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Found 58 results

  1. This is my MOC of the rebel base at Yavin IV based on A New Hope, Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. I tried to make so that it could possibly be made as an actual LEGO set so it's one section out of four to keep the piece count at around 2,000 pieces and the price as low as possible at this size, and so the exterior can be exhibited and the interior can be accessed to at the same time. The set has 4 different sections, each one based on a different area of the base seen in the movies and the TV series. The first one is the hangar where the ships are fixed and get ready for battles, the second one is the war room where the rebel leaders meet and follow the state of the battles, the third one is the room where the rebel pilots were taught how to destroy the Death Star, and the fourth one is the ceremony room where the heroes of the Battle of Yavin got their medals. I made the set on LDD and rendered it with POV-ray. I've made a list of minifigs that I think should be included with the set and I'm finishing making the illustrations for them since some of them are new so I'll post them too when they are done! Feel free to ask any questions about the moc or leave any comments or critiques about it!
  2. (MOD) 75155 U-Wing

    Excited to share my first mod on a set; the U-Wing! It's small compared to other efforts, but I'm just getting started. I'll also have a video if I'm allowed to share that. Anyway, I've added a second pilot seat, removed unnecessary technic to allow more space in the transport, and extended the wings from 40 studs long to 44 studs long. Then additional greebling, replaced stud shooters, and changed the rear top behind the cockpit to remove the pop open feature and add detail. I would love to hear thoughts and feedback! Thanks! Removed the cockpit pop open play feature to add detail, greebling and accuracy. Since I wasn't changing the base hull of the ship, I took inspiration from the Republic Gunship to add a second pilot seat. Another view of the two pilots. The additional pilot now "floats" in the lower window. A very simple dark gray plank with a slope piece for flare allows a second pilot without altering the width of the set. Underside view of the transport window showing additional plank for second pilot. Larger view of underside. The transport with the second pilot fitted on; stud shooters have been removing, now acting as weapon racks, and technic poles have been removed to free up some space. After removing the technic bar a simple detail piece from the Millennium Falcon was placed in the center. Closer view of the pilot The original printed tile was placed on a flat piece to free up space, and two additional yokes were added. An upright view of the yokes. ___________________________________ May the Force be with you!
  3. [MOC] Scarif Battle

    My buddy and I revisited/expanded MOC. It measures around 16 feet/4.8 meters long. The citadel is about 6.5 feet/2 meters tall. We wanted to incorporate every major scene from Battle on Scarif into MOC, and we're very pleased with how it came out. Here is the video overview. Here are some pictures. Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Scarif by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr
  4. MOC Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    Hello, before I start writing about my Zeta Class, I want to say that I am sorry for my maybe not the best english. It's because I am from germany, but I try to write as good as I can. A few weeks ago I started watching for a Zeta Class in Lego. I didn't found something I like, so I started building my own! It is built of 4 parts: 1. The Cargo Room, 2. The Control Room, 3. and 4. The wings. Now I will say something to the ship in general, and at the and I will show you some pictures. 1. The Cargo Room In the Cargo Room I am able to put ~15 minifigs in (standing!). On the back of the Cargo Room is a place for the weapons, the backpacks and so on. 2. The Control Room In the Control Room there are 2 control panels and one seat in the front from which the ship could get controlled. In the Control Room I can put ~10 minifigs. It looks like if there are more minfigs getting place, but it isn't like this because the ceiling is taking a little bit space too and there are some crossbars. 3. and 4. The wings The wings are connected to the site of the ship and are able to move, but they weight to much so they are falling down if they dont get connected with a crossbar. My Zeta Class has more than 700 pieces (for you this isn't much I think, but I usually don't build ships from Star Wars and it is one of the first ships I built). Soon I will make a building tutorial on my YouTube-Channel!

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  7. [MOC] UCS U-Wing (Rogue One)

    This is my MOC of a minifig-scale U-Wing from Rogue One. While the official set was one of my favourite sets, it fell short in many regards and decided to make my own. I encountered a few problems while building it, such as attaching the engines which I rectified with the usage of click-hinges and it was overall a good problem-solving experience. The ship features a compartment for 6 minifigs and two pilots, radio control area, and swiveling and locking wings. Measures 75 centimeters in length. LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC LEGO U-Wing MOC
  8. Stop motion review (presentation) of 75172 Y-wing Starfighter Year: 2017 Pieces: 691 Figures: 5 Price: £64.99 / $59.99 / 69.99€ Brickset
  9. Built for FBTB's Star Wars Microfighters contest, which is running from now to about the end of May. Enjoy!
  10. From the designer of fantastic UCS-scaled MOCs comes a Hammerhead Corvette. The MOC contains 3,606 pieces in total, and measures 35 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. Take down Imperial Star Destroyers with a UCS-scaled Hammerhead Corvette from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Despite the fact that the scale of this model is unknown, the model itself does not disappoint in terms of both accuracy and detail. There is an instructions bundle available for this MOC which includes a 480 page pdf instruction manual, a parts list, and LDD files. All we ask is an exchange of 35 U.S Dollars ($35) for the entire bundle. For more details about purchasing the bundle, please either PM me or contact me at via email. As for sticker, The manual includes a plate to where the sticker will go, but until more information is learned about the Hammerhead, a sticker will not officially be released. Here are some images from the manual that show the design and completed model: Parts list: Please use this topic to discuss anything about the MOC including the building process, questions, part substitutions, etc.
  11. I've already posted these builds separately on AG and SoNE, but I wanted to show them together and as we displayed them at BrickUniverse. These four sections are my attempt to make Star Wars modular buildings a thing. Join our Flickr group if you have modular builds you'd like to share, too - Modular Sci-Fi Jedha Dark Red 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Dark Flesh 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Azure 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Market 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The rest of the build (temple, tank, carts, and eastern buildings) was done by Dwight Neal, a fellow DFWLUG member. Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr We've been working on this collab since some of the first trailers came out last September, starting with Dwight's tank and street, Dwight's Jedha by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr displaying the first version of it in December for BrickUniverse Dallas. Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr My sections changed quite a bit between Dallas and OKC to make it a 360 build and our layout changed to accommodate Dwight's new Jedha temple. Once we get the blurays I'm sure we'll change/add some more. Feel free to post screenshots of architectural details on Jedha. Again, we'll be displaying it next at BrickFiesta in Mesquite, TX June 29-July 2, which is an AFOL focused convention with a lot of potential for growth. If you can make it, let me know so we can meet up and talk Star Wars MOCs.
  12. [MOC] Battle On Scarif

    please leave any feedback in the comments and leave a rating, it would really help me out
  13. Darth Vaders Castle

    I haven't seen any Darth Vader castle projects as yet! Let me know what you think of my micro castle? Darth Vader's Castle from Rogue One in micro size. Its a simple and compact play-set with your very own "Bacta Tank", who doesn’t want their own Bacta Tank to detox in! It has a technic lever to dip Lord Vader in and out. This set could be a great idea in gaining director Krennic, Darth Vader's servant and of course a Bacta Tank Darth Vader mini-fig(s). Its a small piece count so would be very affordable....
  14. IDSMO R2- Battle of Scarif

    Hi guys, I want to show you my newest MOC. I built it for the second round in the Imperium der Steine Star Wars MOC Olympics. We have to build planetes on max. 32x32 studs. I decided to build Scarif, one battle scene on the beatiful beach and another scene on the shield (one star destroyer crashes in another one). I hope you like the idea and the MOC, let me know ;) IDSMO R2- Battle of Scarif - Complete by KevFett2011, on Flickr IDSMO R2- Battle of Scarif by KevFett2011, on Flickr Greetings KevFett2011
  15. Minifig Scale U-wing

    Hello everyone, First post on this forum, even if I follow it since a while. So, that's my first real MOC, a minifig scale U-wing. There are some people having done a U-wing since the release of Rogue One. For mine, I try to keep the original proportions right in length, width and height, using the scale 3 stud = 1 meter. The size of the whole ship is about 63cm long, 18cm wide and 7cm high. I think this ship is difficult to realise in minifig scale, because of shape, the windscreens, the slide doors and the interior. There is not so much space to put solid structure elements around the cockpit. I choose to keep some technics and esthetic choices from the original Lego set, as for the wings, the doors and the reactors, even if this ones are to thin compare to the original ship. For reasons of solidity, I linked the reactors of each side together. Without this, the reactors bent too much. I use the same technic than in the Lego set for the doors, but I had a transclear element to be fair to the moovie. The inside. I improvise a little for the shape of bench but i tried to make it not too bulky. The front. I used plates for this part of the hull for a better realism, but this technic could not be apply on the rest of the ship because of a lack of space and solidity. Ten fat minifig can stand on or sit in the cockpit. I used the same element the Lego to link the wing along the main hull. Because of the weigh of this wings, the light grey elements at right help a lot to sustain it. I also hide landing gear in the wing but I didn't any way to add one in the rear of the ship. You can see more in my flickr gallery: Tell me what do you think of this. Ablyss
  16. Here is a small MOC depicting one of the numerous landing platforms disseminated on Scarif with a bunker entry leading somewhere. Director Krennic is performing a surprise inspection. Scarif Landing Platform by Veynom, on Flickr And a few more details: Landing Platform - Storage Area by Veynom, on Flickr Some creativity around storage and equipment available around the platform. Landing Platform - More storage by Veynom, on Flickr Re-using one of my AA turrets as a way to provide anti-air defense: Landing Platform - AA Battery by Veynom, on Flickr And a ground view: In the meantime, on Scarif... by Veynom, on Flickr Comments welcome.
  17. Hello again, Eurobricks! I decided for my second MOC I'd dive in the deep end, the easiest way to learn, right? So I thought that the hammerhead would be a good choice being such an iconic ship in the canon Star Wars universe now. I will be updating this topic when any noticable progress is made, which may be a while because this quite a large project for me. This is where I am so far...I've taken a break due to the rear section being the most difficult. Any comments and suggestions are welcome! Thank you!
  18. I've become quite a fan of the new Shoretroopers from Rogue one and look forward to obtaining them in Lego form, there is 3 varieties of Shoretrooper; Soldier, Squad Leader and Captain, so far we've had Captain ( and Soldier ( do you think we'll get a Squad Leader figure, possibly with dual-moulded arms and a skirt piece? what are your thoughts?
  19. Scarif MOC

    Hello everybody! It has been a long time since I have posted anything due to life being life, so without further ado I present to you my Scarif MOC; Lego Scarif MOC 7 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 1 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 2 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 3 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 4 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 5 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Lego Scarif MOC 6 by Tom Gray, on Flickr Hope you like it, comments and criticisms are very welcome!
  20. UT-60D U-Wing E 'was love at first sight .. a design that has deliberately mixed the style and characteristics of the most iconic starfighters of the saga. X-wing, y-wing and SnowSpeeders seem to gather here in the sinuous lines and calibrated this ship. The brilliant idea to give him a soul of its own, making it not only a starfighter attack but also a transport landing troops. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the MOC LEGO SB00101 - UT-60D U-Wing Starfighter / Support craft. After nearly four months of hard work I can finally present my creation. I started working in October 2016 on the basis of the few pictures that then you could find online. The fundamental prerogative for me was to respect as much as possible the proportions and create a scaled moc UCS. At the same time I studied and perfected the structure to make it solid, handy and completely disassembled into blocks to be able to assemble and disassemble easily. The lower doors are sliding and can be opened using a technique that to my knowledge has not yet been used, or at least I have never seen used. Inside the cargo area they are arranged the "benches" for the troops and the guns attack. The cockpit has the double glass .. top and bottom. To the top glass I realized the extent of adhesives inspired by those of the set 10240. Wings, studied and modeled with a sinuous shape and tapered, can be opened and can be placed in a "attack". Because of their weight, to avoid distorting the structure of the engine body to achieve a suitable system to support them, I opted to create two small "props" that support them and securing them perfectly parallel to the supporting plane. I am particularly proud of the engine body, which was the first block to be studied and planned. I made several versions before reaching the final one that I find well sized and proportioned. The design phase has been completed a week before the film and before proceeding with the BL orders I wanted to wait for the release of the film for checking compliance of the details that I had been impossible to grasp from the few available images. About 80% of the pieces I had at home but it was still necessary to perform six orders to find everything you need. In mid-January came the last order and I was able to finally give "life" to my creature. I say .. it in hand and to admire it in its massive proportions has been worth the effort to achieve it occurred. Are you wondering how many pieces consists .. 3324 brick and 6 minifigure. Jyn Herso, Cassian Andor, K2-SO, Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus. The fearless rebels fled the planet Jedha after the destruction of the city by the terrifying new weapon empire. The dimensions for folded wings are 90 cm long, 35 cm wide and 18 cm in height. With wings spread measuring 80 cm long, 135 cm wide and 18 cm in height What about ... already liked on paper this ship but the definitive consecration took place after seeing it on the big screen piloted by two pilots brave Cassian Andor and K2-SO. It was unthinkable not to achieve a UCS version of this icon. Hope you like it.. A special rigraziamento to my friend Corrado Rosson which gave me great advice to make the photo shoot. Album flickr
  21. [MOC] Rogue One- U-Wing Escape

    Hi guys, here is my entry for the Imperium der Steine OC Olympics 2017. In the first round we have to build a Rogue One scene on 8x8 . I decided to build the explosion scene in Jedha´. In this scene, the team around Jyn Erso ecape in a U-Wing. Hopefully you like my MOC,for more information about the contest click this link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> IDSMO R1- U - Wing Escape by KevFett2011, on Flickr Greetings KevFett2011
  22. I have been modifying my lego 75155 u-wing fighter I always thought that the cockpit was too narrow as it should have 2 abreast seating and the control deck should be linked to the load / troop area hope you like it any ideas to improve are welcome i used 2 x 75155 sets plus some other bits and pieces I dont have any building instructions as i built it up as i went adding and modifying from the standard instructions from 75155
  23. Hi all After only getting four kits in the Microfighters series 4 I decided to have a go at adding to the range myself, starting with 'Rogue One' itself. So here's my micro MOC of the Imperial Cargo Shuttle. It's 12 studs long, 6 wide with the wings up and about 16 wide with them down, 105 pieces at last count. I experimented with a few different builds and the trickiest parts were making the wings strong without too many plates and the orange cargo 'pod'. I had a nicer looking cargo pod using some curved corner bricks but it was hard to make the rest of the build strong so I had to go for slopes and brackets instead. I kept the colours mostly dark grey with some light grey for the wing markings and also a few touches of dark tan, just to add a bit of dirt and break up the shape a little. The pilot is from the Battlefront battlepack but he's close enough to one of the Rogue One soldiers for the moment. That's it - hope you like it, all comments welcome. If you're interested you can see some of my Other Microfighter Builds here :) and I can post a link to the lxf file too Joe
  24. Guys - if you haven't seen the new shoretrooper, stop everything and watch now. Then go straight to a store to buy this set. And/or order just the shoretroopers individually.
  25. I'm new doing Mocs and this is my second moc ever, it is the final scene in rogue one with Darth Vader fighting the rebels who tried to scape. I like so much RO and this part too, it's so epic and i haven't found any moc yet. I need some feedback to improve :)