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  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    I heard that more than once now. That´s kind of funny, because I didn´t knew this show... Thank you very much! ... Yes, maybe it´s influenced by the nationality of the creator.
  2. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Thanks! Thank you so much! That´s really a huge compliment! Thank you so much! Thank you very much!!!
  3. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Thank you very much! I am very happy that it affects you this way! Thank you so much! Yes it was! The proportions always are most difficult! Especially for the big models! Plus I didn´t have a proper model! It is still standing here at the moment (sometimes a little bit scary). Eventually I will sell a glued version.
  4. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Hello, it took me some time to build my latest creation but now it´s finally finished: A lifesize sculpture of a man drinking coffee. The model is 175 cm high and consists of approximately 14500 pieces
  5. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you very much! Thank you!
  6. Wow, perfect! Great design and cool functions!
  7. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you so much! No, I never use any software to build a model. It would probably be much more convenient. I fact I have to build nearly everything several times until I am satisfied. That´s very time consuming. The software knows the correct shape instantly. On the other hand, the building skills of a software are quite limited. Faces and hands would never be really satisfactory (at least for me). And to be honest the result wouldn´t be my work, my design!
  8. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you very much!!! No, sorry. Did you read the conditions for IDEAS submissions? It was too much work to loose my interlectual property rights just for a chance. But I won´t stop building!
  9. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you so much for the compliment!
  10. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you very much! I am happy that you like it!
  11. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you very much!
  12. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Thank you so much!