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    Maine Central 470 - "Mascot of Maine"

    Wow, what a beautiful model! I really like all those hoses and details around the firebox and the daylight between the boiler and the frame is also very nicely done. There's so much to look at, it really is superb.
  2. Nice! As someone who who completely missed out on the hobby train, the idea of getting pieces seperately to make the models is also something I've thought of a long time. Maybe with your instructions to also convert it to Powered Up I might even make a plan to do it.
  3. Ball joints, that's clever! Nice work there.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Nice picture! I haven't seen that before. Interesting to think that both the locomotive and carriage are from the early 1900s and are still being used. The history page is interesting to read through as well. Not entirely accurate however, since the 'real' Orient Express ran from Paris to Vienna (and later from Strasbourg) until the end of 2009 actually, ending as the EuroNight 469. But to be fair, the actual history of the Orient Express feels like it's looked at with rose-coloured glasses by most people and with all the connecting trains and through carriages it's a lot of make sense of. Even a lounge or seating coach wasn't included on the first ones for example, according to most information I can find. Adding to your page of information, may I also add this one by Seat 61. The truth behind the legend, The Orient Express I also found this article when searching for the train composition, which might be some nice inspiration for what they can build to fit together.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    The length of a LEGO model isn't really an accurate measurement, particularly since other people have already talked about the steam locomotive looking too short and the want to make it longer. The carriages themselves are also shortened, so that's also not the best way of looking at it. I think looking at the general height and proportions is a better way of looking at it. For example, with this image. You can see how the roof line of the Crocodile matches up with the coaches, and the sloped nose gets down to almost about where the windows of the coaches start. If you compare this image to the one you showed you can see the general size is quite accurate.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    That would be quite nice design to modify the locomotive into, indeed. Not too big, and still fits in with what the set provides you. Are you thinking of using the included drivers?

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Aah, the BBĂ– had their own fleet of Express Crocodiles. That explains that picture. I was of the assumption that it was a Swiss example used as a replacement locomotive. Hmm, I've modified my Crocodile so much, maybe modifying it even more to be an Austrian example might be a fun idea.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    That is my plan as well, for a time at least. However it's not something that would've been common when the Crocodiles were still used, since they were built for freight trains. I've barely found any images of them with passenger trains before their preservation. Talking about images, I have found this website which has a page with mostly Orient Expresses, with quite some interesting locomotives in front. I particularly like the two Austrian tank engines as a double-header that you can see when you scroll down past the first two large images.

    Honey I shrunk the V200

    Looks nice! I quite like it scaled down like this. The hopper wagon also looks nice. Do you have some ideas on what kind of other wagons you want to build? Looking at some of the pictures online there are quite some interesting looking and varied freight trains that the V200's pulled.

    [MOC][SHIP] Neptune's Glide

    Wow! What an absolutely beautiful ship. The silhouette of the front looks really nice, and with the detailing it reminds me of the stern of an old sailing ship.The contrast between the sleek lines and the amount of detailing inside the engines is also really nice.
  11. Awesome models! The top section of the Razor Crest in particular is very impressive, the amount of detail and the way it still captures the lines of the ship as such a scale is incredible. It captures the chunky, yet smooth desin really well. If I may ask, could you show how you attached the wedged area around the cockpit of the ship? The way it slopes towards the sides and the front is very impressive if you ask me, at least it's not something I've ever managed to do without it looking bad. The N1 is also very nice, impressive how slim you've managed to make the wings.

    [moc] [download] OBB 214 Class (Orient Express)

    Looks nice! The use of the flags as smoke deflecters is clever, I haven't seen that before. The 2-6-4 wheel arrangement is also quite interesting, I don't think those were common here in Europe. It's like there's something off with the proportions, but unlike the locomotive LEGO provides, it's actually a real prototype.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Looking back to some of the posts around the 4th of October, other people talked about expecting an official reveal around that date. So I would like to ask, is there a usual amount of days before release when new sets are revealed? There was a rumor about the set being delayed until at least 2024, but with the set being in the latest catalog that wouldn't make a lot of sense. I'm curious if it's only the reveal being pushed back, and the catalog perhaps being released too early.

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    What a strange set in my opinion. That it was going to depart from the source material was to be expected, but they went in completely opposite directions with the locomotive and the carriages it feels like. I kind of expected that they would shrink the set so it would fit on standard track, but I don't know what they were thinking with that locomotive. It looks like they had the idea of having at least two coaches and then came up with a basic locomotive to not go over the price count. The proportions are off and it looks like a cheap toy. I have seen so many beautiful designs made by talented fan designers here that also run on the normal track, so why couldn't LEGO themselves? the coaches are beautiful however, if you ask me. I think the designer(s) captured the essence of the submitted one well, even though they shrunk it down and the interior is clearly not based of the real Orient Express. I just don't understand why they didn't just have one and spend the rest of the set budget to build a better locomotive. It worked with the Emerald Night, right? Depending on the parts usage I might just buy the set for the coaches alone, and build a better locomotive myself. That's the advantage with LEGO, you can change it if you don't like it. With no disrespect, I fully disagree with your opinion. Seeing it as 'just a train by a building brick company' does not make sense if you look at the beautiful sets LEGO has made over the years. The Orient Express isn't a one-of display set where everything else is a toy set for kids. Concorde, the large scale cars, the Space Shuttle. Even within Ideas they have sets like the globe and Stratocaster that are purely display sets, just to name a few. Even if it's something like a 1 metre long Titanic model which of course, a serious ship modeller wouldn't buy, they still put effort into making it a genuinely good LEGO set, and here they just didn't, Even if they didn't want to make a ten studs wide display set they could've still built a decent locomotive perhaps around the size and complexity of the Emerald Night, I think the general opinion of this set could've been much better, without a big increase in parts.


    Looks awesome! The PA is a really nice locomotive in my opnion and your model captures the look really well. The brickbuilt livery is also quite impressive. On what you said about proportions. I think the model could benefit from the entire roof section and front window being lowered perhaps a plate or two. If you look at the real model you can see how the front windows are actually quite small and the side windows are set lower than the top of the hood. Or perhaps raise the front by a plate or two. If I may, here is a very quick mockup of what I'm thinking of, I lowered the front window one plate and raised the hood by one plate. I also placed cheese wedges on the roof, admittedly they aren't curved like the actual roof but perhaps a more stylized look using slopes instead of curved slopes might be an option. You could perhaps also try using the same kind of cheese wedges at the front to give the nose a bit of a sloped look like the real locomotive, although this might be difficult to combine with the brickbuilt livery.