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  1. I'm not sure if this is of any interest to you, but every time I go to this topic, the page stops loading before anything has come up. But when I refresh it, it loads normally - just like all the other topics.
  2. It's not that I think they are worse, it's that they are worse! - I only got 22.7km/h out of the balloon tires, which is almost 10km/h less than my current top speed (32.4km/h). This is right, especially for the high RPM of small wheels. And by the way, I haven't given up beating you 34.8km/h record just yet, it's just been put aside for a while... (mainly because of the sorting of my Lego, but also because of TC12)
  3. Doesn't work for me still (even using my refresh trick), but it seems to be working for lots of other members... Also, which has already mentioned, the closed (locked) topic's poll is working - seemingly for everyone that votes on it. (currently 19 votes, vs 16 on this poll)
  4. Same as before, I vote and the poll disappears, then I refresh the page and it's back again. (my refresh while voting still works though) That's fine, the main thing is to get this problem fixed!
  5. I don't know, but it should be... Also, why aren't our questions being answered? @Jim?
  6. Was it on Eurobricks, or somewhere else?
  7. This will be such a fun and crazy contest! And I have already got some ideas... But just one thing, I know videos are mandatory (and I can make one and link to it), but do I really have to embed them? (I'm not on youtube, and I don't want to join just for this) Also shouldn't the end date be the 16th of October, not 16nd... Answer:
  8. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    Wow, full marks for obscurity! (and hugeness!) And what a great way to introduce yourself!
  9. General Part Discussion

    I can see that you already got your answer, but next time you need to identify a part, you should post it on this topic:
  10. Wacky... That sounds fun! (and it also makes me even more curious about what it is )
  11. [MOC] Telehandler (WIP)- finalizing

    After being confused for a while, I worked out what you meant. Those are titles, not ranks. More information here: Anyway, like you said, we should not go off topic...
  12. Testing Poll (again)

    Yes, this was also discovered in the previous test polls. But don't you mean right-click? (unless you are using a left handed mouse...)
  13. [MOC] Telehandler (WIP)- finalizing

    What do you mean by that?
  14. Testing Poll (again)

    Okay... Maybe the Technic theme is blocking that too. (as well as the default theme)