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  1. mocbuild101

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    At first I was thinking "that looks really nice", and then I realized it was motorized...
  2. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Project cockpit

    Nice, you've gotten a lot more done than I have, but I guess that's because it's a bit simpler than mine...
  3. mocbuild101

    42054 C Model - Boom Handler

    Are those going to be photo instructions? If they are, you really should compress them into a ZIP file to upload to Bricksafe, as IMO it's a lot better if someone wants to download them.
  4. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Skycrane helicopter

    Wow, that's already looking great! Is it just me, or is one of the blades not connected properly?
  5. Nice! I like the first one best, I think it looks a bit sleeker than the second one. Well, gliding is more like slow falling than flying, but I think it's best not to start that discussion again...
  6. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    Thanks! Oh yeah, I forgot about that one! Agreed, though I don't know whether I can get it any closer with the current design... Anyway, I'm currently working on a new design for the joystick that eliminates even more backlash, by not using any U-joints. I still don't have any photos to show just yet, but the design seems to be working well, so I hope to have something later today.
  7. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    Thanks, I've done some testing, and it's working great - so well in fact, that I think I'll won't need any PF! BTW, I probably won't be posting any pictures until tomorrow, as I want to build more of the control system before posting any updates...
  8. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    Or just make up Plan B when you need it... Hmm... That actually might be perfect for moving the joint itself, as I haven't really been able to find a good (or strong) enough solution for that yet, and I also want it to be able to move smoothly... Anyway, this is what I came up with last night, I haven't yet had a chance to test it IRL (I'll be doing that later today), but I think I could work... Also, I found out something about LDD that I never knew it could do - move linkages with the rotate tool!
  9. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    That's the reason why I ended up with the design I have at the moment, as I had to make sure the axle rotation wasn't on either of the two planes of the joint's rotation (which is also why I couldn't add yaw). I do have an idea of a way to use more linkages though - only keeping the two U-joints and the CV-joints. I think I might have a play around with some ideas in LDD tonight and see what I can come up with...
  10. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    Update... I've been experimenting with different ways of manualy controlling the plane, and well, it's hasn't been very successful - even the best design I could come up with (below) still had so much backlash that the control surfaces barely even moved... I looks like I will have to go back to the drawing board, and find a different way of controlling it... (probably involving PF)
  11. Nice, I like all the manual controls, it's actually the same kind of thing I originally thought of building...
  12. mocbuild101

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    Small update... I've been working on the control system a bit, and I think I've finally gotten something suitable for the main joint: The thing that took the most time to figure out was how to build it joints without using up too much space, as I had to replace the CV joints with U joints, because the maximum angle of the CV joints was too small for what I wanted. My next task is to find a way to hold and move the main joint with a joystick...
  13. mocbuild101

    Technic Walker

    Nice, I quite surprised how fast it is (though that's probably just because of how slow the one I'm working on is), but the way it walks... I'm not sure if it's creepy, or funny...
  14. +1 I will definitely be following this!
  15. mocbuild101

    [TC15] How Aircraft Work

    Interesting idea, I actually quite like it myself... Is there any airplane in particular you're going to base it off, or are you just going to make it up as you go?