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Found 5 results

  1. If you remember those little clockwork robots, which used to be toys and are now prized collection articles, than you will surely recognize my representation! I've been working on this for some time now and I'm proud to say that this robot walks as well as the real thing! It uses two pullback motors, a couple cogs (gears) and 623 LEGO elements to achieve (I only hope you agree ) both good looks and great functionality. The mechanism with the incorporated motors is made to fit exactly into the case and the case comes off all in one piece (I like my modularity). The mechanism for the legs is the most simple thing ever but making it was as complicated as any of my larger MOCs, because balance played such a vital role in all of it. You can still see it wobble as it walks (I find the wobble quite indearing though ) and a lot of work went into keeping it from falling when it does. I like to think this is my best work yet, so I hope you like it just as much enjoy!!! My Flickr gallery
  2. Pentagon Clock This is a wind-up pendulum clock powered by two pullback motors. This clock is not true to real time but rather focuses on features such as a wind-up mechanism, pin wheel escapement and three concentric hands. It has been built completely in-system and can be reproduced without any fine-tuning, except for making all gears run smoothly of course (LXF-file here). The clock has a very consistent autonomy of 18 minutes. It features: A wind-up mechanism - A differential is used to prevent the hands from running counterclockwise when winding-up the clock. One of it's outputs is locked by default and slips during wind-up. Pin wheel escapement - Instead of using teeth, the escape wheel has three round pins that are stopped and released by a scissors-like anchor, which has been integrated in the pendulum. Three concentric hands - Planetary gears and a differential house make for a fictitious LEGO time system with 2 hours in a clock revolution, 5 minutes in an hour and 30 seconds in a minute. The pentagon-shaped clock face refers to the 5 minute hour. All features have been originally developed for this contest.
  3. I have one of the old pull-back motors, which, as @Aventador2004 noticed, unwind really, really fast. I quickly realised that if I wanted to build anything but a car, I needed something to let it unwind in a controlled manner. For example, an escapement, like in a clock. Unfortunately, @Didumos69 posted his topic while I was working on my proof-of-concept. I guess there's no rule against having the same idea, but I'll think about if I want to build a clock or something else from it Anyway: here's a proof-of-concept to show that the idea works. I shamelessly borrowed one of Ben van de Waals escapements (W40,, which works great. Now to figure out a ratchet mechanism to wind it. To be continued PS: sorry for the filming-through-a-vertical-mailbox-opening, but my phone was the quickest way to get a quick video and I still don't know how to use it properly If anyone can tell me how to change the aspect ratio on the iPhone, let me know.
  4. For my entry, I decided to make something nice and simple... And this is what I cam up with: It's a wind-up motor inside a 6x6 box, that moves the legs of the Technic guy, creating the illusion that he is pushing the box. Video: As mentioned in the video, I have also made instructions for this, which are available for free on Rebrickable. POV-Ray render: Some LDCad animations - rendered with POV-Ray:
  5. Eddie_Young

    Wind-up Robot

    The all time classic toy of the 20th century and to me the coolest toy right after LEGO now finally in brick form! This is my project for LEGO Ideas. It uses a classic blocky body and cubic head design to make it simple and cute. It is, as you can see,decorated with a control panel on the chest, a face with two scary red eyes and a cool little window on it's back that lets you watch the mechanism at work. And it can really walk!!! Let me know which colour and which design (arms, antennas, etc.) you like more Thank you. If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas.