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    (Other than Lego) RC cars, photography, bike-riding, bird-watching, game-making, and other things I can't think of right now...


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  1. Wow time has gone by fast, I just realized the last MOC I built was for TC15, and that was about a year ago! Hopefully I'll have time to enter, I've got a few nice ideas this time...
  2. Congratulations to everyone, especially the winners, which were amazing builds Bit disappointed I couldn't enter this time, but hopefully I'll be able to when TC17 comes around around...
  3. 2: 10 1: 6 8: 4 3: 3 4: 2 6: 1 Very surprised by how few entries there were, but at least that's made it easier for me Good luck everyone!
  4. Very nice! When I was originally considering whether I would enter TC16, this was exactly what I was thinking of building! Glad I didn't, because you've done a much better job than I would have
  5. Nice, don't know if it's a contest for me, but it could be fun...
  6. You mean something a bit like this? I agree, though I don't really care which comes first, as they'd both be fun.
  7. Well for that it should be quite efficient, as it would have periods where it would be off, and saving power. My advice would be to do some experiments to see how much air it uses, and maybe even add a second air tank, so that when it's full (and not running), it would have a longer time before it turns back on.
  8. To be honest I really don't know, but I'd assume that it would last longer for creations that don't use much air.
  9. I've used Lego for many things, but most commonly for custom camera supports, such as the one that I use to film the intro for my YouTube videos (which let my usual camera tripod hold my phone), and another one that got it's own video.
  10. mocbuild101

    Review the LEGO Set Above You!

    @Nexogeek I couldn't agree more, Agents was just such a well done theme, with all of the sets having just the right mix of details and play features. I just recently bought the last set to complete my collection of agents, and like you, I still like it just as much as when I was younger. Nice, but to me it seemed like it was too focused on battling sea creatures than Atlantis itself. Still, it did have some nice designs... 7/10 Next theme: Ninja
  11. mocbuild101

    HELP! ! !

    I've actually already answered this question:
  12. mocbuild101

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    The red and black ones look like they could be useful, but I agree with @Lyichir on the other ones...
  13. mocbuild101

    HELP! ! !

    That still doesn't explain why it's working for me though... Edit: Except the images for The Pirate Bay linked above, which I can't see...
  14. mocbuild101

    HELP! ! !

    That's strange, I have no issues whatsoever... And the image you posted isn't showing for me...