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  1. [MOC] Railway station

    Very sweet station, I like the changes you made to the original design. It's definitely benefited from some colour and small details. I really like the use of masonry build for the carriage - looks great!
  2. [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Excellent small builds very well done. The Fries stall is my favorite. Best of luck with the submission!
  3. [MOC] Pharmacy

    Nice work! There is good variation in textures/colours on the pharmacy building to make it interesting. I think the interior is very well done. I particularly like the fireplace - looks very modern. I agree with @RogerSmith that the entrance hall is maybe a bit too big. The Green Grocer has a similar feature with an entranceway and that's the size I tend to thinks about right proportionately. It would definitely give more space for a bigger pharmacy! Anyway keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing what you build next!
  4. [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    Considering this is your first attempt its very impressive! Really great mix of colours and textures. Would look great expanded with some more similar Italian themed buildings. I really like how you've added trailing greenery to the facade - it works very well. Keep up the good work!
  5. [MOC] Modular Sushi Bar

    Very smart looking building! I like the window framing on the top two floors. The interior is very nice, I don't know what a sushi bar should look like inside as I've never been in one! I am maybe in slight agreement with @deraven that perhaps it could do with some signage so as to tell its a restaurant but other than that great job!
  6. Making Eurobricks More Active

    A lot of interesting questions posed. Well done to @LegoModularFan for starting the ball rolling. In the time I've been a member there has definitely been a lot of familiar faces either don't visit very much anymore or have moved to just image hosting sites such as flickr. It's a shame for EB but maybe its a sign of the times that those methods of communication are more accessible and easier to use. I joined EB to comment on peoples creations and post my own MOC's after being inspired by what I saw here, I still am amazed by the great builds I see, but sometimes I've already seen them elsewhere on sites such as flickr so EB never feels like the first place to go. I still like to post here to give a more in-depth opinion as the site feels much more personal than say flickr. I think peoples habits have changed and forums are probably an old-fashioned way of keep in touch and up to date. I think that's everywhere and not something only EB is finding. My main interests on EB are the town and general interest forums. I've never participated in a game before as most of my pieces are of a town style so a town based game would interest me! Apart form that I think EB could benefit from a youtube channel, maybe highlighting MOC's of the week, building techniques, reviews - it wouldn't necessarily need to be a voice over - slides might be a good enough start? Maybe the 'adverts' could help pay towards the upkeep of the site. Although I don't use it for a group conversation, maybe a bunch of whatsapp groups for various themes?
  7. MOC: The lock and Quay

    Thanks Peedeejay! I spend too long testing out colours! :D Cheers carebear, it'd be great to go for real and get some on site inspiration! Thanks guys, appreciated!
  8. MOC: The lock and Quay

    Thank you very much, glad you like it! Yes those are 1x4x6 arches used sideways. I used a similar technique here: Thanks littleworlds! The fishmongers is probably a bit too sterile and would benefit form colour, although of all the source material I could find most interiors were white. Cheers Bricked! I specifically looked at Cornwall and Devon on google image search so good spot! I have got pubs on a fish Quay local to me which is why I decided on making a fishmongers to go next door. Thank you Paupadros. I do experiment a great deal with colour to find appropriate combinations, I'm glad you've spotted the smaller details!
  9. 1968 FIAT 500 F

    Fantastic recreation, you've captured all the charm very well!
  10. MOC: The lock and Quay

    Hellow fellow EB members. I've finally finished a MOC which has graced my desk for far too long now. The Lock and Quay - a pub and also a fishmongers both set upon a quay. Theres not much interior detail as its quite a shallow build and its more of a token gesture to be able to see something through the windows from the exterior. Anyway on with the pics, only 4 this time; Any comments/questions etc, always welcome! Cheers!

    Nice work! I particularly like the roofline and the fireplace! I'm putting the finishing touches to my own pub moc, after seeing yours there is plenty I forgot Really love the signage!
  12. [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    I especially like those hanging lights under the colonnade. Well done!
  13. [MOC] House of the Inventor

    This is a very interesting design. I couldn't care if its 'modular' or not. I really like the long windows and use of slopes on the corner, the greenhouse is also very well done and some ways an understated part of the MOC. Well done!
  14. Modular Convenience Store [My First MOC]

    Nice one! This is a great example of what can be achieved using a limited selection of pieces. I started in similar fashion building modulars using only pieces from cafe corner and then the green grocer. Definitely more of a challenge looking back, but over time I've accumulated lots more pieces and learned more techniques, my guess is you'll probably do the same. I'll be Interested to see what you build next. Keep up the good work!
  15. MOC The Rainbow Park

    Very charming park! I agree with whats been said, about the use of the fence pieces, inspired! I'd love to see an extension with a adventure playground! Well done!