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  1. Buggy motors?

    Looks good, I hope he excepts your $70 offer!
  2. If I remember correctly, and this may just be for more expensive models, 27mhz controllers/receivers need matching crystals (that you plug in) to work together. But like @PorkyMonster said, it's probably better to ask this question somewhere else - especially when it has nothing to do with Lego... Edit: Here's a link to a similar question:
  3. I would agree, but I still can't quite work out what the other three numbers are... My only guess is that it's the Nth day of the Nth week of the Nth year - which is a bit confusing... As an example, take the most common code - 1343 - which splits up into 1+34+3 - would decode into: The first day of the 34th week of 2003 What do you think?
  4. It's because it runs on a 7.2v NIMH battery pack. (which is actually 6x 1.2v NIMH cells connected together) Yes, and it's much more powerful (and tough) than the normal RC system - which is due to it having much bigger motors inside.
  5. I can't really help you with your gearbox, but I can help you with this: If you already have the photos on a file hosting site (Bricksafe is great for this), then it's just a matter of copy/ paste the URL of the photo - just make sure you resize it to meet the guidelines (800px wide).
  6. Thank you too! And I hope you/Invision can find a solution to this problem.
  7. Not working - in the same way as before. (but the last poll worked - I just didn't get to it before it was locked)
  8. All my parts are stamped, as follows: From Hot Flame set: motors - 1343, 1343 RC unit - 5343 remote - 2343 steering unit - 1343 Bought separately: motors - 3322, 3322 remote - 1444
  9. Buggy motors?

    I got 2 motors for $51, and a complete Hot Flame set for $68. (which I was very happy about! ) So I'd say yes, go for it! If you work it out, it's $25 for each motor, $30 for the RC unit, and another $20 for the controller and everything else - which is really cheap! And with it working, that's even better! If it was in Australia, I would definitely buy it! (I don't have enough RC yet... )
  10. It's the drill that's made of jelly! But seriously, you did great with making all the functions work, even if it's not the strongest of designs...
  11. What a funny thing to make with Mindstorms! I have just one question... When you were testing it, did you test it on yourself, or on someone else? Edit: I just watched the video, and I see you did try it on someone else...
  12. They are definitely production date codes, because if they were part numbers, they should be 5292 (for the motors). Now you just have to decode them!
  13. No, not me, the only time I had protection kick in was when I tried to use a V1 PF receiver to power a buggy motor - but nothing happened to the buggy motors, they keep working whatever I do to them! That's strange... The light is suppose to stay on when the protection kicks in. But that does remind me of something that happened to my PF lipo a couple of years ago...
  14. Gearing buggy motor

    I'm not, I'm just saying that I would be careful - because I once burnt out one of my PF receivers when I tried using 9.6v (from 8x 1.2v NIMH). It's fine for motors, because they are all rated for 12v+ I didn't know that, I thought that it only had a limit of 10v.
  15. Gearing buggy motor

    I'm very surprised you were able to do that, I would never even think about doing that to my RC unit! I would still be VERY careful using anything over 9v - it could very easily burn out your RC unit, or even possibly the SBrick.