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Found 16 results

  1. rx79gez8gundam

    Star Destroyer - Set 75055 UCS Mod

    As beautiful as it is, not everyone has either the funds nor the display space for the UCS Star Destroyer. To that end, I offer a highly detailed yet modestly sized alternative that is a modification of an existing set, 75055. This is a model of Vader's Imperial-I class Star Destroyer Devastator as seen in Rogue One and A New Hope, but can also be reconfigured using easily swapable modular parts into an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The original set has had the internal playset removed, a complete ventral hull added with main hangar, detailed engines, and two new command towers. The model has been slightly enlarged to 1/2700 scale and is 23.5" long. The command tower, main batteries, and dorsal axial cannons are modular to convert between versions. The Mk I also has removable waist mounted quad cannons and engine thrust vanes. Completing the model is a display stand and a microscale Tantive IV Corellian Corvette, that while slightly overscale still fits perfectly in the main hangar and can be attached there. I used photos of the original Devastator filming model from A New Hope and the larger Avenger filming model from The Empire Strikes Back as reference. More pics available at Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr LEGO Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr
  2. lengineers

    [LDD] Ultimate Rancor

    The Ultimate Rancor, a real desk amplifier. It will stand on its own but prefers a base. You can get the LXF file from:〈=en
  3. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endor Landing Pad

    This is the endor landing pad from Return of the Jedi that I designed. I made it to fit the play-scale sets that Lego has been releasing like the AT-AT walker, TIE fighter, and Imperial Shuttle. But the UCS Imperial Shuttle does fit quite nicely on the pad as well. The whole build is a little over 7,000 pieces. The height is just right for the AT-AT walker to stand right next to one of the six hallways. The landing pad is the bulk of the cost because its mostly light bluish gray bricks which can get very expensive. The actual landing platform is about 4 studs tall, and is made up of mostly 2x4 and 2x8 bricks along with other bricks and plates as well. This helps the platform stay together. The platform rests on top of the 2 "towers". The best place to put a UCS shuttle would be right above the towers so that they can easily support the weight. But a play-scale size ship would pretty much be able to stand anywhere on the platform since it is so light. And I know that the landing pad is supposed to have 2 yellow circular outlines on it, but I left it out because doing it with bricks would have looked too blocky. Making and printing a large sticker would probably look much better and cleaner. This model would go great with an endor forest moc. I do plan to design the endor bunker and shield generator for the death star in the future. I am also currently working on a larger version of this landing platform that is more to scale with UCS builds like the Imperial Shuttle and possibly even the rumored UCS AT-AT. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on that so I'm not too sure yet. But anyway, here are some images of the build: pad with vehicles by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_3 by ice chips, on Flickr test_2 by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_2 by ice chips, on Flickr I made instructions for this build as well and linked them below. There are also some more images and angles of the build in them as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this build!
  4. Hey everyone ! It's been ages since I took part in a Eurobricks contest of any kind, but when I stumbled upon the Concept Art Contest this Friday, I knew I had to cook something up, no matter how little time remained, since I am a huge fan of Ralph McQuarrie's art. About half of the wall space of my house is filled with framed posters of his drawings, as I am simply in love with his ability to capture the feeling of each location - you can almost feel how it would be like if you were there. My favorite work of his is all the ROTJ imperial imagery, like the super industrial proto-Coruscant that Vader escorts Luke through to get to the Emperor, but Palpy's throne room itself takes the cake in my opinion. The final movie version of the room onboard the DSII is iconic to be sure, but to me this version of it is an amazing, super Star-Wars-y location, and perfectly matches the Emperor's character and the tone of the sequence. My build is quite simple, as the platform and throne are quite simple, sharp and bold shapes themselves. For the lava, I wanted something a tad more realistic and interesting than trans-orange tiles on a baseplate, so I employed the classic idea of a net piece sandwiched between 1x1 plates and 1x1 tiles on the bottom and top respectively, which gives the ability to curve and shape your surface, and created a subtle wave pattern. Due to my time limitations, I switched the camera's angle to be higher up to avoid building tons of rockwork on the back, but I included the small parts near the platform using the new-ish beehive part,BB-8 heads and barraki eyes, so you can get an idea of what the rest of it would look like. So, here goes, please tell me your thoughts and critiques !
  5. "Many Bothans died to bring us this information" Hello there, I proudly present to you my MOC "Home One Briefing room" It has been on Flickr for a bit now, but hadn't gotten around yet posting it here. Hope you enjoy! Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Quite satisfied how this one turned out. Was a fun little MOC to do, some of the angles really gave me a headache, but it worked out in the end. In real life the gaps are less then they make it seem in the picture actually! I'm not really happy how the table turned out, but I consider this a nice practice MOC anyways for when I'll build a bigger Home One room Some detailed shots: Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Without figs: Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr A bit more pics on my Flickr. Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to comment if you like it!
  6. So I've been going through old minifigures from the Star Wars theme and found miifigs like Kit Fisto and Plo Koon. The paint on them isn't there anymore. Any ideas on what to do?
  7. In the night before the fateful Battle of Endor, in the woods surrounding a certain Ewok village on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor... *crack* Luke Skywalker: Huh? Luke Skywalker: Hmm. *smile* ???: Going somewhere? Alia: ?! Cody: What are you doing? Shouldn't you be with the troops and prepare for tomorrow's battle? Alia: I overheard that guy talking to the princess! He's going after Vader! Alia: And so am I! Cody: What's gotten into you? That is suicide! What is it with you and that Darth Vader, anyway? Alia: That's none of your business! Cody: I'm... I'm afraid it is. *click* Alia: Are you for real, rookie? You are threatening me into staying? Do you really want to do this? Cody: If it means to stop you and save your life... then yes. I do. I'm not letting you go like this. Not without an explanation. Alia: ... fine. I'll tell you. To be concluded! Behind the scenes: C&C appreciated!
  8. StarWars8Spoiler

    [WIP LDD MOC] Imperial Endor Bunker

    Hello, everyone! Today I give you a work in progress model that i am compiling in LDD. Based on the Imperial Bunker on Endor, which is key in keeping the Death Star II's shields up, this set has around 650 pieces total as it currently is. It also includes the satellite as seen in the movie. Features include collapsing walls, opening doors, rotating seats, and rotating turrets. No minifigures are included right now, but I expect to add more when the final model is completed. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, criticisms, etc. The pictures I use are created via Bluerender, a fast, free, simple rendering program.
  9. dimnico

    [MOC] Jabba's PIzza Hutt

    Hey guys, I have just finished another build, which I would love to share with you all. I call this 'Jabba's PIzza Hutt' Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr For a change this is not related to any scene or landscape from the Star Wars saga but rather a bit of fun I was having with my newly acquired Jabba figure. I had quite a bit of fun with this, like the Emperor's order being number 66... Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Jabba's tail being too big for his own restaurant! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Han in Carbonite being used a fridge in the back with Slave Leia chained up and being made to work the tills and a stormtrooper in chef's overalls in the kitchen. Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr My favourite part has to be Grandpa Darth treating his little grandson Kylo to a pizza, just look at how happy Kylo looks! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Anyway, this was just a bit of fun, hope you like! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Rouge one micro landscape and a recreation of an iconic teaser poster coming soon!
  10. Hi guys, here is a little MOC I put together. IMG_20161014_164521 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr I had a few spare bits lying around and had recently acquired a Tauntaun so I thought I would put it to good use! DSC_1899 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr DSC_1942 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr I wanted to make this as movie accurate as possible so that is why the colour palette on this build is more grey, to reflect the night time setting of the scene, rather than the traditional tan colours of Jabba's Palace. I should point out the gungan head isnt movie accurate but I put that in for a bit of fun! IMG_20161014_192613 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr However I did also build a tan version using parts from the Jabba's Palace and Mos Eisley official sets. IMG_20161009_221534 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Which do you prefer, tan or grey? Hope you enjoy and as always any feedback, advice or suggestions for new MOCs are always welcome!
  11. MaxTube55

    [MOC] TIE/IN Interceptor

    So this basically exists because 12 hour ago (from posting) I was bored out of my mind. So I took apart 75150, and used any other parts I could find from my bin. It could technically be a MOD, but since I changed enough I believe it is considered a MOC. Anyways I ended up with what I have now and I am pretty satisfied with the results. This is also my very first attempt at a MOC...with real bricks (I've made two LDD attempts at the Yavin Base). Enjoy. More pics can be found by clicking here. I am very fond of how the wings turned out and it looks great from the front. But, I'm not very fond of the back, but due to it being done in a day and not having the right parts what I have now works. Anyways I hope you like it and please leave comments, suggestions, and thoughts. Edit: I have fixed the rear with a huge improvement. Please leave, thoughts, comments, and criticism.
  12. This listing is for a custom LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) model I have designed: "Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1" Being an iconic Imperial ship from "A New Hope" and the Season 2 trailer of "Star Wars Rebels," this ship has a place in the hearts of all die-hard Vader fans. LEGO has released many renditions of this model. Specific set numbers include 4484, 7150/7152, 7262, 8017, 10131, and 10175. While all of those renditions are great, however, my design surpasses all of them in its detailing and beauty. Although the color scheme is based on the colors depicted in LEGO's #8017 rendition, the model is based closest to #75082. The cockpit interior has been heavily modified. It's blacker then LEGO's versions, and the controls are also modified as well. The rear design of the cockpit makes this model it's own. Size-wise, it's in perfect proportion to the cockpit, and it's very securely fastened to the cockpit with a combination of pins and plates. The wings are also securely fastened to the cockpit, with the same combination as the rear, along with axle pipes. Definitely the best moc by far. This ship makes the perfect addition to your Imperial fleet collection. Here are some more pictures of the ship taken from different views.
  13. Actionfigure

    [MOC] working DL-44 Blaster

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I built a lifesize replica of Han Solo´s Blaster pistol. It has the shape and size of the weapon he uses in "Return of the Jedi". There is a Lego light element in the inside. The ray is focused by a lense. You can pull the trigger and shoot (sorry, but that´s my first video). Well, I submitted this project to "Lego Ideas".
  14. StarWars8Spoiler

    [MOC] Micro Jabba's Palace

    Hello, again, everyone! Shortly after completing my Micro Jedi Temple, I have created a Micro Jabba's Palace! This one sits at 164 pieces. Comments, criticisms, and etc. is allowed and encouraged. Please tell me what you think! Also, I request that this be indexed.