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  1. How to Make a Poll

    While the tutorial indeed could use an update, as you can see from this thread about Ranks, you'll need to be at least at Knight rank to create polls.
  2. MOC Battle on Pamart

    Moved to the LEGO Star Wars section.
  3. Hello CorporalBrickDan55, and welcome to Eurobricks. It would seem you only joined here to contact the OP asking for his products. You're also circumventing the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds section rules (discussed in the posts above yours) by posting in the Minifig Customisation Workshop instead. This kind of behaviour is not a good presentation card on your side. Please be sure to re-check the Site Guidelines you accepted upon registering, and maybe make and introduction topic in the Hello! My name is... section. I'm looking forward to see your more constructive contributions to our community, and in time you'll reach the proper rank to post in the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds section.
  4. paints

    Hi origamidude234, and welcome to Eurobricks. You could consider introducing yourself to our community in the Hello! My name is... section of the forums. A quick browse of the Minifig Customisation Workshop Index and Guidelines pinned topic offers the following results: How to paint LEGO? - a discussion on the same core question; The Eurobricks MCW Color Matching Paint Database - as it says on the tin, a database on paints matching LEGO colours. I hope these will be of help.
  5. Posting in the Bazaar?

    From the Eurobricks Staff Structure, User Groups and Tags thread: Basically, you'll have to be patient, partake in our community's active life, and once you reach 100 posts you'll be able to start new topics in the BSTF section. More Bazaar specific rules in the relevant pinned topic.
  6. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Again, please discuss the film in the relevant thread. Thanks.
  7. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Just a reminder for everyone. Please, keep the discussion on this thread set-oriented. Trailers, other merchandising and video games talk belong elsewhere. Thanks.
  8. Please, stop reviving years-old threads to add links to your more recent one. I'm sure people are well aware of it. Thanks.
  9. I think this topic would fit better in the Minifig Customisation Workshop, along with other brick customisation techniques. Moving now.
  10. Moving into Technic...
  11. Test Poll 2

    Works like a charm. Great job, Jim.
  12. Indiana Jones River Chase Set

    Please do not try to circumvent rules by posting sell topics in other areas. The Buy, Sell, Trade and Find section has a rank requirement for posting for a reason: too many people used to join just to sell their goods. I'll close this topic now, and you'll be able to open a topic in the BSTF section once you'll have reached the Citizen rank.
  13. Test Poll

    I tried with both Firefox and Opera, and it did not save the vote. Though, as you say it would seem it worked with Jim and Bob. What (special) browsers do you two use? Is it a rank issue, where it saves votes from Admins only?
  14. Hi ferwells, and welcome to Eurobricks. You might want to introduce yourself to our community by creating a thread in the Hello! My name is... section. To answer your question, you'll have to go to Phoenix Customs on line shop to by their products. This thread is only for showcasing them and getting feedback. On a final note, please be aware that reviving 1 year + old threads is not very welcome in this community, so please try to avoid it in the future. Have fun on Eurobricks.
  15. Purist Superhero Figures

    As far as I know, no rule on this subject has ever even been discussed. I think it's mainly a matter of personal taste. Moreover, as long as you use official LDD parts and prints, they should still be purist in the strict sense of the term.