone else been contacted by them? How did you react, if at all? Is this considered theft? I'm kind of on the fence on this, as my instructions are free and they are not reselling them, and I don't mind the additional exposure. On the other hand, I do see it as a problem for Rebrickable, who is having their website cloned. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. hello guys its my first post here, omg this forum is so huge!!! i will take my weekend to look the varios posts i made a technic car for "lego technic." fb page users, i made some instructions, i want to share here too thanks so much Omar
  13. Hi! I'm not a coder but I'm very familiar with the Unreal Engine 4's visual scripting system which I used to create a tool that will help you to convert Rebrickable part lists to LDD user palettes, This is how it looks right now: Features: One-click converting of Rebrickable CSV files to LDD user palettes Features coming soon: Converting decorations (prints) correctly Converting rarely used colors correctly to colors available in LDD Merging mold variations to bricks available in LDD Support for old colors Limitations/Disadvantages: Since it's running on a video game engine, it's quite heavy in terms of file size (102 MB) and requires a modern PC All bricks are placed at 0 0 0 so if you try to open the palette file, LDD will remove all but one brick. Every part of a multi-part brick like power function components will have everything colored in the main color. DOWNLOAD Decide yourself if the relatively large file size is worth the time you may save in comparison to LDD manager's palette process (which is still a great tool!). Right now it only uses Rebrickable IDs for the LDD IDs but that is going to change when I get through each file and check it for mold variations and decorations. The colors IDs have been translated manually which is why I need feedback regarding the colors. Sometimes It wasn't easy to decide which color in LDD is which color on Rebrickable. Is it worth continuing? Let me know what you think!
  14. Hi All. I shared this in the Rebrickable forums the other day, but didn't get much of a response. I'm new to the forums here, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on. I'm a computer science student at the UofA. Me and a friend have been working on a data-vis project using the rebrickable set database for one of our classes. Here's the link: Since you are all obviously passionate about LEGOs, I figured this would be a great group to get feedback from and suggestions for improvement. The UI is a bit slow, but hopefully that will be worked out soon. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know! I'm always looking for ways to make it better.
  15. Which LEGO Technic fan by now has not heard of Madoca1977? Two years ago he burst onto the MOC scene with some of the best Technic MOCs the LEGO world had ever seen, and has been releasing excellent MOC after excellent MOC ever since. Now, he has agreed to sit down with us folks at Rebrickable for an exclusive interview. Here's a snippet: Check out the rest of the interview over at Rebrickable.
  16. Hi all! [Edit: I'll post a video and real photos later] I got some time and I made a 42004 alternate for the Rebrickable December Competition. It is a small, wheeled excavator, which is slightly based on the 8419 (like the main boom mecanism) My first intention was to keep a bucket and to give it an use (not as decoration). An excavator looks me the most common application for a bucket. I used the small bucket because I think it has the right size. I used all gears -as gears -. The features: -Steering (HoG) -Main boom raising and lowering (Worm) -2nd and 3th section movement (Worm) -Extra movement of the bucket (Manual) -Turning (Turntable) The body is a bit unfinished, but with not any leftover beam, I couldn't get it looks better. For me, just as for many other Technic builders, functionality is more important than looks. For it size and the available parts, I think it's pretty good. I had only 10 unused parts, of which 8 pins. What do you think of it, and do you have any suggestions to improve it? Greets, Fresko
  17. Hi This is my entry for Rebrickable alternate contest. Model is alternate for set 42004. I do not own that set so the rims on engines are black instead of yellow. All other parts colors are correct. Assault helicopter features: Rotating main rotor (via gear under the fuselage) 2 turbo-jet engines for extreme speed 1 heavy cannon on the front 2 SS 10 anti-tank missiles on sides of the fuselage Seat for pilot two seats in cabin for passengers/shooters Building instructions here. Photos: Hi-quality photos by Jim, later this page, here. LDD screenshot: Hope you like it. LDD-file here