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  1. Paperinik77pk

    FS D345 + Eaos Wagons

    Lovely locomotive and very nice cars...great job!!!!
  2. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Hi! Good point, showel is small - it seems a beach toy - I have to find a gray showel in my wife's Fabuland box! A tender was something I did not even consider - 7810 has always been a locomotive without tender so I did not think about it. But given it has an open back - a small tender (2 axles) could fit nicely. The sound generator seems loud on youtube videos - but also XXL motor is quite loud. I did not have time to solder the kit during this weekend, we're preparing for holidays so we had some things to do Thanks for your suggestions - always kind and useful!!!
  3. Paperinik77pk

    LEGO Boost Train

    Very nice little train - I still have the Boost Cat waiting for my daughter to learn how to use it...Maybe I can borrow the Boost base for a train experiment
  4. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Hi there! Thanks!!! The sound will be very "toyish" - there is an hack that can be done to make the sound a bit more deep (changing a resistor type). The speed of steam blows and volume are regulated trough potentiometers. I am a real beginner on electronics - so once the kit is all soldered and working I will try to understand how to integrate it with PF motor. I searched also for a "diesel" sound generator but I did not find any kit like this one - pity.
  5. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Hi all, finally all parts arrived and I finished the XXL steamer locomotive. As usual I got inspiration by an old gray era model I really love because it's heavily linked to my childhood memories. Here it is! It is a big 7810, transformed in a narrow gauge locomotive that can cover all kind of services, from shunting to small passenger traffic. This time I wanted an interior, so I tried to imagine a small steamer cockpit. Now I'm planning to build a real cockpit also for the blue 7720. It's ok to have small amount fo detail since these are big toys - but there's room for some experiments...currently a lot of room! For example, the original 7810 has not a steam dome, therefore I tried to build one. Front headlights seem a bit cross-eyed, since are mounted in an inner position than in the original 7810. I think it makes the locomotive a little less serious. The locomotive can produce steam from the main chimney thanks to a Seuthe 99 steam generator and I'm planning to make it also sound like a steamer, using a very economic Velleman MK134 kit. I still don't know if I will succeed in soldering the kit properly, but let's see. The real deal will be how to syncronize the sound to the speed. Transmission was revisited, since the gear ratio was too long, and the old solution was too weak to support all the body weight. From pictures is hard to tell how big it is - so I put the original 7810 Minifig and box tin some photos just to give an idea. I hope you like it! I will make a video as soon as I've some time to re-build the outdoor railroad!
  6. Very nice locomotive! I prefer it without portholes , it has a cleaner shape! I like the bogies!!!
  7. It's a very nice shed, full of details! thenidea of using 1x2 plates as bricks is great! The internal furniture is amazing! My personal suggestion is to make the dead end track a bit longer and to park there an old,rusted gondola wagon loaded with axles, parts of locomotives and other technical garbage. I'd also add some plants in the middle of track Good work!
  8. Paperinik77pk

    NS Class 6400

    Yess! It's that thing - I thought it was for cement!!! I searched it yesterday on an old Lima Catalog - it was a "steel mixer"!!!
  9. Paperinik77pk

    NS Class 6400

    High quality and nice choice as always - it is a pleasure to watch! Another good shot! P.s. The big wagon reminds me a cement mixer (if I remember well) I had when I was a kid - Lima H0 - I hated it because I could not put all wheels on track!!! It derailed easily beceuse we had a too tight curve radius!!!
  10. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Yes, you are right, in this photo the body is is basically the one that can be seen on page 2 of this thread, a "doubled" 7810 with some modifications
  11. Paperinik77pk

    "Real" Steam?

    Thanks to you for being always supportive I understood why I had only a small amount of smoke - I checked with my tester the 9v battery I was using - it actually produces 8.1v - so it is completely tired! I used the 9v train transformer - and smoke finally came out easily! A very mean idea to use the smoke generator connected to a 12v steam locomotive is passing trough my poor brain right now...
  12. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Hi Sven! You were right - it's a completely different story now!
  13. Paperinik77pk

    "Real" Steam?

    It has both wires soldered - It is a "99" for sure (I have the package here) - but it lacks that second black part - I have everything apart it. Now it comes back to mind - the package was a bit open when I received it - maybe It was lost in some way. But nooooooproblem it works fine - the only thing worrying me - it makes a little puff of smoke - will anyone be able to see it when the locomotive is moving? I have to try the whole thing !in motion". Yesterday it was too late to put down a little track - plus, my wife after 3 minutes of "smoking" asked me "what's this smell - it seems oil burning" - in fact - it was!
  14. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Garden Toy Train - 12-wide

    Absolutely!!! I'll try this evening to round them a bit !!! Nice suggestion!
  15. Paperinik77pk

    "Real" Steam?

    Hi Sven!!! Fantastic solution with rubbers!!! - Strange - I do not have that additional metal part in the package! Initially I wanted organize the whole thing exactly as you did - Seuthe over a plate with holes and wires going down in a hole ...I still cannot believe how much detail is in that little part of locomotive shown in this picture