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  1. Wow. THAT is what I call massive. I really like the colours and the classic LEGO look.
  2. MOC: Coffee Pot Steam Motor Coach

    Nice project and definitely something unique!
  3. 2016 Lego trains

    Are they onto something? 31054 looks like a copy. Let's hope that it foreshadows an upcoming steam locomotive.
  4. [MOC] The Little Guy

    That looks really good!!
  5. 10247 Ferris Wheel

    When will production for the ferris wheel stop? I am going to buy the set hopefully before the end of 2016 but I don't want to wait and miss it if production suddenly stops. (It's way cheaper on the official LEGO shop website than at other LEGO sellers) Is it safe to say I can wait a few weeks or maybe months before buying? €190 seems like a great deal.
  6. I suppose this is where to ask.

    It seems that I can't find all the LDD files in the "official sets in LDD topic". I've always used the search function but it seems not to be working. Is it because of the software upgrade?

    I need 60051, 7938, 7897, 7939 or 7898. 


    1. Calabar


      I've seen this message only now. Probably it would be better to use private messages for communications.

      About your problem, at the moment the LDD Official Sets topic is a mess, and probably it will require a lot of work in order to be operative again.
      Here is a zip containing the files you requested, taken from my archive.

  7. [MOC] ICE 3

    Nice job with the front. You've captured the shape well. (I certainly couldn't do it better)
  8. Tribute to my childhood - LBSCR E2

    Lovely models like usual. Somehow I missed this in the first round and I'm glad I did because that tank car is lovely (even though it is a tank car, I like tank cars ) I really love(d) the tank cars and you definitely nailed it!
  9. [MOC] Umbauwagen 4yg

    I suggest that you should make a MAK locomotive for it. Maybe complete with a generator car like this (http://www.bahnbilde...nd-ist-lok.html)
  10. [MOC] Umbauwagen 4yg

    Great job with the bogies! Very beautiful coaches with a nice color.
  11. Is "importing" on iTunes worth the risk of removal?

    I've done this myself a few times and I've never had a problem. Maybe Apple will try to do something against you when you do this frequently, I'm not sure.
  12. [moc] Fallout 4 Rocket 69

    Awesome! Great job with the streamlined body.
  13. Rating System For Posts.

    Oke, thanks.
  14. I've seen this on another forum and I'm curious if this could be something for Eurobricks, A rating system. Lets say I like a post: I can press the like button. if I don't like it, I can use the dislike button. If I love the post, so on. I don't know if I'm allowed to place links so sites not related to LEGO but the first post of ( shows an example. -Rize
  15. 21103 DeLorean for sure. I have one of the early models with the wrong printed Flux capacitor. Not extremely rare but the only set I have that could become valuable.