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  3. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    There may have indeed been a misunderstanding. We (meaning the Eurobricks Forums staff) do allow and even enjoy discussion of various aspects of the LEGO fans and users' world, including compatible and at times bootleg items (it woudl be foolish to deny they exist!). There is a difference, though, between that and encouragement and/or support towards all of them.
  4. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hello ToastBubbles, and welcome to Eurobricks, I'm sure you'll find lots of useful discussiona d information on our boards. Keep in mind, though, that the kind of request you posted is frowned upon, as we do nor support the work of bootleggers. I'm sure there are other sources where you cand find this kind of information. Looking forward to see your contributions to our community.
  5. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hello, k0k0, and welcome to Eurobricks. Around here, we consider it polite to first introduce yourself, for example by creating a thread in the Hello! My name is... section, and ask this kind of tips once you've become a part of the community. Hope to see you stick around and contribute to our forums.
  6. If you have custom decals you'd like to share, please open a new topic to showcase your work. That's how we usually do when a single designer wants to share original (not requests) decals and customs. You could call it "Flaming Bricks Decals" or something like that and have a collection of your designs posted in it.
  7. LuxorV

    Star Wars Custom - Kylo Ren

    Hello, Zardy12321, and welcome to Eurobricks. Please note that the topic you posted in has not been active since 2015. It is usually regarded as bad policy to post in older topics just to ask something like this, instead of contributing to the discussion. Please, keep it in mind for the future. I hope you'll enjoy your stay as a member of our community.
  8. LuxorV

    Best paints?

    For starters, you could check the EB MCW Color Matching Paint Database; it's a bit old now, but it may well include info you are interested in.
  9. LuxorV

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Just a reminder, as we are in the Minifig Customisation Workshop. Please, keep the discussion in this thread about the actual topic: Monochrome minifigures. Personal opinions on other, possibly very sensitive, matters, even when associated with official LEGO sets should not be vented here, as they do not concern the customisation aspect. I'm sure there's a place in our vast forums where this discussion would be more on topic (if there's a lack of a specific thread about the set, Community comes to mind). Thanks everybody.
  10. Hi BrobaFett, I just checked the Templates Index, and, unfortunately, could not find what you're looking for. I can point you to the Leaf Clone Trooper by commdr neyo, which has the side of the arms and legs shape in it. Maybe you can use that as a base for your designs, at least? Best of luck with your projects.
  11. It's not included in the first table in this thread nor in the Pantone Colors linked in the post above yours (as it does not appear in the list it's based off), but you can find in Hinckley's second post (with a minifig hand as example).
  12. I used to print it at 3,72 cm (length) per 3,78 cm (height). Might need adjusting a bit on account of personal taste and actual design of the decal.
  13. Thanks. Indeed, we always hope to have more printed parts. I especially like printed maps, too. As I wrote in the review, it's a very nice set, both aesthetically and historically. If you have something in your wishlist, this would be a good time to buy it and also get a good value out of the GWP.