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  1. Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Transcript of an interrogation at Forêt d'Or Lumber Yard, Fatu Hiva, as recorded by Monsieur Gallo, temple notary. Candidate #1 was asked to explain the circumstances surrounding the 'Fatu Hiva Incident' of 19 June 618. Candidate #1 responded with incoherent mumbles. Candidate #1 was asked to speak up. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked the same question. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Al'Su". Candidate #2 was asked to elaborate. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Skulltaker prophecy". Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate the account of Candidate #2. Candidate #1 confirmed Candidate #2's account and explained that "bad juju" had happened to both the colonists and the subsequent survey teams. Candidate #1 was asked to elaborate what that meant. Candidate #1 refused. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked about the "Skulltaker" mentioned. Candidate #2 refused to answer. Candidate #2 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked again. Candidate #2 explained that the "Skulltaker" tribe had met the colonists, had been displeased, and had "awoken" [?] something. Candidate #1 told Candidate #2 to stop talking, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate Candidate #2's answer. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #2 was asked to explain more. Candidate #2 refused. Candidate #2 was restrained. Further questions proved ineffectual as Candidate #1 had sustained a broken jaw, and Candidate #2 was rendered catatonic, apparently through fear. All records certified to be accurate and correct by Padre François of the Order of the Faith. Aaaaand here it is without the minifigs: Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard (sans minifigs) by Ross Fisher, on Flickr I figured terrified natives would want to cut the jungle back as far as possible, build stronger pallisade walls, and, if possible, get more material to build boats out of (So they could leave in a hurry). A lumber yard fulfills all of these needs! It also seemed like a good place for Padre François to start an uncompromising assault on the island. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. This thread encompasses all builds within Lavalette on the island of Stéphanique. Name: Lavalette Ownership: The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) Location: Stéphanique Mayor: Henri Hollande (Captain Genaro) Who can own property in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, holders of a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their property seized. Who can freebuild in Lavalette: Anyone Who can dock a vessel in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, all royal ships of Oleon, any ships with a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their ships seized. Coat-of-Arms: Maps: Map of Stéphanique Current Lavalette Development Plan Background: Safely nestled in a natural harbor, Lavalette is the first settlement built by the Royal New Terra Company (RNTC). Situated with an enclosed harbor to the north, steep mountains to the east, and a large lake to the south, Lavalette is surrounded by natural defenses. Lavalette is named after the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele. Most of the population is Oleanders, but foreigners are not uncommon. Relatively undeveloped, many experts believe the settlement can boast large shipyards as well as huge plantations for the recently discovered peppercorn plant. Despite the rumors, the RNTC has remained relatively quiet regarding the settlement's potential and long-term plans. Current Plans: As of now, only the plans to make Lavalette a town have been released to the public. The town is small, mostly divided into a grid pattern, and surrounded by basic fortifications. On a small peninsula overlooking the bay, a fort is planned. Most of the initial buildings are expected to be very simple. Nothing too ornate, with many buildings built out of local materials in a quick manner. Most initial structures will be residences and commerce and artisan properties designed to help support initial settlers as well as pave the way for large expansion in the future. Examples would likely include lumber yards, quarries and stone masons, brick factories, stucco and plaster producers, to support construction as well as bakers, blacksmiths, and merchants selling basic necessities to keep the settlement well fed and functioning. Incentive Programs: All tax revenue for licensed builds in Lavalette will be refunded in full. Please PM Captain Genaro at the end of each quarter to receive a refund for said quarter. All licensed artisan, commerce, and factory builds will be reimbursed 50% of their license cost until further notice. Any build prominently featuring peppercorn will be reimbursed 50% of its license cost until further notice. The RNTC will purchase any build in Lavalette for 200% of the license cost. Builders who build and license 7 properties in Lavalette will get the chance to purchase a share of Preferred Stock in the RNTC. Of the 7 builds, at least 3 must be medium or 1 large and 1 medium. All incentives are cumulative. Properties:
  3. The Empire of Oleon Nickname The Kingdom of Light Colors Medium Blue and Dark Blue Flag Royal Banner Quick Glance Life in Oleon centers around traditional values. Oleanders are generally pious people, loyal to their Monarch, and take pride in their vast cultural heritage. Owning land defines one’s standing in the social hierarchy, and the rural nobility - which you can be a part of - has ever since been regarded Oleon's elite. Following her claim for superiority, Oleon today has the largest warships, fields a powerful army, and has already established a moderate colonial presence, which she is eager to expand. Oleon accepts new members, especially craftsmen, artists, agriculturalists, seamen, and entrepreneurs of all kinds, as long as they are loyal to the Monarch. Membership Oleon is open for members. If you would like to add to Oleon's grandeur, and to spread the influence and glory of the empire - join today! To do so, just sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. A little background goes a long way, and we appreciate any story you would like to present with your character! If you'd like to join in The Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action, send Oleon Leadership a private message to get added to the latest "Private Message Thread" and coordinate our efforts. Index Honorable Citizens of Oleon Colonial Possessions The Royal New Terra Company Army Units stationed in New Terra Royal Naval Units in New Terra Quick Start Guide The Builders' Bulletin Board Recurring Story Characters Noble Houses of Oleon Medals and Decorations A DETAILED LOOK at the EMPIRE OF OLEON Leadership King Philip I and Queen Beatrice (NPC) After the sudden passing of his elder brother - the late King Stéphan II - Philip was crowned in April 616. Whereas the late Monarch was a great admirer of the occult, driven by all things mythical, which allowed the Order of the Faith to spread its influence into almost every niche of Oleander society, Philip follows in the footsteps of his father Stéphan I. Noble and almost idealistic, with a broad education, and – growing up in the Royal Palaces of Granoleon – naturally provided with a passion for the arts, he now has to prove that he can prevail on the political stage as the absolute Monarch that he will need to be. With his beloved wife Queen Beatrice by his side he rules over the empire in a crucial time. He tasks himself with nothing less than challenging the mighty Order of the Faith, and reducing the influence of its destructive elements, especially that of the Clerics of Hades, to rebuild Oleon's reputation as the predominating cultural beacon it once was adored for. Lord Chancellor Calida (NPC) Lucier Henri Calida was born into the House of Courtia - already one of the most influential Oleander noble families - and he soon saw the potential the Faith offered him for his political ambitions. He rose to power as a clergyman, but his organizational talents were soon discovered by the Royal Court. He was appointed Adviser to the King, and excelled in various tasks, foremost the introduction of a naval focus to Oleon, and the consequent buildup of La Royale prior to the Juniper War. Today he is not only Chancelier d'Oleon – the highest administrative position in Oleon – he is also Supreme High Priest of the Clerics of Zeus, making him de facto leader of the Order of the Faith, which has blossomed under his regime. Under King Stéphan II he controlled the High Council and was First Adviser to the King, answering only to him. And as the King shared his beliefs, his authority was unchallenged. Some even say Stéphan II was a mere puppet, and that Calida was Oleon's true regent. Now, with Philip I as King, his universal authority might be challenged for the first time. Nobody can tell how Calida is likely to react to this, since his agenda remains unclear to everyone. He is feared by many, and often described as a devious schemer who will do anything to tighten the Order's grasp on Oleon. Others see in him a savior and believe him to be the only guarantor for upholding the Empire's domestic order. One thing is for sure, though, he is more likely to prepare for a war with Corrington than to read mass in a temple. Structure of State Oleon is an absolute Monarchy. The King has always been the central authority, ruling over the land with a wise and strong hand since the days of King Arltrees. Oleon is the King – and the King is Oleon. Wise Monarchs govern for the well-being of their loyal subjects, taking paternal care of them. That is the natural order of all things under the sun. So there is no need for 'representation', for 'parliaments' even, or other unsacred institutions in Oleon. But wise Monarchs also listen to advice. That is the reason why the High Council supports the King in his rule, and advises him with expertise in all matters of state. The various branches of Oleon's administration then answer to the High Council and his chairman, the Lord Chancellor of Oleon, who traditionally is the first and most important adviser to His Majesty. Members of the High Council Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele et Pair d’Oleon, Intendant Général des Finances, Grand’Croix de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees Pierre Lavalette Genaro is the current Duke of Vele - a booming coastal region East of Granoleon - and General Intendant of Finances at His Majesty’s Royal Court. Using his formidable fiscal talent and economic expertise, the Duke of Vele has consolidated the royal treasury, and reformed Oleon’s taxation system. By many, he is regarded as the Royal Court’s rising star. Some even go as far as saying Genaro’s influence on His Majesty has already surpassed that of Lord Chancellor Calida. Berart Mazan, Duc de Boussac, Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, Grand Officier de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees The Lion of Boussac is one of the most important advisors to His Majesty, and as Secretary of State of the Colonies responsible for Oleon’s fate beyond the line. Traditionalists grumble that the task of protecting the nation from her hereditary northern enemy and controlling Oleon’s overseas expansion shouldn’t go hand in hand. But the Lion of Boussac is an able man, and where better to keep Oleon’s foes at bay than in the waters of New Terra. Guiscard Emery de Beauregard, Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon Growing up in chateau Sans-Nuage-sur-Maine - located in the hills just outside the harbor-city of Quilbignon - the young Lord almost naturally acquired a taste for saltwater, and soon was sent to pursue a career in His Majesty’s Royal Navy. Towards the end of the Forty-Nine Years War he was promoted to Grand Admiral of Oleon, and although unsuccessful in preventing Corrington from taking the Isle of Tam, he - under the direction of the Lord Chancellor - managed the rebuild of La Royale, which ultimately gained the upper hand over her Corrish counterpart in the following Juniper War. Today the Secretary’s attention shifts towards the eastern seas as the race for New Terra is speeding up. Oleon’s fate depends on La Royale - and on the salt in the Secretary’s veins. Guérin Godefry de Tourment - nicknamed Le Doublonoi - Duc d’Eranos, Connétable d’Oleon, Grand’Croix de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Maréchal d’Oleon Ever since official records first appeared, there has been a de Tourment holding the ‘Southern Key’ and shielding Oleon from the perils of Halos. Traditionally, the de Tourments also hold the title and position of Connétable d’Oleon, providing able commanders for Oleon’s armies who have proven their loyalty in every single conflict in Oleander history. But the house is not only a source of military genius for the Crown. Over the last decades they have also grown rich as prime suppliers of the Royal Army - a development that isn’t to the liking of all at the Royal Court. The Order of the Faith The Order of the Faith is a secretive band of highly influential clerics that is heavily involved in Oleander politics. As little is known fact about the Order and its agenda and ways, there are plenty of rumors out on the streets. Some see the Order's influence as a danger to the Monarchy, some even go as far as saying the Order already holds the true power over Oleon, with the Monarch acting only as a puppet. Others counter, pointing out that Oleon is free of dissidents, highlighting the Orders alleged importance for Oleon's inner stability and military might. Wherever the truth lies, fact is that disagreeing with the Order is a good way to get into serious trouble! The Order of the Faith can be read about in greater detail here. The Land Oleon is the largest country on the peninsula, and its land is naturally an important economic factor. Wealth is usually measured in land holdings, and hereditary grants pass on from father to son for generations. In the interior, the rural nobility traditionally resides in prestigious chateaus, and peasants live in little hamlets, and work for their lords as they have for ages. There are few large cities in the interior, but towards the coast things are beginning to change as innovations are developed. Passing from a rural hamlet with the lord's impressive manor towering over it, to a bustling port town is like going from one world to another. A multitude of coastal hubs have begun to spring up. With oceans bordering Oleon on either side, these towns have become quite numerous, and have contributed to a new emphasis on seafaring. The Order of the Faith has encouraged this emphasis, but is still eager to preserve the traditional social ways by keeping its mystical hold on the people. With its support, Oleon's navy has boomed. Her merchant fleet is growing by the day, and the Royal Navy is famous for large battleships and highly efficient gun crews, securing Oleon’s influence on the waves. A fine example of an increasingly important city is Breshaun on Le Bellan. Founded not long ago, it has turned into a sparkling and ambitious regional centre. Society and Culture Traditionally, a typical Oleander's life centers around the values of – traditions. Considering themselves the most culturally advanced people, Oleanders take great pride in their rich heritage of arts and literature. They are generally pious people, living in accordance with the divine rules of the Gods. But temples are visited more for social reasons than out of religious zeal. It is true that the Order of the Faith holds its sway over the people, but that doesn't refrain Oleanders from enjoying life. And especially the aristocracy is known throughout Halos for celebrating the most glittering balls and festivities. Oleon's cities are well organized and planned, their silhouettes often dominated by impressive temples erected in honor of the Gods. The architectural style is mostly a mix of renaissance and baroque western European, dominant among secular buildings – especially among the many aristocratic and royal chateaus and palaces that are in constant competition to outshine each other – and classic Mediterranean influences, which are preferred for religious buildings. L'Aile du Pontis (The Pontis Wing) of the Royal Palace in Granoleon is a great example for the supremacy of Oleander architects and craftsmen. The Military Oleanders are known to be fierce warriors if necessary. Military might is of paramount significance, as land is the defining social factor in society. Honor and bravery are values that every Oleander holds in high esteem, sacrificial soldiering on the fields of battle is every Oleander's duty, to die for the nation is considered the highest honor. War Banner and Naval Ensign The Army Ever since the days of King Arltrees the color blue is prominent in the uniforms and flags of the royal military. The standard military uniform always includes a blue coat, often but not always accompanied by white cross belts. A fleur-de-lys is not uncommon on the uniforms and flags either. As presented above, the standard military flag is a white cross on a blue background with a crown over crossed cannons, but there are numerous deviations from these standards. In every case, however, the color blue must be present! (some conventional flags) As a result of a history of warfare, mostly with Corrington, many cities and ports are fortified with large walls and impressive fortresses to protect the citizens in case of an invasion. The Navy Oleon's Royal Navy – or La Royale as she is affectionately called by the people – is among the finest and largest in all of the known world. Heavily expanded after the Forty-Nine Years War at the instigation of the Order of the Faith, La Royale managed to have the edge over Corrington's navy during the following Juniper War, but has since then been locked in a stalemate with her biggest rival. Oleon's master shipwrights are considered leading in the construction of heavy warships, and the emphasis on constant training and education has lead Oleander gun crews to become the most efficient in the known world. Here you can see a fine example of Oleander ship building, the glorious HRS Pride of Oleon. Ranking System If you create your sigfig you are - of course - free to give it any rank you wish. So if you want - for example - a Captain to sail your ship through the waters of New Terra - create a Captain. If you want a Major fighting off Oleon's enemies on the fields of battle - create a Major. However, we would ask you not to start out too high up in rank right away. There are certain official ranks that can be earned, and they bring in-game benefits and lots of prestige - not to mention the awe of your foes. So fight for your own and Oleon's glory and rise through the ranks - do you have what it takes? Army Ranks: Maréchal (Marshal) Général d'Armée (Army General) Général de Division (Division General) Général de Régiment (Regiment General) Colonel (Colonel) Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel) Naval Ranks: Grand-Amiral d'Oleon (Grand Admiral of Oleon) Amiral (Admiral) Vice-Amiral (Vice Admiral) Contre-Amiral (Rear Admiral) Chef d'Escadre (Commodore) Capitaine de Vaisseau (Ship-of-the-Line Captain) Rank Requirements and Benefits: Promotions can be earned through military contributions, means through repeated and active participation in war campaigns, fleet actions, through acts of bravery, and - as a base requirement - you need to loyally follow orders. For promotions to High Command - Général de Régiment respectively Contre-Amiral and higher - a noble title of at least Marquis is required - to make sure only the best of the best command Oleon's finest. 'But where's the beef?' - you may ask. Well, excelling in military actions is a profound way to boost your social standing in Oleon. It will lead to some shiny medals and ribbons, can contribute to your house's growing reputation, and might eventually get you His Majesty's attention - which can open doors you didn't even believe existed. And - who knows - maybe one day you'll end up commanding the unit you were once fighting alongside with - or determine the fate of a whole royal fleet in the vast waters of New Terra. Diplomacy Oleon has a hostile history with Corrington, and during the last war the two factions proved to be an even match. Officially there is no direct trade with Corrington, but various goods do make there way around via Eslandola and smugglers of all sorts. Pirates are tolerated as long as they don't operate within Oleon claimed waters, piracy is a crime and offenders will be brought to justice when they are caught. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Hostile) Oleon's relationship with... Sea-Rats: Indifferent Eslandola: Indifferent Corrington: Indifferent Membership To sign up, post a picture of your signature figure, preferably accompanied by Oleon's formal flag colors. You are welcome to include a bit of a description as well. Your signature figure, or sigfig, will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make) Although this is the “Bluecoat” faction, that does not mean that everyone should have a bluecoat soldier as sigfig. Within BoBS there are many possibilities. Build your own story – for example, your sigfig could start out as a carpenter that decides to work on a ship. Via battle experiences he ends up getting his own ship, eventually becoming a privateer in His Majesty's service, etc. For those still uncertain of what faction to chose or how to sign up in a minute, we have some simple instructions here, which pretty much sum up everything. Vive le Roi!
  4. "We must send this letter to Breschaun, and quick," said d'Offren to his men, "but this should not prevent us to inquire about the merit of local beverage." As they walked by a cart full of barrels and bottles. "Please have a taste, my good sirs," said the man while brandishing a bottle of moonshine, "the choice of lumbermen." "Speaking of lumbermen, why are they working so close to the shoreline, I think the trees here aren't the best species for wood processing," asked d'Offren. "You are right, sir, not the best species, but since the mysterious attack in the jungle, people were so scared that they abandoned their lumber mill in the mill and every one rushed to beach. You see, they are cutting the palm trees and they are piling up the trunks on the beach." Replied the liquor dealer. "Indeed, they have to live with it..." muttered d'Offren. "Ahoy, monsieur le Duc!" d'Offren turned at the sea and saw a shirtless dude. It was the Duc d'Ablette.. "D'Ablette, par Poseidon, what are you doing here? I was going to send a letter to you to ask help." Asked Hugo d'Offren, apparently confused by the sudden appearance of the newly appointed Ministre of Colonies. "I'm here for the mysterious attack, I guess you are here for the same reason, when I heard the news, I thought finally we are going to have some action, you see, I'm bringing my axe with me, we are going to smash them to smithereens, not the lumberjacks, those who dare to defy the reign of Oleon." replied the Duke with a big smile. "To smash who, we even don't know who attacked us, besides, you'd better be stayed in Breschaun, to cooperate our actions, now you are here, who will send the reinforcement." exclaimed d'Offren. "Oh, this is easy, I have a sport, a fast sailing boat here,"replied d'Ablette, still smiling, "Serge, bring the letter of monsieur d'Offren to Breschaun and tell them to send reinforcement." "Hum, a sport yacht, I should get one of these too." muttered d'Offren.
  5. Déclaration du Roi portant établissement de la Compagnie pour le Commerce de la Nouvelle Terre Royal Charter for the Royal New Terra Company His Most Holy Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, here directs The Intendant Général des Finances to establish The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) for the purpose of protecting Oleon’s mercantile enterprises throughout His Sacred Realm. ARTICLE I: Overview ARTICLE II: Assets ARTICLE III: Treasury ARTICLE IV: Region of Trade ARTICLE V: Common Stock ARTICLE VI: Preferred Stock Be it done, that on the Sixteenth Day of the Twelfth Month of the First Year of His Divine Reign, King Philip the First bestows this Royal Charter upon the Royal New Terra Company. Vive le Roi FAQ: Examples of Stock Price and Dividend Calculations Other Relevant Information RNTC Officials Directeur: Pierre Lavalette Genaro (Captain Genaro) Lieutenants: N/A Current Holders of Preferred Shares: List List of RNTC Settlements: Lavalette, Stéphanique List of RNTC Monopolies: Wine, silver List of Public Filings: Q1 617 FY 617 Q1 618
  6. Padre Jules François - BoBS SigFig by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Padre Jules François (centre) lands on the shores of the Isle d'Or, ready to root out heresy and burn savages in the name of the Order. Huzzah! The Padre's early life was that of many common clergymen; the younger son of a minor family, he was packed off to a monastery to learn his trade. However, unlike other young initiates into the Order of the Faith, François developed a knack for uncovering secrets that soon got him noticed by the Temple of Hades. Inducted into their ranks, it wasn't long before he was turning heads across the order. Many fear him, some believe they can use him. What remains to be seen is, is the Padre truly pusuing his tyrannical crusade against heretics because of a holy calling, or is there some more devious purpose driving him? Monsieur Gallo (left) is the Padre's able notary, keeping records of interrogations, files on the personal conduct of notable individuals upon the brick seas, and all the proper documentation that a heretic burning requires. He lost an eye in the service of his patron when a particularly resistant subject broke free from her restraints. However, the pension he received in compensation more than made up for the loss. Merde the Murderer (right) is the Padre's able bodyguard and muscleman. Formerly a penal legionnaire imprisoned for garotting his superior officer, Merde has "seen the light" of the Order of the Faith, and has been released into the Padre's custody.
  7. Altar of Cthonic Hades by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Your eminences, As we discussed prior to my departure, I have found that it would be beneficial to send a 'message of intent' to the people of New Terra. As such, I have commissioned the building of a new Altar of Cthonic Hades in the town of Fatu Hiva. I would have liked to build it in marble, but the cost of shipping it here would have been prohibitive. Instead I have been forced to use the local stone, which is passable. The icon is forged from an old spiked cannon, and displays a likeness of the Underlord based upon the icon I brought with me for personal prayer. I had expected to meet more resistance to this project, but the town has seen (and caused) so much death recently that few people voiced any displeasure, and none were willing to obstruct the project. A bowl for offerings has been placed in front of the statue, which should generate some initial funds for the project here. I consecrated the monument with a sacrifice of half a dozen pigs. In time, the gods may see other, larger sacrifices here, and understand our humility. Your humble servant, François Well this was fun. This is my first construction freebuild. It is a small arts and culture building. It's based on other historical altars. These originally started out as just a rocky platform where you could kill an animal. Once you've killed one there, you might as well kill them all in the same place. Keep the blood contained. Doing all the butchery there also makes sense. And then if you're giving a cut to the gods, you'd leave it there. Can't be taking food from the gods. If you were really grateful you'd burn the whole animal to a crisp and leave it there as a holocaust. Eventually, these places got built up and built up with the ashes and bones of dead animals. And then you start getting extra ornamentation, like on the Ara Pacis in Rome, and what started out as just a platform becomes a massive structure, with steps and columns and everything. As our boy François is a priest of Hades, and Fatu Hiva is the start of his journey, and it has seen a lot of death recently, this build seemed like a nice fit for my free small building. Hope you like. Ross
  8. This is where I'm putting all my ongoing stories about Padre François. Blessing the 'Irregulars of the Faith' by Ross Fisher, on Flickr The Hermes by Ross Fisher, on Flickr
  9. Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy, finally and proudly presenting the first first-rate ship-of-the-line about to roam the Brick Seas: The 'Royal Philip' As one of the heaviest and most formidable ships-of-the-line in His Majesty's Royal Navy, the Royal Philip is naturally suited to fill out the role of an admiral's flagship. And flagship she is! At the moment, she serves under admiral d'Ancios as lead-ship of the Perennes Squadron, the one unit of La Royale stationed closest to Oleon's border with Corrington. During her active service of now almost four years, in countless maneuvers and fleet exercises, the Royal Philip has proven herself a powerful and – even more importantly – very reliable warship, with excellent sailing capabilities. A true asset. Rumors circulating in the Royal Court have it that soon she might be transferred to the colonies in an effort to strengthen Oleon's influence in the waters of New Terra. Such a step, however, would have to be very carefully pondered, as it would mean to noticeably weaken the nation's defenses against her northern neighbor. But regardless of where she will see service in the future, with her dedicated, veteran crew and her seasoned captain, the Royal Philip will surely fulfill the role entrusted to her – to guard the realm, protect the nations interests, and to proudly fly Oleon's colors on the waves! And some 10210-shaming: About: First of all, some numbers: 14200 parts length at waterline is 120 studs, LOA 171 studs, beam 29 each broadside fires 57 guns. Now, more importantly, no worries, y'all! Launching yet another ship-of-the-line is no act of aggression towards any of you. It's rather the result of some major confusion from my side. The upcoming Adventure-MCRA gave me the idea to send the Secretary of the Navy as ambassador to Mardier. But I got this idea only after le Monarque was posted and planned in for convoy duty, so I was in desperate need of an additional ship, and no lesser would be suited for such a mission. The Royal Philip is an enhanced version of a ship I posted several years ago, and her base is still older than that of Monarque, which is why Monarque's hull is smoother. Still it's here that I first made the switch to using hinge bricks instead of curved slopes for the part of the hull between waterline and lower gun-deck. Didn't go all the way, though, back in the day. But then, the better ship is always the next one. I hope you enjoyed watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  10. A small prospecting build I made for Stéphanique. I tried experimenting with some of the new (well, new for me) ball-joint connectors to create the rock. I'm not sure how well I succeeded, but it has given me some ideas for future rockwork techniques. With the arrival of royal troops in Lavalette, Major Wolfgang Hochstetter was much happier, though his perpetual scowl didn't betray it. Company officials had been complaining for months about the lack of a geological survey, but until now he never had enough men to defend both the settlement and the survey teams. Now he did, and the men were surprisingly eager to volunteer for the duty. Hochstetter assumed it was their eagerness to earn his respect, but the truth of the matter was that it took them far away from the major and any other officers who might expect them to stand at attention and remain sober while on duty. Of course, it wasn't all fun and games. Bugs from rivers and putrid ponds swarmed the men and for some reason the survey men insisted on leaving the nice shade of the trees to clime around on rocks boiling under the hot tropical sun. Still, the soldiers were well prepared and with some liquid fortitude they managed to endure their difficult task. A Hard Day's Work by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  11. And the story continues. I've actually had this one done for about two weeks now, but I'm just getting around to taking the pictures. Comments and criticism are welcome. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour Recruiting Sergeant To the armoury! (Bodi) Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr After meeting his old acquaintance, Contre-amiral Lagaufre, Captain Anthony Genaro began walking around the arsenal. Though dwarfed by the sprawling complexes back in Halos, Lavalette’s armory was one of the larger ones in the colonies. Familiar sights and sounds were everywhere as new soldiers received their uniform and weapons while older weapons were maintained and repaired by skilled craftsmen. After walking for a bit, Anthony waited under a balcony looking into a courtyard full of activity. In one corner, a group of grenadiers were ritualistically checking their deadly grenades, carefully inspecting each fuse to ensure that it was still in good condition, of the right length, and properly connected to the grenade. It is a dull, time-consuming process, but one which leaves no room for error, as the slightest mistake could result in one of the deadly spheres failing to explode, or worse, exploding prematurely. Further on in the courtyard, Anthony could various gunsmiths and engineers repairing damaged muskets, a variety of uniformed soldiers going about their duties, and two armorers putting new blades on enough swords to supply a small army. Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Fancy a new edge, sir?” a voice asked. It took Anthony a moment before he realized that one of the armorers was speaking to him. “A generous offer, but I’m afraid I haven’t long,” he said glancing at the chest full of unsharpened swords. The armrer simply shrugged. “Oh, don’t you worry about those there swords; they can wait, but we can’t have a proper gentleman wondering about with a dull sword now. You’ll become the laughting stock of the whole army!” Anthony laughed as he unsheathed his cheap, five guinea dress sword. “I’m afraid you’re wrong on both accounts, my friend. I’m no gentleman, and I’m fairly certain the a naval officer is already the laughting stock of the whole army.” Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The armeror simply shrugged as he took the sword. “Gentleman, commoner, army, navy… your coins all look the same to me.” As the armorer began putting the sword to his stone, Anthony continued looking at all the activity in the courtyard. “Rather busy,” he remarked. “It’s been this way ever since the 31st arrived from Halos,” the armorer replied, not taking his eyes off his work. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you. A bunch of army gents just coming off their boats, pockets bulging with coins, ah, you’d be amazed, sir, absolutely amazed, by how easy it is to coinvince them to get their sword sharpened,” the armeror continued in a very casual tone, but Anthony didn’t care. After all, it wasn’t as if he needed to exert authority over this man. “They think it impresses the ladies, they do. Fools,” the armorer said the a chuckle. “But not the navy boys, sir. Oh, no! They’re smarter, smarter by far sir!” “And I suppose you’ll be telling the next cavalry man who walks past how they’re the elite, astute soldiers who couldn’t be fooled by the likes of you, eh?” “That’s just what I’m talking about, sir, you’re gone and proven my point! Perceptive you navy men are, able to see right through any flattery!” At this point the armorer held up the sharpened sword. “And equally able, no doubt, to notice the skill that went into sharpening your blade.” Anthony pressed his thumb against the blade. Sharp, very sharp, and a very even job up and down the whole sword’s edge. “A fine job indeed,” Anthony replied as he handed the man a livre. “Very generous, sir, very kind indeed,” the armorer said as Anthony tunred to leave. “And if you know anyone, any sir, who needs some sharpening, just send them on this way.” “Even a Corrie?” Anthony said in jest. At this, the armorer twisted his face. “Alas, sir, the good Lord has blessed me with the skills to sharpen swords and metal, but the dull mind of a Corrie is beyond even my expertise.” Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony couldn’t help but laughing, a deep laugh from his belly, as he walked on to the tavern where he would meet Lagaufre. “Oh, I’ll have to remember that one,” Anthony said to himself. “Sharpen the dull wit of a Corrie.” A few more pictures: Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Lavalette Armory by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  12. A continuation of my main character's story. Jonah is a character by @SpaceJoey86, and it was a real pleasure getting to combine our efforts for this build and story. I do hope to have more of this in the future. Comments and criticism are always welcome. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour Captain Anthony Genaro was pleased to be back in Lavalette. His mission to Cocovia had gone extremely well, the company had rewarded him richly, his landlady was finally paid, and he had just finished his ship's logs. As such, he decided to visit one of his favorite taverns before heading off to the company's offices to drop off his report and logs. He was in high spirits at the thought of finding some fine spirits, but as he drew nearer to the tavern, he became aware of a large gathering, almost a mob, surrounding the building. Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Finally he got near enough to see more clearly. The crowd was surrounding what looked like soldiers, royal soldiers Anthony thought, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the regimental banner adorned with fleur de lis. He was about to ask someone what was happening when a sergeant stood on a stool and began reading from a worn sheet of paper. “Loyal Subjects of the Crown!” the sergeant began. “His Most Sacred Majesty’s 31st Regiment of the Line, commanded by Major Victor du Pont, which has so gloriously distinguished itself in battle, is looking to recruit several men to join its ranks. All clever young fellows who are free and able and ambitious of becoming gentlemen are invited to come forth and meet the recruiting sergeant. Such spirited men who are willing to engage will be rewarded at the end of their term, with twenty acres of land. Each volunteer meeting the qualifications shall immediately receive the Royal Bounty of one and one-half livres and all the rum they can manage, in addition to arms, clothing, accoutrements, and every other requisite proper to accommodate a soldier in His Most Sacred Majesty’s army. Vive le Roi!” “Vive le Roi!” the crowd responded as the drum began a steady beat. Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The sergeant began talking to the crowd, encouraging potential volunteers to step forward, but Anthony was too confused to pay attention. A royal regiment in Lavalette? Recruiting? Such behavior would be expected from the company, but not a royal regiment. His only hope at answering his questions was to ask someone in the crowd. Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “You, there!” Anthony called to a man standing in front of him. “What is happening?” “Haven’t you heard… sir” a man replied, adding the title upon seeing Anthony’s naval uniform. “I’m afraid I haven’t, mister…” “Jonah” the man replied. “Well, Jonah, what is this? Royal regiments in a company town?" “It’s the Terraversans. They’ve seized our ships and men!” “Zeus’ beard!” Anthony swore. “You’re serious?” “Yes, sir. I don't know the exact number, but apparently several company ships and hundreds or thousands of men are being held hostage." Anthony stood there shaking his head for a moment. The idea that some upstart colony would openly seize ships was simply inconceivable. “If that’s all, I really must report to my officer,” Jonah replied anxiously. “Of course, of course,” Anthony said absently. The story seemed insane, too ludicrous to even be seriously contemplated. But it would explain the presence of royal troops and a fair number of the crowd had some rather unpleasant things to say about the Terraversans. “Wait a minute!” he called out, remembering his manners just before the man left. “For your troubles” Anthony went on as he handed the young man a coin. “And Poseidon’s blessings upon you.” "And may He ever stand beside your ship," Jonah replied with a common blessing for sailors. A few additional overview pictures: Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Recruiting Sergeant by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  13. The commissioning of Cormorant has opened up a new path to small entrepreneurs or adventurers, here we have the Jacques brothers, who have invested their savings in a small cutter, filled it with vegetables and fruits, and sailed away. I really liked Keymonus's boat so I decided to try my hand. The hull measures 34 studs long and 9 studs wide, the hull is shaped by hinges and connected to the bottom plate with hinges as well. It's supposed to be a class 1 cutter, unarmed, it should count on maneuvrability to outrun a pirate. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  14. Keymonus

    The Cormorant

    You say commercial routes, and you imagine the huge Eslandolan tresure galleons sailing to motherland, Oleander wines, peppercorn and silver, or the agile Corrish merchant ships full of sugar and cocoa. You imagine goods loaded by dozens of day laborers, pirates lurking, and cargos worthing centuries of a sailor's wage. Believe or not, more than an half of what is bought and sold in the archipelago, more than an half of the doubloons exchanged every day, have a completely different appearance: the lifeblood feeding large cities and desolate outposts needs arteries and veins as much as tiny capillaries. The Cormorant is one of the ships (the best, according to its captain) giving life to the web of small but essential web of trades connecting the islands. Far below pirates' predatory gaze, the Cormorant carries small cargos of humble goods, 50Dbs of worth at most, but distributes anything that is produced or imported to the ones who need it: if you can find rum and ale in your favourite tavern, if you don't die of hunger or scurvy on an arid island, if you can sell your vegetables to someone else than your neighbours, probably you should thank men like captain Moreau and his guys... remember that before aiming the Cormorant with your guns! More pics:
  15. This is a continuation to captain Genaro's story, which depicts the encounter bringing the two friends together. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour Recruiting Sergeant Jonah took a turn at the street corner and disappeared, Genaro, on the other hand, remained motionless and speechless, a short moment later, - What a strange story, our men held hostages at Westface, he said to himself, without this recruiting event, I’d never have believed it. His good mood was somewhat affected by this small incident, he turned on his heel and headed for the Royal Armoury of Lavalette. Located on the vicinity of Lavalette harbor, the Armoury was an two-storey complex, although recently built, it showed already signs of erosion, a common fate to the buildings along the shoreline. - Bonjour, mon capitaine! At the sight of Genaro, the soldiers guarding the entrance of Armoury stood to attention and saluted. - At ease. Replied Genaro. He walked straight into the yard, where the guns were stored. - Hum, luckily we are well prepared, who knows, maybe we’ll be needing them soon... - Hello, Captain G! His thoughts were interrupted by a voice, Genaro took a look over his shoulder, he saw a strange figure approaching, a bearded man in a shabby uniform, his beard was so dense that one could barely see his face. - To whom do I have the honor of speaking? Genaro turned around and replied with a cold and confusing voice. - It’s me. The man answered by taking off his hair-beard piece. - Contre-amiral Lagaufre, but what happened to you, you look, hum, worn. Asked Anthony. In fact he was quite surprised by the sloppy appearance of Lagaufre, he was acquainted with him during the ball of King’s harbour and he was well shaved and wearing shiny uniform back then. - You mean my beard? Nothing surprising, we’re in the tropic, everything grows faster here, my friend. Oh, have you noticed the temperature? So hot! And we are still wearing the same uniform, I’ve already heard complaints from my men, they sure have the right to do so, the poor men are still wearing shako, wool jackets and leather boots. Do you think we should ask for new uniforms, adapted to tropical conditions? Lagaufre said, frowning. - Certainly, that would be nice. Genaro said, looking at his jacket, then he asked, have you heard the rumours from Fatu Hiva? - You mean the mysterious creature thingies hidden in the jungle, just superstitions, maybe it’s time to educate the true faith to the natives. Lagaufre said with a grin. - Certainly, my friend. But I guess you didn’t come here to discuss this with me? Asked Genaro. - Oh, I forgot, you know new warships are being built at Eltina Shipyards, and we need more guns, that’s why I’m here. I think you aren’t here to meet me neither. Lagaufre replied. - Westface! I just learned that our men are being held hostages there, I felt a sudden urge to come here to check the inventory, we should be prepared for any eventuality. Genaro said - Agreed. Would you give me a minute, I’ll fill the formalities for the guns then we could share a bottle of wine at the local tavern.
  16. Captain Picard: Chapter 2 "Mapping the Future" It's a beautiful morning on the outskirts of Lavelette and the soldiers (of the hospitable outpost run by Lieutenant Barry) are bustling about with tasks and endless banter. Picard observed from the first floor window that Barry's ranks were composed of two sappers, two infantrymen and one sergeant apt in the way of navigation, the crew was joined momentarily with Picard's men (An infantry and seaman). It was pleasing for Picard to see the integration of his men back into the fabric of the Oleon ranks. Quaint as this locale was, Picard was a Captain and would no doubt soon need to report to his superiors and answer many questions. Inside the quarters of the outpost, Picard was joined by Barry who after their discussion and revelation to Barry of the fate of Picard's vessel, seemed to have bonded with Picard in a natural sort of way. "Well Barry I must admit, despite the fact I would enjoy to stay here for much longer, if I do not return soon to my superiors, I will be in hot water." Picard admitted. Barry understandingly leaned back and said "You have no need to explain yourself, sir. I understand your duties lie far beyond this small outpost. My ability to have been able to quarter you and your crew has been a great honor, sir." "Please, I should be thanking you for saving my crew and I from certain death. That sergeant of yours now, Barry, he seems quite sharp with directions. Might I do so well as to have him accompany me on the way to the nearest fort?" Said Picard. "Without question, sir. I will inform him at once and he will plot you journey to... well that's up to him I suppose - he considers even the tide and wind direction to figure out the fastest routes and optimal destinations." Said Barry. Later that day Sergeant Lyndon plotted the course they would take and prepared the small scouting boat for journey. Where will Lyndon plot for Picard and what will Picard's superiors think of the calamity on the Finch? Overview of the updated outpost build...
  17. Alas, The Return of the Long Forgotten Captain Picard - Upon an Unknown Oleon Post. After a disastrous maiden voyage of Picard's little known vessel the Finch (sight unseen before engulfed in flame soon after it's first departure) Picard and the last two remaining crew members escaped the fiery wreckage onto an escape boat. For a mere two weeks they survived off of rations which kept them from the likely barbary of cannibalism. Staved off this horrible fate they did, however. All the while, Picard somehow mustered the sense of mind to map his way to known Oleon waters (but not recently noted) in hope to find some sort of refuge. With a great stroke of luck, and not a day too soon, Picard and his weary crew arrived upon a tiny outpost adorned with the Blue and White "Vive le Roi!". Never had someone so tormented by the endless blue of the infinite seas been so thankful to see more blue, a different kind of blue, the blue of the Flag and uniform he had come to love as much as life itself. Quickly greeted by the commanding officer of the outpost followed by his orderlies, the man's name was Barry and Picard embraced Barry with kind regards and politely suggested with some urgency that he and his remaining crew were in dire condition. Embarrassed for not being quicker to realize and knowing to ask questions later, Barry escorted Picard and his two crewmen into the outpost for food and sleep. The next morning Picard awoke to a lovely midsummer afternoon. Picard felt refreshingly human again, after good sleep and sufficient nourishment, but soon remembered and became mentally enclosed in what transpired what happened on his ship weeks back. His brief bliss was instantly dowered by the memory of the happenings which precipitated his being there at the outpost. About an hour after he awoke, Picard was greeted by Barry with some bread and coffee. Picard could tell from Barry's steadfastness in demeanor he was eager to smooth over his impending inquiry into the fate of Picard's vessel and the story of his journey which lend him to the outpost. Barry worried most about how many men Picard had lost during the ships demise, and how that it weigh upon Picard once shock wore off. "So..." Picard said wearily "You'll be wanting to hear about the boat fire which cast me upon the sea with only two men and a row-boat". Barry leaned back in his wooden chair which exerted a long creak "I'd be lying to say it weren't on my mind". "Well" Picard responded with intent "It was no accident, it was an act of malice and insurrection from within the ranks of my tight crew". Barry now knew he was involved in a story much larger than the day-to-day of his quaint outpost... ~ Thanks for reading, im glad to be back posting again! I have a lot to catch up on. Suggestions for a location of the outpost are welcome! ~
  18. Adventure time, y'all! Not yet really sure how exactly to do this, but let's give the A-MCRA a try! Mission to Mardier Following his appointment as the Oleander ambassador to Mardier, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard - Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon - had no choice but to accept His Majesty's command to conduct a diplomatic mission to the High Court in Londa, Mardier. A new monarch on the throne - the ongoing civil war - the rather surprising defeat against the alliance of Eslandola and Garvey - there surely was enough to talk about. Welcome aboard the Royal Philip, Your Grace - or should I rather say Your Excellency - it's an honor to finally be given the opportunity of meeting you. I assume you've already had the chance to see Capitaine Brighi? Yes, Amiral d'Ancios, the captain was so kind to receive me and have me shown to your quarters. And thank you, it's an honor meeting you, too, monsieur. But referring to my appointment as ambassador will hardly be necessary. This hopefully is a one-time mission, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on banquets and negotiations. Apologies, monsieur. I understand. Also, I would have received you myself, but as this mission was scheduled on such short notice, we haven't had the chance to go through all the necessary preparation procedures quite yet. Especially with such a prominent member of His Majesty's cabinet aboard, matters of security demand more attention. I understand, monsieur l'amiral, I was told that's why the King's Guards are on board... But... what's the Red Cloak doing here? Personal request by His Most Eminence Highness, Chancelier Calida himself. He wouldn't let you leave Granoleon without a formation of his own Guards. For... if things went south, he expressed himself. Hmm... now isn't that too kind of His Highness. And my guess is the chancellor insisted, didn't he?! Yes, monsieur - he did. Hmm... you have any idea how many Red Cloaks there are on board this ship? I'm afraid not, monsieur, I... lost count - they all seem to look alike. Never mind, don't bother yourself, admiral, finish your preparations! Meanwhile I'll have someone show me to my quarters. As soon as you can, have the men set sail, I want to get this mission over with as quickly as possible. Let's go to Londa! My only concern is... the chancellor is rarely wrong. Btw, this scene actually shows parts of the Royal Philip's interior - just had to delete the grand cabin's roof and the starboard side for better lighting.
  19. The increase of maritime commerce in the area and the development of minerary activities on île de Zeus are transforming the once marginal city of Astrapi in a higly populated and lively colony. One of the most evident sign of this change is the growth of the market, held twice a week by arisans, farmers and merchants: where a year ago you would have found only a couple of rough stalls, fresh fruit and some fish, now you can see, all around the main square, a number of well refined stalls, covered with colorful cloths and selling almost any good cultivated, crafted or woven in the archipelago. Here you can see a man selling wines and liquors produced in Breshaun... ...a greengrocer showing a pineapple, a quite expensive delicacy since there is only one large-scale plantation of this tropical fruit in the area... ...a local fisherman... ...a cart with fresh bread and sacks of hardtacks from a near bakery... ...a foreign food seller, with his embers-heated rotating meat (inspired to @Legostone's one), typical of Southern Oleon... ...and a strange man selling strange maps, showing (as he says) "the routes towards the golden kingdoms of the South". An overall view:
  20. A small Oleander tradeship had left port and started sailing to deliver some exquisite rum crafted by the Perreault family. Unfortunately, when they were out at sea, they noticed there was a stowaway breaking into the goods. Luckily though, this ne'er-do-well was a wanted pirate and they found a small island out in the sea. What better way to deal with pirates than stranding them during low tide? It's been awhile since I've been able to do a physical MOC, just due to being away from my full collection. Luckily the PAB wall at my local store had some great pieces recently and the figures from the UCS Slave I could work for Oleon.
  21. First of all: do NOT use this topic to bump old threads and do NOT ask any question here. All comments should be asked in the BoBS discussion thread. To all the mayors and responsibles of a settlement: please make one and only one post for each settlement, using the following format: I will then link all settlements in this first post. Index: Settlements of BoBS The world of BoBS is large, and contains many large and small settlements, ranging from hamlets to capitals. This thread is the place where they are all indexed! Eslandola Bardo, An Toli Elysabethtown, Berelli (aka Annetta or Blueton) Fortaleza Victoria, Isla de Victoria Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria Hojaroja, Otoño Lakor, Isla de Victoria La Puebloto, Isla de Victoria Mehit, Isla de Victoria Montario, Nelissa Nova Malto, Isla de Victoria Nova Terreli, Nellisa Pontelli, Nellisa Port Wilks, Isla Phillipe Puerto Alijo, Torrach Bonn Puerto Desafio, Isla de Victoria Salida Este, Ferro Azure Trador, La Sombra Weelond, An Holli Corrington Arlinsport, Tiberia Elizabethville, Lacryma Camp Isaac, Cascadia Hussar's Isle, Cocovia Jameston, Celestia King's Harbour, Cocovia Mesabi Landing, Argentia Mooreton Bay, Alicentia Myzectlan, Cascadia New Haven, Alicentia Port Raleigh, Annetta (aka Berelli or Blueton) Port Woodhouse, Garma's Key Quinnsville, Cocovia Stormhaven, Serentia Oleon Acropolis, Pharos Astrapi, Île de Zeus Breshaun, Le Bellan Cecropia, Île de Tyche Dragonstone, Blueton (aka Annetta or Berelli) Eltina, Le Bellan Fatu Hiva, Île d'Or Lavalette, Stéphanique Windfall Island, Stéphanique Sea Rats (and squatter colonies) Bastion, The Nest of Thieves Charlatan Bay, Infero Pordejon Haven, Isla del Diablo Moray's Den, Isla del Diablo Rassilon, The Nest of Thieves Takashii, The Nest of Thieves Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island Last updated: Mar 8, 618 AE
  22. This topic is for sharing recurring characters throughout our various Oleon stories. Oleon is looking to build stories that intersect. If you'd like your character to venture into other stories, share your characters here! Please use the Oleon Intro Topic to discuss. This topic should be for characters only. Feel free to post multiple characters in one post. The following general format is recommended for each character: NAME OF PERSON: A brief description with whatever information you feel is necessary or important to know. Please keep it under 200 words. [Single Small Image] [INSIDE A SPOILER: Additional pictures of the fig along with relevant links to their story]
  23. Finding the Superb Orchid, Celestia This is my entry for Era II, Challenge 1, Category C. The expedition led by Gideon Saulse de Bothnia has set out into the jungle. Trekking on ancient roads through the jungle. Finally they reached the goal of the expedition. The scientific leader of the expedition writes in his diary: “From the travels of Dr. Alistaire Garrett. Celestia, 27th day of the 1st month, 618 AE. We had struggled very slowly through the jungle for many hours when finally we came upon an ancient road paved with square stones. It seemed like someone, probably the natives, have been keeping it clear of larger vegetation. Following this road our pace picked up and ancient ruins could be seen among the trees. Suddenly we saw a clearing in the dense forest and among the chattering of the birds we heard the purling sound of a small waterfall. To our left, we now saw two imposing temple structures. But what really caught my eyes was the largest and most splendid orchid I have ever seen. Our expedition must surely have found the Superb Orchid the natives were talking about!” Finding the Superb Orchid among ancient holy buildings. Tranquility. Edan Braxton and Dr. Garrett spots the Superb Orchid. Ancient temple. The Superb Orchid itself Without figures and some closeups: Some WIP pictures if anyone is interested in the workflow:
  24. After a long interruption due to technical problems and to the employement of many Astrapians in the building of the Royal Arsenal, rhe silver mine was finally completed. As expected, silver nuggets were just a minimal part of the lore: silver was mainly conteined in galena veins, foremd by a mix of lead, sulfur, silver, copper, zinc and pyrite, and required additional refining steps. A series of meandering tunnels was excavated, following the richest veins: the rocks were slowly crumbled with hammers and pickaxes, metre after metre, digging deeper and deeper into the bowels of the island. The rock fragments were then brought with panniers to a mine cart and then pushed outside, ready for the refining furnaces. Mining is surely one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in the New World, but the pay is accettable and the ones who leave, for example to take to the sea, are easily replaced by someone desperate enough. Sometimes the miners daydream about finding the legendary Zeus' artifact hidden, according to the legends on (or maybe below) the island, soon after the fall of the Empire... They dream about finding, beyond one last rock wall, a long forgotten tunnel, maybe a walled door... ...and, overcome this last obstacle, finally finding an underground temple. According to the legends, the ancient artifact, the Bolt, was hidden centuries ago on an island beyond the sea, considered, until the discovery of the New World, a mere myth; it was walled in a small temple, almost impossible to find, together with a sentinel, large food and water supply for him and (for many the most interesting part) a fabolous treasure. Unfortunately this is nothing but a nice legend, and probably the artifact does not exist at all, but who knows... dreaming costs nothing!
  25. This is the continuation of Bodi's Capture of Gregory Decker. Comments and criticism are welcome. The capture of the infamous Gregory Decker resulted in a great hive of activity in La Royal. A variety of nations began requesting Gregory be extradited to face punishment for his crimes, each request requiring diplomatic poise less the denial result in a international incident. From there, the admirals had to determine where to hold Gregory’s trial and subsequent execution. Many proposed Porte du Tatarus, the notorious execution dock in Granoleon, but ultimately it was decided that Gregory’s death would receive more publicity in New Terra where his reputation was widespread (back in Halos, he would simply have been one criminal rotting away amongst many). Once these decisions were out of the way, the trial began. Each day for almost a week, Gregory was brought before a panel of captains where the evidence was presented, former shipmates confessed to their wrongdoings in hope of some semblance of mercy, and the full nature of Gregory’s crimes was officially recorded. Throughout it all, Gregory remained defiant, cursing and threating his crewmen who betrayed him and seemingly unaffected by the beatings he received for speaking out of turn. But all that was different now. Unsurprisingly, Gregory was found guilty on every charge, and the senior captain set a date for the hanging. To ensure enough time for the news to spread across the region, and more importantly to allow for the convoys to arrive so that their crews could witness the punishment, the date would be several weeks in the future. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Finally the day came. The courtyard of Mont Michael was crowed with civilians and sailors, officers and officials lining the terrace’s edge. The audience was eager, and they didn’t have to wait long. Soon after the commandant appeared a door opened, and a frail image of the once-feared Captain Gregory Decker appeared between two guards. He was weak, sickly, and retreating from the sun’s rays, dressed in nothing more than rags. Still, he remained defiant, spitting and cursing at the priest who offered one final chance to confess his crimes and perhaps be saved from the worst the afterlife had to offer. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr As Gregory was marched to his fate, the crowd became more enthusiastic. It wasn’t every day that a famous pirate was brought to justice, and Gregory’s notoriety resulted in all sorts of rumors. Some claimed that Gregory’s allies would mount a daring rescue and save him from the gallows at the last moment, others believed that Gregory had mystical powers that would save him from death, but the vast majority of the crowd was simply interested in seeing justice served. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The crowd became quiet Gregory climbed the gallows’ stairs. The noose was placed on the pirate, the hangman took his place, and an official read the verdict and sentence. Drummers began a drumroll, the hangman pulled the lever, and a loud cheer went up from the crowd. After a short while, the lifeless body was removed, once again to deafening cheers, and taken away to be branded with two P’s (one so the judges of the afterlife knew of his guilt, and the second so the judges knew he was unrepentant, as is Olean tradition). Almost as soon as Gregory’s body was removed, the door to the prison opened again and more pirates were lead out. A full third of Gregory’s crew had been sentenced to hang. It was an unusually high percent, but La Royal was looking for an example to be made, and no one in the crowd was complaining. The End of Gregory Decker by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Additional Pictures can be seen in the spoiler: