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Found 25 results

  1. Hi to all! It’s Christmas time once again and I hope you are ready to start opening your own advent calendars. As in last year, I intend to start some advent calendars myself here at Eurobricks. These calendars were built using LDD, so no “real” bricks here, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. Since my favorite theme is the Collectable Minifigures, it was obvious to start an AC that will contain new and never-seen-before minifigs. Since there are 24 days in an AC, there will be 24 minifigs, not 16. And what kind of minifigs? Whatever you can imagine! Or at least I can…Or both, since most of the ideas I tried to create came from you. I read through some “let’s guess what minifigs will appear in future CMF series” threads and there were many brilliant ideas! Of course I missed those that were already made, or will be in the upcoming Series 13. UPDATE: There will be at least one that is similar to one of the minifigures in Series 13, but I didn't know that when I created it, and I didn't want to change. I tried to do my best making unique “printings”, but since the project was made in LDD, I had to use the molds that already exist there. “Oh no, so no new molds?!” Actually, albeit I couldn't change the 3D models of the molds in the LDD software, the rendering software allows doing some “changes” ;) So be prepared for some exciting minifigs! And don’t forget to come back every day until 24th! Enjoy! Day 1 - Baker
  2. Dear Everyone! 2018 will be the year of anniversaries in the life of LEGO. One of them is the introduction of the LEGO brick itself! For this occasion, this Advent Calendar presents you 24 microscale versions of the most iconic sets ever released! Hopefully, the yearspan and the choice of themes will be diverse enough. I had no idea that LEGO will release a 60th anniversary set with microscale models, but mine will be even smaller, the size of a normal LEGO Advent Calendar window. Although I hope all of them will be recognizable, I will include the „template” for all days’ sets. The joy starts tomorrow! J Check out the Minifig Advent Calendar in the special LEGO themes topic.
  3. Hello Everyone, It is Christmas time again, so here is my new Advent Calendar! This year, I chose to have a collaboration with my friend here in Eurobricks, Robert8, and his wonderful CMF ideas. There are hundreds of great minifigs there, so I made renders from 24 of them. There are some which I already made, and many use newly created molds, that are not in the LEGO database, but plenty of them can be made. Take care, that I didn't copy them, most of the printings are self-made, and I made slight alterations from time to time. Let's say they are "heavily based" on Robert8's ideas. I can tell, that I chose at least one from each series, but some of them were more preferred than others. So let's start! Day 1 - Country Singer - Series C
  4. Dear Everyone! 2018 will be the year of anniversaries in the life of LEGO. One of them is the 40th year of the beloved minifig. For this occasion, this Advent Calendar will introduce you 24 of the most iconic little fellows. As mere copies would be kind boring, I redesigned them in clothes/uniforms that suit better for these days’ standards in term of colors and details in printing. Although I hope all of them will be recognizable, I will include the „template” for all days’ minifig. The joy starts tomorrow! J Check out the Microscale Advent Calendar in the Town topic.
  5. JamesArts Bricks UK

    STAR WARS mini MicroMOCs

    DEAR LEGO STAR WARS FANS!!!! If you have found your way to this account, you are either interested in the world of LEGO Micro-building... or you just clicked on a wrong link somewhere and are now very surprised to be surrounded by these tiny marvels of creations... or not. If the former is true then, welcome. In 2011 I received my first STAR WARS Advent Calendar for Christmas, and was blown away by the sheer ingenuity and accuracy capturing the looks of iconic ships in truly micro form. Naturally, I had to have a go myself! I built a few... I was pleased... I built some more... and here we are nearly 6 years later, and I am still building them. I began by reading my first LEGO STAR WARS Visual Dictionary (DK) and building a micro of EVERY SINGLE SET IN THE BOOK! With that now exhausted, I moved onto the 2014 edition with more sets... I built all of those too. So now I just build a micro of every new star wars set that has, is, or will come out since 2014, amongst other iconic and less well-known ships from STAR WARS 'non-canon' such as the Old Republic, Freemaker Adventures, Yoda chronicles to name but a few. With a back catalogue of over 270 mini micros and counting, this truly is the World's largest Encyclopaedia of STAR WARS micro kits. Enjoy! -- JamesArts It would mean a lot to me as a budding MOC builder if you checked out my flickr: and my YouTube Channel (JamesArts Bricks UK):
  6. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Star Wars micro calendar sets

    I just found the new image online showcasing the line-up for LEGO's new 2017 Advent Calendar. I am very surprised to see some familiar mini kits! I am JamesArts. I have been building micro sets since the debut of the first LEGO Star Wars Calendar in 2011 and have built over 270 micro sets in total these past 6 years, so of course it comes as no surprise that some of my ideas have been echoed by LEGO themselves. However recently I uploaded all my builds to flickr and have started up my own YouTube channel with instructions on how to build them. Now I'm not accusing LEGO of plagiarism... but... some of their most recent sets (In particular the Hover Tank from Rogue One) look very very similar to some of my builds. Others that seem to be appearing 1-2 years after I first designed them are the Ghost, Phantom, Krennick's Shuttle, Luggabeast and AT-DP to name but a few in this calendar alone. Bare in mind that almost all of the sets on my flickr were added before March 2017, with most being designed and built long before then some up to 6 years prior. I have been praised on Eurobricks and YouTube for my designs of many of my builds such as my Hover tank, with a few YouTubers even asking if they can feature my builds in their videos (as long as they give me the credit for the design of course). what I do not want is (IF... IF!... Lego are plagiarising these designs) for them to take full credit; if they are not copying them then there is too much coincidence and similarity of design) Others here are similar, and all of my builds are free to be viewed on my flickr profile. Please take some time to check out some of my builds, and more will be uploaded soon. :) My YT Channel: My flickr photos: Here is MY design for the hover tank from Rogue One that I first built back in 2016: Any similarities?
  7. I am Batman! This is my advent calendar, and you will love it! You all know that I have many ESSENTIAL suits, so meet 24 of them in the following days until Christmas Eve. Before that get this straight: Batman ALWAYS wears his mask, he ALWAYS wears gloves, and he has many suits to blend in the crowd in many wonderful LEGO areas So let start on 1st December, cheers! P.S.: Enjoy my other two Advent calendars also City Advent Calendar Medieval Market Advent Calendar
  8. Merry Christmas! When snow is covering the towers and rooftops, you smell the scent of cinnamon and ginger and hear the jingles in the distance, you know that it is a special time of the year… In this medieval town, the people are busy preparing for Christmas Eve, gather together in the town square, and waiting for the man with a white beard. Enjoy the 24 days of waiting as the story unfolds, starting on 1st December! P.S.: Enjoy my other two Advent calendars also Batman Advent Calendar City Advent Calendar
  9. Greetings Folks, Another year passed, so it is time for my usual advent calendars! (I always hope that there are fans waiting for it every year ). This time, meet some people in LEGO City, which is full of policemen, fireman, and construction workers…But I hope I can make a twist in their appearance, and introduce a few that couldn’t been seen before. Expect a new minifig or a small build for them in the following days, starting on 1st December. P.S.: Enjoy my other two Advent calendars also Batman Advent Calendar Medieval Market Advent Calendar
  10. Call me crazy. This year I'm making custom Lego Advent calendars. Every year we seem to buy two of the 3-4 available Lego advent calendars for my two girls, and we usually end up disappointed. Apart from the minifigs, the builds are usually a little too close the micro build size for us and a little too far away form the mini build size. In addition, the parts usually just end up in my "parts" pile and no one ever really builds those models ever again. This year I'm going to make it a little more fun. (Hopefully) The first mini build I've designed is this fountain. All of the models will have some use (every year hereafter!) in our small Winter Village. Since I have two girls, I'll have to make more than the usual 24 builds. Some days will be one each, others will be a "you need to work together to make this one" build. Wish me luck. If you're at all interested in building this model, the building guide I'll be giving the girls with this one is on my site:
  11. Hello everyone! Another December is approaching, which is the time of those little surprises popping out from the windows of an advent calendar. This year I mixed it with my favorite theme: The Collectable Minifigures! Imagine the well-known and most popular minifigs with a twist: wearing festive outfits, or just something that is more suitable in wintertime. Be prepared, the fun starts in two days!
  12. Greetings! Soon it is 1st December, which means jolly advent calendar adventures from me AGAIN! This year I tried something that has never been done before: A FRIENDS themed calendar! Unfortunately LDD still doesn’t include Friends minidoll parts except from the haircuts (come on LEGO, it is about time!), so I had to go with the regular minifigs. To make them more friends-ish, I tried to summon the classic torsos and faces the girls have, for which I had a huge help from Dorayaki, who already made those stickers and was kind to share the designs with me. Thanks again! So except something very cozy and festive in two days!
  13. LegoPercyJ

    Portal 2 Advent Calendar

    My entry in the Brickset Design an Alternative Advent Calendar Contest Portal 2 Advent Calender by E Apodaca, on Flickr Aperture Science Christmas Tree, Chell, Companion Cube, Randolph the Red-Nosed Turret , Santa Core, Cake Portal 2 Advent Calender by E Apodaca, on Flickr I started with a Chell, then the Tree and Cube. Relatively easy. Portal 2 Advent Calander by E Apodaca, on Flickr The Cake was simple too. However, it took some ingenuity to make the hat for the Santa Core, as well as to make the Turret. I really like the design, and will use it (in white) for future Portal MOCs Portal 2 Advent Calender by E Apodaca, on Flickr I hope you enjoy, and as always, comments are welcome!
  14. Ahoy, forummates! It’s 1st December, which means that you can start opening the advent calendars today. As in last year, I intend to start some advent calendars myself here at Eurobricks. These calendars were built using LDD, so no “real” bricks here, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. One of the calendars will be based on the Pirates theme. The jolly sea rats returned this year, so I guess everyone is eager to see more of them – although this calendar is not an official set. It will be similar to the official ones though. You can expect minifigs, small builds related to pirates, maybe even some microbuilds of iconic sets…I tried to present this versatile theme the best I can, so prepare for…virtually anything ever happened with the pirates. And don’t forget to come back every day until 24th! So, let’s start! Day 1 - Soldier
  15. Greetings! It’s Chrismas time once again and I hope you are ready to start opening your own advent calendars. As in last year, I intend to start some advent calendars myself here at Eurobricks. These calendars were built using LDD, so no “real” bricks here, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. This advent calendar is based on one of this year’s official set: Santa's Workshop! Consider it as an extended “battle” pack for the set and expect anything that goes well with it. And don’t forget to come back every day until 24th! Enjoy! Day 1 - Handy Elf
  16. Hi to everyone, After watching the star wars advent calendar reviews all over the internet, the idea came to design one on my own. Of course after xmas, it wouldn’t make any sense to make a day-by-day opening thread in January, but I didn’t want to wait until December since it’s so far away now! Then I checked when the official Lego Star Wars Advent Calendars (AC) are officially introduced and I realized that at the end of January(!) there is a confirmation, and pictures are coming in February. So I didn’t had too much time after all, since I had a plan: Make a prediction, how the AC in 2014 will look like. In last year (2013 that is) I noticed that the AC was full of Ep. II builds. After making statistics about the 3 ACs so far it turned out that there are many Ep. I and II builds and some from Ep IV-VI, but out of the 72 “days” there was only one(!!) for Ep. III, namely Grievous' Starfighter. So, it is time for an Episode III Advent! I wanted to make the “TLG way”, brick countwise and by the used minifigs/microbuild ratio as well. So I’m terribly sorry, but there will be a battle droid and two weapon racks in it. But the good news are that you can expect a Santa fig and a “funny, christmasish star wars item” too. So let’s see the pictures: Microbuilds: Venator-class Star Destroyer, Invisible Hand, ARC-170, Droid tri-fighter More microbuilds: Droid gunship, Jedi interceptor, Yoda's escape pod, V-wing fighter, Clone turbo tank Even more microbuilds: Rudolph, the red-nosed AT-AT, AAT, Tie interceptor, Jabba's barge Minifigs: Ewok, Wookie trooper, Santa Obi-Wan, MagnaGuard and a weapon rack for them Minifigs: another droid, GH-7 medical droid, Imperial officer, Kashyyyk trooper, Commander Cody in Ep. III outfit and the 2nd weapon rack Disclaimer: I tried to make everything as similar to existing minifigs/parts as possible, but some parts are not available/decalable in LDD.
  17. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calendar 2013

    I'm Back!! After forgetting to finish last years advent calendar after Day 18 or something like that, I came back! This year I will try my best to be punctual and get everyday in there! .... I hope .... Anyway, let's get started: Day 1: We have a police officer with his standard cup of joe. Baseball hat inclueded. Spares (Not pictured): Extra Black Hat Extra Red mug Oh, and i forgot to include a picture of the instruction sheet that just wanted to tell me about choking hazards and winning!
  18. Greetings Ladies and Noblemen! I proudly present the new Guilds of Historica advent calendar! I used to design advent calendars for years, but this is the first case that I learned to use LDD and other rendering software well enough to make my designs look more or less realistic enough. What can you expect now? This calendar will be pretty similar that TLG usually designs. The part count is around as in official sets, and I tried to make the daily builds to fit into those little windows in normal advent calendar sets. But this is a Guilds of Historica advent calendar after all, so it must be based on characters and locations you are used to. I didn’t use any of your sigfigs here, since I wanted to avoid jealousy issues (Why him? Why not me?). I think I could capture every guild’s features. It’s you to decide this. Although this calendar is merely a “concept art” and doesn't exist in real form, I designed it to be a good base for everyone who wants to join GoH, to have at least a few bricks and other things to start in any of the four guilds. Of course because of the brick count restriction you won’t be able to build a huge castle from it. I plan to insert the daily build in this thread into separate posts, so check in if you don’t want to miss the fun! So enough of the chit-chat, let’s see the first one: Day 1 Summary:
  19. Goody day to everyone! Christmas is coming, so I decided to celebrate it with my new advent calendar. I used to design advent calendars for years, but this is the first case that I learned to use LDD and other rendering software well enough to make my designs look more or less realistic enough. This calendar will be pretty similar that TLG usually designs. The part count is around as in real sets, and I tried to make the daily builds to fit into those little windows in normal advent calendar sets. The theme will be “winter in the a small town”. People around December start preparing for Christmas; decorating their homes and attending winter markets. This calendar will be focused on that everyone’s heart is filled with Christmas spirit these day - or at least I hope. It won’t be filled fancy looking and expensive presents, no cops or bandits, just 100% joy and laughter. I will insert the daily build in this thread into separate posts, so don’t forget to drop by! Without any further ado, let’s see the first one: Day 1 "Come right in, we've been waiting for you!" Summary:
  20. It's that time of the year again! No, not Christmas, but the time when the new Star Wars Advent Calendar is released. Becoming a bit of a tradition for me reviewing the past two, I bring you our newest Advent Calender which seems to become a new standard, selling alongside the City Calendar. Being released no where near Christmas is strange, but only one/two of the windows are actually Christmas themed, so everything else is pretty nice to have just for the parts or collecting value. Set Name: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Set Number: 75023 Pieces: 254 (there are about 20-30 extras) Minifigures: 9 Price: $49.99 CDN $39.99 USD Year of Release: 2013 Onto our review, the box photographs very strange because some of the printing (on Jango most notably) is textured. Making the light reflect off it in quite a positive way. The box does however give away the surprise exclusive minifigure. The top of the box shows us some of the minifigures we'll be getting in their "actual size". The back shows us the proper way to open the box and some of it's contents plus a code for the Yoda Chronicles. So you have two options, cut the tape on the sides and pull out the tray, or cut the tape on the back and flip it open thusly. Sidenote: save the black tray, it's great for sorting pieces in larger sets. The instructions are found on the inside of each door, some of the larger micro models can be a bit difficult at first, but some of them just need a second look. Day 1: Yellow astromech, same guy we got in the most recent Y-Wing. I like him. Day 2: Count Dooku's Solar Sailer (I didn't know what it was at first) Day 3: Count Dooku's Pilot Droid Fitting in with Day 2, this inclusion is a bit weak. I don't see the need for two of these. Day 4: Zam Wessel`s Speeder Seems like a missed opportunity not making a redone Zam, or to build Anakin and Kenobi`s speeder. Bag 5: Cloud Car Day 6: Boro-wait..Endor Trooper Much angrier than any previous Rebel we`ve had. But he does have a reversible head. Settling down. Day 7: Weapon rack. It`s become a theme in Advent Calendars to not supply the minifigures with weapons, but to just throw them all together later on... Day 8 Republic Attack Gunship Ok, so this is a huge pet peeve of mine, I saw many comments praising this model, even though it is a complete rip-off of the other Gunship we got in the first advent calendar except this one has the binocular piece on top. Day 9: Acclamator It`s very tough to build large scale ships in micro, but this is a fairly good rendition. Day 10: Clone Trooper Fitting, seeing our last two builds. Day 11: AT-TE That strange stud on top? Patience grasshopper. Mother and child. Day 12: LAAT Dropship As you probably guessed, these two can hook up, quite well actually. Day 13: Battle Droid Nothing special here. Day 14: Geonosian Fighter Personally I hate this, I feel like the geonosian fighter is just to difficult to re-create in Lego, in any scale. Day 15: Geonosian No wings? Day 16: Another weapons rack. Day 17: Naboo Starship (before it's blown up at the beginning of Episode II Day 18: Scout Trooper Only seen in the new Ewok Village, this guy is a gem. Day 19: Separatist Shuttle. We've gotten one of these in the first calendar as well, but a little different build and different colour. Day 20: Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter. Day 21: Jango Fett's Slave 1 Built in the same way as the first advent calendars Slave 1...but different colours obviously. Wings can rotate. Day 22: Boba Fett Lovely figure, exclusive to this set and I can't imagine being added into another set in the near future. Plus a reversible head when he's busy shooting Obi Wan. Day 23: A silly rocket sled dealy. Day 24: Jango Fett These seems to fall along the lines of the Santa Darth Maul, having a villain as the Santa character doesn't make any sense to me. The colours go horribly together and the torso is pretty much useless for anything else. Even with Jango being a popular character. I feel having Obi Wan being the Santa making more sense. (he does have the beard after all). Here is the entirety of the calendar all laid out. It's fairly lackluster to me, but oh well. Someone else will like it. Looks like the Kaminoans didn't give Jango enough money to provide his family with a large enough sled. In previous years the Advent Calendars have been a decent mix of the movies, but clearly thing one focuses much more on Episode II. With only 4 days being something other than AOTC related. Overall: Obviously the Advent Calendars are following suit with the regular sets, where the minifigures are the main draw to the set with the sets being less than average. Personally I would be much happier if TLC just hired Legostein to create all their new micro and mini models. Build: 7/10 It goes by pretty quick, but I imagine it being a lot more fun building it one per day like you're supposed to. Design: 3/10 Most of these builds are just awful, not to mention the ones that we've seen already. Come on, we've only had 3 calendars so far. Price: 8/10 I'm impartial to prices Pieces: 8/10 We do get a good array of small pieces, plus lots of extra goodies. Playability: 9/10 One of these days I'm going to make a huge battle scene consisting of micro scale vehicles. A lot of these do go together. LAAT/AT-TE, Clone/Battle Droid, Slave 1/Jedi Starfighter, Solar Sailer/Pilot Droid. Minifigures: 8/10 The plain old battle droid and the pilot droid bring down this mark a bit, but the Boba and the Scout Trooper more than make up for it. Total: 43/60
  21. Hi to all, In the previous years I always made a custom advent calendar out of LEGO. In order that my fantasy is not limited - and not to cost it a penny - I made these in LDD. The theme I chose this year is LOTR and The hobbit. I post a new miniset every day. They are compatible with lego advent calendars, so they fit in a regular window, and sometimes it is a minifigure, sometimes something else. LDD has a limited variation for minifig torso and head printing, so for these days use your imagination Day 1 - Palantir
  22. I wonder if somebody ever made a technic advent calendar. I got this idea when we were assembling city advent calendar from 2011 and it was not only 24 mini models, but some of them had to be combined to get some larger models. From a technic advent calendar I would expect to get 24 submodels of something that will be finally assembled to one complete model. Each day 10 parts to add to larger model. Just like when you get parts as an extra to your favourite hobby magazine and you assemble them whole year. Of course a building guide printed only on calendar windows can be tricky. I know it's a bit silly, since advent calendars usually contains Christmas related mini models, but StarWars advent calendar does not. This one can contain one larger model related to Christmas or winter (or even unrelated). It's not that attractive for TFOLs or AFOLs, but for kids between 8 and 10 it can be a good option after two or three years with advent calendars containg allways city minifigs and trees.