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  1. I think that's a bit too strict if you ask me, but yeah, I guess there's no point fighting what can't be changed... In the end, it's just another piece of evidence in the case against the number 13...
  2. Portable LDD install?

    Yes, and it's actually quite easy: Download and run the standard installer for LDD When you get to "Choose Install Location", just change the drive letter to the USB's letter (e.g. D/E/F). Finish the installer. Go to the root of the USB, right click, and choose New -> Shortcut. Find the file "LDD.exe" in the installed folder on your USB. Create the shortcut. Eject the USB. Uninstall LDD from your computer. (this will only remove the record of the installation) Put the USB in, and run LDD. (this will install the bricks, so make sure your connected to the internet) Done! LDD has been installed on your USB/flash drive, and you can now use it on any computer (that has the same operating system). You can repeat these steps if you want to install LDD for multiple operating systems, just make sure you put them in different folders.
  3. Adding a Banner Image to Profile Page

    That would be a good compromise, though it would be better to have a choice of multiple colors.
  4. HELP! ! !

    @Ghost Onyx Posts in the community section are not counted.
  5. I personally think it's best to start with the most important parts - the parts that can only be built a certain way (such as the gearbox, axles, and maybe a tricky part of the bodywork) - and then build the rest around them. This way, not only do you avoid assembly problems (such as a gearbox not fitting into the chassis), but you also get an idea of whether you can actually built it.
  6. As far as I can see, that would be impossible. You would need to either connect the gears with another axle (like @LvdH said), or only have two speeds.
  7. You can use the original RIS 2.0 software on Windows XP without any problems, and it can also be made to work on 32bit Windows 7 - you just need the driver for the IR tower, which you can get from here: You can also download ROBOTC from the same page, if you want to have a go at more advanced coding. Yes they are, along with instructions (and their programs) for many other cool robots!
  8. Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Oops, I don't know how I missed that... Gear ratios?
  9. I got mine from eBay: You could also try Bricklink:
  10. Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Looks good, but some more information/details would be good... (what motors are used, any special functions, etc...)
  11. HELP! ! !

    If you're posting a comment on a topic, it gets saved automatically until you post it. As for posting topics, no, it doesn't get saved, so just copy it all to a text editor on your computer and save it that way.
  12. Technic Boeing 737-600

    Nice work, and a great example of function over form. The landing gear mechanism works well, though I don't think the wings are suppose to move when they go up...
  13. SBrick Watchdog

    Er... maybe the SBrick forum would be more helpful:
  14. [MOC] Lego technic School Bus

    Looks great! It is a bit short for a school bus, but I think that just makes it look cute.
  15. Technic Power Wheels v.1

    Great work! I agree with @Leonardo da Bricki, the design is very clean, and actually looks quite good.