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Found 13 results

  1. I just posted my MOC of the basic Antikythera Mechanism, including instructions on The custom 3d printed parts can be ordered and shipped directly to you at Added the Gear Schematic to the rebrickable page enjoy.
  2. This is a recreation of the robot character GLaDOS from the game 'Portal', using Technic and Mindstorms. Just to answer a question some of you may have: Why Mindstorms? Why not PF? Well for a start, I don't own that many PF motors (only got 2 medium motors and 1 XL motor), and secondly, I don't own any PF IR receivers or remotes. The mindstorms kit has its own IR sensor and remote, so I used that. Functions: 1. Head elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 2. Head rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor 3. Body elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 4. Body rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor These may not be very many functions, but they allow for most of GLaDOS's movement seen in the actual game. The range of movement is quite reasonable. Regarding aesthetics, I don't own a lot of LEGO pieces, so the model may look a bit incomplete or strange in some places. But I think I did an OK job with what I had to work with, especially the head. Some more images: Video: More info about the robot can be found here:
  3. My latest MOC, inspired by computer rooms from the 60s and 70s. You can find more of my MOCs on my Instagram.
  4. Hello Eurobricks, "The Blocky Guide to parenting / Internet-Research" is my english version of "Der kleine eckige Erziehungsratgeber / Recherche" - Brickfilm, with 2 awards at STEINEREI, german brickfilmfestival. "Best Animation" & "Best Voice Performance". To make it more enjoyable for non-german speakers i also wanted and made a english version - so have fun: ******** german original version: ******** a little look behind the scenes: ********* little story behind the clip: original-voices (german version) are from a radio-comedy. fortuitously i was listening to the episode "Recherche" and i could not believe my ears, hearing them talking about LEGO, "LEGO-Films" and that in combination with german poet "Goethe" and brickfilms with his poems. I made such brickfilms and called the producer for research in the product and my remix-idea. We both had a lough - and sure they had seen some of my animated clips and wrote that episode. I asked for permission to make it a "lego-Film" again and here we are. 3 years later - because the project was sleeping in my head a long time. planed that with minifigs first, but made it different, as it was also a long dream having some kind of brick-based Stop-Motion-Puppets. They are based somehow on the LEGO 31019 (Monkey) - a set i really liked and used for animation in clips before. But you know - it´s descended from the apes Have fun, Steffen
  5. Has anyone built a working computermouse (taking the circuit board out of a standart one of course)out of lego yet? I want to build one however i dont know how because the circuit board of the logitech mouse im using is a little bit to big to fit in the lego stud scale. XG BC
  6. mandaci-customs

    iMac Computer

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO iMac Computer:
  7. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:
  8. I spend long periods away from home and my Lego bricks due to my work, so I end up doing a lot of design in computer with the likes of LDD, LDraw/bricksmith, and mecabricks. The problem is that none of these have any "physics" in them, I can't ever see how strong or stable the model is. So I end up spending hours agonising over the way the bricks are stacked, worrying over whether or not they will lock together solidly enough in real life. I also spend ages checking brick link and Lego bricks and pieces to make sure the pieces I use are available in the colours I choose, but that's another story. When I finally do treat myself and buy the bricks for one of my creations, they invariably fall apart. A couple of years back it was a 50 piece micro-scale particle detector that took 2 hours to get together and exploded at the slightest touch (and I do mean that literally, bits went flying all over the room!). My latest fiasco is a model of the Mercury-Redstone rocket, which I designed to go with the Lego Ideas Saturn V. It's just a stack of 2x2 round bricks with three axles inside due to it's height, yet despite my best efforts to put the axle transitions well inside bricks, the rocket easily falls apart into three neat chunks (one for each axle). So, what's the secret? When you design in computer do you care at all about how the model would behave in real life? And if you do care, do you have any tips on making sure that the model holds up well when physically built?
  9. gerkenz

    [MOC] HAL 9000 -

    One MOC a year....yes that could be improved I've finished my MOC for Skaerbaek, DK Fanweekend 2014 this year: HAL 9000 computer from the motion picture 2001 - A Space Odysse in real size 1:1. I've added the EV3 brick to bring up some speech samples from HAL 9000 as in the movie but it was far to loud at the exhibition. So all it does right now is having a red light...which...lights red. more pictures on my page at: Hope you like it...

    Lego Street Racer

    I think this is the right forum to post it at.. I have build a 6 wheel sport/race car. 6 wide, front spoiler 8 wide. Description : this V8 voice command driven car is all you need for fun on the track! The 4 front wheels give you a great amount of downforce and amazing steering abilities! It has space for to minifigures who would love to race! For pictures this link: Note: i DONT use bb codes just because they freakin don't work when copied on my ipad and the slow connection makes it even impossible to get to flickr on the computer. Is there a way to fix this on the ipad? I'm getting annoyed.
  11. I'm building a SD40 In LDD but i can't put plates on bricks with knobs on the side? I'm sure its possible but i don't know why and I searched for tutorials on youtube but i can't find answers there. Im pretty new to LDD and i only know the basics. I hope someone can help me.
  12. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC: Macintosh II

    This is my latest (small) MOC that I started working on a few years ago. After MOCing the NeXT Cube computer that Tim Berners-Lee used to develope World Wide Web, I wanted to build another sort of historical computer: Macintosh II - Introduced in 1987, the Mac II was Apple's first fully expandable Macintosh computer to compliment the booming Desktop Publishing industry. The case design was an example of the Snow White design language which has vertical and horizontal stripes for decoration, ventilation, and the illusion that the computer enclosure is smaller than it actually is.
  13. alecKarfonta

    Lego Computer

    My Kickstarter for making Lego computer cases: