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  1. LuxorV

    Minifig Cape Patterns/Sizes

    We have some templates (including a cape and a cloak) in the Templates Index, and they should be scaled to the right size. I have never seen a comprehensive list of sizes for all those designs, though.
  2. Thank you, badchriss. I like to put little details, like the lurking niffler in this case, in my MOCs, as I think they add to the overall appearence. My aim was to build just the bakery, to give the characters a small background, I have no plans for a full building or facade, at least for now.
  3. I'm glad you like it, as I really enjoied building it and experimenting with new ideas. Indeed, that's the picture I used as a model during the build. Thanks for your kind words. I completely agree on the floor tiles issue. Thanks. As MAB already said, those parts, while useful in larger dioramas, are a bit too big for smaller builds like this one, in my opinion. Thank you. I started by giving Jacob a re-furnished 'pizza/kebab turned into bakery' floor in the Sanctum from Infinity War, but then I felt it did not make justice to the very nice design in the film, and assembled a dedicated scene.
  4. I recently acquired some HP CMFs, and those from Fantastic Beasts (except for Tina, who comes from the Dimensions set) inspired me to try my hand and build Jacob Kowalski's Bakery. As far as I know (via Google search), up to now nobody really tried to re-create the whole thing in LEGO. Please let me know what you think of it, and maybe get inspired to make your own versions. KowalskiBakery_000 by LuxorV, su Flickr KowalskiBakery_004 by LuxorV, su Flickr KowalskiBakery_005 by LuxorV, su Flickr Hope you like it, and thanks for watching.
  5. LuxorV

    D-Day: SAURON!

    Hello, Dmitry79, and welcome to Eurobricks. You may want to introduce yourself in the Hello! My name is... section. Unfortunately, the OP has not visited Eurobricks in more than one year, so he may be unable to answer your question himself. He is a customiser who makes his own parts by molding and casting them, as far as I know. If you look at his signature, you'll see a link to his Bricklink store. It would appear the Sauron headpiece is no longer available, though. I invite you to browse and share your LEGO passion in the rest of our forum. Have fun!
  6. LuxorV

    Sculpey Tutorial

    Hello, Pandamonium, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop. You might want to create a topic to introduce yourself in the Hello! My name is... section. Unoftunately, the OP of this thread has not been active for about two years now. In my (limited) experience with Sculpey, if you use the boiling technique, you can either leave the sculpted piece on the base minifigure (damagable one) or boil without it (actaully depends on the thickness and studriness of the sculpted part). I have not tried, but would not recommend, baking a LEGO minifigure, as I'd expect it to not survive the process intact. Maybe some other users have a wider experience and can share some more views on this.
  7. LuxorV

    Tutorial How to: DIY decals

    You should check the measurements in this other tutorial on printing decals.
  8. Eurobricks Forum Global Moderator, Reviewers Academy teacher and LEGO extraordinary reviewer WhiteFang shares with us his magical review of the 71022 LEGO Minifigures - Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Series 1. (Click on the image above to join the discussions, or browse the LEGO Licensed Forum to learn more about the new LEGO Harry Potter sets.)
  9. You'll have to post your decals in a dedicated topic, and I'll later add them to the Indexes. Only Admins, Mods and Regs can edit others' topics/posts, so you wouldn't be able to modify the Indexes directly..
  10. LuxorV

    Custom part retailers

    You will able to find older (2008-2014) reviews by Whitefang and myself (and maybe some others) through the search function. There are also two articles on BrickArms by Dragonator, from 2009. If you want to open a more up-to-date and wider discussion about BrickArms current products, go for it.
  11. I see you already found it in the relevant topic. Good luck with your project.
  12. Hello, meepinater, I see you're enthusiastically exploring our forum and seem quite new to it. You'll find lots of useful info and tutorials on most of the topics you've been enquiring about in the Minifig Customisation Index, especialli the Tutorials and Resources section.
  13. We have a number of military (WWI, WWII and others) decals in the Other Decals Index, specifically (you guessed it) the Military Decals section. I hope it'll help you.
  14. LuxorV

    Custom part retailers

    This is indeed the right forum, and you'll find some interesting discussions and reviews of their products if you dig a bit through the forum.
  15. LuxorV

    Self-made/printed stickers? best practices?

    I seem to have missed this thread till now... You know, if you are looking for customisation tips and such you should really check our very own Minifig Customisation Workshop, which actually includes all kinds of customisation, decals and stickers, too. I'll move this thread there now.