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Found 27 results

  1. 9 fingers


    Hello to all. I present you my latest build. SCANIA R series Long Line. This model was build for the local exhibition, which was organized by Kocke Klub in Slowenia. It is build in the scale 1:22 Power Functions: 1 XL motor for Drive 1 Servo motor for steering 3 pairs of LED lights. And the video. Thanx for watching. With best regards, Valter
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first MOC. Besides the gearbox, it´s my own design. 4 RC functions: 1. Drive (L-motor) 2. Steering (L-motor) 3. Cabin tilt (L-motor) 4. Sequential gearbox N+1+2+3 (Servo-motor) The gearbox is a modified version of a gearbox constructed by DurianObried. The shift mechanism is a modified version of Jaco4´s design. It works very well and shifts gear fast. Front and rear suspension, small turning radius and working steering wheel. More pictures on Brickshelf. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565719 Here is a picture on the gearbox shift mechanism. To the left you can see the servomotor shifting the gearbox.
  3. This year I spent less time online due to several reasons (like my career) but I haven’t been hanging around when it comes to LEGO. Next to co-organize LW I built a couple of models and one of them is this Scania T143 bulk hauler. I originally started with mk1 in 2016 but gave it an overhaul in 2017. For sure it is based on Ingmar Spijkhoven’s model but actually I wanted to give it a personnal touch. Is has another chassis and drive train which is more based on Jaaptechnic’s Actros. The cab is different from Ingmar’s. I chose for the original side panels with the typical 2-series and 3-series shapes. The rear panel got the same treatment. The truck is powered by a singe XL motor with is strong enough to pull a drawbar trailer. Both bodyworks can tip with a XL motor and it has lights on front and rear. It is supplied with an SBrick. Special thanks to Dirk Klijn and Jaaptechnic for the high quality decals. For more pictures please have a look in my album:
  4. hello, this is my new moc for Scania R560 with EFFER Crane (Hong Kong Truck Style) it has 2 XL motors for driving, 1 servo for steering, 4 M motors for crane, 2 M motor for outrigger hope you like it my flickr:
  5. OwnGaming

    OwnGamings moc's

    My new lego truck, a Kenworth T600 with daycab.
  6. hello everyone, this is my new moc: RC SCANIA R620 8x4 Heavy tractor truck, it has 3 XL motors for driving, and one servo motor for steering, thanks and enjoy photos
  7. Stefaneris

    [MOC] Scania V8 Truck and B-Train

    Hello all I'd like to show you the recent addition to the logistics in Lego City: A 60ton Truck, in a B-train configuration. A B-Train is a tractor with a trailer, and the trailer also has a fith wheel (the thing where the trailer is connectec) to connect another trailer. The advantage of this type of truck is, that you can take out the middle part to get a regular truck with tractor and trailer which can be used anywhere in Europe, while the B-trains and other long combinations of trucks (called EuroCombi) only are allowed in Scandinavia, or mainly Sweden. They have a lenght up to 25.5m (86,6ft) and a weight up to 60t (132000pounds). The tractor is a Scania V8, no I didn't build a motor but there is the V8 logo on the backside in the cabin. On the inside there are two beds, one of them can be folded away and two seats (obviously ). The driver also wants to take breaks so there is a small fridge and a coffee machine over the windscreen. On the front there are a lot of lights and also a bar to prevent damages when crashing with a wild animal, what unfortunatly isn't uncommun in the northern parts of Scandinavia. Let's take a look on the pictures: Scnaia B-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania V8 interior 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Scania 40t by StefanEris, auf Flickr And last but not least a picture of a real B-Train on the Finnish-Swedish border: B-Train by StefanEris, auf Flickr To my American friends: I think that there are a lot of B-trains on your roads which can't be separated, since they transport loads of sand, gravel and such things. If you have some information or see any mistakes feel free to share it. Have fun Stefan
  8. Years ago I had a wish to build a truck. And.. I had plenty of white bricks. So I googled some white trucks and it just happened that I found a Scania T-cab wrecker truck from Slades Garage. Somehow I even got in contact with Matt, the driver (and owner?) of the truck. I contacted him for more pics and features of the truck. But.. he didn't replay in time. The first version of my model had pneumatic features on it. Many of functions where wrong. Then.. months later fellow Mocker - Dennis from Netherlands - discovered my moc and offered me few more pics of the truck from one of the truck-shows. That gave me opportunity to observe the details more closely and build a better version, a second version. And this time I went for remote control features. But - as the electric motors were stronger than previous pneumatics (and they also took more space) the result was more fragile. So there was a second rebuild, a third version with entirely new chassis, built out of lego technick. So.. after something like three years and countless iterations, I consider the moc finished. It has eight functions - all four by two channels are used: - Driving (XL motor - channel 1) - Steering (M motor - channel 1) - Left outtrigger (M motor - channel 2) - Right outtrigger (M motor - channel 2) - Raise / lower main boom (L motor - channel 3) - Underlift (M motor - channel 3) - Extract / detract main boom (L motor - channel 4) - Spool (M motor - channel 4)
  9. Kiwi_Builder

    [WIP] Scania T143M w/ A Train

    Hey all, It's about time I made my first post on the sub-forum This is my Scania T143M I have been working on on-and-off for the past few months (a year now probably ), it is Ingmar's Scania, but I am modifying it to suit my needs. I am doing it in TNL's colours, I am not aware of TNL ever having a T143, but I like their fleet and think it works quite well on the Scania. Behind it I will be putting a five axle flat deck A-train such as the one below: This is my progress so far: The Scania repainted before any modifications were done As it is now. I have replaced the painted bumper with a chrome bullbar, chromed tanks, a sun visor with lights and removed the floodlights. Before I build this physically I would also like to add front mudflaps and put a nicer exhaust on it. Any thoughts or improvements you have are more than welcome, I'll update this thread whenever I make some decent progress.
  10. Hallo everybody, after reading all the time in this forum I want to introduce my not in all details finished Scania R730 6x2. For driving the Scania uses the Lego xl-motor. For steering the first and second achses I use the servo-motor. For the movement of the pistons in the fake v8-engine the Scania uses a l-motor. For all I use a rc! The batteriebox is in the back of the cabin, which I can lift. In the back of the Scania I installed an automatically closing clutch for trailer. Steffen
  11. ThinkCleverAndSmart

    Lego NextGen Scania Truck

    The Next Generation Scania was presented in August, and I knew that I was going to build it. I was hoping to be the first in the world to make this Next Generations Scania out of lego, and I think I am! Instructions is available at my site: Video is on youtube:
  12. Hi Guys, I would like to share my 8x8 medium dump truck with you. The target was to create 8x8 dump truck with 4 differencials in compact size with good driving abilities. It drives quite well, but due to large amount of gears, even XL motor have some trubles (wont stop, but you can hear little bit) while steering/climbing, but I'm happy with result, even view could be better. Some info: Propulsion: 8x8 by PF XL Steering: 8x4 by PF Servo (different angle for second axle) 1 Differencial for each axle Dumping by 1 M motor. No suspension, but thanks to flexible body, it can go well over obstacle. Opanable doors I'm sorry for really bad quality pictures, will upload short video soon. What do you think?
  13. Hey guys. For the last couple of days I've been building on a new project: a Scania WLS. Dutch people may recognize this truck as the dutch military heavy transport truck, transporting containers and flatracks. Here a picture of the real thing: For now I got only a part of the chassis. I am satisfied with the front suspension, and the rear axle is nice and compact, but it has 4 tires per axle, so a differential was impossible at this scale. Also, it does have too much backlash in my opininion. If someone knows how to fix it, that will be nice! And in this scale, again, just like my previous truck, the wheels are too wide to add drive to it. I got some pics here, please comment if you got some tips! And oh, Steering isn't added yet, I found it quite complicated to do it right, I will work on it soon .
  14. Hello everyone, This time to introduce my new MOC RC Scania R730 V8 with topline, I had the chance to interview for Scania company, it is particularly produced this enhanced version of the R730. It uses two XL Motor for driving, and 1M Motor for steering. speed: 40cm/s weight: 2550g width: 21
  15. hello everyone, let me introduce my new moc : Fully RC G480 Crane Truck, it has over ten lego motor and 4 ir receiver. video ready ON:
  16. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new [MOC] Scania R730 RC + LED, it is a very beautiful truck so I select this model for my Lego MOC. Thanks for watching
  17. MengShu1985

    Fire Pumper MOC

    My current MOC on fire pumper .... Pour in all your comments ~
  18. Hey all, This is the crane I'm making for the TC8 competition, a Liebherr LTF 1045 truck mounted crane, mounted to an 8x4 Scania P380 chassis. The Liebherr LTF 1045 is a crane which is factory fitted to either an 8x4 MAN, Scania, Mercedes or Volvo chassis with the crane fitted on a Kenworth T800 in the USA. It has a lifting capability of 45 tonne and a 52m boom height when fully extended. My MOC is in scale 1/16.5 and will be fully RC. The crane's boom will be approximately 1.5 metres long when all two stages are fully extended. The RC functions are: Drive: one XL motor Steering: Servo motor Stabilizers folding/unfolding: M motor Stabilizers extending/retracting: M motor Superstructure rotation: M motor Boom elevation: L or XL motor depending on space Boom extension: L motor Hook raising/lowering: M motor ​Other functions: Stabilizers lowering/raising: Independently controlled using pneumatics Opening cab doors Tilting cab (probably) Straight six engine Full suspension ​ Enough chat, time for some progress photos: Chassis with the stabilizers retracted And stabilizers extended and lowered A closeup of the stabilizer setup The main boom at its full length of 71 studs, with two stages going inside of it \ What I have of the first stage so far, not the actual design but just an indication of the extension length from just one of the stages. That is my progress so far and I am currently working on improving the stabilizer design because at the moment they are too high and bulky. I will start making better progress once I get the parts I need this weekend. I'll update this thread regularly with my progress as it comes along. As always feedback is appreciated, Cheers
  19. Hi all! just want to show my new moc. only original lego pieces. trailer
  20. I am currently most of the way through my latest project to build a large Technic house moving truck and trailer. I had also been wanting to build a Scania T143m, I have never actually seen one in real life but their 'lack of curves' without better terms has always attracted me to them. I have currently got the truck built with the trailer a few hours' work away. The truck is RC with 3 functions; XL motor for drive, servo motor for steering and 2 L motors for a sliding turntable. There is also a flashing light mechanism that automatically turns on when the battery box is started. The XL motor is geared down to increase torque and decrease speed, so far the only main problem I have encountered is the drivetrains gearing is prone to slipping from the resistance put up when pulling the trailer. I have braced the gearing from the top, bottom and one side, so if anyone could give me help on how to stop that happening would be much appreciated. The truck is 50cm X 18.5cm, has 58 light pieces and weighs 2 kilograms. While I have been MOCing for many years now this is my first post on EB. I have put some photos up on Bricksafe: I will hopefully have a video up in the next few days. All feedback is appreciated, Adam (Kiwi_Builder).
  21. Matthewslegotechnics

    LEGO TECHNIC Small Truck

    Hello Everybody! My first MOC's 2 functions: -HoG steering -Openable doors. This model made 100% of LEGO parts. The pictures: (This is a HUN blog.) Thnx for reading. Sincerly: Matthew
  22. Welcome everybody :) My name is Michał, I come from Poland and I’m 18. It's my first MOC showed here. Scania Logging Truck This truck is made in scale 1:10. The total size is: 113 studs of length, 29 of width and 37 of height (90/23/30 cm). It weighs 6,3 kg, has 10 motors and a lot of parts. Specifications: 1:10 scale lenght 113s / width 29s / height 37s Weight: 6,3kg 10 motors 4x6 drive Front independent suspension Rear floating suspension History From some time I've been planning to build something huge, when I had started building I didn't really know what I want to build. I chose Scania used to transporting wood. I built it from November to March. There was a 2-speed gearbox, but then there wasn’t enough space for crane and turntable. Suspension Front suspension is independent. For depreciation there are used 2 springs form the 9,5L absorber (from Unimog) and 2 springs from the yellow 6,5L absorber per each wheel. Rear suspension is floating, based on the elements of Unimog. For deprecation there are used 2 springs from the yellow 6,5L absorber per each axle. Driving To drive I used two XL motors with reduction 7:1.They are connected electrically and mechanically. Steering To steer I used one M motor with reduction 5:1. The drive is passed to 1x4 gear rack. Pneumatic The compressor is driven by M motor with the ratio 1:1. The servo motor conrols the valve and with M motor is connected electrically, so when the compressor is working the valve opens or closes. The Crane Rotation The rotation is based on the turntable, which is driven by M motor with ratio 168:1. The crane rotates only 180°, because of the pneumatic lines brought to the gripper. First section It is connected directly with the turntable. There are 2 linear actuators, driven by XL motor with reduction 3,5:1, responsible for lifting the second section. Second section It is connected to the first section. There is 1 linear actuators, driven by M motor with ratio 4,6:1. It is used to lift the third section. Inside there is a M motor responsible for rotating the gripper. Third section and the gripper To the third section there is connected the gripper, which is closed and opened by 1 large pneumatic cylinder. The rotation is driven by M motor with reduction 58:1. Outriggers Outriggers are built from mini LAs and driven by M motor. Others functions: Openable doors and cabine Headlights LED Working V8 dummy Some photos GALLERY
  23. Hi guys, i created another "small" MOC. I choosed a scania 8x4 dump truck. I tried to make small, good looking and working dump truck Features: Drive 8x4 by 1 L motor Steering by first two axles, each in different angle using 1 Servo motor Dumping the truck by 1 M motor Last axle has suspensions Openable cabin Photos: (sorry for bad qualtiy) Video: (Also could be better quality) PS: Sorry for missing right mirror. I tore it in previous driving test. So, what do you think guys?
  24. I was checking my Flickr account and noticed I hardly put any pictures on it of my large Scania low loader combo. I already built this one some time ago. The model is over two meters in length and it took me more than two year to design and build it. The unit has a real working V8 engine, tilted cab and accurate built chassis. Both the front and second axle are steered. The cab has open doors, open grille and detailed interior with adjustable seats. The trailer wasn't easy to build at all. The shapes are different than like a Nooteboom trailer which are more straight forward. Heavy hauler Van Elk helped me with some drawings of the real thing and once I joined the driver on a trip to Rotterdam were he had to unload a dragline on a building site. Here I could walk around the trailer and see how it works. This helped me lot to build it as accurate as possible. The trailer consist of four sections and it has a detachable neck. The loading deck can be extended in length and width, depending on what you've to carry. The ten rear axles (pendulum axles) are all steered, as well as the rear axle of the swing dolly. Now I'm having two combos of the same hauler; a vintage one and their last bought. Unfortunately heavy hauler Van Elk discontinued services in April 2010 and after building five of their combos there actually isn't another one to be build anymore. Have to look for something else but I'll give the Scania unit an update first. I'm building another one right now which it different than the one posted here. Pictures on Flickr: