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  1. Yes You have absolute right. My project its more like Yours car, then sheepo. But look closer on entire body. doors, entire side, bonnet and front shield. Almost everything its changed. But where is the limit to call something your project? which took several weeks to build. Your vehicle was the inspiration for my Landrover and I am grateful for that. Best Regards
  2. No, Now I am working on mod 42009. Chassis instruction can buy on sheepo garage. Make body its not so hard :-)
  3. Hi, my first moc: Lego Land Rover 90 Camel Trophy Edition. Original chassis RC made project by "sheepo garage". Body is my original project, but inspired by RM8 and sheepo. I hope You like it :-) my moc`s: https://www.bricksafe.com/pages/Fabiomaster