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  1. Hello, TrunkWyatt, and welcome to Eurobricks. Please do not post your challenge as if it were a contest, since contest on EB are only handled by the Staff and this may seem confusing to our members. I'd appreciate it if you could re-phrase your posts to reflact the fact that this is a challenge you're proposing to our customisers just for the fun of it (I'll change the title accordingly). Thank you, and have fun on our boards.
  2. Some ideas for CMFs

    It was my pleasure. I definetly think your work and dedication deserve recognition, and people outside the MCW may not have noticed this thread, yet.
  3. Thanks CopMike for yet another chance to see the creative entries of the EB members. Here's my Christmas tree:
  4. Entry for the EB XMas Raffle 2017

    From the album LuxorV

  5. LuxorV

    Various stuff for the FP and MCW
  6. Hello, BlueDingoGaming, and welcome to Eurobricks and the Minifig Customisation Workshop. You shoud definitely start by browsing the Minifig Customisation Index and Guidelines thread, especially the Tutorials section. Lots of members contributed to it during the years and it contains many information on how to design, print, apply and get resources for decals and so on. I hop it will be helpful to you, too.
  7. Eurobricks Forum member and LEGO customiser Robert8 shares with us info on the latest batch of his custom minifigures designs: Series J (Click on the image above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)
  8. Robert8_CMF_SeriesJ

    From the album Fronpage_LV

  9. Fronpage_LV

    Pictures for Front Page posts
  10. Hello, Pix3D, and welcome to Eurobricks. Upon joining, you agreed to our Site Guidelines, including this part about self-promotion: I highlighted in red the most relevant part. So, take this as a warning: you can create topics to shocase your project, but not to promote or advertise your commercial activity. To this end, I removed from your post the parts asking for members to use the PM system for what looks like a commercial purpose.
  11. How to Make a Poll

    While the tutorial indeed could use an update, as you can see from this thread about Ranks, you'll need to be at least at Knight rank to create polls.
  12. MOC Battle on Pamart

    Moved to the LEGO Star Wars section.
  13. Hello CorporalBrickDan55, and welcome to Eurobricks. It would seem you only joined here to contact the OP asking for his products. You're also circumventing the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds section rules (discussed in the posts above yours) by posting in the Minifig Customisation Workshop instead. This kind of behaviour is not a good presentation card on your side. Please be sure to re-check the Site Guidelines you accepted upon registering, and maybe make and introduction topic in the Hello! My name is... section. I'm looking forward to see your more constructive contributions to our community, and in time you'll reach the proper rank to post in the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds section.
  14. paints

    Hi origamidude234, and welcome to Eurobricks. You could consider introducing yourself to our community in the Hello! My name is... section of the forums. A quick browse of the Minifig Customisation Workshop Index and Guidelines pinned topic offers the following results: How to paint LEGO? - a discussion on the same core question; The Eurobricks MCW Color Matching Paint Database - as it says on the tin, a database on paints matching LEGO colours. I hope these will be of help.
  15. Posting in the Bazaar?

    From the Eurobricks Staff Structure, User Groups and Tags thread: Basically, you'll have to be patient, partake in our community's active life, and once you reach 100 posts you'll be able to start new topics in the BSTF section. More Bazaar specific rules in the relevant pinned topic.