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  1. snaillad

    MOC: Riad

    Maybe thats something TLG should do in the future! I've found it hard to use, 5 years since I last did, but I really like it. Thanks guys! Thank you very much, I spend too long blending colours together! Cheers @peedeejay
  2. snaillad

    MOC: Riad

    Thank you @Stuartn! It pleases me you've spotted many of the details. I experiment a lot with colour and I think this kind of architecture is great for bright colours and geometric patterns. I've learned after so long not to make huge swathes of walls without interesting and varied details to fill in the gaps. I'm quite happy with the way the doors turned out but I agree its hard to see them clearly on the main image. Thanks again! Thanks! Thank you, it was nice to work with a sand and water colour palette, suppose it'd make sense they'd go together! Glad you like @Captain Dee! Thanks! Thank you @EVE Thanks @blackdeathgr I started with the floor, I guess you could say everything else was an afterthought!
  3. snaillad

    MOC: Riad

    Hi all, my latest project is inspired by Moroccan riad courtyards. I've done a variety of tilework both on the ground and on the walls much like you would find in a real riad. It would usually be fully enclosed as a square or rectangle so the curved balcony is just for show! I went through quite a bit of source material, most courtyards have balconies, columns and a water fountain or pool. I have incorporated all of these things here. It was nice to experiment with the nougat colour as I seldom have before. Anyway just a couple of shots shown below; You can find the same pics also on my flickr here: Any questions on construction or comments, I'll do my best to answer! Cheers
  4. snaillad

    [MOC] Morspoort (city gate)

    Welcome to EB! You've done a pretty good job recreating the scene. Well done on the dome especially!
  5. snaillad

    [MOC] Syncopa music instruments shop

    Really great job on the music shop facade, having that texture brings it to life even if it is just one colour. Nice one!
  6. snaillad

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    Really good mix of colours, they combine really well, I especially like the roof and the circular window on the side. Nice job!
  7. snaillad

    Lego Retro Arcade MOC

    Very cool idea. really like that classic spaceship on the roof! Good luck.
  8. snaillad

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Very charming! I'm a fan of open-back if you're going to show off the interior details, stops having those pesky structural considerations too with modular style removable floors! I wish you the best of luck. Don't wait another year to show us what you can build!
  9. snaillad

    [MOC] Hardware Store at Christmas | Modular

    Lovely scene setting. I particularly like the window display and the string lights on the roof. Nice one!
  10. snaillad

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    Smashing job. It really gives the A-Frame building a different feel from your last one. All the best. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year!
  11. snaillad

    Christmas living room

    Great little scene! I especially like the wreath above the fireplace. Great job!
  12. snaillad

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    Thank you! I probably could have but it would of taken up a lot of room! Wish I had the space! Thank you @ExeSandbox If anything it would probably have been easier making a full structure rather than a cross section as I've had to find a way to support and hold 'half a roof' but at least it captures idea! Thank you very much for your kind words!
  13. snaillad

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    Thanks! Would be a nice thought, although I'm not sure I've got the room to finish and submit a complete station! Cheers @Man with a hat! I was hard getting a shot to show the curve at its best whilst getting some scale to show the building behind. I did try and bring the curve further out to incorporate windows which are usually found at the peak of the roof but struggled to attache them. I also found the weight was starting to pull the arch over. There is some messy bracing behind the arch which is why its hidden I think I'd of had to do a pretty high roof and wide arch to incorporate everything - wish I had the room! Thank you Maybe if I had the room! Thank you @neonic. Yeah I had to compromise somewhere. If I had built into the 'wall' of a building I'd of had to build a much bigger arch to cover the platform and carriage. Then I'd probably of needed to do both sides of the arch to support the roof then it would of just spiraled out of control of size. This is an example of one of the stations I took inspiration from - Darlington.
  14. snaillad

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    Hello fellow EB members. Here is my Victorian era influenced railway station. A couple of my local stations were used as inspiration for parts of the design. I've had to scale it back to a cross section as ambition was starting to get the better of me! The main remit I had was try and create a curved roof section, the footbridge and train carriage came after. The curved roof is not adjoined directly to a building which you'd probably see in most stations to keep people protected from the weather. In this case I've also fitted a flat window plane roof between the two structures which is found at one of my local stations, it also helps with the stability of the model! Anyway, just a couple of pics; You can also find the images on my flickr stream here: Regards!
  15. snaillad

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Lovely designs, the choice and colour of the roof's is very well suited. The trailing plants are also very well done. Great job!