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  1. Hello, rafael3d, and welcome to Eurobricks. You will notice I edited your post above to remove the email address and self promotion. You are very welcome to share your designs and projects on our forums, but, as per our Guidelines you accepted upon signing up, you are required to avoid self promotion. Thank you. Looking forwards to see more of your work in the future.
  2. As I wrote in the other topic, please do not post questions unrelated to an existing thread, and instead open a new one if none of the current ones suit your aims. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Lawdawg, and welcome to Eurobricks. Please, keep in mind that reviving a 10+ years old topic to ask a question only marginally connected to the original discussion is usually considered impolite. It would have been better for you to open a new thread for it. Now, to answer your question, you could take a look into our Western Decals Index. There are a few designs and recolours of original LEGO prints that may be similar to what you are looking for. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your project when it's finished.
  4. Hello and welcome to Eurobricks, bluecoatsoldier. All decals in this library are free for use in personal projects as long as they are not commercial, and provided the original designer gets credit where relevant. It would also be appreciated to see pictures of the finished product once you complete your project.
  5. LuxorV

    Half Life 2 decals

    Hello, headcrabking, and welcome to Eurobricks. I'm glad you like my old decals so much. Thank you. I'm really surprised this thread got to have new activity after so long, btw.
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  10. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hello, awhiteportlander, and welcome to Eurobricks. Since you are new here, I think it would be useful to share some ground rules. Please, do not ask for ebay links in our threads. This section is meant for the discussion of custom figures, not as a marketplace. Thank you.
  11. LuxorV

    Minifig template

    Hi Todd-Muscles, and welcome to Eurobricks. You'll find some minfig decal templates, plenty of examples by various designers and quite some useful (if somewhat dated) tutorials and other resources in our Minifig Customisation Index and Guidelines topic. Hope they will be useful for your project.
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  14. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    There may have indeed been a misunderstanding. We (meaning the Eurobricks Forums staff) do allow and even enjoy discussion of various aspects of the LEGO fans and users' world, including compatible and at times bootleg items (it woudl be foolish to deny they exist!). There is a difference, though, between that and encouragement and/or support towards all of them.
  15. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hello ToastBubbles, and welcome to Eurobricks, I'm sure you'll find lots of useful discussiona d information on our boards. Keep in mind, though, that the kind of request you posted is frowned upon, as we do nor support the work of bootleggers. I'm sure there are other sources where you cand find this kind of information. Looking forward to see your contributions to our community.