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Found 8 results

  1. I just yesterday created this alternate model of the 42137 set and added some additional details today. Looking at the currently existing 42137 alternate models on Rebrickable I hope to add something different with this one. I wasn't actually fond of the 42137 set. This mainly because of comparing the retail price (same as 42123) and the offered features didn't really leave me impressed. I bought it anyhow - when I got a 40 % discount - mainly because of the new panels, from which I already damaged one during testing. This alternate model features basically the same ratchet mechanism as the original 42137, but as I needed the double bent red beam for the front, I had to implement the release of the ratchet mechanism differently using axles instead. The rear is mounted at a half-stud offset to the chassis, allowing for the fenders to get really close to the rear wheels. The interior features a dashboard with gauges, a start button and a hand brake lever. The design is a mixture of a supercar mid-rear-end with air intakes at the side and a shortened hot rod like front with front wheels in the open. I admit the limted parts left played a role but I like the idea and the result, though I would have liked something better for the headlights. It's not that visible due to the white background (especially in the last picture), but the roof line flows into the rear spoiler nicely. I consider it pretty much finished but, a few details might change here and there and also when digitizing it later on.
  2. This is what happens when you have a dune buggy but want it to be a salt flat racer or even a dragster. Very fast and very durable, performs astonishing wheelies and looks as scary as a golden-toothed-and-cheap-sunglasses-skull-adorned racer could get. 42046 C-Model, uses 100% of the original set's parts and has those notable features: ► pull-back motor ► very fake V8 and exhausts behind the cockpit ► steering wheel, speedometer and floodlights + rear lights ► reinforced frame and balancing enabling it to perform wheelies (apologies for the photo quality, those were the best results I could get) EDIT: Here's the LDD file if someone's interested. Couldn't assemble the whole thing because of the usual LDD shenanigans, but it's kinda straightforward when you go those three pics. That orange bulky thing is, of course, an equivalent of the pull-back motor not included in LDD - shoutout to marco9999 for the design.
  3. If you remember those little clockwork robots, which used to be toys and are now prized collection articles, than you will surely recognize my representation! I've been working on this for some time now and I'm proud to say that this robot walks as well as the real thing! It uses two pullback motors, a couple cogs (gears) and 623 LEGO elements to achieve (I only hope you agree ) both good looks and great functionality. The mechanism with the incorporated motors is made to fit exactly into the case and the case comes off all in one piece (I like my modularity). The mechanism for the legs is the most simple thing ever but making it was as complicated as any of my larger MOCs, because balance played such a vital role in all of it. You can still see it wobble as it walks (I find the wobble quite indearing though ) and a lot of work went into keeping it from falling when it does. I like to think this is my best work yet, so I hope you like it just as much enjoy!!! My Flickr gallery
  4. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive #3

    Hi all, after the arriival of BBB wheels, I finally completed the third clockwork locomotive. It is based on pre-war Goods Train No.2 made by Hornby Thanks to BBB wheels reduced profiles it manages well large curves. It works also on R40 radius curves, but looks a lot better on longer ones. The clockwork motor is quite the same as my previous version, only a bit lighter and made all in dark-stone grey color. Two pull-back motors are connected by two red 40-tooth gears, which power the rear big wheels. Motion to front big wheels is achieved trough coupling rods. It has no brake lever, since for winding up you need to keep it on one hand and you can stop the wheels with your fingers. So, being an unuseful weight, I did not include it. It is very light, since the boiler is made by empty cilinders and the body is made by panels. Gear ratio is 5:1 to the axle, then large wheels help to furtherly overdrive the gear ratio. I choose 5:1 since this locomotive will be part of a set, and needs to pull three very small and light wagons. The bolt works as flywheel, and it is put over a little piece of flexible Technic tube. No wheelspin at all allows a bit more travelling. Front wheels on bogie are completely independent, so they make less friction. Front bogie is made to follow the track and not to guide the locomotive, as in old Hornby models. On a mixed track made by straight and large curves it can manage 9 meters with a pair of wagons. I plan to replace the full coupling rods with @zephyr1934 ones, since they are much nicer and surely lighter than mine. Hope you like it! Davide
  5. So after a year of on and off MODing, i figured i should MOC something, and with le-mans again upon us, i felt inspired to build a le-mans car. For those not in the know, Toyota lost the race in the last five minutes, up to that point their #5 TS050 was leading the race, with a comfortable gap to the following Porsche. Then the engine went... So i've equiped mine with a pull-back motor instead, simple, sure to work, and it dictates a relatively small scale to keep my MOC clean and simple.
  6. Having problems with my LEGO pull-back motor, it is loud and coarse sounding. Compare it to a good one and notice the difference. The internals sound messed up, as if the gears or springs inside are misaligned or out-of-place. Tell me what you guys think about this.
  7. Here is my (WIP) entry. Not much subtlety here - one very simple function! Basically it is a pull-back motor and two "devastator" wheels, with three boat weights for balance. Plus I decided to blow about two-thirds of the parts on some rather unusual styling. Just under 200 parts at the moment - details of styling might change slightly. Video coming soon...
  8. Hello! I've been wondering about pull-back motors. Where can I look about how long each one last or like their torque power? Else if someone has some and can give me tips about which ones are stronger/better/faster? Like the one which last a bit with a somehow good torque. And please no huge one x) Smaller is better, but medium is fine. I have some kind of project with them :P More as I advance in it ^^! Thanks for any infos you might have!