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  1. snaillad

    [MOC] Kv. Öfvre Garnisonen

    I find this style of architecture very interesting. The turrets are very well done. Great job!
  2. snaillad

    MOC: Downtown

    Thank you, I spent quite a bit of time working on that corner! Thank you! Glad you like it!
  3. snaillad

    MOC: Downtown

    Thank you! I spend far too long trying to balance colours out. It's important to me to try and find new techniques and implement ones I've had saved for a while. Really adds too much time! The grey building has a less interesting facade in my opinion but if anything I was more pleased with the ground floor - most of which is hidden by the tram. I'll probably re-use some of those techniques on a bigger build in the future though! I made an Art-Deco cinema several years ago. Different shapre but has an interior with many Art-Deco elements: I find a little bit of minifigure action goes along way in bringing a bit extra colour to a scene. Cheers! Thank you very much, glad you like it!
  4. snaillad

    [MOC] Modular Police Station

    I like the incorporation of a car port and the main entrance door is quite imposing and well done. I really like the busy-ness feel on the inside with the desks and clutter. Blue being an appropriate choice of colour for the facade. Great job!
  5. snaillad

    [MOC] Lavender Ice Cream Shop

    Charming little building that fits in well with the others on your street. Good use a more unusual colour too!
  6. snaillad

    Telephone building Modular

    Very interesting design. I've worked in exchanges for 15 years and none of the buildings I visit are as old as this. I like the shop doorway and the job you've done on the stairwell. Well done!
  7. snaillad

    MOC: Downtown

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on this MOC for the last couple of months which includes a Cinema, bakery and clothing shop. No interiors were included this time. Its been only my second project this year due to moving my whole Lego collection to another room and re-organizing. Hopefully more to come next year! It is based on 1930-1940's timeline as it was a flimsy excuse to build a old style car and tram and more importantly the Luxor cinema which is what I started building first. Anyway on with the pics, 4 in all to include a few closeup shots. Any questions on building techniques or general comments I'll do my best to answer. You can find all the same pics on my flickr here in bigger sizes if you so wish: Cheers!
  8. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Thanks @Four Bricks Tall It's great for it to be compared to the buildings there. I will get there someday! Thank you @Overcold! The greenery hides some of the unsightly gaps on the pavement/sidewalk and also the transition gap between the floor and curved walls. I understand what you mean about the framing of the window, I originally was going to wrap the windows around but when I decided to omit the two upper floors (To allow more light into the lobby) I left the side windows out as I felt it was unnecessary. I have made similar windows with a full wrap around on my Cocoa Hotel many years ago but didn't want to copy the same effect. The window blinds were implemented to hide most of the upper bare space I'll probably do some older style hotel rooms perhaps from the mid century maybe on their own rather than as part of a building structure in the future, I added some interiors into the Cocoa hotel with some more simple techniques. They are on my photostream Cheers @Fraunces GTA vice city - what and awesome game and soundtrack!
  9. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Thanks very much @TheL390Man and @Hobbythom! Thanks @greg3 I do love Art-Deco, might have to have a break from it for a while now though and build something else! Cheers @lifeinplastic, sadly they are all long since dismantled but yeah they'd probably look pretty good all together! Thanks @Pate-keetongu, Paradisa was one of my favorite themes when I was a kid! Thank you very much @LegoModularFan It's a bit flimsy on the corner but had to use those large window panels somehow! Appreciated @Reaper @marvelBoy123 @eliza!
  10. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Thanks @gabrielerava! Thank you @Kristel @LEGO Train 12 Volts. Glad you liked the curve on the facade! I wish I had some of that new Coral colour! I wish TLG made more curved pieces in pastel colours too. I've experimented with zig-zag floor patterns before and its difficult to achieve without added excess pressure to the surrounding bricks so having a gap was not what I wanted but I don't think it looks too bad! Thanks guys! Cheers Hinckley! I'd wanted to do a MOC based on the Crescent hotel for years but the pieces just didn't exist to make a convincing curve down the front. Eventually the pieces have arrived from TLG but I preferred to make something original after seeing so many other interesting hotel facades. I'd love to have used more colours in the corner curving of the building but sadly TLG don't make those large arch bricks in many other than primary colours. Thank you very much! Thanks Jimmynick! The interior was more of a token gesture as a previous build was a hotel lobby based in the 1930's so didn't want it to be too similar. I've had those shells for ages and never knew what to do with them until now! I'm not really a car builder I just do what I can with what I've got, but thank you!
  11. snaillad

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Hello fellow EB members. Long time no MOC! I've had a bit of a break due to house moving and having to put all my bricks into storage - that sucks and I never want to have to do it again! Anyway I've eased myself back into building with this relatively speedily built Art-Deco hotel I've had drawn for a while now. An excuse to have another go at building with the curved glass pieces. Anyway onto the pics, 5 in all. I've been influenced by many Miami based hotels so this is not a direct replica of any particular one. Any questions about techniques, comments or suggestions welcome. Cheers!
  12. snaillad

    My second modular MOC: Sand green

    A very smart smaller build! A good use of colour and the inclusion of a car port is pretty neat although If i had a Veyron I'd probably want a garage with a very thick door!
  13. snaillad

    [MOC] Cheese Shop

    Very nice work! I'm a fan of Art Noveau in all its forms especially Lego! I really like the building facade for the cheese shop. A White trim always pleases me, even more so with those curves.
  14. snaillad

    [MOC] High Society Corner Building

    Very classy facade indeed! I really like the use of the 'ingot' pieces in grey. It adds a realistic texture and breaks up the facade nicely. The roof is also a very interesting design - I really like it
  15. snaillad

    10264 Corner Garage

    Certainly has been a lot of discussion on the new modular. I thought I'd give it a few days to see if I felt any different. On the whole I find the best way to describe it is a 'solid' modular. I don't think I could describe it as 'great' or even 'outstanding' - I find it sadly doesn't really stand out at all visually on the boxart with the diner and assembly square beside it. If anything the diner still catches me eye more! Nevertheless on its own I find the design quite pleasing even if there were a few things I would change. The genre is my preferred era to create my own buildings, after all Lego lends itself well to straight lines! The things I like are the corner shaping, the garage exterior colour combination and design, some really useful new parts, the new colour moped and for once a vehicle I actually like - yay! The things I am less than impressed with are the choice of colour, I would of much rather had a new colour or something we haven't seen before in a modular series. The minifigures to me are a little underwhelming as I already got most those torso's already from BAP this year, I was hoping for something exclusive or new for 2019. Lastly I find the interior a bit uninspired, admittedly these kind of buildings don't have chimneys or much in terms of internal decoration so perhaps not realistic to expect something full of charm. As for the price 'increase' - it's perhaps a little on the high side. I won't be rushing out to buy this modular, I'll look to purchase on sale if possible. What I find amazing I've seen people say they don't like it but they will still purchase it anyway - TLG financial people will be laughing all the way to the bank with that one! A few other thoughts I had on this modular; Maybe this modular has been brought forward from 2020 to compliment the diner. When the diner came out many people said it doesn't fit in with other buildings etc. TLG have put out a similar age property which 'blends' in with the street scene in this new CG. Looking at previous interviews and blog posts quoting various members of the design team they were going to be exploring other styles. Maybe something a bit more old fashioned wouldn't of looked good on the box art next to last years diner so they put what would have been the new model back and brought another forward. I believe they are planned quite far in advance! I'm not sure who the designer(s) is/are on this modular but I can imagine more than one person having input. Even though Jamie is seen as very popular in terms of a modular designer, if he didn't do this modular from scratch then being head of the creator expert series surely every set must meet his approval/expectations before going out for sale. I'm not sure if designers take the negativity personally for any set they make, but since peoples expectations are so high - especially with the modulars it could become somewhat of a 'poison chalice' and some great designers may not want to get involved with a project that is so divisive. That would be a shame. Lastly I don't know if other people have found this but I have sometimes built a modular and found the building process a bit dull but have loved the finished appearance, other times I really enjoyed putting it together but felt a bit deflated when putting it up on the shelf. Separating the building from the appearance, I think there is only a couple of models that have been excellent on both fronts. Does anyone else find this? Cheers!