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  1. Nice! I agree with @Mandalorianknight, the gun detailing is impressive.
  2. Especially considering last time, I agree.
  3. I think it will be - you'll just need some flags and 1x2s with rods. Otherwise, it looks like all the pieces are right there imo.
  4. Just a quick heads - up. If anyone wants a repository of all the summer pics pm me and I'll send you a Google Drive link.

    [MOC] Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7

    Excellent work! It looks exactly like the collectible.
  6. PM'd and I totally agree.
  7. I don't think they did - I'll pm you a picture with the figs. You can clearly see where the printing exists.
  8. Yeah, I wondered momentarily why they called it the ITT - then I remembered... The children. Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. Given that he's the only character missing, there's no reason for LEGO not to make it. They have the Kuiil minifig all hashed out (2016 - 17 Ugnaught with different printing) and I feel like they could do what they did for Jurassic World, in that they have a body mold, two legs, and two arms.
  9. The box has thumb tabs - I don't know if anyone has pointed this out.
  10. MAVERICK26

    Deep Sea Suit

    We have made our first sale! Please consider looking at the product. Thanks!
  11. I have been waiting for this day for a long time... Can't wait for the instructions either!
  12. Always with that Delta - 7B ;-) Looking great!
  13. MAVERICK26

    [MOC] Dark Lord : The Rise of Darth Vader

    Oh, wow...
  14. It's an either / or situation - In 2025 OR the very last set that TLG produces under LSW.