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  1. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] DSB Litra EA (8-wide electric locomotive)

    Another neat solution!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    Hi Giuseppe and welcome - sincerely the Aln668 has not progressed so far (so there are no more photos about it) and I never make instructions since I never consider a project as "finalized". If you send a PM to me I can give you the .io file in its latest version, so you can freely look at it (no problem at all). Let me know! Ciao, Davide
  3. Paperinik77pk

    Garden layout 1999

    A beautiful set of photos - literally these represent the dreams of my childhood. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!!! Davide
  4. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Karlsruhe park railway - minifigure scale

    Spectacular trains and very interesting transmission/power solution! Pity that those small wheels are not so smooth, but I see you mitigated the problem with some additional weight to increase traction! I love that white backround you are using for the photos , but also the "garden track" is really really nice!!! Ciao! Davide
  5. Paperinik77pk

    DB E94 / 194 6th version

    I missed this post, looking at the red one in 4551 style...but it' never too late! These are both excellent creations and I think that also in blue/white scheme it would be gorgeous! 😍 Great work, really! Davide
  6. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] DSB Litra EA (8-wide electric locomotive)

    Very nice design of the bogies! The motor/battery double choice (PuP/PF) s remarkable and the locomotive has a really smooth and proportioned body. I like the idea of the handbars tightened with rubber bands, I kept some transparent tight ones (used to package toys) and surely is something to be tried!!! Ciao! Davide
  7. Paperinik77pk

    Modular Tunnel

    Really, really nice!!! I love the protruding stone in the waterfall and the snowy mountain!!! Good work!!! Davide
  8. Paperinik77pk

    LEGO LNER A3 "Sunstar" MOC

    Elegant, smooth and very well designed!!! Ciao! Davide
  9. Really nice job , finally this train gets some love! You kept the original feel of the real Lego train, making it less "cheap". I'd only try to fit the locomotive with a front bogie as big as the motor, making the body 4 or 5 studs longer overall. Good job!!!
  10. Paperinik77pk

    12v 80s Train Motor - Carbon Brushes replacement?

    Oooh this is a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] City Trams (Bilbao and Rotterdam)

    Very very nice trams, I particularly like the Alstom one with its simple paint scheme 😍 It seems that the central element has sufficient room to fit a 9v motor , or a PuP one and a battery. Good work!
  12. Paperinik77pk

    1:48 scale PS 60' "Waffle" Boxcar

    The level of detail is astonishing - all those decals are just perfect. But the part I like more is the detail on the underboby and the trucks! Beautiful! Ciao! Davide
  13. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] [WIP] Renfe ALVIA 130 high-speed train

    A spectacular train! The study behind that "middle wheel" is impressive! Good work, really! Ciao! Davide
  14. Paperinik77pk

    tender snowplough

    Very very very nice! I like the air reservoirs on the top, and the "pointy blade" solution you used!!! Ciao! Davide