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  1. mocbuild101

    [TC14] The Zapper

    That might just work...
  2. mocbuild101

    [TC14] The Zapper

    The seats are built to be loose, but for some reason they don't work as well when connected to the chain... That's what I thinking of doing, as I don't think I will be able to make every seat a different color. Well that's what the 8x16 tile was supposed to be for, but now that I think of it, it probably would be better to have it raised up with stairs...
  3. No idea, he hasn't been on Eurobricks since June... Great! I really want to see this finished, especially considering how far we have come...
  4. mocbuild101

    [TC14] The Zapper

    Well maybe not breaking necks, but it should definitely make riders vomit twice as quickly... Oh, and that motor is only set at half power... and the batteries are nearly flat...
  5. mocbuild101

    [TC14] The Zapper

    Update! (finally... ) It's been a while since I last updated this, but I have been building... It now uses EV3 motors to power it, and while they are a bit slower, they are also much stronger - the PF motors just couldn't keep the speed consistent enough. Once again, here's a short test video: Anyway, now my main challenge is how I'm going to decorate it, so I'd like your opinion on how you think it should look. Style: Leave the structure bare - so all the mechanisms are visible. Cover it all up with plates - like I have done on the front. Cover it all up with panels - smoother and more Technic. Color: As is - black, grey, with only a bit of red. Much more of one color. (either red or yellow) More colors, but only for the seats. Details: As is - put more focus on the mechanisms. Some small details (like railing). As may details as possible. I hope that not to many options for you...
  6. I should be finished building in a week or so, I just need to decide how to decorate it... I'll be updating my WIP topic later today...
  7. mocbuild101

    LDD Pro

    Well there's certainly some extra features in LDD that we don't have access to, but I don't know if Lego will ever release them to us... BTW, I don't know if anyone else knows about this, but I recently found out that is actually made with Unity - which theoretically means that could be released for Android and iOS...
  8. mocbuild101 on Linux

    I don't know if it applies to Linux, but I used to have the same problem with the Windows version, it seems to be related to whether your graphics has OpenGL support, I only managed to get it working when I got a new graphics card.
  9. mocbuild101

    [TC14] The Whip

    You could probably build a few of these:
  10. @letsbuild Sorry for bumping during TC14, but when is this going to be finished? No one else seems to be voting...
  11. Although 42054 gets pretty close, as @BrickbyBrickTechnic and other builders have shown...
  12. @nicjasno should be able to answer that...
  13. mocbuild101

    [TC14] Randomonium

    I agree, but you also need to remember that every segment is a lever - the longer they are, the more force is applied to the cylinders - which means that it will need at least 1-2 more cylinders at the base to be strong enough. I'd build with 3 segments, with 3 cylinders at the base, 2 at the middle, and 1 at the top - that would make it plenty strong enough to do what you want.
  14. I'd say no to that, as it seems to have an effect on the rubber seals inside the cylinders - the two cylinders I once used it on now both leak air though their tops, not to mention that the very thin oil also slowly seeps out... no.......too thick. Provide lubrication it would, but slow things down unnecessarily also it would...... For LPEs, yes maybe, but for normal everyday use it's probably the best option - I've found that it's 100% safe, and also thick enough to not seep out of the cylinders (or motors, which I've also sometimes use it for) when in storage.
  15. Nice work It's great to finally see it working!