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Found 35 results

  1. Hello everyone! Two years ago I've started this journey with a dear friend of mine of making a drone racing game on unreal engine called Rotor These days I was a bit burned out for all the programming and 3d modelling so I decided to make a technic version of one of our drones to relax a bit :D Just for the sake of it I put it in the game to see it fly but i won't upload a video until i'm sure Lego won't sue my butt (it won't be in the game anyway) I hope you'll like it here it is the game counterpart as reference when i'll have more time i'd like to make a half technic and half bricks version of it that looks more like the original so i can have it hanging from the ceiling of my room
  2. I was always dreaming for creating my own quadcotper/Drone,I am so glad to share with you my X-Drone design which I spent a lot of time to do it. The design was built in many stages to fulfil the Aerodynamics ( as shown in last picture ) and to be as light as possible. I believe a video will be much better than writing a lot :) LEGO IDEAS Link ( Please support me if you like it ) Kindly check my video on the following : I always fail to have good support in lego ideas so I really need your to give me your opinions and what i do wrong .... Your comments & Supports will help me a lot... Thanks for sharing your feedback with me. More Pics that I like :
  3. Following my disappointment that the Osprey 42113 did not follow the normal pattern of availability and cost, I decided to build a civil aircraft MOC of a similar price point. I chose the CityAirbus because it has an interesting configuration, not seen before in LEGO Technic. The real one is all-electric, improving on the usual gas-guzzling Technic prototypes. There was also room to innovate in the model. A lot of prototype aircraft inherit a shell from an existing one and fit new equipment, which doesn't make for such an interesting model. With Technic we want to see the new mechanisms, so I left the underside open to view the gearbox. There are three motorised functions: rotor spin, a "hovering" mechanism and a movement mechanism. A single L-motor powers the 8 rotors and a selection gearbox for the other 2 functions. The right lever does the hovering mechanism, which lowers a pair of linear actuators that move clear beams to raise the aircraft off the ground. The left lever does the movement mechanism that powers a sliding axle arrangement that drives clear wheels on the feet of the scissor jack. The two manual "mechanisms" are removal of panels on each side and the ability to rolls sideways when landed, using small wheels on the skids. The red lever sows the centre of the function selection gearbox. It works like the one on the back of Claas tractor 42054. The rotor drive comes from the centre of the gearbox, using the reversing bevels, and goes up, then diagonally to reach the front rotors. The rear rotor drive goes along the top. My first prototype test model allowed the rotors to tilt in sided pairs but they do not do so in the real CityAirbus. The motor is above and to the rear of the function gearbox. The hovering mechanism is geared down by worm but has a small gear-up before the worm. A clutch protects the motor. You can see the final drive from the end of a row of 16-tooth cogs to the LA (mirrored the other side). The movement mechanism has an axle sliding in a red 8-tooth cog in between the LAs, with bevel drives to the wheels. The battery unit (any 4x8x3 one will do) is housed at the rear. The 12-tooth cog shows the control to a PF LiPo for this prototype but the PU 2-port hub could be used. The maximum hovering height is about 7cm but the movement function works as soon as the skids have left the ground. Further flight uses the traditional "swooshing" method. Walking pace would meet the real 75mph design speed at 1:20 scale! My hope is that this will help to ensure that we have LEGO Technic civil aircraft of a decent size in the range of sets, seeing as the Osprey would have been around for at least next year, had it not tripped over the "non-military" policy. As a set, the final CityAirbus model would need to be sponsored by Airbus Helicopters, who own the IP to the real CityAirbus. They would specify decals to put the livery patterns and brand names on it. The design and build time was 125 hours over about 5 weeks in August and September, quite a few hours after midnight! More pictures in my Brickshelf folder Video on YouTube Project on LEGO Ideas Please let me know what you think, and do support and share! Thanks, Mark
  4. Mini LEGO

    Police Combiner Transformer

    Here are a baby police robot and a small patrol drone. They are not strong at this state. But if they combine into a big police robot, it is strong and fast.
  5. For Mission to Mars I decidd to build more of a classical machine - a six wheeled rover. I was heavily inspired by the upcoming Mars 2020 mission ( and wanted to integrate a drone inside the model. First thing to build were the foldable Rocker-bogie suspension arms, which is unfolded with pneumatics Each bogie featurs a steerable front wheel which is steered using a worm gear mated to a small turntable. Drive power is carried through the turntable to the front wheel. The rear wheels are on their own bogie and are driven by a combiantion of Cv and universal joints: A longitudinal differntial is used on each drivetrain which allows for the speed differences between front and rear wheels when steering. Differential is especially required when steering at 90 degree steering angle, since the rear wheels do not turn at all. A driven differential is used to level the both sides of the suspension arms: Differential allows for the movement of suspension and keeps the body leveled. A single M motor is used to adjust the leveling angle via a worm gear. Suspension in action: In order to unfold the rover, a pneumatic compressor was installed near the front of the body: The same compressor also powers 4 small pneumatic cylinders which open up the tops sides of the rover: A large actuator lifts the base of the 3D camera (placeholder for Wi-Fi camera) on the top and reveals the propeller "drone" inside the rover: Since most rovers include some kind of an arm to dig and check samples, I decided to equip mine with claws. They are able to pick up and lift with the use of a single M motor: And finally the rover can launch the propeller drone using an RC motor powered by BuWizz: Here is the final wrap up of the features and characterisics: 38 x 25 x 15 cm when folded 41 x 25 x 57 cm when unfolded Weighs 1800 grams Powered by 5M, 2L and one RC motor Controlled by 2 BuWizzes Independent all wheel drive with longitudinal differentials Rocker-bogie suspension Pneumatic unfolding Raisable 3D camera arm - placeholder for a WiFi camera Leveling mechanism Drone launcher Working claws Unlimited steering angle And a quick video of the rover in action:
  6. Hello! I show here my entry to the latest Lego Ideas contest: the Volvo Excavadrone. This project born in my mind in the middle of the contest: at the beginning I was thinking about a modular construction machine, but it was not something “special”. Then I started thinking out of the box, and a flying machine was born! All functions are manual: Arm and bucket movement, with 3 Las Turret rotation Solar panel movement Flipping wheels/propellers Detachable operator cab Independent suspensions The model was a runner up winner of the contest, so I’m really proud of it. I hope you like it too.
  7. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego UCAV

    PANDORA is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) that usually carries aircraft ordnance such as missiles and is used for drone strikes. Aircraft of this type have no onboard human pilot. These drones are usually under real-time human control, with varying levels of autonomy. They are used in drone strikes. This model is based on the American Northrop Grumman X-47B. PANDORA as X-47B is a tailless jet-powered blended-wing-body aircraft with advanced equipments and stealth capacities. PANDORA can carry uder his wings a large arsenal of bombs, weapons, and missiles. Lego unmanned combat aerial vehicle "PANDORA" (UCAV) (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego unmanned combat aerial vehicle "PANDORA" (UCAV) (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego unmanned combat aerial vehicle "PANDORA" (UCAV) (6) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Other photo on my flickr page!
  8. Leonardo da Bricki

    Sprite HK-P4 *Now With FREE Instructions!*

    When the Late World Order collapsed in August of 2079, from the ashes of Europe rose the Galenis Confederation, a group of nations bent on control over the remains of the world. Machines were their enforcers, and there was no taking prisoners. The main weapon in their arsenal was the Sprite-class Hunter/Killer (Patrol) drone. Sprite HK-P7 Almost 14 meters tall, this machine has Level 4 AI, meaning it is autonomous, but not free-thinking, and it is tied to a central command system. It is armed with a Martek Industries cannon, capable of firing at a rate of 800 rounds per minute. A Luminaire Tech spotlight augments it's suite of visual detection systems, which include radar, lidar, infrared and ultraviolet. Contained in the body is a Martek Industries Viper Launcher. It has a magazine of 16 rounds of HERP (High Explosive Rocket Pod) missiles. Each missile bursts open to release 7 individual rockets in a dispersed pattern. The Sprite uses several gyroscopes to maintain balance, and it is capable of running at speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour. I have this model built for about two years now... It has been standing on my self, and since I got a new shelf, I had to move it. And I decided it needed some upgrades... I tweaked the head just a bit, and overhauled the feet and lower legs, which were orginnally too bulky for the spindly model. And I will let the photos take the place of words, because I have been rambling on, and no one likes that... This is the view of the oppressed: Sprite HK-P7 Side profile of the Sprite: HK-P7 Profile A view of the cannon. I am quite happy with the design, it works well and is easily side-mounted. In the future, I might try it with the 4L bars instead... Sprite HK-P7 The secret missile launcher: Fire 1! Front view of the entire machine. It is 15 inches tall. Sprite HK-P7 by Will Mood, on Flickr Comments and critiques are welcome. This was my first attempt at building a mech, so tell me how badly I screwed up. I will have another one to show tomorrow as well. Instructions can now be found on BrickSafe. - Leonardo da Bricki
  9. The eagle GoPro Karma has landed! Here is my first model of a licensed... thing. It has several functions and is accurate to the real thing (?). What do you think? Leave a comment below! Thank you! BrickbyBrick
  10. Hello All, I am really glad to be part of the huge nice community!! I have just posted this new project & I really appreciate your Feedback , comments and supporting my Lego Project "THE B-Copter" on the following link : All Pics and details : Link removed I am a big fan of Drones and Quadrators so I wanted to create a unique LEGO set for the 1st Drone with unique Mechanical structure to illustrate how real drones fly with a bug shape as the Bee. THE B-Copter is designed in a fully functioning Mechanical way( H design), The 4 Propeller rotate at the same time but each 2 opposites are rotating in the same direction ( 2 clockwise & 2 anti-clockwise in PIC #12) and it is ready for Power function as well. I believe that this LEGO set would be a great introduction for the Drones in the LEGO world with some engineering Mechanisms that are simple and fascinating at the same time. I hope you liked & support the Design to have it as a real Lego Set ! Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello All, I am really glad to be part of the huge nice community!! I have just posted this new project & I really appreciate your Feedback , comments and supporting my Lego Project "THE B-Copter" on the following link : All Pics and details : Link removed. I am a big fan of Drones and Quadrators so I wanted to create a unique LEGO set for the 1st Drone with unique Mechanical structure to illustrate how real drones fly with a bug shape as the Bee. THE B-Copter is designed in a fully functioning Mechanical way( H design), The 4 Propeller rotate at the same time but each 2 opposites are rotating in the same direction ( 2 clockwise & 2 anti-clockwise in PIC #12) and it is ready for Power function as well. I believe that this LEGO set would be a great introduction for the Drones in the LEGO world with some engineering Mechanisms that are simple and fascinating at the same time. I hope you liked & support the Design to have it as a real Lego Set ! Thanks a lot.
  12. Grids M6 and M7 (general map). Ldd build. After knowing that the Spriznulo Navy failed the trials with 2 drones on grids L6, L7, M6, M7, the 4th flotilla of the Erotema Submarine Force departed from her main naval base in an attempt to recover such valuable technology and return it to the legitimate owner. ES 411 (Erotema submarine 411) is underway to grids M6 and M7 in silent running in case the passive sonar array can detect any distress signal or abnormal noise coming from the lost drones. According to the Strategic Electronic Warfare Units, there is evidence of an unknown radar signal first detected on grid L6 that followed a path to grids M6 and M7 before disappearing from the radar screens. As Spriznulo is an allied, it is vital that the COAC finds the drones before any RON nation do. Secret orders, known as Letters of Last Resort (yes, I have copied the name from the Royal Navy), are to be executed by the Submarine Fleet Captains in case there is no time or possibility to report to the Erotema Navy High Command. Will our submarine find anything apart from old cannons, chests, masts or sealife? DIVERS OK by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ES 411 belongs to a series of midget submarines, which have inspired the larger classes still on trials, but soon ready for a conflict that the COAC didn´t start. Enjoy!
  13. goatman461

    [O - F09] Consolidation

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Civil Building, Spaceship, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Extraction 1.1 Extraction 1.2 Extraction 1.3 Extraction 1.4 Extraction 1.5 The Ghost in the Machine (LucasLaughing) Above the newly acquired factory on Arium Minor, a Kawashita shuttle approaches with portions of John Hannibal's personality and four droids carrying the few memories he has been able to extract through the Kawashita intelligence network. [Extract 1] "Bring it in over the ice and we'll walk in. I want to see how the new security drones are working out. CLAPPIE says they've all but eliminated the Zoid problem and freed all of the slaves running the planet's infrastructure, like that lighthouse ahead." The micro factory in the background belongs to Lucas.
  14. mediumsnowman

    [O - F04] Drone Testing

    Location: F04 - Illustria Tags: Vehicle, Spying Jebediah tests out a new spying drone on the rocky planet of Illustria. Bit of a throwaway build this week as I ran out of time, but the drone turned out nice. A bigger, better entry into Jebediah's murky past hopefully coming next week! C&C welcome!
  15. Lego Technic takes to the sky! This is a model of a drone which I created. It features spinning propellers and a moving camera. Watch the video for more details: More soon! Enjoy! BrickbyBrick
  16. Professor Thaum

    [O - H04] Skate or Die

    LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge TAG : Land vehicle, Octan, Civilian building, Drone On board the Axle, orbiting Crofter's Ridge VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Prof : Youhouuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Quick Hadvice, we're going to deck 21 !! They've found it !!! Is the shuttle ready ? Hadvice : Yes it is Professor !! Hang on ! There's a corner !! Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 3720 ! No Skateboarding ! Infraction, infraction... Computer: Mr. O'Reilly, the system is detecting an anomaly in the Deck 2... Jeb : yeah, I still had the drone report... pfff I wish I had a bunch of Kawa or MANTIS spy onboard the Axle instead of a throng of Octan scientist... Control, you may cancel the alert deck 2 and call back the security drone. All is norm... er... all is usual. Bonus : The "tugkart" of Hadvice the Prof and his skateboard. C&C welcome The security control room is mediumsnowman pics and the corridor is the same as "trouble and disorder" so is not to be judged again.
  17. sparkart

    [MOC] Jester from Titanfall 2

    Here a model of Jester from Titanfall 2. Jester is a simulacrum, an AI robot imitation of a person, but doesn't realize or accept that. The model is about 1/10 scale, 7 inches or 18 cm tall. He's packing a couple of weapons that are actually throwbacks to the first Titanfall game, a white, black, and orange CAR SMG (Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun) and a RE-45 large caliber handgun on his right thigh. Red grenades hang from the green tactical vest he wears. The Wampa/Taun-taun horn hanging from the back of his head is supposed to be a raccoon tail. I haven't seen any art that suggests there is a red rising sun motif on the back of Jester's vest, but I like the red design on that dark green, and the boat-stud keeps those plates together and helps hide their unsightly undersides. The fanny pack is a rocket pack that grants players enhanced jumping and parkour mobility in the game. The model has 14 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdomen, hips, knees, & ankles. The base holds a polycarbonate bar (light saber) that inserts into the bottom of a ski that forms his feet. I had to shorten that bar by about a millimeter to get the foot to be flat and flush against the tile flooring of the base. The abdomen has a couple of 1x2 grille tiles that aren't attached to anything, but trapped by the geometry of the surrounding parts. These move up and down as the chest and hips are posed to simulate pivoting pistons. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
  18. PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Location : E11- The Fascini Cluster TAG : Octan, Spaceship, Science, land vehicle (drone ), civilian building Hadvice : We're ready Professor Pr. Thaum : Yes Hadvice, we're just waiting for Boris and the equipment container : Professor, Why are we going to the Fascini Cluster, for a trite sensor inspection... considering that the councellor was no more a problem ? : this screwball of councellor inspired my curiosity... a hidden radar in the Fascini cluster... seems interesting. : Professor, you do not attach very importance to authority, do you. but I saw you throwing yourself on your knees when the councellor talk about the CEO... You're nevertheless afraid of authority ?? : You're a bonehead Hadvice !!! I don't give a shit of any CEO or authority !!!! : you seemed very scared however... : He refered to Pombe... : You fear the CEO ? : No ! I fear Pombe !!! Nudists have always terrifying me !! Ah, Here's Boris. Hadvice : all is clear for the marshaller, Professor Pr thaum : So... here we go ! BZOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIT ! : We're approaching the fascini cluster border professor. Hadvice : I love space professor, even in the middle of an asteroid field, this is beautiful. And your V3 shuttle is very comfortable. Pr. Thaum : Thanks Hadvice, but it is just a shuttle, however I agree, it is very easy to handle and very reliable. And the space is beautiful, you're right.Take a look outside ! The views are breathtaking. Hadvice : Yes really outstanding, such a beeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOMMMM Hadvice: AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAH *** a panic attack and an faint later *** : Hadvice !!! WAKE UP !!! Here we are. You unload the equipment with Boris, I will take a look of this hidden lair. : A CBI !!!! Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! This twit wanted me to inspect... a CBI !!!! A passive detector !!!! Hadvice, will you please remind me to be especially wicked with this councellor. So, were in the place, Hadvice,take a look behind the servicing panels, me I'm going to deal with the main computer. Boris please, you have to set and adjust the sub-millimetrer domes. : Kriii sriiii triii ki ki riki ti griiiiiiiii : All seem to be at nominal value. : kriii tikitikiti piki Pr Thaum: It's all good with the computer too. Pr Thaum : OK, Hadvice, bring the special box, and Boris, you have to tuned this CBI on the awesomium crystalline frequency. Pr thaum : Good job everybody... We went not for nothing. C&C welcome, bonus pics tomorrow
  19. Gamabomb

    C.A.R.L. 800

    Hi guys, hope you like mechs. The C.A.R.L. 800 is a heavy melee mech with a big club and a heavily armored shield. Inspired by the game Front Mission and the Frame Arms Model Kits. Enjoy C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  20. Hammerstein NWC

    [MOC] Droneuary - "The Holepuncher"

    The Hole Puncher Used in the Buggoid Conflicts - Deployed in numbers, it's primary purpose is to be airdropped into hot zones and clear the way for the more specialized two man teams used to clear hive-worlds. Armed with a 50. cal turret auto turret, it's earned the nickname "the holepuncher".
  21. mrcp6d

    [O - H08] Asteroid Mining

    Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 26 Julali 3815-- Grunt work today as there is nothing living or growing in this outer rim asteroid field. I guess that’s a good thing, after all the vacationing I’ve done lately but energy beam mining in space is no fun. I’ve got to run my jetpack thrusters to counteract the force of the Octan Corp. D-EB-Mk. 4’s energy flow. At least they sent me out here with some help. The mining drone is some impressive technology with fully computerized station-keeping thrusters (standard propellant, not awesomnium like my jetpack) and a vigorous beam drill. During coffee breaks, I’ve been admiring the view—it’s been a while since I’ve had a true exoatmospheric mission, Sindon’s Run is a beautiful collection of awesomnium-packed space rocks that would make a truly exciting space race. I wonder if Big Z could set up a course…. --End-- I took some LEGO time off, it was good to get back at it this weekend! C&C appreciated! Edit: Crap, I didn't get the rest of the title up there! Can the powers that be change it to read "[O - H08] Asteroid Mining" please?
  22. Umbra-Manis

    [M-C04] Drone v. Drone

    Tags: C04 Piloting (Remote) MANTIS Open Log: Captain Pangolinus of the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet recording. This will be a quick entry because i have to rush back to the shipyards to over see the construction of my new battle fleet. Kawashita seems to be deploying drones on Aeristus. Deploying jet propelled MANTIS Drone. Landed. Terminating enemy target. Success! // End Log. Sorry for the lack of renders. This wasn't my planned build for this week. I had another built, but my camera wouldn't upload. C&C appreciated!
  23. Participants: Master Data, Agent G Begin Log: I'm supposed to pick up yet another food shipment from the labs on Hunston to deliver to our forces throughout the sector. I suspect that one of the opposing corporations is going to try and sabotage my mission, so I've brought Agent G to ensure I make it there in one piece. Scanning the island chains for Big Sal's lab. I'm supposed to pick up a shipment of some new type of larva for the cafeteria. Hold on, I'll run a scan of the surrounding islands. Computer, set us on course for Big Sal's lab. Computer: Of course sir... You are 12,000,000 space-specs off course. Preparing to recalculate. GAHHH! Computer, why couldn't you warn us earlier?! I don't want a repeat of last time! KABOOM! We've been hit! What? There aren't any other corporations on this planet yet! Computer: It appears that the Kawashitan malware you picked up on Guinevere activated a M.A.N.T.I.S. defense drone. Useless computer... Agent G, blast it! I can't - you didn't build any guns into the ship! Oh...well, I hope you can swim! Master Data, I hope you haven't left yet! The order just got cancelled! Something about causing stomach problems across the sector... So that's what it was...