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  1. Hello Viper Knight, and welcome to the Minifig Customisation Workshop. It may be worth noting that the last post in this thread is from 10+ years ago. As such we tend to let older topics stay quiet unless there is a strong comeback in interest and/or a new discussion on that very topic arises. You are indeed entitled to your opinion, but it does not really warrant the resurrection of a very short thread of this age. You can read more on this subject in our very own Guidelines that you agreed to when you signed up: I'm sure you'll find plenty of newer and more active content to contribute to.
  2. Please, stop talking about the future of the MCU here (and move it to the Culture and Multimedia thread) and get back on topic with LEGO sets. Thank you.
  3. LuxorV

    Purist Superhero Figures

    FYI, we have a Non-Purist Superhero Figures thread, too, which could use some more activity and can accomodate figures with removed prints quite well.
  4. LuxorV

    Any ideas for purist U-Foes?

    Only Staff members can close topics. I do not see a need to close this one, though. Just let it go.
  5. LuxorV

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Actually, that thread's last post is from June 8... this year.
  6. LuxorV

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Stranger Things content would probably fit better in the Purist TV/Movie Figures thread.
  7. LuxorV

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    I think he's asking who those characters with the Minecraft heads are in SW lore.
  8. LuxorV

    Custom Rohan Soldier Decals

    Hello, Stinkypete, and welcome to Eurobricks. First of all, this is a 4+ years old thread, and the OP has not been active for 2 years, so it's not probable he'll answer here. As for how to get those decals, this is a showcase thread and he's sharing the files. You'll have to save them on your computer and print and aplly them yourself (you'll find tutorails on how to do that and which resources to use in this section of the MCW). Best of luck, and see you around the boards.
  9. LuxorV

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    The manatee has landed! Thanks, CopMike.
  10. LuxorV

    Purist Superhero Figures

    @Numbuh1Nerd - I just tried adding a pic from Flickr (BBCode; which is what I usually go with), and it works fine for me. The embed option does not, though.
  11. Hello, Gorilla94, ande welcome to Eurobricks. I think you should re-read the Site Guidelines you accepted upon subscribing, and especially those concerning: I'm sure you'll understand why I'm locking this topic, now.
  12. Eurobricks Forum member, LEGO customiser and BrickWarriors founder Thrash introduces his latest custom accessories for Elves and Dwarves! (Click on the images above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)
  13. LuxorV

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    It depends on which photo hosting site you use, really. Please consult the links in my signature or this page for more info on that.
  14. LuxorV

    Decal Wish List

    There are a few of those in the Licensed Themes Decals Index (last post), but those are mostly of named characthers. A few civilain torso decals can also be found here and there in the Pirate Library.
  15. Hello, and welcome to Eurobricks. I'll move your topic to the LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools subforum, where you should be able to get an answer to your question by our local experts.