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  1. Hi all, last week I was looking to my 7810 and 7720 models in XXL format, and I sincerely found them ... obsolete. It seems strange, but some solutions I chose in the past are no more satisfying. I started then some studies on newer versions, recycling a lot of old designs and introducing the "Fat Wheels" (which I sperimented with 112 XXL). I am not still convinced on some details (mainly ladders), but I think these models are beginning to have the right shape. Double gauge (lego track and G-Gauge track) is still possible, and the battery is now moved inside the bodies instead of being contained inside the chassis. Normal train buffers are back, they are a bit small, but help the general look. Bye bye to fake "suspensions" on the wagons - they ruined the overall look like 9v wheels do when they're used on Gray era trains. Let's start with the 7710: Then we continue with the 7720 (engines only) - I've to find a solution for those "radiators" - maybe vintage yellow and red doors? Now time for the 7810 pulling three 7818: The glorious 7760 (here the ladders show all their limits!!!): And finally, the 7725. This one and the 7740 are the ones who convinced me to go back to double buffers. As you can see, I added some details on some models and I modified some things. Nonetheless, I think these models can be improved a lot (ladders,as already said, and pantographs, and If I understand a good way to do it, headlights). All trains you see feature the standard chassis and motor. For 7740 there is a specific "bogie version" of the below motor (the motors will go inside the body, together with the batteries). My 7810 XXL is currently under revamping, following the new style. Farewell to the blue 7720 XXL, now dismantled to recycle some parts - but she'll be back in red soon! Ciao! Davide
  2. Paperinik77pk

    Lego MOC Wooden Gondola

    I personally Like the V2 more - the use of 1x6 wooden planks is more realistic, plus the black bricks with studs are perfect. Thumbs Up!!!
  3. Paperinik77pk

    [WIP] Fuori Muro Vectron

    I love this rendition of the Vectron!!! The use of larger wheels makes this really impressive! It is aggressive like it should be!
  4. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Vintage passenger car

    Very nice, simple and effective design and great attention to details!!! Thumbs up!
  5. Paperinik77pk

    Cement Plant

    Great work as always!!! But (it is a my personal opinion) this one has a real Lego "feeling" - it immediately recalls the old Lego buildings sets available a during Gray and Blue Era!!! I looked also to the Steel Mill, fantastic details!!!
  6. Paperinik77pk

    Switching Puzzle

    Great work!!! The problem with "moving" chains is the same I'm experiencing in my video...I tried to lock them in place, but no way!
  7. Paperinik77pk

    1:22,5 G-Scale Toy Train locomotive

    Thanks!!! More or less it is the noise is the same as the M-Motor - I changed the phone to record the video - maybe the microphone is better!!! Ooooh Lemmings!!! I love and hate them at the same time (I destroyed my Amiga mouse on that game) Thank you sir! Yes he's the Mushroom! All these things were used to decorate my daughter's room - she actually built all of these. All figures have a hole so they can be nailed to the wall. There were also Peach and MCPixel, but we re-used the bricks to make something else
  8. Paperinik77pk

    BR No. 74656 "Lord Dudley"

    Very nice creation! It really has a British feeling!!! I especially like the way you made the boiler.
  9. Paperinik77pk

    Switching Puzzle Hi @Roadmonkeytj, I copied here a link of a short video I prepared to show some programmable functions that can be implemented using the PuP Application. I do not know if the standard PuP train motor will react as the M-Motor I'm using on the big locomotive in the video, it's a bit of trial and error approach
  10. Paperinik77pk

    1:22,5 G-Scale Toy Train locomotive

    Hi all, I've updated a bit the Toy Train locomotive, converting it from Power Functions to Powered Up solution. I had to wait for the lights and the PuP Medium motor , which arrived a week ago. Today I had some time to take some photos and a video to show some possibilities of the new system. First thing - the PuP Medium motor and the standard train controller work together, buth there's no progressive speed control - this means 100% of speed only. Second thing - on the Android App the predefined sliders for train do not work with M-Motor. Somethinng can be achieved with the Batman control schema, but I found out the programming interface is more fun. The PuP M-Motor fits perfectly where the PF M-Motor was before - same speed, same power. As you can see I geared up a bit the output. Cabin is now taller by half stud, trans-black glasses were used instead of clear ones, and the Bluetooth light now shines bright in the "cockpit". And here some stupid programs (Lights on, Lights off, go backwards at 50% for one second then stop, go forward at 30% for five seconds then stop, and the last one is a progressive stop). Here below, the link to the short video I made: In the following picture, the locomotive is pushing an LGB original wagon, with studs on top. It was a great idea in my opinion, and was available both in a starter set and as an alone item. My 8-bit buddies seem to like it! Ciao! Davide
  11. Paperinik77pk

    Switching Puzzle

    My fault, I explained it badly - plus I wrote a wrong workflow (I forgot a command). The "duration" is valid only for approach/coupling and decoupling. Setting a small amount of time will make the locomotive to move at desired speed only for a second, or two. - START>SPEED SET -10%>TIME LIMIT x>STOP - this will allow the locomotive to make a slow movement backwards and stop quite immediately. - START>SPEED SET 30%>TIME LIMIT x>STOP - this will allow the locomotive to make a fast movement forward and stop quite immediately. This should give enough power to un-couple. When the locomotive has to travel on free track, you can use the fixed speed controls START>HORN>SPEED 40% or START>HORN>SPEED -40% - but obviously you'll have to stop the locomotive manually. The programming is nice since you can emulate gradual acceleration and stopping, which adds realism.
  12. Paperinik77pk

    Switching Puzzle

    Hi @Roadmonkeytj, you are creating something really special , I'm following this thread from its beginning, looking at all your great solutions!!! The App has the possibility to create some "programs" that can be executed without using the standard sliders. I tried a bit the application in order to solve a problem with my big G scale toy train (the Medium motor does not allow adjustable speed with the standard controller, and I do not like the way sliders work on the APP). I therefore created some small programs to achieve different speeds, to stop, to turn on lights and so on). So for example , you can create a program for each activity you need: One to allow slow coupling (START>SPEED SET 10%>TIME LIMIT 3), another one to allow fast decoupling (START>SPEED SET 30%>TIME LIMIT 3), one for moving forward at a fixed speed (START>HORN>SPEED 40%) or backwards (same as forward with speed -40%), one for stopping the engine (START>SPEED 0%>BRAKE SOUND). Problem also need to create a tablet/smartphone holder
  13. Paperinik77pk

    [MOD / MOC] The Zoo Train (updated)

    That's a cute little train, I love the "all-in-one" solution for locomotive and tender together, it reminds me of old wooden and tin Toy Trains! Small wagons are amazing, especially the roof is spectacular! Only two things: - it seems that the rear bogie is as big as the PF Motor in the front, I'd try to put the motor under the battery and make the front bogie smaller and swinging. - It is the perfect train for Powered Up system - so you won't need any receiver. Plus, the battery box is white and is color-matching A zillion of thumbs up!
  14. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC]HI-Rail Utility Truck

    Very Nice Road&Rail Truck!!! the thin tires are like the real thing!!!
  15. Paperinik77pk

    Lego 112 - Decauville variant

    Thanks Thorsten!!! All the best to you too!