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  1. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    @XG BC I think it's pure coincidence - for the moment I do not have particular paranormal powers (I believe)!!! @Pendra37 Very very nice Class 37 and wagons!!! I particularly like the cement transport one, which I was trying to recreate too but it's not ready yet. I made also some containers, but are smaller than the one you made - always based on old train catalogues. Their dimension is calculated in order to fit on a small wagon (only one container), on a bigger 2 axle wagon (2 containers) or on flat wagons with bogies (3 containers). The Mk3 chassis I made some weeks ago proved to be good, but it is too expensive. Plus, the tow-ball based couplers were not working fine on curves and switches. These new ones are better, cheaper and allow a closer connection. I tried to figure out the main dimensions that could be reproduced (more or less like real H0 models): So here's the three versions of the 2-axles chassis: 16cm - the longest one - good for closed wagon or open wagons (e.g with two containers) 14,5cm - medium long - closed wagons (mainly refrigerated ones) or low gondola-type (also with stakes) 13,5cm - medium - the classic size, good for any kind of wagon (goods, refrigerated, cement, hoppers, tanks, low and high gondolas) then I'm working on shorter wheelbase, around 11 cm and 9 cm (mainly tanks and small gondolas) - not so frequent - but it can be done. The V80 in FS style is only a fantasy work - the green/yellow stripes scheme was used on switchers - so I wanted to try it in a so-called yard full of wagons! Ciao! Davide
  2. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Aaaaaah these narrow 600mm gauge locomotives are beautiful! you should draw a diorama with these!!! We're again aligned, I love these little rail vehicles!!!
  3. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    A lot of good news here!!! My compliments to both of you, @XG BC and @Pendra37!!! These are really nice trains to see in 4-wide!
  4. I use WD40 on a micro-fiber sheet for my 12v central rails, but I'll try this! Thanks!!!
  5. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Nice video! I love how it runs smoothly - it really seems a mining locomotive!
  6. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    These are reaaaaally really nice! I did not try to invert the wheels! Good point!!!
  7. Fantastic locomotive, detailed and well proportioned!!!
  8. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    I have not seen the newer track - since lockdown I did not have the chance to go to an Ikea store - I appreciated a lot that "reversible" feature when I bought the older sets in 2009 for my daughter - we had a pretty big layout back then! Once again you inspired me! Yesterday I looked at some old catalogues (of the wooden trains from BRIO) and I found nice set, the 33511 (photo taken from Here's the result: An here's the undercarriage of the locomotive (wagons are pretty the same). I think some neodimium magnets can fit under the buffer round tiles. Unfortunately I do not have any IKEA/BRIO wooden track handy or magnets to try. I hope you like it - it's very nice to create little toys like this one! Ciao! Davide
  9. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    I like them ... and I like them a lot! I made once a locomotive for Ikea track, but It was years and years ago! I think it's a fun thing to do - small toys give a lot of satisfaction! I am looking at Brio catalogues right now...lovely!!!
  10. Paperinik77pk

    Western Maryland SD40 in 7 wide

    Very clean and refined!!! Great build!!!
  11. Paperinik77pk

    DB DDm 915 class Autotransportwagen - 6 wide

    Very, very, VERY nice!!! These wagons are a good example of how simple solutions (small brackets parts) can achieve a good visual effect and perfect functionality! There's a bit of 7777 in these wagons, and I like them a lot!!!
  12. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Eh, I can imagine , it is a mess with only 1 stud cabins like this one!!! You did a great job - the only other way is to use stickers, but it is like cheating NOW this is really really nice!!! Good job!!! Moreover, Brio trains are another spectacular model prototype to be tried in Lego!!!
  13. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Indeed I was thinking how to avoid the's really nice
  14. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] The Milwaukee Road EP2 Bipolar E-2 - in 12V style

    Thank you very much for the positive comment!!! They are big...I wonder hos solid these big things could be!!! Thanks Emanuele!!! I'm happy that the wheels arrived ! Good Rework on the good old Glaskasten!!! Thanks sir!!!
  15. Paperinik77pk

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Seems nice!!! It's a cute set! These are really good 4-wide conversions - but let me say - the small vertical boiler steam locomotive is simply....GREAT! The Breuer is a real gem too!!! Ciao! Davide