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  1. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    Thanks! The 9v Micromotor works better than I expected , it's awfully noisy but delivers enough power to move also a 12v old car from 7740 set (which is not so light). It amazed me , to be honest I did not think it could pull anything Now I'm quite an "aficionado" of the I always use it on these small MOCs !
  2. Paperinik77pk

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    I lost this one...but it's very nicely done and it's really cute!!!
  3. Paperinik77pk

    Narrow gauge motor system

    The use of the full size straight track is wonderful! to be copied immediately!!!
  4. Great model! I love the way you designed the locomotives!!! Great job!!!
  5. Paperinik77pk

    Narrow gauge motor system

    I rememeber it - it was inside a RailBricks magazine - maybe I've the .pdf somewhere - I'll check it! :)
  6. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] In the garden...

    Great! Yesterday it took me took awhile to get (maybe) all details Keep up the nice work!!!
  7. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    Thanks! Probably it could also fit some interiors, if using a smaller battery - but I did not try it , sincerely! Thank you very much! This part would be fantastic! I did not thought about is also a great idea for headlights on bigger models!!! Thanks!!! Thanks! I did not try to build this model, but I use the little 9v Micromotor from some time and in a similar model (a "Swiss" mini-locomotive) it works fine! If you look at it you can see the chassis of the steam railmotor is pretty the same. I think the railmotor will have more traction than this little red thing. It is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ,but it can pull easily the standard 9v battery box (not the one in the photo...too big and heavy) inside a small wagon.
  8. Hi all, after a quite long absence from the forum, I'd lilke to show you this small MOC I just prepared. It should have been a model for the Octrainber, but since I've no time to prepare the whole diorama, I'll show you only the little railcar. The Egger-Bahn is a model line created in the 60s, based mainly on fictional freelance rolling stock (even if some models were inspired by real prototypes). These models were in 1:87 scale, running on H0e track - therefore simulating a narrow gauge system. One of the main models was the articulated steam railcar you can see in this picture taken from internet. The lillte railcar is articulated and composed by a steam motor and an half-passenger wagon. It is a very nice model and I've always liked it! Since I'm working a lot on big scales, I wanted to do something different, so I got back to 6-wide on 4-wide track: It's super-deformed as my other small locomotives I made , and it's based on the 9V red MicroMotor. It can run on black Lego narrow-gauge track and on LEMAX Christmas Train track - which is perfect for small Lego models (and features straights and larger curves). Here below you can see the different components, like the MicroMotor, the rear bogie, and body parts (motor and trailer). And here's a detail of the motor and passenger trailer. As you can see, the 9v MicroMotor is mounted upside-down, and moves the rear wheels of the steam motor. The power comes from a 9v battery box, but I succeded to run the Micromotor on small 12v batteries. Some home made electronics may save space! The batteries should be placed near the trailer link, therefore their weight - insisting on the only driven axle - can improve traction. I hope you like it! Ciao! Davide
  9. Paperinik77pk

    swiss trams

    Amazing creation, and good revision with PF motors! Bogies are very nice and show a great work.
  10. Paperinik77pk

    (MOC) DSB Litra MZ (I & III)

    Spectacular locomotive! The older, brown version is awesome! Thumbs up!!!
  11. No words,'s... HugeAwesomeSo7777-ishFabulousphotosbynightIlovethatlittledieselbeingbuiltAndthatturntable!
  12. Paperinik77pk

    12V style railway station MOC

    Hi there!!! Great station!!! It keeps the real 12v feeling!!!
  13. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    A work of art... it seems real!!! I love it, sincerely! Ciao! Davide
  14. Paperinik77pk

    [MOC] Narrow gauge diesel engine "V 52" in 1/25

    This is a great creation, and the mix of L-gauge track and "garden railway" is amazing! 1:24 and 1:25 are perfect scales for metric gauge models on standard L-gauge track. Goooooooooooooooooood job!!! Davide
  15. Paperinik77pk

    0-6-0T Irish Terrier Engine

    Very cute little locomotive! I love the magnifying glass for front windows and the coupling chain!