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  1. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Yeah, they always get taken apart, in this case the model is too big to have round for long. I've got more train ideas for the future, maybe a more futuristic form of train and hotel!
  2. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Cheers! Thanks, I spent ages trying to figure out the right pattern under those balconies. Thank you! I know the one you mean, think it might between near to St.Pancras too. Always liked the brickwork and colouring. Thank you, the shape of the building was my way of trying out an inset corner but on a grander scale. Sadly no interior details this time, its pretty messy on the inside, curtains did most of the hiding there! Thanks @JopieK I've made the accompanying station back in 2020 Thanks @ReplicaOfLife, glad you like it!
  3. snaillad

    MOC: The Station hotel

    Hello everyone, The latest modular inspired me to make my own hotel with a theme a little closer to home, a Victorian era hotel. Some typical elements of the period I have included and some newer ones too. Arched windows, red brick, steep roofs and more. Anyway a couple of shots are shown below, as always any comments are welcome and any questions I'll try to answer! You can also view them on my flickr page here:
  4. snaillad

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Great job! A very grand scale indeed.
  5. snaillad

    [MOC] Brown corner tower house

    Lots of nice techniques and touches. I like the lamppost design especially the fig on top! It's a shame the archway isn't easier to see, it's an effective technique. I would definitely use it again sometime maybe in a grander scale so it can be more appreciated. I like the colour choices as always. Well done!
  6. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Thank you! Yeah I can only dream of living in a house of that era with all that space. I had to look up mad men as I was unfamiliar with it, I see what you mean with the similarities! Thanks! Thank you @Lyichir the whole MOC was built around having a conversation pit. Everything else is just an add on! Sadly don't think i'll have an excuse to put a conversation pit in another MOC! Thanks @DeanLearner, I try to pick original ideas and styles that I seldom see. I never really used pinterest until recently but I find the quality on there is very good. I'd usually use google images then try and narrow down areas I like and if its a building I'll try and check it out on streetview. As for interiors I find it difficult to track down quality photos of old interiors. I've had many photo's saved for years in a folder on my HD as someday they might get used in MOC;s. In the case of art-deco through to mid-century my favorite inspiration is usually postcards which are very stylistic, I have a book of them but a lot of them can be found on flickr.
  7. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Thank you very much! I really like this era. Lots of geometric textures! I can't say I've seen it but thanks! Definitely not misleading, its the interior of the 'country club'! Don't stare at them too long, it'll make your eyes square, or cubed! Thanks! Appreciated! Paradisa meets death would be a heck of a mash-up. Maybe something for the future Here in the UK a plot usually refers to a 'plot of land' when you buy a house from a new estate and a 'lot' is used to define an auction listing. Something to confuse non-native English speakers! It's on my list to make something with a Paradisa theme. I loved it back in the 90's when I was a kid, now I just stole the name for my purpose! Yeah maybe I should said 'Reserve your house today' Thank you. Gotta love the behive hairpiece, hope they keep making it in more colours! The radio sadly would fall apart if I tipped the model slightly so I've cheated a bit there!
  8. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on a mid-century house interior as I was influenced by the housing magazines from the time. There are many features you might find in a home of that era. Textures on the walls, a sloped roof and a open-plan feel. Anyway onto the pics; I've posted them also in my flick stream if you wish to view them there; As always any queries or comments welcome!
  9. Really interesting topic, a few points from myself. I joined EB many years ago to comment on peoples MOC's and share my own and feel today it is still a great place for seeing creativity and what people can come up with and think that should always be EB's main focus - personally. I only tend to use flickr rather than other mediums to browse Lego groups containing MOC's and builders I am interested in. There is definitely a level of control there so I can avoid seeing endless pictures of people making standard sets and displaying them. Nothing wrong with it I suppose as people quite rightly are proud of what they have made and want to share it but I can watch a set review and see the same thing. The only other social platform I use is youtube - mainly for music but I do watch some Lego bloggers who do news on upcoming sets and also MOC makers. It could be down to algorithms but I find I'm inundated with videos to endless set reviews / my lego setup and other stuff I'm not interested in. Even when I watch people making their own MOC's the next video or related ones are from a youtuber doing a set review with a ton of views. If this is happening to me it'll be the same for many others. Some small talented people sharing build techniques or creative-ness being somewhat shoved out of the way for a 'sponsored' popular vid. I think the points earlier are valid about TLG's main focus of profit and not creativity. From what I've seen a youtube channel for example gets popular whether its the delivery of the 'host', camera work, personality etc. TLG notices this (sometimes makes them ambassadors) and gives them free sets to review. It's a very easy way for them to get people interested in purchasing sets - a popular youtuber/influencer talking positively about their products. If they cared about creativity why not send these people some parts packs or give them challenges or make them make alternative builds (from complimentary sets) as said before used to be on the back of boxes. I find there are endless videos with people 'flexing' their immense collections of sets with hundreds of thousands of views, it still doesn't impress me as much as say a blog post of a really great MOC with excellent NPU. It might just be a cultural thing as in the UK flaunting your success is seen as lacking class. Maybe I'm out of touch with the rest of the world! I think there is still the same amount of creative MOC makers as there were before but with TLG's efforts into providing large exciting licensed sets it has captured the eyes of a lot of people who wouldn't of looked this way before. With all these people sharing their experiences and proud builds via social media or word of mouth perhaps they have overtaken the creative community in volume. Even if some fair-weather fans buy a set or two for a shelf and never return there will still be a core community for us MOC'ers and such to call home! Regards
  10. snaillad

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Thanks, I tend to build from what I have. I think I'd find it a bit expensive to design something virtually and then have the source all the pieces, I would probably not bother. I guess this keeps me working with some limitations.
  11. snaillad

    [MOC] Las Fuentes - Mexican Modular Building

    Very interesting style of architecture I'm not familiar with. Really like the colour palette, thanks for sharing!
  12. snaillad

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Yeah I've seen them in several walls, some finally useful small pieces to fix those pesky gaps in my cups! Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah perhaps I could of detailed a little more on the green, if anything in this build I tried to make it more rustic - I still have to learn how to make things seems weathered! The archway is made of flexi tube and standard 'bar with clips' in black. Glad you liked the colour combinations too! Thank you, I don't build my mocs in LDD or any software so its made up as I go along. I suppose its an update of sorts of an old moc of mine from a few years ago - Piazza Maria Some of the ideas I used then have been used here too but with maybe a bit of emphasis on newer building techniques I've learned since then. Thank you, I think the grey pattern is common in former areas of ancient greek/roman influence. Cheers @lightningtiger!
  13. snaillad

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Thank you, hopefully they don't fall into someones dinner! Yeah Italy was definitely a prominent influence on me for this build! Thank you! Yeah if anything I found it difficult to make it more rustic! There are not too many unusual bricks here, most of the fun was combining colour combinations! Thanks, the steps were just something to break up the monotony of flat plaza. Glad you liked it!
  14. snaillad

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    Hello users of EB! Here I present my latest build, a Mediterranean town square with a trio of intertwined buildings. A restaurant, a shop and various apartments fill the scene. I can't say its any one particular European style, more a hybrid mix of styles. Anyway onto the pics; They can also all be view on my flickr stream here Andy comments or queries about techniques are welcome. Regards!
  15. snaillad

    MOC: Bank

    Thank you very much! Cheers! The interior was one of the hardest things to do as there are very few pictures I could find of a bank from this era on a smaller scale. Sure is! I wanted to do something a little 'darker' as most of my builds recently have been quite bright and happy by comparison. Suppose banks tend to be quite formal and lack flair! Yeah grey can be overwhelming but I've tried to mix it up with some colour here and there where appropriate. I find buildings from this era tend to mostly one colour on the stonework, I've used white and tan quite a lot recently so figured grey deserved its time. The examples from round where I live tend to be grey now as the whiter limestone on the facade has turned a dirty grey with age! I'm glad you like the interior, I deliberately picked a brighter scheme for a contrast!