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Found 28 results

  1. Hello, I have been working for awhile on my latest MOC, it's different from my usual MOCs and I am happy to present it to everyone here. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Butterfly: The butterfly was one of the most challenging but interesting builds to design. The key factors that make this model special is the ability to move and alter the wings however one pleases. The wings are built using mainly standard bricks and plates, bringing back a simple and nostalgic building experience from the childhood of many. However, there are a few SNOT building techniques. The bottom of the wings use the "headlight" bricks to invert the orientation of the studs allowing me to add the ability to have the bottom curve of the butterfly's wings. There are also studs on the side construction to achieve the curved sides of the wings as well. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Ladybug: The Ladybug is what inspired this whole project. The ladybug is small but has a lot of interesting and fun building techniques to get the shape of the ladybug just perfect. Using studs on the side construction as well as the "bracket" pieces make the ladybug slightly more round giving it a more realistic design than other techniques that were tried. The bottom is smoothed out using a mix of headlight bricks, plates, and even 1x1 round plates with a hole in the center! These actually connect to the center tube of the 1x2 brick giving another connection point to make the model more sturdy and makes building the model more engaging, as well as giving others building ideas for their own models. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Dragonfly: The dragonfly is the most simple model of the three, however, it still has some tricks up its sleeve. Dragonflies are a very thin and light. The model accurately represents a Dragonfly. The main interesting aspects of the model is the simpleness. After building the first 2 complex insects with small pieces and quirky techniques. This model gives the builder some room to breathe and is composed of simple construction. The most interesting part of the dragonfly for me personally is how I was able to us black minifigure hair to be the eyes of dragonfly. I tried many pieces but nothing ever looked right until I stumbled upon the minifigure hair. This is what makes the dragonfly stand out and still engages the builder with every building step. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr As of now my model is only digital but I hope to start accumulating the parts to build it sometimes within this year. I hope you enjoyed looking at my creation, if you feel so inclined I would love for your support on LEGO Ideas here: Thank you all for looking! -RailCo
  2. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Butterflies

    Here are models of three butterflies I have built. They exist in reality and are called Peacock Butterfly, Menelaus Blue Morpho and Cethosia Cyane. These models are also uploaded as a project on LEGO Ideas, so if you like them it would be appreciated if you gave it your support! As shown in the video below, the butterflies can also move their wings automatically if you have an antenna piece connected to them and then tap on their wings.
  3. vedosololego

    Lakeside Cottage

    Hello Just want to present to you my new MOC Lakeside Cottage Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Are your minifigs stressed by modern life and tired of being locked in a box or displayed in a window? Here's the solution! Looking over a fantastic emerald green lake, this cottage is perfect for a simple weekend or for a long relaxing vacation for your minifigs. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr It has all the modern stuff, while still disguised perfectly into nature, being covered with wooden planks. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Developed on two floors, it has a roof completely and easily removable, to increase the chances to play. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr On the ground floor there's a modern kitchen with many cabinets, a cooktop, a desk and stools. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr There's a sitting room with a leather sofa, a crystal table, a chimney (that goes up to the first floor too), a flat TV with stereo, an armchair, a bookshelf and big windows that look onto the lake. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr On the first floor, reachable through the stairs, you can find a bedroom with a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, a hallway with small furniture, a big bathroom with a sink, a WC and a big shower for two. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Outside you can find a barbecue, a wooden pier with beach chairs, a canoe, a spot for horses and an american letter box. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr You can enjoy a fish grill, spend a relaxed afternoon enjoying nature and the lake on your cribs, go out on a boat for a fishing afternoon, play with your dog, send and receive mail o and from friends (and bills!), go out for a ride in the woods, together with animals like the hedgehog and the swift that just made its nest on a tree. Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr Lakeside Cottage by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr I've just added this MOC on LEGO Ideas because I think that if I found it on the shelves of the shops I would definitely buy it. If you want this is the link to give your support to this project and why not, leave your feedback. Hope someone would help me promoting this idea because I'm not so much expert in this. Thank you for feedback. Cristiano
  4. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Common Kestrel

    Hello, I built a lifesize common kestrel (male). It´s my first raptorial bird. I hope you like it.
  5. Hello everyone! After a constructive stop of a couple of months at the beginning of the year I decided to try my hand at building a medieval mill. I like to think of this mill set in the Middle Ages, inhabited by a simple family that lived in an era where today's technology did not exist yet, without cell phones, computers and the Internet. Only a stone and wood house built with the toil of the hands and a life led to produce flour for bread and to grow vegetables and products of the earth. All surrounded by a luxuriant nature without the traffic and the polluted air of today. A life that is certainly very difficult but much simpler and built on basic concepts like family, land and food. The construction of this moc took a couple of months and made up of about 5,200 pieces and it took two months of construction. The blades of the mill are powered by a Medium Lego motor and can be turned over with a button on the back of the house. Moc presented for the first time at the MEI in Verona 2018 (Italy). View the complete gallery on Flickr: Comments very welcome. Good vision! Sandro
  6. I hope this is the right forum; generic minifig-scale MOCs seem to default to Town but I won't be offended if the mods move it. For this project, I have put together a very simple build of a deciduous tree, such as you might find in an average American suburb in the temperate zones. My plan is to change it a bit each week, to depict the tree as it goes through seasonal changes over the course of a year. On January 1, the tree is denuded of not only leaves but twigs, having been pruned by its owner last fall. It snowed earlier in the winter, but it was gusty a few nights ago, and most of the snow was blown off the branches (except for small patches on the leeward side of the tree). I can't seem to upload the first photo directly, so here's a link:
  7. Actionfigure

    Sulphur-Chrested Cockatoo

    Hello, once more a sulphur-chrested cockatoo! I am still not completely satisfied, so maybe I will give it another shot in the future...
  8. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Rabbit

    By the way... The rabbit is now available as a set at MOCHUB! P.S.: The sneaker and the robin are also available!
  9. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Robin

    Hello, I built a seasonal MOC. A lifesize robin in the snow. Merry Christmas! P.S.: The robin is available as a set at MOCHUB! The Red Sneaker is also available as a set!
  10. Hello everyone! Today I come bearing a MOC of mine built for an insect contest. It's a golden tortoise beetle (charidotella sexpunctata) made up of just two pieces, sitting on top of a strewn pile of fresh leaves. Here we go! Here's the reference picture. Even the scale is close to the original! Thanks for your attention!
  11. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Prehistoric Dragonfly

    Hello, a prehistoric dragonfly. The size has changed, but not the shape! Oh, and it is well ballanced and stable without a stand!
  12. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Crow

    Hello, this is a carrion or American crow (two very similar looking species).
  13. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Octopus

    Hello, this is a common octopus. A totally different animal than I am used to build. I hope you like it.
  14. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Dog

    Hello, this is a Jack Russel terrier. I built it as a lifesize model. I hope you like it!
  15. Hello, this is a new version of my alexandrine parakeet. I built it from scratch, but I adopted some parts of the old version. The model has a more naturalistic shape now. The colours are still a problem. So I hope you like my solution.
  16. Legopard

    The Root Kingdom

    Hello, deep in the forest there is magical place: A kingdom on the roots: The build was inspired by the seed part, the green Duplo grass piece. Hope you like it! Jonas
  17. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Yellow-Headed Amazon

    Hello, this is a yellow-headed amazon. It is native to Mexico and Guatemala. But there is also a small wild population in Stuttgart, Germany.
  18. Actionfigure


    Hello, this is a hamster. Some of you may already know it from flickr. (sorry, I somehow missed to post it here earlier)
  19. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Red Panda

    Hello, this is a Red Panda. I hope you like it!
  20. Legopard

    My Tree House

    Hello, With so many great winter creations in the last weeks, it's feels a bit frosty on EuroBricks. So I will try to bring you a bit spring feeling with my newest creation: My Tree House Tree houses always had something magical for me. The symbiosis of the home and the nature has something very idyllic and charming. I wanted to reflect this peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of security in tree houses in my build. Also I had the chance to try my hands on a bigger tree and the challenge to build it sturdy enough so it holds the home. I'm glad Oscar posted his amazing roof technique before I build my tree house. It's so great, I had to copy that. Thanks for your inspiration, Oscar! To give the tree a sturdy base I build its roots and a bit of the surrounding landscape. I hope you like it! Jonas
  21. [Challenge 1] Birth of a Fire Wasp on Guinevere This is probably my favourite build in AG (by myself that is ) so far! Getting everything to work together took a lot of tinkering, but the end result ended up looking almost exactly as I had planned, so I'm very happy about that. The build clocks in at exactly 1000 pieces. EDIT: Seems like I misinterpreted the rules as only being allowed to post one rendered image. Since that doesn't seem to be the case (as Bob uploaded a couple of renders), I added a few low quality renders under the spoiler button. --//Private Log Begin. Date: 2006(38)15. Scramble code: None.//-- *Sigh*, this is my first private log since arriving in the 'Gates. Now, I generally consider myself a pretty level-headed guy, most problems can be fixed with some smart thinking, a mech suit and a few building bots. But seriously. I hate Guinevere. The whole planet is a big heap of sand and dirt, and the little places that aren't are instead covered with fire- and lava-spewing volcanoes. Sure, those biologist wimps say that the "bio-life is really interesting here, we can learn a lot from it!", but seriously guys, who are you trying to kid? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Guinevere's extremely rich Gold veins. Now, on top of the environment in general being among the s*ckiest imaginable, there are all sorts of things trying to kill us here, ranging from sand worms to M.A.N.T.I.S. to whatever other godforsaken thing you can imagine wanting to kill you. And then there are the Fire Wasps. [Attached: Video.of.Fire.Wasp.Being.Born.ahqv] Seriously, these things are like the unholy offspring of fire and death itself. They are born from eggs which their mothers lay in volcanoes, godd*mnit! If that doesn't make you sh*t your pants, consider that they are around 8 meters tall, have an absurdly strong exoskeleton (it has some sort of nanotube-like structure, which is the main reason why the fire wasps have managed to grow so big while still having exoskeletons), AND have a burning core in their tail, making them both almost completely fire resistant (including our laser weapons) plus having the ability to shoot fire/lava instead of poison from their stingers. At least the fire wasps mainly eat sulphur based creatures, so we aren't seen as food (yet). However, they are extremely territorial, so as soon as we get anywhere close to their nests (which is basically within a couple of kilometers... they have really good hearing/sensing)), they start attacking fiercely in large groups. God, I really wish we could get off this planet soon. Q, out. --//Private Log End. Signature: Q. Scramble code: None.//-- Thanks for reading/looking, C&C always appreciated! More pictures/comments under the spoiler button!
  22. LEGO Ideas - Birds (21301) Review by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr "They will fly off the shelves!" First Impression: When I saw this set for the first time I was very impressed with this set just like any LEGO Ideas set. This is a must have set for any birds enthusiast. These are impressive recreations of three birds seen in different parts of the world. This will be an iconic and popular LEGO set amongst adults. This is one of the LEGO Idea's set that is not based on an IP (Intellectual Property) or a replica, others being the recent Exo-Suit (21109) and Research Institute (21110.) I just want to say a huge thanks to Thomas Poulsom for making this set a reality. Unique Parts: This set contains 3 unique printed 'Flat Tile 2x4' pieces in Black each with the specific bird's name in Latin: Erithacus Rubecula, Cyanocitta Cristata and Colibri Thalassinus. There are recolours of certain pieces which are now exclusive to this set at the time of this review: Plate 2X4X18° (Dark Green), Corner Plate 45 Deg. 3X3 (Dark Green), Tip Of The Tail Ø6,47 (Earth Green), Neck - Tail Link, Ø7.84-Ø6,47 (Earth Green), Plate 1x3 (Medium Blue), Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob (Medium Blue), Plate 2x3 (Medium Blue), Left Plate 2X4 W/Angle (Medium Blue) and Right Plate 2X4 W/Angle (Medium Blue.) There are also a few rare pieces in this set: Plate 6x16 (Dark Green), Right Plate 3X8 W/Angle (Earth Blue), Left Plate 3X8 W/Angle Earth Blue), Roof Tile 4X2/18° W/Cor. (Earth Green), Brick W/Bow 1/3 (Medium Blue), Plate 1X2 W/Shaft Ø3.2 (Reddish Brown) and Plate 1X2 W. Shaft 12M (Transparent) Something I would like to point out that some ‘Medium Blue’ pieces seem to have two different shades in this set. I don't know why but it may be a quality control issue which does happen sometimes. I found it to be extra useful for different texture as the bird is a natural form. However some people may not like this simply because they may look out of place if the pieces are used for your own creations. Minifigures and Playability: Ha! This set contains no minifigures. These are detailed models of birds for display only. Therefore I don't see young children purchasing this set for any reason besides someone who likes birds or the swoosh factor of the birds. No, the wings don't move but yes each Bird can be easily removed from their display stand. The models are really great display pieces and are just a wonderful piece to adore the details on display. Build Experience: This set contains 5 five numbered bags. 2x Bag 1's for the Robin, 2x Bag 2's for the Blue Jay and 1x Bag 3 for the Hummingbird and flower. It surprisingly contains three instruction booklets (one for each bird.) As always with the LEGO Ideas sets, they are high-quality books containing the building instructions, information on the LEGO Ideas platform and background information about the set and its original creator. It took me an average of 25 minutes per bird to assemble together. This set was designed by the very talented Steen Sig Andersen who has been with The LEGO Group for a very long time and it really shows. He has provided each bird with its own unique SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques and very thoughtful engineering which makes the models really strong and durable. Each Bird has its own stand very similar to the architecture stands but this time we have the green grass with a small pedestal for the birds to fit on. In front of the pedestal we have the printed 'Flat Tile 2x4' with the name of the specific bird which keeps them partly hidden and at the edge of the base we have a ‘San Yellow’ finish to possibly represent wood. The set was very enjoyable to put together and I learned a few new techniques along the way which was quite surprising since I'm a pretty experienced builder. Value for Money: This retails for £39.99 in the UK and contains 580 pieces. It's hard to judge this set because it contains three different builds. Each bird with stand works out £13.33 each so that's fairly respectable plus with the high quality box and instructions booklets is definitely worth £39.99 compared with other models LEGO has released in the past. It's a set that will sky rocket in the aftermarket, you would rather purchase this whenever you get the chance since it has a limited production run like any other LEGO Ideas set. This set is only available at LEGO Stores and Display Attributes: Since this set is built with three separate models I will discuss each model in depth. The Erithacus Rubecula also known as the Robin has been exquisitely rendered with the whole profile and shape capturing the exact shape of a Robin. Unlike the other models it's not smoothed out to try to hide the studs. Instead they have expressed and proudly shown the studs through 80% of the model. It's really great they have exposed the studs to capture what LEGO really is and how its simple brick can be constructed into a beautiful natural form, which isn't seen often. As I examine the photograph I can see that the Robin is orange, light brown, tan, grey and white. I understand that having several colours on a model of this scale could easily take away from the model, but I was surprised they didn't use orange instead of the red but to be honest I saw the original in person and it didn't look right with the brown. I like how the belly of the Robin is built like a Lowell Sphere. One advantage with this compared with other birds is that the Robin can stand on its two very small feet without extra support, again heads up to Steen for some really great engineering techniques used. This model has to be the highlight of the set. The stand is also well designed, you can turn the Technic axle 360° to suit the owners needs of display and it can also be easily be separated. I don't like that the Technic axle wiggles, I feel they are under a lot of pressure underneath the weight of the model. I have two complaints which I have with most LEGO sets: when having SNOT techniques used in a LEGO set is requires you to assemble an opposite colour to the brick/s it will attached on to. In this case the white and brown is showing though a small gap above the assembly of the red belly of the Robin. It's a natural form so I won't complain too much but I have seen it many times in other sets. Yes LEGO have to use as many simple and primary colours in the internal structure of any model to make it easier for the builder to find the pieces when constructing a set. Additionally the black ‘Plate 1X2 W. Vertical Grip’ that have used to attach the Robin's wings which could've been brown but I guess in this case it can represent shadow and depth. Another example is the Technic axle going through the underside of the Robin could have been transparent, now it seems as if it's part of the Robin. Which doesn’t look right? I like that the scale is pretty close to the real bird and it also make these models feel like your personal pets. The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta Cristata) is once again rendered well but this build also has minor problems. Main reason is in some angles you can see right through the bird but to be honest when it's on the stand you can barely notice. Comparing this model to the photograph provided in the instruction booklet. You can clearly see that all black pieces should have been ‘Earth Blue' besides the beak. I feel cheated and I would have preferred them to be 'Earth Blue' I don't understand why LEGO had to be lazy and choose black instead. That's one big problem I have with this assembly. The final bird is the Hummingbird (Colibri Thalassinus) which sits on a ‘Plate 6x16’ for the additional flower assembly. The flower is an interesting but simple. It's nice to see another large natural form in this set beside a couple of birds. Referencing back to the photograph I can see that a Hummingbird also has yellow and blue but would look out of place with the presented scale like the Robin. The brown 'Plate' would have been nice in transparent but I may be mistaken, but it could be its feet? The two sloped 'Earth Green' bricks that were used to hide most of the back of the plates is a great addition however it's only conned by one Technic pin which means doesn't stay still. Fan Model Vs. Final Product: All three models are very well recreated and are pretty similar to the original fan creation. The only differences are the internal structure and the way the models are presented. I do prefer the way the final product displays the birds because they look or presentable. Steen has done a wonderful job of staying true to Tom’s original design and has done them justice as a worldwide product. Final Analysis/ Conclusion: Overall this set it is a must have set for adults. It has its flaws like any other set: the grey Technic axle used between the Robin and tree branch, black pieces used instead of ‘Earth Blue’ for the Blue Jay and the loose ‘Earth Green’ pieces of the Hummingbird. Anyway the models are impressive recreations and would make a great gift for any adult or birds enthusiast. Quick Summary: Parts: 5 - Good quantity of common and semi rare colours from a parts perspective. Playability: 3 - Each bird can be easily removed from their display stand and be swooshed around if you so desire. Building Experience: 4.5 - A few interesting SNOT techniques are used, although some parts of the build are a bit repetitive but still enjoyable. Value for Money: 5 - At first the price may seem high however the models of the birds are very attractive. With a price tag of £39.99 you cannot go wrong. Overall: 5 - It has one or two problems that come from the deep vaults of LEGO but besides that I can only judge the build on its own merits. The models are impressive recreations and would make a great gift for any adult or birds enthusiast. Useful Links:
  23. We’re approaching the surface of yet another planet. But this time, it’s going to be different. I’m not here to discover more atrocities. I’m here to end them. Let Felucia be the planet of life once again. The arms dealer told us we might find him here. But he is not my only source. That datapad, once used to disguise the bounty hunter’s actions, might serve to uncover him. It contained more information than I thought. The bounty hunter must have thought that as well, otherwise he would never have left it behind. The Rebel he took it from must have been very close to finding him. So close that Fett found him first. And the Rebel left all he knew on his datapad. He had a list of locations. One of them on Felucia. That knowledge is now mine to use. And I intend to use my inheritance well. I put the landing craft down near the location. Now is the time. “According to my information, the hideout of the bounty hunter is two hours north from here. I’ll stay with the ship. We don’t want to get stuck on this planet.” Nobody questions me. Agent An and the fantroopers of the bounty hunter depart, eager to meet and thank their idol. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr But I don’t want them to. Boba Fett doesn’t deserve that kind of thank you. How could someone possible thank him for his work. For his work, his atrocities, all the horrors I’ve been through to find him. All the bad examples he gives. All the low things he inspires and propagates. How can this monster possibly be received like a hero? [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Two ways by Bert.VR, on Flickr The troopers are out of sight. I leave the ship, and I start walking south, to where the datapad says I can find that bounty hunter. I’m going to bring him another message, another kind of thank you. I’m going to show him who he really is, what he really does. It’s about time I finally do something with all of those thoughts I had. No more hiding inside myself. I’m going to step to him and use the most effective weapon of all. A weapon that can destroy people. A weapon that shatters them. A weapon that can give them new life. A mirror. I pay no attention to the flora around me. I don’t care if it tries to kill me or tries to make me alive. I don’t care what my colleagues are doing. I wouldn’t care if they fell into a Sarlacc pit. I only feel determination. No turning back. But what if he isn’t there? What if he shoots me? What if… I don’t have the courage? Then that will not be the end of my mission. It will continue. I’ll track him down and deliver my message. I will evade his shots and prevail. I will deliver myself from my eternal passiveness. Because this can’t go on. Because everything can’t be in vain. Because these words… are true. To Boba Fett, bounty hunter Thank you. Thank you for showing that a killer can never become a hero. Thank you for teaching me that there are things, supported by you, worse than war. Thank you for waking me up that your deeds cannot be just another horror. Thank you for causing these ruins among ruins of war. For all of that was horrendous enough, not to scare me. It was atrocious enough to wake me up. It gave me a purpose. A purpose to end what you do. A motivation, that there are such horrors out here, that thinking about them is not enough. A meaning to this mission, that this delivery might bring deliverance. And a question. They say you can do everything, but can you look in a mirror? __________________ As usual, LDD file available here. I found Felucia the hardest planet to build on in this entire episode. Maybe because it came last, but the fact that it is really hard to do a lot of flexing in LDD (I hope overhang is still acceptable), and the fact that I couldn't use tons of transparent pieces without finishing my renders in a week or two, really didn't make things easier. It was also tricky to do something 'new' on this planet. So I just stayed with the over vegetated surface of the planet, with tons of weird plants. I had to be creative with parts, and I restricted myself further to not using parts that are intended to be used as vegetation. So hats, wigs, beards, animals and other oddities it is! I hope you enjoy spotting all kinds of far fetched parts usages in this creations. As I said, I found it hard to do something different, content wise. Therefor, I decided to make an original presentation. I hope you like the contrast between the greyscale and the colors, as it was hard to get it right. You have to have some kind of continuum in the vegetation, but not all of the parts are available both in color as in shades of grey. But I did my best, and I hope you like how it turned out. My goal was to make the story more visual, even on a symbolic level, and I hope that works. So that was it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed following the entire story, as we had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks again goatman461 for all of the feedback and the great ideas! I hope this can continue. Anyway, if you lost track of the rather big story, I don't blame you, and here is a little overview to help you out: Part 1 - When did the killer become the hero?by BEAVeR Part 2 - Something smells fishy by goatman461 Part 3 - Worse than war I by BEAVeR Part 4 - Worse than war II by goatman461 Part 5 - Just another horror I by BEAVeR Part 6 - Just another horror II by goatman461 Part 7 - Ruins among ruins by BEAVeR Part 8 - Ruins on top of ruins by goatman461 Part 9 - Delivery, deliverance by BEAVeR Part 10 - Felucia by goatman461
  24. The story about Markus Montari and Paul Brickstorm at SoNE continues. The story so far: Join the Empire - Markus1984 Recruitment - Disco86 Swearing In - Markus1984 Foreign System - Disco86 Last Firing Exercise - Markus1984 Invasion Preparation - Disco86 The Invasion Begins - Markus1984 Finally the day has come and our two protagonists are on their way to the foreign planets surface. A comerade told them, that the planet was actually Endor. A planet full of trees and little fury Ewoks. Their objectives have been not totally coherent, but at least they know, that they should wipe out the inhabitants down there. Presumably nobody would miss these Ewoks, so it was okay to kill them for an important imperial mission. The Delta-Class DX-9 tranport was landing ruggedly and there was a loud noise of cracking wood, when the hatchway openend. Go, go, go ! Shoot at everything you see movin ! Grrrrrr, where are these little Ewoks ? Over there in the shrubs, I got one. Die, you little ball of fur, die ! Seems to be not really dangerous here. Position clear ! Take a look over here. The Empire may have some serious plans with this planet. That's an enourmos construction site. Looks like they are going to build a huge landing pad. Indeed, just wondering what they are planning to do here ? We should move on and desolate this natural environment, just like these guys in the AT-ATs are doing. Stop talking, keep moving !