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    So many of the people who like the SImpsons are fans of the many nice LEGO sets that were made by the LEGOS to be about the show. But i thought there should be a very big statue of the head of Hommer Simpsen the dad from the Simpsons. So I did the statue in the LDD. It's good old Hommer Simspon and his dognut. Homar has a mouth and just like in the show it is full of many food. He is gluttonous but love able. His tounge moves too and there is food in his mouth. Here is the Homer eat the donut. Hommer have many adventures with his wife Marg and his children Magey, Lysol, and Bert. They live in town of Springtown and have adventures with Mr. Barnes and Smather, Kirsten the Cloun, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Ralf and Chef Wiggem, Hand Malloman, and even Bender the Robot. I will make all of them to have adventures soon. I uploaded the Hommer so you all can look on it with you're computer and change it to be green if you really like. HOMMER SIMPSEN.lxf I hope you like the lego building I made