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  1. After a hard work the dam was completed, but this was only the first step towards the new military port: dozens of unusual cranes (usually called "giraffes") were built along the barrier and, manouvred day and night by hundreds of labourers started emptying the bay. At a conceptual level, transferring a single bucket of water from the bay to the open sea or repeat the operation ten or five thousand times is not different: it's only a matter of resources, logistics and manpower; continuously working for a cople of months, the groups of workers (convicts, Astrapians and laborers from all the New World) emptied the bay, reaching the muddy seabed. The dam was then reinforced with beams from inside, to prevent it collapsing due to the terrible pressure from outside. Even if the giraffes egregiously did their job, a significant was given by a series of endless screws, simple (and quite fragile) machines capable of lifting huge volumes of water with a minimum effort; they were useful in particular when the bay was almost dry, to complete the job and control infiltrations along the dam. Here you can see how the port was actually realised: hundreds of tons of mud, sand and rocks, accumulated by tides and rivers during the last centuries, were gradually removed with showels and cases by convicts (with red clothes) and salaried labourers. When full, the cases were lifted to the top of the cliff using winches and wooden rails: the resulting materials were then carried away with wagons along a temporary road and used to pave streets or build new piers in different areas of the island. A little ceremony was held at the top of the cliff: celebrating a tradition older than the Faith itself the Master Builder made a short propitiatory speech near to the cornerstone of the future fort. This stone, influencing the direction, precision and stability of the foundation, has always had a strong symbolical value: the future of the new building relies on it's stability and, since the cornerstone can only be exposed by the complete distruction of the overlying building, an offer to the gods of the Underword (Hades in particular) is usually made. As usual, the cornerstone of the fort contained a little space for the ritual offers: a golden figurine of Hades, a doubloon minted during the year, sometimes a message for the future Oleanders; the cover was then sealed forever with mortar and, since that very moment the new fort became something more than a mere project. Tristan Rimbaud, one of the promoters (and financers) of the Royal Arsenal congratulated with the Master Builder: the build was perfectly on time, and the bright, glorious future for Astrapi was a little nearer. An overall view: Other pictures: The men manouvring one of the winches
  2. @blackdeathgr is the builder of this MOC. All credit for the design and construction belongs to him. I am merely posting it on his behalf. Located just before the commander's palace and near other buildings for senior officers, the main parade ground isn't a very exciting place. Apart from flag ceremonies and the occasional parade it's a fairly quiet place. Despite it's central location, the facility's layout means that few pedestrians have reason to cross it. Still, standing orders are for two sentries to be posted to the parade ground at all times, a job that even a bookkeeper would find dull. Sure, sentries occasionally apprehend deserters and traitors, and on very rare occasion a foreign agent, but that is, at best, a farfetched possibility for those stationed at the parade ground. After all, few foreign governments are concerned about the secrets of Oleon's colors, and most soldiers are wise enough to know that causing trouble near the officers' quarters never ends well. Nonetheless, the sentries remain ever vigilant for even the slightest error on their part can result in most a most severe punishment. Once again, please direct all comments and criticisms to @blackdeathgr La place.lxf by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  3. Entering the port of the Royal Arsenal of Astrapi, it's hard to believe that only few months ago it was only a secluded bay, a safe place to shelter fishing boats from storms but not deep enough to host anything bigger than a corvette: the new military port, in fact, was built by the hard work of Oleander diggers and engeneers. The first challenge was the laying of a double palisade across the entrance of the bay, about 400 metres wide; the barrier was strengthened with earth, sand and rocks coming from the foundation works of the Arsenal itself. The poles forming the dam were deeply plunged into the sea bottom using a pile driver mounted on a boat: an heavy block of rock is lifted using a crane and then violently dropped on the pole, hammering it in the sand; a ballast of stones, on the back, prevents the boat from capsizing. Meanwile, a group of "volounteers" is digging along the coastline in order to expose the solid rock below: soon a little fort will be built there that, with his twin on the other side of the bay, will welcome any unexpecte visitor with 36-pounder greetings. The "volounteers" are actually former pirates nicely host by Astrapi jail, who were given a chance to shorten their conviction or avoid the gallows; their work is hard, but they receive decent food, fresh water and can see the sunlight. A group of Astrapi inhabitants is removing some bush: a temporary road will be cut across the thicket in order to allow an easy arrival from Astrapi for the hundred of men that will be employed soon and for the building materials. An overall view The pile driver again A coplue of volounteers Some other pics of the building site This is the first of a series of three builds. I tried to depict the same area at the beginning (here), at about an half and at the end of the works. No pirate was badly hurt during the process.
  4. The son of trot sounds in the deserted streets of suburb of Astrapi. A carriage stopped at the gates of the newly built Military Academy. - "Ah, here she is!" The headmaster of the academy, proud as he is, could not help shuddering at the sight of this cart carrying the Courteville's coat of arms. A valet hastened to run to the gates and helped the lady to get off the carriage. Madame de Courteville crossed the court, flanked by ranks of cadets and naval officers. - "Madame la Duchesse, I hope the trip was pleasant. Would you care to partake of some refreshment?" Asked politely the headmaster. - "Oh, monsieur de Torchon, you are too kind, but I think we put aside the courtoisie for a moment, you know our majesty has orderred personnaly the construction of this arsenal. Ah, I forgot, this academy thingy, you know it's the first military school in the new world, and I hope you will not fail us." A big drop of sweat slid down the cheek of de Torchon, he knew quite well the reputation of this Madame de Courteville, and she shall not make his life easy unless she got a satisfactory response. He began to search his pockets for that piece of paper but came out with empty hands, par Poseidon, he must left it in his old clothes. He had to improvise. - "Hum, see..."Stammered de Torchon. - "Monsieur, I hope you won't make me listen your harangue in the tropical heat?" Said la Duchesse with a grin. - "Mille pardon, madame, you are absolutely right, could you do me the honor to follow me to my office, a detailed report is waiting for you." The poor headmaster was quite relieved when he heard the protest. - "Volontier." The Duchesse was ready to go enter building, when she raised her eyes and her gaze focused on these lime-green plates. - "Quite an exquisite taste, where did you find these green plates?" She asked ironically while frowning her eyebrows. - "They are made of quartzites that exist in abundance in this region, a quite unique color, isn't it? But to be honest, Astrapi is a small settlement, we were low on budget and we had to do with what we already got." Replied de Torchon, seemingly quite proud of his work. - "Very well." Exclamed la Duchesse, then, in a whisper, she said to herself,"I shall see to have them replaced." Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome!
  5. [OL FB] An Offer

    Previously: Lavalette Inn As always, comments and criticisms are welcome. An Offer by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr After a hearty dinner, one of the best Captain Anthony Genaro had in quite some time, the two men retired Paul Laforge’s lounge. After easing into one of the fine, plush chairs, Anthony took a moment to take in the room. Massive ceilings, wall paper, a fine Varcoast, or perhaps Mokolei (not that Anthony could tell the difference) rug, and gold plating adorning every available surface. Anthony complimented Paul on his fortune and luxury, and the men chatted a while about the spice trade, sailing, and old times. “Tell me, Gen, do you still speak Corrish?” Paul asked during a lull in the conversation. “Just enough to put a sour taste in my mouth,” Anthony replied with a chuckle. “But surely you didn’t have me over for dinner just to insult me?” “No, no I’m afraid it’s something far more serious. You see, I’m at a bit of a loss. This isn’t even supposed to be my problem, but with Hollande gone the problem has fallen on me.” “Not his replacement, that Hock-something fellow?” “Hochstetter?” Paul said, looking uncomfortable. “Well, I suppose it is his problem, but he wants me to fix it.” “And you can’t say no.” “Anthony,” Paul replied stairing straight at the captain. “One does not simply tell Hochstetter ‘no’.” After a brief pause, Anthony spoke. “But you still haven’t told me what all the trouble is about." “Ah, well, that is the key isn’t it. There’s a certain, ah, project and we’ve run into some difficulty.” “Project?” “Yes, project. Let’s leave it at that,” said Paul, overly eager to move past this subject. “Well, there is a certain Corrie who should have the solution.” “And you can’t simply hire him because?” “That’s precisely what we’re trying to do, but he's not the type of man you hire with a notice in the paper. But you needn't worry with the details. Look, your part really wouldn't be difficult. I just need someone with authority and decent manners to sail a company official down there and back." “I may be down on my luck, but I’m not some lieutenant who just runs errands,” Anthony responded, indignant at the mere thought. Paul took a deep breath before continuing. “Look, Gen, I see your situation. Speaking as your friend, you’re dead broke, probably spent your last doubloon, you have no hope of a ship, and you’re out of lodging. No, let me finish” Paul demanded before Anthony could interrupt. “I don’t mean to insult you, but you and I both know this is the truth. Look, I don’t need you. A simple run down and back? There are dozens of Company captains who could handle that. But you're my friend, Gen. You're in a tight spot, and I'd like to help. I won't force you, but I also won't make this offer again." The men sat in silence for a while, the only noise coming from the crackling fire. Then Anthony rubbed his temple and swore before continuing. “But what if you’re wrong? What if orders come in?” asked Anthony. He knew it wouldn’t happen, but there was still that small sliver of hope in him that simply wouldn’t die. “I’ll have La Royale hire the vessel. You keep your place on the Captains List and you’ll be at full pay for a bit, that’s in addition to the Company’s salary and bonus, mind you. If orders come in, they’ll wait.” “You can do that?” Anthony asked with surprise. “Oh, come now. It’s no harder than adding a friend’s child to the ship’s roll, something you should be familiar with” Paul joked. “Why you must have had twenty years of experience before even setting foot on a ship.” “Oh, yes,” Anthony replied with a chuckle, "it's amazing what you can get away with if you know the right people. And I suppose you know the right people for this, ah, temporary hiring." "Me personally? No, but I know someone who must know someone" Paul said with a shrug. Anthony took a deep breath and stared into the abyss for a minute before Paul continued. “Cheer up, Gen. It’s not all bad. Besides, how often do you get the chance to order about a ship full of Company men?” “Not often enough.”
  6. Lavalette Inn

    I've decided it's about time I continue developing my naval character's story, and I'm very pleased with how the build turned out. As always, comments and criticism are welcome. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Captain Anthony Genaro walked down the road distressed. Once again, the only letter waiting for him at the port admiral's office was from his brother. Nothing from the admiralty, no news of a command, and to make matters worse there was still no word on when the payroll would arrive. At this point, he just wanted to return to his room without any further disappointment, but as he turned one last corner before reaching his inn, he saw that wouldn't be the case. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain Genaro!” Abigale Fisher shrieked, her bulky frame filling most of the door, when the young officer was a few steps away. “Do you have any idea what day it is?” “And a most good and holy day it is, no doubt,” the Captain replied, knowing full well what Abigale was after, but doing his best to avoid it. “Today marks six months, Captain, six months,” she continued, hands firmly planted on her hips, her stone-cold gaze unyielding. “Six months since I’ve seen a penny of rent out of you.” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Good lord, has it really been that long? Well, I for one will be sure to write to the port admiral and complain about his inability to maintain a steady schedule for the payroll ship.” “Don’t you dare give me any of that today, Captain, I don’t want your jokes.” Anthony gulped as he began racking his brain for the right response. He could stare down a Ship of the Line in not more than a brig or be the first to board a galley of bloodthirsty corsairs, but none of that mattered now. “Well?” Abigale asked. “It’s just… well, you see times are tough for a poor officer on half pay,” Anthony meekly replied. “I’m barely scrapping by as is. But on my honor, as soon as the payroll arrives,” but Abigale interrupted him before he could finish. “Oh, good. I’m sure my creditors will be happy to take your good will and honor in lieu of gold. Oh, sure, I’m certain that’ll keep me out of debtors’ prison.” “But what would you have me do?” Anthony cried out, desperate for some way to pacify his landlady and get back to his room. “Surely your sword or medals would be worth a few month’s rent,” replied Abigale, her cold stare unchanged. “Why, an excellent idea, Mrs. Fisher. Let me just take a look in my trunk...” “Oh, no you don’t, Captain! I know you haven’t got anything in there!” Abigale exclaimed. “You’ve got a perfectly good medal on your hat and a perfectly good sword in your belt.” “Well, surely this can wait until tomorrow,” Anthony pleaded. “No!” “But it’s late! Surely you don’t intend to let me spend the night in the streets!” Abigale just stood in the doorway and stared at the captain. Then, without another word, she turned, entered the inn, and slammed the door shut, leaving Anthony alone, cursing his current situation. “Gen?” a familiar voice asked. “Anthony Genaro? By Zeus it is!” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony turned to the voice and immediately cheered up. “Paul Laforge, you old devil!” he exclaimed upon seeing his old shipmate. They served together as midshipmen in the peace and both were commissioned as lieutenants on the Mars during the Juniper War, but Anthony hadn't seen Paul for years. He immediately ran over and kissed each cheek in the proper Olean greeting. “How have you been? How’s Marie?” “Fine, both of us just fine, thank you,” Paul replied. “But it appears that you’ve seen better.” "Ah, it's nothing, just waiting for my next assignment," Anthony said. "But what's this? Don't tell me you've sold out?" "Alas, I'm afraid I have" Paul chuckled. "Half pay simply didn't suit Marie, but I was able to get one of the company's ships. Nothing like serving the Crown, but by Zeus do they pay well." "And it appears you ate most of it" Anthony said with a playful jab at his friend's increasing gut. "Well, Marie is quite a cook. Speaking of which, perhaps you could join us for dinner?" "I'd hate to impose..." "Come, come! I won't take no for an answer!" "Well, if you insist," Anthony replied, not requiring much encouragement to enjoy a free meal with his old friend. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  7. Having limited time and since my LEGO bricks currently need "redeploying" in order to build anything (assuming the baby leaves me time), I am spending a bit more time in LDD. So, while experimenting with the "half stud" technique on walls, I ended up building the following moc. It is an Oleander barracks and prison along with a wall for firing practice (and more ). Nothing fancy considering innovative techniques and stuff but I quite liked the way it ended up. Interior is almost non existent, but for some benches at the prison section. As always, C&C is appreciated!
  8. The Order is using its Flagship in ensuring its followers do not waver in their faith. Those who have fallen astray will be met with the wrath Loyalty. The Pearl shuttles high officials of The Order such as a high priest show here. The best of Oleon's Royal Marines man the vessel to ensure its ready for action. Thanks for looking. If you're interested in a plain interior and want to see additional pictures my daughter helped with , check the spoiler.
  9. Location: Breshaun Type: Small Commercial "Wow! Breshaun sure is great! It's the largest city on the brick seas! And it sure is nice!" Said Captain Kelly, of the WTC Teamwork. "Yeah, and everybody here is so nice. How do they afford all this?" Said Jane, his right hand woman. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Excuse me sir, is this the place where we register our profits for the KPA?" Kelly asked the guard. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Hehehe. Yep! Go on in." He said with an evil laugh. The two went into the office. An Oleonese Noblewoman sat at the desk. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Well well well, thank you for docking in Breshaun. Are you ready to pay the tax?" She said with an evil grin. "Wait, isn't there supposed to be a free market?" Asked Kelly. "No! Of course not! We need to fund our public endowment to the arts by stealing- I mean taxing ship's profits! Here, read this." She said. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Wait what? You're holding us hostage?!?!" Asked Kelly incredulously. "No... Now give us the money! MWAHAHAHA!" Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "At least that's how I remember it," Kelly wrote in his diary. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! Just a little poke at Oleon for having such high taxes. I'm sure they appreciate the building in their settlement as well. I'll make sure to pay by the end of the month. Is it Oleon or Breshaun I'm paying? C&C appreciated!
  10. The busy Eltina shipyards has yet delivered another vessel to the colonial squadron of la Royale. Such speed is only possible with the affluence of new settlers, indeed, the recent event at a former Mardier island has forced many of the "Royalists" to flee to more hospitable lands. This extra of manpower allowed our shipyards to run 24h on 24 to satisfy the thirst of la Royale for mooaarrr ships. Meanwhile, to exploit further the labourers, the owner of the shipyards, Knight Lagaufre, has decided to launch a new frigate, a heavy one. She's built with 5 midsections, length-wise is comparable to a class 7 two-decker, but since she only has one full deck, I plan to license her as a class 6. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  11. Hot spring, Celestia This is my entry for Era II, Challenge 1, Category B. Jameston, Celestia, 30th day of the 1st month, 618 AE Distinguished fellows of the Royal Society, In the name of science and our Queen, may her reign be long and prosperous, I have a new geological find of great interest to report to you. In my exploration of the wonderful island of Celestia, I have discovered a spring where the water is hot and with a visibly different chemical composition to the surrounding streams and small lakes. While I have not yet been able to analyze the chemical composition of the spring in my laboratory, by it’s odour I conclude that it most certainly contains traces of sulphur. After a good long bath in the spring’s waters my skin is clearly rejuvenated, so my assumption is that it has some medical properties worthy of further research. Yours faithfully, Dr. Alistaire Garrett
  12. "Look! There it is!", exclaimed Hugo as he has just seen the object of everybody's in the expedition desire. Mr B had given him the right directions after all. And the natives in their turn, had given him the right directions as well. Perched at a steep cliff by a waterfall, he was by no means there. He had to tackle the fast water that moved down the river and climb for quite some time. Not a small feat for anyone. But Hugo's eyes had focused on the exotic flower... About an hour later, he was finally holding the rarest flower of all. A true beauty, worthy of it's name. "Celestia’s Superb Orchid" ! It's scarlet colors, Its bushy appearance, all attributed to its beauty. But above all, its smell, was like incense to the pious. Something completely out of this world. And Hugo was holding it in his hands. He was to immediately put it in a glass full of water, for the natives explained Mr B that each branch you cut from this flower, grows roots almost immediately. Maybe this characteristic, always coupled with its smell, was the cause of its illustrious name. The King will be really happy upon his return! As I couldn't build a bigger moc in time for the competition, I decided to participate, simply for the fun of it. And since a flower is first and foremost a woman's subject, I asked my wife to help me The general idea is mostly hers, but it needed my touch mostly for stability reasons. Still, no matter how I've tried, it still remains a bit fragile as we speak. Anyway, thanks for watching and good luck to everybody!
  13. Finding the Superb Orchid, Celestia This is my entry for Era II, Challenge 1, Category C. The expedition led by Gideon Saulse de Bothnia has set out into the jungle. Trekking on ancient roads through the jungle. Finally they reached the goal of the expedition. The scientific leader of the expedition writes in his diary: “From the travels of Dr. Alistaire Garrett. Celestia, 27th day of the 1st month, 618 AE. We had struggled very slowly through the jungle for many hours when finally we came upon an ancient road paved with square stones. It seemed like someone, probably the natives, have been keeping it clear of larger vegetation. Following this road our pace picked up and ancient ruins could be seen among the trees. Suddenly we saw a clearing in the dense forest and among the chattering of the birds we heard the purling sound of a small waterfall. To our left, we now saw two imposing temple structures. But what really caught my eyes was the largest and most splendid orchid I have ever seen. Our expedition must surely have found the Superb Orchid the natives were talking about!” Finding the Superb Orchid among ancient holy buildings. Tranquility. Edan Braxton and Dr. Garrett spots the Superb Orchid. Ancient temple. The Superb Orchid itself Without figures and some closeups: Some WIP pictures if anyone is interested in the workflow:
  14. The Gilded Cup, Jameston, Celestia This is my entry for Era II, Challenge 1, Category A. The build was somewhat inspired by the 18th century Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. In the rapidly growing settlement of Jameston, a place of particular popularity among wealthy gentlemen scientists and adventurers exploring the wonders of Celestia is the luxurios (well, by colonial standards...) tavern called The Gilded Cup. An expedition is making ready to set out from there to search for the rumored superb orchid of Celestia. The Gilded Cup The innkeeper greets one of the island's many explorers Corlander colonial troops Expedition members are discussing their plans for their venture into the jungle Members of the expedition Gideon Saulse de Bothnia Mayor of Astrapi. Always a restless adventurer, so when he got bored of the duties of mayor he has neglected all of that and gone off on new adventures. Now Gideon has heard the rumors of ancient treasures on Celestia and has arrived in Jameston, in the search of the fame and glory. Jayson Saulse Member of the Order of the Faith, devoted to Poseidon. Brother of Gideon, but has relinquished his noble titles when he swore fealty to the Order. Exploring the frontiers together with his brother, but his motives are less obvious. He claims to be searching for ever more splendid offerings to the God of the Sea in order to improve the good fortunes of the Oleander fleet, but some whisper that his true objective with this endeavor is to please his masters and strengthen his position within the Order. Dr. Alistaire Garrett Gentleman scientist, with enough inherited money to spend on a life of scientific exploration while still travelling as comfortable as possible. As every true gentleman scientist of this era, his research interests are multi-disciplinary. His true calling however lies is the discovery and cataloging of the botanical and zoological wonders of New Terra. Edan Braxton Corlander adventurer, among the first to explore Cascadia and therefore speaks the Myzectlan tongue well. He can therefore communicate somewhat also with the natives on Celestia and will (for a good price) guide an expedition towards a rumored ancient temple complex in the jungle.
  15. The "Unfolded Tablecloth Productions" presents you their next big hit: Hugo D'Offren embarks once again on a great adventure! This time though it is not an adventure involving vanquishing enemies of the Crown, rather than a mission of scientific (and prestigious) nature. We are to explore the jungles of Celestia and locate the fabled Superb Orchid of Celestia! Hugo has just arrived at Jameston, accompanied by his trusted crew and marines. With him, there is also a young and ambitious dragoon officer, the protege of Hugo (sporting the Dragoon's shako used when on foot and the dreaded scarlet demi-cape of the Oleon Dragoons regiments). He is his sister's son after all. All together, they are to meet a Crown agent (the man in black attires - let's call him Mr B for now) that was stationed in Jameston some months ago in order to facilitate the expedition's first steps among other things. The meeting is to take place in front of "The Captain's Daughter" Inn, at a secondary quay of the settlement. At the following pics, you will watch this meeting taking place (and all those sailors "happily" carrying the expedition's luggage and stuff - mostly blank canvas and empty diaries ready to be filled with the wonders of this island's Jungles). Sadly no time for interior (even a rudimentary one). The "bucket floating around was drifted here from a nearby wreck - worry not, as none was injured. Both buildings (The Captain's Daughter Inn and a nearby merchant house) are a gift from Oleon to the good people of Jameston. They can license them in their name as they see fit. Thanks for watching and good luck to all the contestants!
  16. Minerary Office

    Even if Astrapi silver lore promises to be incredibly rich, the excavation of the mine is taking longer than expected due to continuous water damages: usual mining techniques seem to be uneffective and traditional water pumps are completely powerless aganist the flow of water and mud invading new tunnels. For this reason Tristan Ribaud, the owner of the mining area, decided to organise in the offices in the future mine a meeting with representatives of several foreign nations, in order to promote technological exchange in minerary field, but also to extabilish new routes to unusual commercial partners. Samples of raw minerals and refined silver from the lore are displayed as partial guarantee of Astrapi underground riches, but the most valuable "goods" exchanged in this meeting are engeering solutions in mining business: infrastructures like Ribaud Canal, water pumps in Varcoastan mines, Maharajah's Foundry in Northern Mokolei Empire, or innovative techniques, like the "oculate use" of explosives in Argentia prospects, in fact, could be adapted to different conditions, terrains and enviroments in order tosolve problems, increase productivity and reduce material, but also human costs. The meeting was friendly, and a treaty for future technological cooperation was signed: with a bit of luck, Astrapi silver mine, but also different projects in foreign countries will soon be completed, overcoming obstacles that seemed insurmontable before. Political issues and reciprocal mistrust, however, will make everything harder, since a richer nation (and a nation with better mines is obviously richer) can afford a stronger army and could eventually invade its same helper! From left to right: Salleekan ambassador, a WTC representative, Tristan Rimbaud (from Oleon), a Mololei vassal and a Varcoastan officer. Vincent Leroy, designer of Rimbaud Canal, talking to a Mokolei vassal (with his bodyguard). Tristan Rimbaud with the Varcoastan and WTC representatives. A WTC marine and a Varcoastan pandur near to a cabinet of fine liquors... probably something dangerous! A cartographer presenting his job about Ribaud Canal. A miner receiving his salary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Mesabi, I just realised that a treaty signed is probably more official than what we had agreed about, even if it won't have any real implication... actually I needed a reason to justify the presence of so many foreigners and why I'm so late building my mine; feel free to ask me to modify/delete something. I think there are no problems with the other nations involved, since most of them are not "in use" and, as I said, the treaty doesn't have any practical purpose; if it's a problem for somebody or for the rules, I'll modify that immediately.
  17. Every time there is a build needed to fill an awkward void in my pirate layout, this warehouse design is my fall back option, again. My large fort was originally supposed to be along a side of the layout, but now I want it in the corner. This build allows me to convert the fort into a corner module and maintain my collaborative standard for joining modules. Thanks for looking.
  18. Rene, Emile's quartermaster, had been sent a letter from his captain hwo was out at sea with Oleon in Terraversa. The loss of The Elise was a devestating blow to morale for the crew, especially since Emile wasn't with them when the ship was lost. Since then, they all had been waiting on orders. Finally, they arrived. Emile had heard of something going on in Jameston, the Corrington settlement, and he wanted Rene, Gilbert the boatswain, and Henri the rigger to go to the Oleon Consulate in the city and get supplies to search for some orchid. The other three main crew members were told to wait for further orders. The consulate was imposing. Glass doors opened up to balconies on the first floor, and two guards always stood at attention. After being allowed in, Henri went straight for the butler, hoping to find some form of alcohol there. And yes, Emile's rum was there. Gilbert found an old acquaintance who had been stationed at the consulate, and they chatted about the old times, back before they had gone their separate ways. Rene found the Consul and showed the letter he had received from Emile. "Ah yes," the consul said as he looked at the parchment. "Jameston has been in a bustle recently due to this. Who's going to go on this expedition?" "Myself, Gilbert, and the boy Henri," Rene replied. "If you could spare any other men, we'll gladly take them." "Unfortunately I can't send any men with you," the consul admitted. "But, I can give you a healthy amount of supplies. You'll need them when you head out. You'll find some interesting things out there. Just don't start a war, alright?" "I'll do my best," Rene said. Up above, they began to gather supplies: shot, weapons, tents. It's dangerous out there for a citizen of Oleon in this place.
  19. The small coastal village of Bertelshafn was still half asleep when young Magnus softly closed the door behind him. The early morning fog rising from the water coupled with small flecks of snow falling from the sky gave the village a serene feeling, fit for the time of the year. The closed door was symbolic in a way, as Magnus had chosen to give his life a new direction. The typical Garvian village life was not enough for him. He wanted more. More adventure. See more of the world. Sure, he could become a rum runner, rogue or sail the seas as a smuggler, but at what risk? Where were the heroics in that? The steady pay to support his family? No, young Magnus Erikssen had made a decision: he had gathered his belongings and would now travel to Oleon and volunteer in its legendary Légion étrangère, a military formation open to men of all backgrounds, professions and nationalities. Famed for its courage, battle prowess and iron discipline. His adventure was just beginning, the time had come to leave rugged Garveig behind and serve a new King. For Oléon! --- A rather simple build of mine to introduce Magnus. I never really knew where to take the previous character I had made for Era I of BoBS or how to tie him in to other ideas or storylines I wanted to portray. Therefore I made a new character, way lower on the social ladder which makes it (in my eyes) easier for me to include him in builds. Will I completely ditch Henri? Definitely not. I will try to reference him or cameo him from time to time, but my focus will be on Magnus from now on. Concerning the MOC: at first I only built the house on the left as a backdrop to introduce Magnus, but I quickly expanded upon it and made it a larger scene. There's really nothing much to it, since it's just a simple backdrop, but I do like the white-dark red-darkgreen color combo. I was inspired by a picture from a link in the Garvey description in Jameis Farstrider's Guide. I tried to recreate the peat roof, but perhaps I should've used some more grass stalks to give it more of that grassy feeling. I'd really like to build more in this style, but I already depleted practically all of my dark red for this simple backdrop, so I doubt I'll build anything more complex anytime soon . Again, sorry for the quality of the photo. The lighting was really dark and I had to Photoshop it quite a bit to get it somewhat decent, but I lost a lot of detail. Any tips on decent photography? Like, what lamps I should use to light the scene?
  20. Long have the lands of Guelph been a domain of the Oleander Crown and the culture of the motherland seeps deep into its sands. Sometimes however, trouble still stirs amongst the natives of Guelph. Stimulated either by nefarious foreign meddling and instigation or by internal disagreement with the current state of affairs several branches of a new cult began popping up in different New Oleander cities and villages. These acolytes follow the teachings of the Scorpion King, Ankor, and call themselves the Cult of the Scorpion. As enlightened as Oleonese society is, acts of religious dissent, demagogy and inciting the populace against the state are severely looked down upon and swiftly dealt with. Spurred on by both the Faith and the Governor, soldiers of the New Oleonese Army crack down upon the known locations of sympathizers of the Cult. Here, a mixed force of Tirailleurs and Dragoons - a typical combination in Guelph military operations - are ready to breach the house of several conspirators and confiscate everything pertaining to the mysterious Scorpion King and his followres and take hold of the illegal weapons rumored to be stockpiled in the house. Of course, any lead to the fabled treasures of this Scorpion King are welcome finds as well... For the Faith, for the Crown! --- I wanted to make a small MOC to showcase some of my men in action and get back into building some more. I wanted to take some more photos, but the weather and lighting's been really bad here, so these were the only decent ones I got . The third one's kind of bad, but you get the general idea. Even though it's a small MOC, C&C is always welome !
  21. Here's a build I've had sitting around for months now. Originally it was going to be part of a continuing story, but sometimes life works out differently. The presentation isn't the best (for which I do apologize), but overall I'm fairly pleased with the overall build. Comments and criticism are welcome. There were always those who found the RNTC’s policies to be irritating and sometimes downright annoying. Some merchants, finding the RNTC’s taxes and fees to be an unacceptable burden on their profit margin, would decide to go through the standard process of unloading and selling goods while avoiding the step of giving the company a share of the revenue. With the absence of Mayor Henri Hollande, these merchants became even more daring. Instead of unloading the goods along the wild shores outside of town in the dead of night, smugglers began mixing taxed and untaxed goods as the unloaded cargo in Lavalette’s harbor, right under the company’s nose. The merchants became more daring, yet the company took no action, furthering the merchant’s daring. Surely, the merchant’s thought, if we haven’t been caught yet we won’t be caught in the future. But the merchants were playing a dangerous game, and one which they were about to lose. For while the civilian officials were seemingly unaware of what was happening, Major Wolfgang Hochstetter kept a close eye on everything that happened. And once he decided the time was right, once just enough contraband cargo was sitting in Lavalette’s warehouses, he struck. Lavalette Warehouse by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Troops swarmed the quayside warehouses, searching for any barrel and any chest that lacked the stamp from the company’s port officials. One contraband was found, soldiers quickly stormed the building and began taking corrective action against all offending goods. Others formed a line to keep crowds at bay while Major Hochstetter interviewed the warehouse’s owners to ensure they understood the RNTC’s policies. Of course, the owners quickly learned their lesson, albeit too late to save their lives. Lavalette Warehouse by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Lavalette Warehouse by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Lavalette Warehouse by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Additional Pictures:
  22. Emile, We got a plot of land in Fatu Hiva that we could build on. It may not be profitable yet, but it will be as the village grows. It's a three story building with an extended addition to store the alcohl from our factories, so wjhen people ask for more hopefully we have more in stock. Three stories can you believe that? Maybe when can rent out different areas? There's so much commerce going on here. All my love, Elise Elise, Dear, this is fantastic news. Our business will expand soon to other colonies. Commerce from Oleon will grow so much we won't be able to manage it. Coudl you imagine? I'm doing my best here out in some of the furthest regions. You won't believe it. I'll be back soon, with gifts, mind you. But the only gift I can't bring back is you, as you're there already. Soon to see you, Emile
  23. Rimbaud Canal

    After the discovery of a rich silver lore in Astrapi countryside, the House of Rimbaud decided to invest in mining activities on the island. The lack of infrastructures, however, represented a huge obstacle, since building materials, equipment and supplies had to be transported on mules along a difficult path in the jungle; moreover, River of the True Faith flows near to the minerary area, but a series of rapids makes the area virtually unreachable by boat. To solve the problem and allow a faster development of the extractive activities, a small tributary of the River was diverted and channeled in a system of locks: in this way a boat (with its valuable load) can litteraly climb the great difference in height, reaching the calm flow upstream. When a boat enters the lower basin, the rear lock is closed and the water level rises, reaching the level of the upper basin... ...the front lock is then opened, and the boat can move forward to the next couple of locks. A road was built along the river: even if it's too narrow for carts and wagons, it is useful for workhorses when the load (for example machinery or building materials) is too heavy for oars. Inns and livery stables were also built at a regular distance along the canal, allowing an efficent messanger service and providing a place to rest for travelers and for the men operating the locks. This ingenious infrastructure, allowing a fast flow of goods and news (even in the opposite direction, progressively lowering the water level), represents a vital artery connecting the (still unexisting, but be faithful ) minerary district with Astrapi urban area and will probably be crucial in further development of the island. An overview of the building (two basins, the road, a tavern and a stable) A couple of soldiers checking a boatman's licence to use the locks The tavern Another view of the tavern; the man on the right is a cartographer drawing Rimbaud Canal layout A messanger changing his horse at the livery A view of the locks; an hydrometer can be seen on the left. Another view of the locks
  24. Just a couple of microbuilds that will be licensed using some of Oleon's awards from Chapter V (yes, it's hard to get things licensed with our bureaucracy). These mark my first attempts at building in microscale, and comments and criticisms are most welcome. 1) Lavalette Glass Factory With the rapid growth of the colonies, traditional artisan glass blowers simply were unable to keep up with demand. To address this shortfall in supplies, some decided it was time to go large-scale and devote entire factories to the production of glass. Capable of producing both sheet glass and blown glass, the factory is a constant hive of activity. Its location along the river makes it easy to ship the vast quantities of bulky sand needed to keep the facility operating at full capacity. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr 2) Temple of Tyche Profit before piety is how most in Oleon view Veleanders, but this is an unfortunate misnomer. True, Vele isn't known for worshiping the three major deities, but to suggest that they are no better than a greedy green is simply unfair. After all, each Veleander knows that their commercial success wouldn't be possible without the blessings of Tyche, the goddess of fortune and luck. And given the prevalence of Veleanders in the RNTC, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company's stronghold is home to the largest temple to Tyche in all of New Terra. Though some may look at the gold-plated statues and marble exterior as extravagant and wasteful, Veleanders know that a small payment to honor Tyche is sure to reap dividends in the future. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  25. Hello again, fellow BoBS'ers, here's the continuation of Roseabeau's storyline that took a slightly different course when two Oleander warships got captured during the recent MCRA. An Unpleasant Exchange Previously: New Directions Next: -- Dramatis Personae: After several days of travelling East, HRS Monarque has arrived at the dictated location somewhere in the Sea of Thieves to meet up with notorious pirate Bloody Bill. I don't like this at all. What exactly, Seigneur Roseabeau? The fact that we are way out of range of HRS Monarque's guns to protect us, the fact that we are forced to pay a fortune to a reckless criminal... or that... dangling thing behind us? Agreed on all three, my good Lieutenant. I don't like this at all. Neither do I, Seigneur, neither do I. But if it is any satisfaction, the pirate won't like this exchange too much either. I'm certain he'd prefer to keep the ships. Agreed again. But we'd hunt him down if he didn't surrender the ships - and he knows it. We will hunt him down regardless. Scum like him has been sailing the seas for way too long. But for now, let's get this over with - time is of the essence. Here he comes. Additional picture: About: Hmm... not much to tell... But hey, I think I really like Bublible's new renderer Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!