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Found 9 results

  1. vijv

    New Shop

    So, I stumbled upon this shop recently. I purchased the Maersk Container Train (10219) two days ago, and everything went smoothly. The platform's support team is friendly, and I received a tracking number from the shop. The package is on its way with DHL. I'll keep you posted on whether it arrives in the described condition. They have some interesting sets there, and even more to come in the future, according to the shop. I also saw this one:
  2. Anyone know why the phrase "HonorableIngeniousCoyote" is on my wish list page in the Lego shop? Should I take it as a compliment or a offense?! Get a error when I try to order also, but the issues do not have to be related
  3. What happens when you agree with your LUG members to build three modulars each to start a City layout? You build them! Disclaimer. I'm a Technic guy, so building with normal bricks was a funny and interesting (and expensive!) challenge I've accepted. The idea was to have three modulars built on 32*32 baseplates with at least three floors each. I've immediately came up with ideas for first two buildings. But the story comes in three stages. Modular #1 - Office (aka LitLUG Headquarters) The very first modular had to be an office-like building. It ended up looking like standard squarish building you can imagine an office could be. The nice thing is that it can be easily expanded in height, which I'd love to do in the future. The back side is plain and has nothing interesting to see. It was the time I found out challenge I've accepted isn't going to be cheap simply because I don't have many bricks. Despite building being simple there final cost for the bricks was already higher than I assumed it would cost. Modular #2 - A replica of a building in Vilnius This was easy to decide - I really wanted to build this house in LEGO for a long time and I didn't have tight budget on this to implement a dream. This house is located in Vilnius (Lithuania) and has been built over a hundred years ago - in 1912. The district it is located is well known for more fancy houses built in that time. Luckily building has decent proportions and fits into 32 studs nicely. There were quite a lot of challenges for me (as a Technic guy) - facade isn't flat, 3 stud wide windows, some other odd features and of course the roof. Oh and the wall covering the roof - it turns out building sideways was the only way I could achieve the right angle without major holes. Since I don't have right bricks I've built the model using LDCad. This helped me not to overspent money on unnecessary bricks, just build and buy required parts. I know there is no collision detections in LDCad, but I'm pretty used to understanding the parts, so there were no issues building the models with real brick later on. While the building looks to be fineshed at this moment there things I'm not totally happy with so it must be revised some time in the future. Modular #3 - The ugly duckling I've already blew my budget on just two of three buildings, so I had to improvise here. This model wen't through numerous revisions - it went from houses you can find in Amsterdam (pretty, but expensive) to ugly-ugly ones (and still not budget friendly, doh!). I've made an extensive research on official Modulars and other people MOC's looking for ideas. And this is what I ended up with. Not the prettiest, but certainly not that ugly. I also got lucky to acquire LEGO store 10145 set, which became a part of my modular. Fun fact - this modular actually contain a duckling! You can clearly see one composed of white and dark orange bricks with that tiny balcony. It wasn't discovered until I made this picture: In conslusion, I'm happy I took part in building these three modulars. This was fun experience. Coming from Technic it was much easier to build with bricks in general - you just stack them from bottom to the top, but it gets tough when it comes to aesthetics. Unlike in Technic MOCs you must micromanage each aspect of the building making sure it looks the way you need it to look. The lack of some odd key parts didn't help either and I had to check many things with real bricks first. Fortunately new 2x2 macaroni tiles got released in time - modular would look slightly different without them! Behind fun part of this challenge comes the nasty one - expenses. Initially I had roughly estimated (without pre-calculations) how much this would cost me. It happens, I've based my calculations (roughly) keeping in mind the facade and roof only, but you still have two-three more walls to build! 1 x 6 x 5 panels turned out to be the most cost effective solution. This was, partially, the reason why my modulars are just modular-like - you cannot disassemble them floor-by-floor. Due to reasons above interior wasn't designed and built at this stage as well. Hope you like it. Oh and I'd be happy you would share your thoughts how can these models could be improved. More pictures in my Flickr album.
  4. BrickBarn

    Dreams can come true!

    I'm Chris! I have the great pleasure of owning a shop (Brick Barn) on the tiny island of Prince Edward in Canada. In my shop I have a Lego Collection. It began innocently enough one day in 1985 when I received my first Lego set 6061 Siege Tower. Then I received some town sets, and some classic space and then more town. Oh, and then there was that whole Pirates thing in 1989! I loved Lego. I loved creating whole realms with it. Minutes became hours. Hours became days. Homework was forgotten. But then one day, I was told I had to leave home (gasp) and get a job and a career and make money to pay my own way through life. So I did. Lego was forgotten for a time. It was the dark days (years). Then I opened my eyes one day and saw Lego had released 10030! Drool. So I bought it. Built it. And suddenly I remembered the good ol days. One purchase lead to another and another. Before I knew it, I had 600 sets, 350,000 bricks all neatly sorted into 100 25L tubs and 400 2L bins. So I built a shop. I quit my job. Quit my career. And I went to work spreading the joy of creative building to a new generation of collectors! So with this time to truly enjoy building Lego projects again, I hope to share some of my MOCs here and elsewhere. I look forward to this new journey.
  5. So, this was very welcome news to me, but I heard this morning on the local radio that the Lego Company Inc. has bought numerous plots of land in an area off the interstate in Goshen, NY. There was a statement that Lego plans to join New York's slew of theme parks to compete with New Jersey tourism by opening a new Legoland here, the third one in the US. There are no Lego Shops in upstate New York (though we have four in NYC), so this is a very welcome attraction. So, what do you guys think? Is this welcome news to any members stateside? Update: I cannot hide my sheer excitement....reports have it that they are in early stages of development here, but hope to open by the summer of 2019.
  6. whitecitadel

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    Hi All I need some lego expert advice as I am a bit confused by sudden disappearance of prices on bricks and pieces? Few weeks back I bought a 6051 duplo set that has the alphabet in it. To spell out both my daughters names at once I needed a few more of the letter A. Went on the lego site, found support dept, found bricks and pieces, enter set number, all the pieces came up with pricing but I got distracted (kids!) and didn't place the order and check out, I am in the UK and they were 64p-£1.20 or something like that for the letters depending on which letter you wanted. Went back yesterday to place order while I had quiet 5 minutes, and now there are NO prices on the bricks and pieces site at all? Did Lego just change their website, or do I have an issue with browser/cookies/pc? I tried a few sets - no prices on anything....
  7. Hi guys, I need some advice. There is no Lego shop in Ireland. A relative is off to Glasgow where they do have a Lego shop :D They asked me what I want? I have never been so I don't know what they sell :( I understand that they would have some items not on sale in Toys r us etc. Is that true? If so what exclusive items do they have? And are there all type of bricks available in pick a brick? Any tips on shopping there would get greatly appreciated.
  8. Gongoro73

    VIP POINTS 2014

    Hi everybody Is there any chance to get 2xVIP or 3xVIP points before the year ends? I'm aware that the whole october was 2xVIP, but what about that november weekend of 2XVIP or 3xVIP points? Any rumours on this? I'm not sure anymore If I read it somewhere or I just made up.