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  1. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Hi all, time for some photos This time inspiration came from Hornby set No.2 - Goods train - dated back in 1925. This time I worked more on CAD than on real bricks, in order to have the needed parts file. I used my usual method - print, measure, adapt - to prepare the CAD design. Here's the result: The side part is acceptable, I have to work a lot on handrails - I'll probably use a yellow flex tube - but I do not have one at the moment. My new clockwork motor is bigger than the Hornby one, therefore the side wall of the locomotive is a bit taller, and the slope part is less "aerodynamic" . I used a lot of panels in order to reduce weight, the whole boiler is made basically by four big parts (6259) which are empty cylinders. There are many Technic parts - the front chassis is made using a 6x8 brick (32532). I tried for the first time to use SNOT tecnique as much as possible, since the boiler is very smooth and I liked the shiny effect of tiles. I prepared also the tender's design - not complete at all - and also this time it is plenty of panels. Now I'm waiting for parts to arrive, I just made the order. In the meantime, comments and suggestions are always welcome!!!
  2. Building 7777

    Veeeeery niiiice! I wanted to build the yellow shed...but now I want the red one
  3. Hi all, I would like to show you a MOC based on an already existing creation of @afolman which can be found on internet. It is a miniature Atari 2600 - woody version with four levers - it is very simple and quite solid. I reworked a bit the Joystick and the four levers, which are made by four silver minifig screwdrivers inside a Pneumatic pipe, squeezed by the two slope bricks. I saw many similar creations on Internet but I wanted to go one step beyond, making it functional and usable. I therefore designed it to be empty inside. In this way I could accomodate a very small Raspberry PI zero (without WI-FI) in it. I only had to remove a small plastic lid from the little motherboard (the lid can be put on again without problems). The Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter was modified to reduce its size, but now I have a dedicated Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable which is surely nicer. Once installed the RetroPie distribution, and inserted all the roms...pardon...original cartridge images - I can bring my small 2600 everywhere! Thanks to @afolman for the inspiration. I hope you like it
  4. [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    Great creation, it really feels as a "broken nose" French locomotive! Really nice and clean looking
  5. Oh, what a magnificent thread is this. I've always wondered about the minds who created the 12v sets! No idea on the "secrets" but during all these years I somehow made my personal opinion on these designers. First of all, they could have based their choice on two factors: The offer of top selling model train brands of the time (Fleischmann/Marklin and concurrent Playmobil) who mainly focused on German trains. As an example Lima/Rivarossi producers had a lot of Italian and French rolling stock, which were probably not interesting. The French TGV became famous after a pair of years, so the "phase 1" (1980 to 1983) gray era did not have the time to include it in the offered sets. The Deutsche Bundesbahn had a good range of diesels, steamers and electric trains, both passenger and freight, and many of them were quite "familiar" if not iconic (DB103/E69/BR80/BR89...). Adults bought them for kids, and then became attracted by the the 4,5v/12v systems solutions. I've always thought the Train designers were a bit limited by Lego selling policies back in the days (Lego must sell - creativity is good but obviously money is better). Luckily, the had some opportunities to develop the Train world or show its potential. The back pages of the catalogs were great, but limited to show the offered sets. The 7777 Idea book is the place were they could work at their best. And were they tried to go further and to move towards the "Unlimited Possibilities" idea. The 7777 most relevant "creative spark", in my opinion, is the real integration between Trains and Technic worlds (first signs can be found on 7750 and 7814). First Hornby trains were based on Meccano parts and bolts, then became a world on their own. Lego somehow made it in reverse mode. In the 7777 we had bridges, loaders, wagons, cable holders, ramps...all made with a combination of normal Lego and Technic. Beautiful. The next natural step should have been to have Technic-based trains, but there were no train wheels with axle holes. Wheels were the only thing lacking, the only one preventing a complete Technic chassis to run on train track. We had to wait RC trains to have those wheels officially from Lego, and still today the offer of diameters and types is limited . I am pretty sure one of these designers proposed the train/Technic wheels back in the early 80s...and it surely was a managerial idea not to create them. And not to create a second 7777 book. Personally, I still feel the need to create transmissions, mechanisms and other Technic-based solutions inside MOC trains, and this is all thanks to the 7777 Idea Book and those great designers.
  6. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Thanks to all of you! I am not posting a lot since I have some concurrent projects (a 12V small test track bolted on a thick cardboard base - after 30 years I have a small train diorama - very small actually). I'm building the new locomotive with the new big motor and I'm waiting for the new parts to arrive (BBB Wheels and some other things). The 4-4-1 red locomotive is now dismantled, and used to build the mock-up of the new one, which is a 4-4-0 based on a Hornby model of the 30s. I'm planning to use medium and large wheels, instead of medium and small wheels (like the 4-4-1). Medium wheels turn more easily than small ones and will help to keep the locomotive on the track. Large wheels overdrive a bit the gear ratio of the new big motor (which can be chosen between 5:1 - 9.9:1 - 5.5:1). Currently I am using the 9.9:1, but I think it is not fully appropriate. The real problem I'm trying to face is the weight of the locomotive body. Plus, the 4-4-0 needs a tender, and this one must be as light as possible (I would assume it must be completely empty - and I've no idea of what wheels to use ) I am thinking to use the custom coupling rods, which seem to be lighter (and surely nicer! ) than the ones I used on the green locomotive. This should lower a bit the loss of power caused by the rods rattling. I hope to have some time this weekend to make some photos of the new locomotive
  7. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Thanks @rsb0204, I'm glad you found this thread! Modifying the old lego windup motor was really nice! I've never considered that specific motor but it sounds promising. I'll search one on Ebay. I just got a little old clockwork motor (42073cx1) which is nice,since it travels for long time and it seems to have a rev-limiter. But will be useful only for small applications. @Hod Carrier Hi! I have an idea about a complete new Lego clockwork motor based on a standard spring (I can easily find them on Chinese auction sites for a few Euros). As far as I understood the spring's lenght means travelling distance and the width means torque. But it must not be too hard, or the Lego gears will easily break. I had a small (very small) spring from a windup toy and with some work it was adapted to a technic gear. It worked, so I'd like to try a bigger one. I never opened one of these new pullback motors, I have one which is a bit tired, so I could try
  8. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Nice Idea, it can be the best fake set of the 80's
  9. [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    In Lego Bricks - Yes exactly this video. Re-reading better the thread I understood you are working on the same project. Awesome work. I've always liked monorails, and other systems based on a proprietary rail system
  10. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Thanks, actually I like a lot the 12v/4,5v look and feel of the 80s, as well as the 70s and late 60s styles. A little explanation about the stickers: as you can see from the image below, the parts donor was a 7730, then I bought some replica stickers on Ebay. Since my 7750 was already restored and complete, I had some extra stickers. For this reason I marked the locomotive as 7750. I am missing two 2x1 black windows on the back of the cabin (I had them but they were used to complete the 7777, which was built in the same period). Since they are very expensive, until I won't find them inside a lucky Ebay auction...the locomotive will remain as it is
  11. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Hi all, I'd like to present you my first 12V MOC. It is a Deutsche Bahn BR78 - inspired locomotive, built using extra pieces from a 7730 and 7750. This is the third big steamer I use, along with the original 7750 and the 7777 steam locomotives. I built this one following using special pieces (e.g. lights lenses are yellow/clear like in 7750 - rubber pipes on the sides) and following the style of the early 80's Lego trains. It was simplified in many details, like the cabin (using standard doors and windows) and sides (which are missing a lot of leverages, handrails and so on). Here it is on my test station - front and rear lights are on when moving forward, small white light on the back is on when moving backwards. Hope you like it!
  12. Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    Looks really good!!! Better than the original without any doubt!
  13. Hi everyone!

  14. [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I've seen on Youtube the Japanese version, the track is amazing. I think I will retry to develop the Aerotrain idea!
  15. [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    My congratulations for this fantastic monorail