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  1. Immo

    [MOC] "Hielan Coo" Topsail Sloop

    Sorry for missing those comments, was a bit busy last couple of months. Anyway, I have a microscopic apartment and at that time the only backdrop that is usually suitable for pics of bigger stuff - a 3-door wardrobe - was falling apart due to age and poor design. Now I got the bits from that wardrobe - i kept those after tearing it apart completely and replacing with a new one - and could use these as a great backdrop (white with slight grain that may look like clouds),but lighting is atrocious at this time of year. I will try to snap better photos should a nice, sunny day come. The ship has an upgraded crew now, so it deserves new pics anyway.
  2. Immo

    [MOC] "Hielan Coo" Topsail Sloop

    Here's the pic of captain's cabin, including cutlass mount, lantern post, map, desk with inkwell and quill, mounted lamp, bunk and seat (sorry for the fluffy stuff, it's impossible to photograph Lego stuff at my house without all those particulates getting in the way)::
  3. Immo

    [MOC] "Hielan Coo" Topsail Sloop

    Thanks a lot Here's the darkened pic of prototype rigging, pretty much the same layout as in the final version (the final one has improved bowsprit and tension system implemented):
  4. Immo

    [MOC] "Hielan Coo" Topsail Sloop

    Thanks! Lighting conditions in my place are atrocious, but I will try.
  5. "Hielan Coo", a topsail sloop. Helmed by Graham McTogail, an ex-corsair hailing from Scottish Highlands, currently undercrewed, as it only has two crewmen... or rather, crewpeople: Brianne Crow - who pretended to be a man to be able to sail (until she realized Graham never believed in sailor superstitions about women) - and Cian "Scian" Brackeen, known for his affinity for two things: knives and the sea. Features: ► anchor with working capstan ► fake tackle-operated hoist ► functional cargo hold.with removable hatch ► opening doors to captain's cabin ► adjustable stays tension Details include furnished captain's cabin, two bunks below the main deck, rudimentary rigging, rudder, Highland cow's skull figurehead, musket mounts on railings, lamps, alarm bell, crow's nest, permanently roped bucket for gathering seawater, side ladders. The model contains roughly 900 parts and is based on bow & stern segments from 6268 Renegade Runner. When I got those two parts, I considered completing the bits needed to rebuild the original set, but I figured this is a perfect opportunity to design my semi-accurate depiction of an actual historical ship type*. *not that 6268 Renegade Runner isn't apt - it's one of the most realistic ships from original Pirates
  6. Did some further mods, the most important of which was adding side markers - the round ones, unique to 1968 Mopars, adding empty stud 1x1 round scoop intakes, improving the rear bumper and rounding the rear section of the roof.
  7. One can attach hollow stud 1x1 round plates there and they would even improve the looks of a "shotgun" scoop while being impossible to eject from the stud shooters. Same with hollow stud 1x2 round plate, if the Hilborn style bugcatcher is a desired result. I wanted a shotgun, but I have zero hollow stud 1x1's in my stocks now.
  8. This is a mod of the Marvel 76173 Spider-man and Ghost Rider vs Carnage set, but since it is Marvel no more - it parks with other Speed Champions cars I have - I placed it in Town sub-forum like other SC style car MOCcers do. The mod includes styling changes that made the car resemble a full-blown (pun intended) 1968 Charger with some extra semi-realistic goodies while maintaining the Speed Champions vibe. Mod includes: adding 1968 tail-lights + front blinkers moving fuel cap to a proper spot and removing the other one adding side exhausts + stereo antenna + side-view mirror on driver's side creating a sleeker, "shotgun" style scoop (still using the stud shooters) and a filled hood adding a suggestion of rear suspension springs + extended and reinforced fuel tank creating a suggestion of an interior with a gear shifter and two gauges + moving the seat and steering wheel one plate higher + moving the rear window one stud back The mod required use of some extra parts, of course. Being a fan of a '68 and knowing that a vast majority of Mopar fans prefer 1969 and 1970 Chargers and that the 1968's representation is way smaller among toys - did you know that Hot Wheels still haven't made a '68 Charger model? it's an outrage! - I knew I was gonna built my own 1968 one day. The marvel set, of course, did a lot of work for me, but still I'm really happy with this mod. I have bought the Marvel 76173 set purely for this purpose; not only was it cheaper than 75983 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and 1970 Dodge Charger R/T , but it also felt way more versatile platform for mods.
  9. Immo

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    I really don't want to argue, but it's not about "politics" - the term tends to be a boogeyman these days - but about basic decency towards indigenous people whose way of life is usually portrayed as "savagery" which brings nothing but trouble.
  10. Immo

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    Something Imperial. of course. Preferably a fort/port set with a small sloop-sized trader ship - something like 6277 Imperial Trading Post a.k.a. Port Royal. On Pirates side, well... While Pirates of Barracuda Bay is definitely one of the most self-contained and self-sufficient sets, I'd gladly welcome a tribute to the small retro Pirates sets that would be Pirates-themed equivalent of Star Wars' Battle Packs: based on figs with some small accessories like rafts, dinghies, gun carts or cannons with figs different from the ones in PotBB set, of course - the repetition of old deserves to die out; if something bigger, than perhaps with small islands with hidden treasures like 6254 Rocky Reef: And NO Islanders, please. This sub-theme is problematic.
  11. Immo

    [MOC] The treasure is at the bottom

    You're welcome, it's a wonderful MOC well worthy of praise. P.S. you clearly haven't met my cat. He needs to be everywhere. And claw EVERYTHING. He's a menace.
  12. Immo

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Having ordered Pirates of Barracuda Bay set I've quickly decided I will enlarge the crew with time. And as the delivery is prolonging because Polish Post can't do the one thing they are meant to do properly, I have accelerated my plans and got myself some bits and bobs to quickly create two extra crewmembers. Nothing much, but I like how they look.
  13. Immo

    [MOC] The treasure is at the bottom

    Added this to my "Things I'd Totally Do If I Hadn't Had A Cat With Destructive Tendencies" list. It's a long list. A very long list. Anyway, it's a great MOC idea and execution.
  14. Finally, ordered the Pirates of Barracuda Bay :jollyroger:
    So happy!

  15. Immo

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    Amazing merger of Old and New, further reinforcing my wish to see Blacktron theme resurrected.