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  1. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Lego Pneumatic Steam Locomotive

    Well, this is a real beauty!!! It's an amazing creation, plus it's powered in the correct way!!! I cannot imagine how work you put on making all needed pneumatic parts inside this beast - flywheel position is pure genius! And that whistle!!! A zillion of thumbs up!!! Ciao! Davide
  2. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Full Lego Technic locomotive - in 1:22,5 scale

    Thank you! I've to say that your big locomotive was a true inspiration for this one! The panels are literally copied from a lot of Technic cars I saw around on YT and internet. Plus, the boxy shape makes everything easier The full-Technic locomotive is something I've in mind from a lot of time, but I really am a newbie with new Technic style. I agree with you - Liftarms are still assembled in stud mode, since it was easier to cover long parts of the locomotive, and give a bit of rigidity to the chassis and body. There's a reeeeeal wide margin for improvement, even with contamination between different Lego worlds. Ciao! Davide
  3. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Full Lego Technic locomotive - in 1:22,5 scale

    Thank you!!! Thanks!!! I feel that Technic will become more and more part of the train world in the future - we already have axles, gears...different solution for motorizing our MOCs or simply parts of them (like opening doors / tilting mechanisms and so on) - invasion is imminent! Thanks Emanuele!!! It is a bit "Swiss" due to that dark gray and that strong red! It remembers me the Bernina Bahn and Furka Oberalp colour scheme Thanks! It is one thing I am experimenting since the introduction of the flex track - it works fine with BBB medium wheels . I think it'll work also with XL ones. I do not have that specific central gear, but I ordered it to make some tests. I could think also to reduce the wheels diameter for the cog version.
  4. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Well, at least its "fuel" will last for almost 150 years Great MOC! I like the colors, the futuristic shape...the side tubes remember me a lot the "Alien" biomechanical creatures of H.R. Giger! Thumbs up!!! Davide
  5. Hi all, these days I'm working a lot with Lego Technic, since I've bought some parts to experiment a bit this new world. I'm used to build old Lego Technic from the 80's and 90's...but these new sets are very very complex, and require a lot of time to figure out where and how to put a certain part. So , back to the I started designing again...and came out with this thing: It's similar to old steam trams, to the GE 2/2 and HGE 2/2 locomotives, to some service railway the alternate 7720 model. Oh,'s a box and it's similar to all those boxy things! Dimensions are 13/14 stu...holes, units? for width and 25 for body lenght. Both buffers add an additional 6 studs to overall lenght. I'd say it is a small 1:22,5 locomotive, like my old yellow shunter with PuP. Since I'm still not so much able to recreate details such as doors and ladders...I simply avoided them. Pantograph is designed to use a rubber band for the moment - it could be nice to make it foldable with some gears! At least the body is self-consistent and can easily be removed. The battery is fixed on the central upper part of the body, right in the middle to increase weight on all 4 traction wheels. Rods are somewhat triangular and quite strange, but they're strong! Other kinds of rod arrangements can be done. Using a normal gear transmission could also avoid rods at all. The boxy body gives me the internal space to experiment for transmissions and motors. This chassis probably will change a zillion of times like the one of my XXL locomotives. In the picture above, you can see the possibility to have the double gauge solution (left axle is L-Gauge and right axle is configured for 45mm G-Gauge track). The gear you can see in the middle of left axle shows the possibility to implement a cog railway system using Lego flexible track. I sincerely do not know if the 45mm cog tracks could work with a Lego gear - so let's limit the cog solution to original Lego track It can become also a fancy Tram locomotive, like the "Gamba De Legn" ("Wooden Leg") used in Milan for many, many years. But for this one - I'm still struggling to create a proper, working engine. I've seen few full Technic locomotives, but it's really fun to build them! I hope you like it!!! Ciao, Davide
  6. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Trabant Campers

    That tent on the Trabi is something spectacular!!! Your whole "Trabant" series is awesome, and this car really deserves an official Lego model (near the Fiat 500, the Mini, and the Beetle), both in small and big scale!
  7. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] St Mark's Campanile

    As beautiful as the original one!!! Great proportions, and the pyramidal roof is spectacular! Those old 2x1x1 old windows are perfect!
  8. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Beautiful building with very nice details!!! That balcony has a very rounded shape that you depicted in a fantastic way. The roof is gives the right idea of something being subject to natural elements.
  9. Paperinik77pk

    Cereal Docks

    Hohooooo - first page again!!! Great Emanuele!
  10. Paperinik77pk

    Cereal Docks

    Great great great!!! Lots of details, very realistic, and the cat/mice addon is a masterpiece! I love it!!! Ciao! Davide
  11. Paperinik77pk

    [MOD] 3D Printed wheels for old 12v trains

    Thanks Emanuele!!! I've some updates: I tried the big wheels on PF track - they work fine until they reach a switch...then they got stuck or derail The problem is the following: they hit the point where the curving rail has little gap and get stuck. At high speed this transforms in a derailment. It seems the problem is due to the smoothness of the printed wheels. Lego wheels edges are smoothened, while the printed ones have pretty sharp edges. Plus, the original Lego wheels are kept in place better than mine, which have a bit of lateral wobbling (they should be 0.2 millimeter wider - probably this is due to printing tolerance). Back to work!!! Ciao! Davide
  12. Paperinik77pk

    [MOD] 3D Printed wheels for old 12v trains

    You opened a world I did not consider - till now! I could try: 1) A simple version without bearings: a Technic brick with hole, a wheel with a 2mm semi-axle included to be inserted in an half pin. Not so much friction-friendly, but better than using old parts. 2) Wheels with a Technic axle hole (half bush deep), a 5-long axle, and Technic bricks (this would also allow traction) 3) Your solution + some things seen on RailBricks: MR52zz bearings in a Technic brick, a 2mm steel axle (I've to find it somewhere), wheels with 1.9mm hole, so the steel bart remains locked inside the wheel. It could work!!! Well... it seems I've a lot to do!!!
  13. Paperinik77pk

    [MOD] 3D Printed wheels for old 12v trains

    Hi there Evans - yes -they were thought for this kind of use - Now let's see if they can be improved in some ways!!! I had the same problem - but I'm using a specific setting of my old version of Cura slicer which slowly designs the outer circle. This improved a lot the printing - I try to retrieve you the setting from Cura (it has been set for awhile - I've to find it again ). I'd like to try ABS mainly for the smoothing thing that can be done with acetone fumes. Never tried it (I still have the black PLA sold with the printer - I've used it rarely) but it is on my ToDo list!
  14. Hi all, I've started to use again the 3D printer after a big time it was unused (I had to re-align it and still has some work to do). Thinking about a model of @Evans (a large steamer in 12v style with old 12v medium size wheels - those of 7750 , but in black), I tried to recreate the original 12v medium wheels design and I also tried to go further, enlarging them to 37mm size. The new wheels feature 10 spokes as the original old wheels, angled at 36° each. I used Tinkercad since it is easy and more than sufficient for my projects. And this is the result ,printed both in black and red (red filament is new - I have to understand why there is black filament residual - I'm still a total noob on 3D printing ). I printed on a medium quality setting for the red ones. The black wheels were printed on draft setting. The filament I used is PLA - a medium cost one but it works fine. The red color is somewhat between the red one used for new Large wheels and the old red of the 80s. I think there are darker and lighter red filaments, but it's really difficult to tell if the printed result will be of the correct color (the raw filament color is quite the same as the original Lego wheels, but once printed...they are a bit brighter). I used a pair of normal red wheels (the ones used on wagons - like in 7720) I removed the original wheels, kept the "red axle" and used it with my 3d printed wheel. Then I locked again in place the red pin on the black wheel holder brick - and that's all. I'll post here all my experiments - there's a lot to improve! If you have any ideas or suggestions - feel free to comment! Ciao! Davide
  15. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] DB E03-001 12v - in "Blue Era" style

    Thank you Sven!!! I've always wanted to recreate the E03 / E103 at the time - but it was quite hard using the original parts from the 80s (doors and so on) - so in the end all my tentatives were always resembling the 7740 !!! So I gave up Ciao! Davide Thanks Zephyr!!! It seems strange, but all credits must go to the macaroni parts...they give the "initial round shape" and then all the other square parts seem automatically "smoothed". I don't know - it is something I've noticed on the ESSO Engine on book 242. I use the very same way to build the "noses" of these locomotives, plus the stickers for headlights. If you try to imagine the same cabin built without macaroni will be too square. I am tempted to build this in "Gray Era" style, but will the 7740 ever forgive me for such an attempt? Ciao! Davide