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  1. I've been a bit inactive on Eurobricks the past couple of weeks (partly due to making instructions for @Aventador2004's excavator, and making a MOC for a competition), so I thought I'd share a little tank I made to test the gamepad support that was recently added to the SBrick app: (which by the way, is awesome!) I used a 3rd-party lipo battery to power the SBrick, which was placed between the two L-motors, and connected to the SBrick via a custom adaptor cable: (the red thing in the photo below is part of it) It's quite a fun little thing to drive, and is nice and quick too: Some more photos:
  2. Oiling Lego Technic motors

    I don't know how to open them, but I do want to open and lubricate mine too. There was a topic about that not long ago:
  3. Retiring Soon

    Now I really need to get that... before the price goes up on Bricklink! (along with 42053...)
  4. Strange Motor Noise?

    It could be that the magnet inside it has disintegrated, which if it has, will make a mess when you open it... (it's happened to me once...)
  5. Your Best Technic Bargains

    Can you post a link? I can't find it...
  6. Super Snow Speeder (WIP)

    Look on the outsides of the tracks...
  7. Strange Motor Noise?

    It does sound a bit strange... Could be, that's what happened to mine. The best way to check is to just open it, making sure you take notice of the gear arrangement as you go. If you're lucky, it might even fix itself when you put it back together...
  8. Super Snow Speeder (WIP)

    Nice, looks good, but I think some more panels would make it look better... Maybe a 5x11 on the roof, and a couple more of those side panels... Also, I see you've managed to upload some HD video finally!
  9. Strange Motor Noise?

    This motor is known to be noisy, so unless it's really loud or inconsistent, it's probably nothing to worry about... Maybe you could take a video of it, so we can listen to it.
  10. Lego GBC Zig Zag Module

    Welcome to Eurobricks @sawyer klegr, a couple of places you can learn about Eurobricks are the FAQ and Guidelines sections, and you can get help on the HELP!!! topic. As for the post, it's fine, but some more/bigger photos would be good (you can use Bricksafe to store them), as well as embedding the YouTube video - which you can do by simply copy/pasting the link.
  11. Stadium Runner! -(Pullback Racer)

    It's nice and simple - just how a pullback racer should be. I agree, it looks like it should have two big lights, rather than four small ones...
  12. Great video! I agree with @agrof - it's a great solution for a one-man film crew... Also, it's amazing how much cooler those pullback vehicles look in slow-mo!
  13. Oh sorry, I deleted those photos because I was going to redo it, and take new photos. I'll make sure to post them here when I'm done...
  14. [MOC] Security camera

    Very cool, and good looking too! I really like the photo of the camera taking a photo of the camera taking a photo of the camera taking a photo........ etc.