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  1. [MOC] British 5th Rate Ship (WIP)

    This is my first proper Ship MOC (and MOC in general), and is very much a WIP. I based (stole) the design for the hull and 1st deck off Bonaparte Napoleon’s French Frigate Minerve. Hide contents The actual ship: Hide contents As for historical accuracy, I stated in the title that it is a 5th rate, and while it does ‘technically’ fall into that category I chose to just go with what I though would look good as opposed to following a actual ship design. I’m not yet sure what I want to do with the aftcastle but will try some things out. Any advice with the sails and rigging would be greatly appreciated.
  2. With only one ship larger than class 6 active in the Eslandolan Navy, shipbuilders throughout the islands have been put to work. In Weelond, the new class 7 flagship of the Sea of Storms fleet is finally ready to sail. Her name, Espada de Luna (“Sword of Luna”), and figurehead pay tribute to her duty as a warship and to the deity favored by mariners in the Church of the Two Coins. On the fo’c’sle, a lieutenant oversees crewmen tending to the mainstay. At the waist of the ship, another lieutenant oversees crewmen securing one of the cannons. On the quarterdeck, Captain de Flynt discusses matters with Lieutenant Jacobs. A member of the rigging crew up in the top mast pauses for a moment to take in a view of the deck below. The large stern gallery is topped by artwork of a raised sword against a crescent moon. And so Espada de Luna is ready to take her place in Eslandola’s fleet. --- This has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of months, and I finally finished up the rigging and sails. As always, all C&C welcome.
  3. Whaling Xebec

    Hi, I based this ship off the fictional whaling ship "Essex" from the movie "In the Heart of the Sea" and the "Colour of the Wind" by Legostone The colour scheme and the fact that the ship is a whaler were based of the "Essex" but the ship itself is based off the "Colour of the Wind". Xebecs were ships used pretty much only in the Mediterranean as either pirate or trading ships and there are no examples of them being used as whaling ships meaning that this ship is slightly unrealistic. Any feedback is appreciated and there are more photos on my Flickr. IMG_3942 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 by
  4. Hey Eurobricks I wanna share with you my new project - a First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer in UCS-scale. To avoid another long time MOC in WIP Nirvana I started this time with little help from LDD. Dimensions, main frame, angles... took me about a year to set these parts. Because of the LDD file I generated instructions and and part lists for me. On the picture you can see an early version of the ship and one of the latest with much more details. For the moment only one digital render of the ship. There will be some adjustments/tweaks in the "real" version but most of it works fine for me. I already finished the main frame with the instructions... and its good! More pictures will be on flickr Greetings Kommander
  5. This is my version of the "Capstan Hammer" of the Flying Dutchman (cf. if you want to see the mechanism in action visit because I cannot upload more than 0,1 MB :/ The most challenging part was to construct the inner part in such a way that it rotates along with it, but can also be lifted and falls down abruptly. In addition, the mechanism should be kept so small that it can be installed in a normally dimensioned ship. Although the rotary movement of the hammer during lifting is not exactly the same speed as that of the capstan, I am still quite satisfied with the result.
  6. Hello Everyone, I sell my designs MOC on LDD, sell on eBay. interested lego MOC lovers will be announced. 1- Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI 2-UCS Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile 3-Scorpion's Soul Ultimate Pirate Ship 4-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw'' Pirate Ship 5-Technic Liebherr LR624 Litronic Crawler Loader 6-Mass Effect Andromeda ''ND1 Nomad'' Thank you.
  7. Location: Zone 35 Type: Class 2 The newest addition to the WTC's fleet was the WTC Dog Days. WTC Dog Days by North White, on Flickr Designed for hauling cargo medium range, she was just another addition to the Brick Seas WTC Dog Days by North White, on Flickr Yup, nothing to see here folks. Just another free class 2 ship. FIN C&C appreciated, but I'm not expecting much today. Also I need to raise my ship levels again...
  8. A month ago, a terrible storm passed over the Prio Seas, bringing many adventurers off their intended course. But off course, they couldn't be the only ones affected. A Galleon from Carno has missed Poorvintia by a long shot, and has, after losing most of her rigging in the storm, arrived in Fuerte Unido, or well, on one of the many quais spread around the cliffs of the bay. The deep water here allows even the biggest ships to get very close the coastline. Having just heard of the arrival of a vessel a size rarely seen around Fuerte Unido, Gouverneur Monezterrell and Farrucio Paraja headed out to the site to check what was going on. The crew of the vessel, decimated by trying to save more of the rigging, were already celebrating the arrival on land - they seemed like they wanted nothing more than getting off the vessel and never ever step on one again. Once the vessel had landed, Monezterrell and Paraja quickly started talking to the Captian, who identified himself as Arii Kandoné. Captain Kandoné shared the thought of his crew and only wanted to get rid of the vessel - probably not only because he was sick of sailing, but also because he didn't want to be the one responsible for repairing the rigging. Noting the freshly painted hull, a compromise was quickly found... More pics of the landscape and ship: Some quick background: I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to add full rigging to this ship, I discussed with Bregir hoping to find a compromise where I save myself from the time, numbness and materials of adding rigging to a ship while still being able to license it. I hope this unlicenseable build (56x96, though half of that is water/ship) together with the hull should be enough to license the Triunfo while not rigging it up completely. As it originally started out as a 5 midsection prefab (though the lower part of those isn't there any longer), I'll license it as a class 7 as it seems comparable to the Margot in size, maybe a bit taller on the stern.
  9. One of my favourite recent Star Wars ship designs has to be the Carrion Spike which appeared in some of the Marvel comics: unlike a lot of the rusty ships bits of junk that are iconic to star wars, the ship has a very streamlined narrow spear like shape. Since I was such a fan of this design, I decided to build a model using the Carrion Spike as inspiration for SHIPtember. As I'm sure most of you've realised SHIPtember has come and gone and it's been almost half a year since the deadline so why the holdup? I'd love to say that I'd been slaving away improving the model but in truth I just never got around to posting it. So here it (finally) is, the Nomad's Spear. The Nomad's Spear was a ship in service to the New Republic shortly after The Battle Of Endor, one of a line of ships which were designed based on stolen Imperial blueprints to create a cloaked and exceptionally lightweight and speedy corvette, which, thanks to it's highly powered engines, could quickly sneak through Imperial blockades undetected to deliver aid until these planets could be liberated. As a result of its stealth abilities and the peaceful nature of its normal missions, the ship lacked any sort of offensive firepower. Furthermore, a lack of particularly bulky shields meant the ship saw limited service outside of delivering supplies. Following the Battle of Jakku and the widespread collapse of any remaining Imperial holdouts, the mercy missions the corvettes were tasked with became increasingly infrequent and these rare few ships became increasingly uncommon. Most found themselves deconstructed or left in hangars but the Nomad's Spear was redrafted into supporting New Republic fleets. Technicians and mechanics removed armour from the already vulnerable cockpit area and the plating in front of the engines to get better access to the ship's systems. This allowed them to fine tune the craft and increase shield output, helping the ship survive many missions over its 10 year service to the New Republic before new models made the ship obsolete. Hope you enjoyed that little backstory I quickly came up with. Sadly since this these pictures have been sat on my computer for ages, I can't really get anymore images of this MOC but since I had to make the spine of the structure sturdy there wasn't really any interior to see.
  10. Location: Outside Mooreton Bay Type: Ship The brave crew of the WTC Riff Raft sailed and rowed towards the WTC Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The Corrish Marines stationed aboard leered at them as they pulled alongside, but they were happy to get off the deathtrap that was the Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The exchange was quick. The Marines hopped in a lifeboat and started frantically rowing away. The WTC crew got into position and heaved the anchor, and sailed the ship away WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr And so, the Icarus Returning was free to sail again, and haul mining explosives across the Brick Seas. FIN This is the build for my little class 0 "Riff Raft" It could use a little work, I know, but I'm happy with it. It will be doing short trade runs across zone 24. Also, I'm a little confused as to where to have the Icarus Returning start this TMCRA, as it technically isn't allowed in Mooreton Bay. C&C appreciated
  11. Little was known about the strange, quiet, mysterious fellow who had dropped in to the Port Wilks inn one day - but that little could be summarized in this: He always wore black, used a black sword, sailed a black ship, and wore his black hat at a bit of a tilt. To be sure, there was a little dark brown thrown in here and there, but that didn't always make it in to all the rumors and whispers about the fellow. (A shot of the ship's bow:) All that was know about his own and his vessel's past or future was that the ship was of Terraversan make, was christened the Midnight's Mist, and was impressively armed, and that he had dropped some hints of picking up a crew in Garvey's Freeport and of heading over to take part in the Corry expedition into the inland of Celestia after that. That he is a daring and well-armed pirate-hunter and explorer is accordingly the most popular rumor afloat in Port Wilks at the moment. To be short, all in all, he was quite the enigmatic stranger, and was as likely as not to keep the whispers and rumors going for quite some time - in fact, he really seemed to rather enjoy them... A small ship which got built quite unpremeditatedly, haha! I was busy working on a different scene of a sinking ship (also for BoBS, and I hope to actually build that one soon! ), and then got to liking the ship and tweaking it repeatedly until I got to liking it enough that I didn't feel like sinking it at all and it didn't really resemble the other one much anymore either, so here's the result - the Midnight's Mist: As usual, I couldn't resist the urge to get a little interior in there somewhere! A few other shots: Broadside: Stern: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  12. Eryos Castle

    After years of trading, Prince Kevin the Navigator earned enough to buy a small island on the coast of Avalonia. Eryos Castle is his residence as well as his trading post, constructed on the island and surrounding land. The castle includes a lighthouse and a dock for his ship, the "Compass." Eryos Caslte by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos castle is protected by an outer wall, and is connected to the islands on a network of bridges. Eryos Castle, Outer Wall by KevinyWu, on Flickr The castle can also be accessed from the beach. Eryos Castle, Beach Stairs by KevinyWu, on Flickr The castle contains a furnished interior, with three rooms (and hopefully four, after I get the right pieces to change design of the Tudor-style room). Eryos Castle, Library by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle, Throne Room by KevinyWu, on Flickr Eryos Castle, Dining Hall by KevinyWu, on Flickr The cave has an entrance that leads to the trading storage. Eryos Castle, Cave Storage by KevinyWu, on Flickr This is my first ever large MOC, after making my first orders on Bricklink! It is built on four 48x48 baseplates which can be easily separated into many sections. I built this mostly over the summer and Thanksgiving break, but didn't have time to post it due to high school. Huge thanks to all the castle builders on Eurobricks for making great MOCs that inspired me. There are many things I would change if I were to do this again, so criticism is welcomed! More pictures are available on my Flickr Album
  13. Though not actually a prince nor navigator (yet), Kevin has amassed a decent fortune as a merchant. He is ready to serve Avalonia! Prince Kevin the Navigator by KevinyWu, on Flickr The "Compass" is Prince Kevin the Navigator's trusty trading vessel. The "Compass" by KevinyWu, on Flickr After lurking on Eurobricks for a year, I'm finally posting something! Prince Kevin the Navigator is my Sigfig and I decided to accompany his introduction with a freebuild of his ship.
  14. HMS Caroline

    Hi, This was my first ever Pirate MOC. She took me about 8 months to build and I still wouldn't consider her finished. She still need her sails and rigging and I am constantly making small changes to her. She is a brig in terms of her sails but her structure is more "galleonesque" in my opinion. She was built not focusing on realism but more on looks and playability. Her interior is not as finely detailed as her exterior and I was sloppy on the colouring (grey floors) but I did throw in things like desks and beds in the Captains cabin and weapon racks in the gun deck. As with my previous MOC i welcome all feedback and will post an update once she has her sails and rigging. IMG_3912 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3907 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3914 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3921 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr Here you can see how the decks separate: IMG_3923 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Captains Cabin: IMG_3924 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3927 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr Where the Captains Cabin Module goes: IMG_3931 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr IMG_3932 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Second Captains Cabin (below the main cabin): IMG_3930 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Gun Deck: IMG_3928 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr The Crew: IMG_3934 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr
  15. Trading Ship

    Hi, This is my second ever sailboat MOC. She is a simple little Topsail Schooner although she doesn't have her sails, rigging or a name yet. I will be posting more pictures when she is finished and until then I welcome any and all feedback. More photos on Flickr IMG_3901 by SheepBlubber, on Flickr
  16. The Messenger The Elisabethtown shipyards worked out very well and built a fast vessel for Felipe de la Manzana to open trade on more destinations. The ship is quite fast with its cutter style rigging and is also used for delivering mail, news and orders to the MAESTRO settlements so the ship has been baptised "The Messenger". Here it is on its first trade mission : A new vessel from me initially built for Brickmania Antwerpen in order to add a sloop of war to the bluecoat fleet at this event. I converted it into a nice fast trading vessel for my personnal fleet after the event. It will be licensed as a Class 3 vessel as it is really close to the HMS Otter (the class 3 vessel of reference) in shape and rigging. Name Class Cost Stats Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Total The Messenger 3 200 15 3 4 2 1 4 1 15 Any comment or criticism is welcome.
  17. Named after a bird following the ship since shortly after it was put into service, the "Cranky Parrot" is a small vessel built for trade. Despite its unarguably grumpy character, the parrot has always brought luck to its namesake, which is currently sailing to Mesabi Landing. Soon to be under the command of the WTC, the "Cranky Parrot" might need all the luck it can get. Multiple elements can be removed: The anchor chain can be released.... ... and also be re-attached. ========================================================================================================= This will be my free class 2. I used a cog as a reference. The "blocky" design with this one is intentional, I will work with hinges and smoother hulls with other ships. @Mesabi: This will soon be nominally under WTC control. We have discussed this, just give the orders.
  18. Location: Belson Tags: Ship Having been launched and loaded, the WTC Judgement Sat majestically in Belson's harbour. WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr On the Bow were four chase guns, ready to blow the hell out of anything that tried to escape. WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr The Figurehead held the scales of justice, and a sword, ready to judge all that crossed the WTC WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr The Judgement was crewed by the WTC's finest, the WTC elites. WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr She was captained by Captain Gage, a veteran of the Juniper Wars, and a staunch supporter of the WTC. WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr The Ship had both a captain's cabin and a map room, each lit my large stained glass windows. WTC Judgement by North White, on Flickr And she was ready to take to the seas.... FIN Well, thanks for viewing my latest build. I haven't had a lot of time lately, and I've spent it touching up this fine ship. She also has a fairly decent interior as well, but I lack the parts to properly furnish it. In game, she has 20 cannons, though I only have 12 ATM. Maybe I'll spend more dough so she can be more accurate. Hmmmm..... I also need to add the sails, I just wanted to get this up for the time being. The Judgement is a Class 7 and her stats are: Range =4 Maneuver =2 Firepower =8 Crew =5 Cargo =1 Hull =7 Total Used =27 @Bregir tried to make me make her more accurate, but he failed, and I kinda just made it how I wanted. Overall, I'm very happy with how she turned out, and I can't wait to build another one. I can in no way, shape or form license or operate this ship, so I think she'll be the story only ship of Agnes. But I'm not sure, as if I build a couple large factories, I could probably afford her.
  19. Stop Motion Review (presentation) 6274 The Caribbean Clupper I think, all of you know this set ;) Year: 1989 Pieces: 378 Minifigs: 4 Bricklink Brickset Peeron
  20. The younger sister of the Gargoyle is ready to sail Here comes the Eagle : C&C welcome, will be licenced as a class 2 ship
  21. Spanish ship: Leviathan

    Hello all, After view and review a lot of posts about mocs, one month ago i started my own project, and now it´s finished. I know there are a lot of things that could be improved, but this is my first moc and i think it´s not too bad after all, that´s the reason i wantd to share with you. The name of the ship is Leviathan. This is the hole view: Front view: Backside view: With the flag: Inside views: Other: I would like to thanks Sebeus because he is my inspiration. Regards.
  22. Skulltail - The Pirate Ship

    I think the Pirate Ship is a dream of everyone who was a kid in late 80s/early 90s. This was time when LEGO introduced the classic Pirates series. I remember staring for hours at set 6285 (Black Seas Barracuda). It was so awesome that for me it become an icon how pirate ship should look like. It is the reason behind why I like to build playable set-like ships instead of realistic ones. This is one of them Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Skulltail - The Pirate Ship Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  23. Early in the morning, when most of people is still asleep, the imposing silhouette of a ship of the line slipped into the bay of Eltina. At her sight, the lighthouse guard, a veteran of la Royale, could not help but be moved, "Le Bruyant!" For a man who has served twenty years on board of this ship, we can not reproach him for being emotional. Le Bruyant threw the anchor and slowly, people began to gather around the pier, and they were curious about her archaic and unique appearence. "She must be quite old...look at those patches...why our honourable King sends us such an antiquity, our shipyards aren't working 24/24h to spawn new ships?" I just can't refrain myself from building my own version of Silent Mary, hope you like it. Aaannnd an photo of interior for Count Mesabi. Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  24. [COR - FB] The Ant

    Gustave Dubois is a small time merchant who recently has settled in Mooreton Bay with his wife and 7 children. He only has one son, Julien. He and Julien had sailed his small trading vessel out first, then once he had found a house, he sent word for his wife and daughters to join them. The new colony is a great place for a new and cheaper existence, and hopefully some lucrative trade opportunities between the new booming settlements. Today, Gustave and Julien are setting out on one such trade voyage aboard their vessel, The Ant. Of course, it sounds better in Gustave's original language, but an industrious vessel she is. Note: I am licensing this as my free class 1.
  25. To create this steampunk-like Adventurers vessel, I added six studs of length to the Destiny's Bounty (set 70618), removed the sails, lanterns, flags, plants and assorted details. I then put twin smokestacks on the deck, and dual paddle wheels amidships. I was inspired to do all this by this picture of a prototype of the Destiny's Bounty from the "Making of the Ninjago movie" book. (Pic courtesy of legozeba's Flickr page) The rear of the ship is supposed to feature "Deja Vu 2" in printed 1 x 1 tiles next to the telescope on the balcony. I'm still working on the inside details, which should hopefully have an engine room with boilers to power the paddles. I haven't thought up a backstory for this ship.... yet. (I'm still working on incorporating it into my Adventurers / Monster Fighters / Pharaoh's Quest / Alpha Team shared universe story-wise.) Any thoughts, ideas, criticism, or complaints are welcome, and are helpful in making the ship better, so please, post away!! EDIT 101/10/17: I just added restyled and enclosed ship's bridge with actual windows, plus a new name: Deja Vu 2. I bet you heard it somewhere before...