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    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    You'd get a realistic train coupling it to just any 20's to 70's generic goods train. I'd suggest looking around on Flickr or Railpictures for inspiration. Here I have a direct page to some images of the locomotive, link. Model railway trainpacks are also great: Example. If you'd prefer a more modern excursion train there is a lot of content to get inspiration from.

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Oh well, here is another modded set. I removed the stairs on all the pony trucks and the box on the right hand sides. I smoothed out one of the sides and changed the whole motor cover area from brown to grey. I am not so sure about if I like the last change however. I feel like it is a bit too much but I guess it's acceptable.

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yep exactly. The traction motors are in the noses and that assembly (motors, axles and housing) and are basically two gigantic bogies. The middle section doesn't do much apart from housing the cabin, pantographs and transformer. And the sliding axles are just to negociate even tighter turns.

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Although a model video doesn't of course give concrete proof about the articulation but I find it most likely for it to be like this. so the articulation would be right between the nose and the cabine. The unmodified set does indeed have a bit of a slant but I find it to be not that noticable as long as it isnt on the display stand. I did place a 1x3 plate between the nose and the pony truck on both sides for stability and this also makes the slant less noticable.

    MOC: Flying Scotsman (with free instructions)

    Beautiful locomotive! Thank you for sharing the instructions.

    0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    Very nice design.

    NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    I have replaced all the TEE images with renders. I decided not to render the Northlander livery because I'm not to bothered with the alternative livery.

    NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    I have edited the top post with new images of the trainset.

    NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    First: thank you all very much for the kind comments. I’m glad to hear that other people like the model and that it is recognisable as the real thing. The feedback is appreciated a lot and I’m now busy with the skirting under the coaches. Sadly I cannot show the images yet because both the computer and LDD itself are acting up.

    NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    Hello there, This is a Dutch/Swiss TEE diesel-electric trainset built in 1957 for Trans Europ Express service. Five of these sets were built, two were ordered by the SBB and three by NS. The train is 8 studs wide and powered by two train motors situated under the coach behind the power car. The power car itself houses the battery box and receiver. The power car. The couplings between the coaches. I haven't tested the bogies in real life but I'm pretty sure that it can drive on R40 curves. The cab car. Here you can see the interior of the train. A problem I had while building the coaches is the placement of the doors because they don't line up on both sides. The coach with closed compartments. The kitchen. And the cabine. The train operated as a push-pull set. In 1974 the trains were removed from service and stored at Utrecht until they were bought by the Ontario Northland Railway and used for service there. The trains were painted in a livery consisting of blue and yellow.
  11. Wow. THAT is what I call massive. I really like the colours and the classic LEGO look.

    MOC: Coffee Pot Steam Motor Coach

    Nice project and definitely something unique!

    2016 Lego trains

    Are they onto something? 31054 looks like a copy. Let's hope that it foreshadows an upcoming steam locomotive.

    [MOC] The Little Guy

    That looks really good!!

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    When will production for the ferris wheel stop? I am going to buy the set hopefully before the end of 2016 but I don't want to wait and miss it if production suddenly stops. (It's way cheaper on the official LEGO shop website than at other LEGO sellers) Is it safe to say I can wait a few weeks or maybe months before buying? €190 seems like a great deal.