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  1. LucByard

    [MOC] Tomytronic 3-D

    One of the coolest-looking handheld LCD games from my childhood, the Tomytronic 3-D. Mine was Sky Attack, the dark red one. A Tron-like tank game shooting recognisers overhead. The buttons would probably have been better as side-on plates but I was building for a challenge so time was pressing. Really pleased with how I got the overall shape though and the viewfinder eyeholes.
  2. LucByard

    [MOC] MR2400 Horizon

    You read it correctly. I find these kind of builds all the more impressive for that very reason.
  3. LucByard

    [MOC] MR2400 Horizon

    Potentially, one of the more ridiculous things I've seen done with LEGO but all so beautifully executed. The ship is wonderful in its own right. Exceptional work.
  4. LucByard

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    New section: Landing zones. The numbers and latter float so they can easily be removed and replaced as required. The 'G' is for general so you might use 'C' for cargo or 'R' for restricted, however you please.
  5. LucByard

    [MOC] Red Walker

    Wouldn't have been out of place in AG... Though I would have had to follow it up with a MANTIS version twice the size! ; ) Thanks. Those feet are horribly delicate though and fell off so many times.
  6. LucByard

    MOC: Hologram from Home

    This is beautifully built and presented.
  7. LucByard

    [MOC] Red Walker

    Be careful crossing the snow plains. Red Walkers prowl the tracks and prey on the weak.
  8. LucByard

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    I've finished a second 34x34 section. This one is a Taxiway T-junction... I may be running out of small tan/dark tan pieces.
  9. LucByard

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    Hangars maybe. I try to build in retractable landing gear to my micro-ships now. No wheels... They'll just have to hover.
  10. LucByard

    [MOC] Custom RC tracked racer body

    ... Discovered this whilst sat a home during lockdown because of a virus that came out of China... Not cool.
  11. LucByard

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    Thanks. That's why with this one, the plan is for the ship to taxi from the pad to a landing zone where the facilities would be. More like a real airport, I suppose. The idea is for 34x34 sections that can be put together to form a spaceport. Other sections (if I get to them) will be taxiways, landing zones and maybe eventually a terminal with a tower. But there will be a least one more pad.
  12. LucByard

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    Built at roughly 1/150 or 'Trophy figure scale', the 34x34 section contains an octagonal landing/approach pad. There are two taxiway exits, against which you can place additional sections to expand the build. The techniques used to create the octagon are the same as those used in my Blacktron Landing pad, as are the methods for the edging and corner shrouds to hide the gap. I was uncertain what colours to do the ground with. I was going to do green but thought that would mean 'Earth' and didn't fancy Lunar grey so went with a mottled sand. Maybe Titan. The centre section can accommodate other numbers, I've tested 1-4.
  13. LucByard

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

  14. I love this. The visual aesthetic and the scenery took me right back and reminded my of how I got drawn in all those years ago. Instantly showed this to my 8-year-old who agreed it looks awesome. Those were the days.
  15. Luc, sorry to see you leave the Perseus project, I didn't find anything that seemed out of place that was written, oh well. I think your build's are awesome, I follow you on Flickr as well. Hope to see you around.

    Jody Meyer.