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  1. Brick Car


    Thank you!!!! Nice suggestion!! I will add the tiles on the engine cover
  2. Brick Car


    It's a snowmobile or an airplane??? It's a Snowplane!!! A peculiar snow machine propelled by an airplane-type engine and pusher propeller!! This moc was first cocneived and built in 2016 but now it is improved (no non existant colors,improved stability). It contains 729 pieces and it includes real suspension,opening doors with detailed interior,steering from the steering wheel,powerfuntions motor,a variable ptich propeller (adjustable blade angle) to use as a kind of "gearbox" to achieve a desired RPM range and the innovation of brick separators as skis!!! It's external design is also inspired from curvaceous old train and car designs.I hope you like it!!! Free full access bricklink model and more photos here
  3. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

    Thank you!!! Nice suggestion!!! I will try to make a sturdier spoiler
  4. Brick Car

    [MOC] Scania P220 Skiploader

  5. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

  6. nice one!!!full of character
  7. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

  8. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

  9. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

    Of course
  10. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

  11. Brick Car

    [MOC] Miss Octan

    Miss Octan is aiming to break the Lego water speed record!!!! She contains 806 parts!!! She features 8 massive flame spitting jet engines and a huge spoiler!!!! The concept of this build is a powerboat loosely based on any record smashing boats and Ekranoplans but rather with an approach to be pleasing to the eye (I'm a mechanical engineer but no engineering accuracy is present here,sorry:P).The front and the bottom pieces are a Lego airplane tail!!!The design was straightforward and joyful and stability was a fundamental factor of the building process. I want your opinions in the comments!!!!
  12. I like to say a big thank you to mr msx80,bluerender is such a useful fast tool,congratulations
  13. Brick Car

    Pillage the Village 2015 Contest: Voting

    Large category: K-3 Small category:A-3
  14. Brick Car

    The roaring twenties

    Thank you very much! :classic: :classic: