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  1. snaillad

    MOC: Mid century home

    Thank you all very much! The roof is quite flimsy and not the most structurally sound but least it givers the effect!
  2. snaillad

    Sheffield mansion "The Nanny"

    I've never seen the program but its a very good looking building with lots of realistic exterior detailing. Wish I had some of those pieces in white and or tan! Good luck!
  3. snaillad

    [MOC] Octan Avenue

    I really like the idea of the alleyway between the two buildings and the roofline is a pleasing mix of shapes. Nice work!
  4. snaillad

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    A very realistic and polished build, great work!
  5. snaillad

    MOC: Mid century home

    Thanks Guys, glad you like it!
  6. snaillad

    MOC: Mid century home

    Hello fellow EB users. I've created a home based on Mid-century architecture mainly inspired by homes in Palm Springs. I've used loosely based A-frame design usually found in cabins which would use a timber constructed roof but I've went with a 'concrete' one hence the use of white. I added some features form the time such as the porch with a patterned wall to allow light to pass through and some external tiling to the front as well as large windows. Only a couple of pics and no interior but I hope to work on a standalone period design soon enough. They can also be found of my flickr stream here: here Regards!
  7. snaillad

    Sonic Building (MOC)

    Really nice choice of colours and textures. I particularly like the use of those new half sized arches for the balcony on that second floor. Regards!
  8. snaillad

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Thank you! The streetlamp is very flimsy but held up just enough for the pics! I'll be using that technique again! I'll make sure it photo's better next time!
  9. snaillad

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Cheers @RogerSmith personally I'm most happy with the SNOT work around the pairs of windows on the left hand side middle two floors, it's not seen too well in the photo's but I've used 1x2 round bricks to create a thin window support. Thank you! Thanks @Franzplus The EB admins can link posts to the front page
  10. snaillad

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    It's been a long time coming! I've had the tubing window idea for a while but never got around to implementing it, guess here seems the most fitting! Hopefully I'll acquire some more curved pieces in other colours in the next few years to hopefully make more buildings in this style, glad you like what you've seen! Thanks guys!
  11. snaillad

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Thank you very much! The interior was probably more fun to put together than the exterior , glad you like the shelving, I made loads of prototypes until I was happy with it! cheers @Kristel ! The picture of the floor is somewhat flattering as it is hiding an unsightly gap which surrounds the column down 2 sides so its not perfect but looks better than in person! The balcony is assembled as a complete piece across the 3 bays, I just used 1x2 trans clear plates overlapping between the 2x2 turntables so it looks somewhat opaque. The plates go right into the column supports. Thanks @peedeejay Appreciate it @carebear the lamppost was a last minute addition, I had originally hoped to put the black plant pieces into a window construction but it didn't work out. Least they made it in the model somewhere!
  12. snaillad

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Hello all. I've recently just completed my latest building - Theo's tailoring. It's an Art Nouveau influenced building housing a tailors. It's taken about 2 months in all to put together and I've incorporated many elements of the time. Sadly not quite as weird as some real life examples I've come across but hopefully I'll be able to recreate them too someday! Onto the pics; You can view them at my Flickr here if you wish: Happy to answer any comments or questions on the way its been constructed! Cheers!
  13. snaillad

    [MOC] Belle ├ępoche Modular building

    Lovely work! Nice use of some older pieces too. I especially like the roofwork, is that a plow piece?
  14. snaillad

    MOC:Teapot Junction

    Thanks @LEGO Train 12 Volts I had to come up with some scenery once I'd finished the carriage, its probably more hidden than I intended! Always! Thanks! Thank you very much guys!
  15. snaillad

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    A very good recreation, I particularly like the ground floor window detailing, well done!