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  1. mocbuild101

    New Mindstorms Forum

    Also, you can't follow tags, but you can follow forums
  2. mocbuild101

    New Mindstorms Forum

    Yet another forum to add to the 20-something forums we already have... But seriously, this is actually great, with Boost and WeDo (which certainly aren't Technic), it makes sense to move them to their own forum
  3. mocbuild101

    Beginner questions

    MPD files are also LDrarw files
  4. For official Lego sets, I'd suggest checking out Brickset - in particular this link: As for MOCs (with guaranteed instructions), I'd suggest Rebrickable - though it is a bit harder to sort through:
  5. mocbuild101

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Hmm... So a member with a helicopter in their profile picture wants an aircraft competition, and one with a car in their picture wants a car competition...
  6. mocbuild101

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I agree, you only need to look at 42044 to see how few parts are needed... BTW, I think your signature needs an update...
  7. That makes sense, though it is a bit big, and it's not semi-transparent (like a watermark)...
  8. mocbuild101

    Generic Contest Discussion

    That would be great, not only because it's really simple, but it also should bring in a lot more entries due to only needing a single set to build with. See here:
  9. Looks good, but I do agree with @Johnny1360 that it does need a bit more work... Also, why is there a big black circle with "Matt's Hobbies" throughout the entire video?
  10. mocbuild101

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Those seem a bit to big to me... I'd say to limit it to PF only, using these rims: Those will limit the size of the builds, while still allowing for a wide range of different tires.
  11. mocbuild101

    Generic Contest Discussion

    +1 I personally have always wanted to make a rally car, but have never got around to it... I don't think that should be allowed, as it would give an advantage to anyone that has access to 3D-printed parts...
  12. I use a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, which if you're on a budget, is really the best camera you can get. I can't really say what software I use though, as I haven't made any brick-films for a long time... Here are some topics that might interest you:
  13. mocbuild101

    A quick comment on spam

    I found the second one when I went to edit my profile.
  14. Working on that. Need to make the arm better. Maybe you could move the pneumatic controls to the rear of the vehicle, and have the driver's cabin take it's place? From what I can see, you should have room to move the cabin back 4-5 studs.