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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.
    This are all my buildings I own:

    -Old Blacksmiths, now my house with finished bottom floor and staircase.
    -The Tavern / Pub / Bar from has an inside staircase.
    -Ollivander Wand shop is used as Bob's Adventure Supplies.
    -Gringott's is now First Imperial Bank.
    -Borgin & Burkes is my fictional local Ironwood Lego Users Group (Iron-LUG) meeting spot, featuring a Micro-LEGO layout.
    -There is a custom two story Post Office.
    -Town Hall borrowed from the 2008 Town Plan remake.
    -Triple 32x32 base-plate long World City-style train shed

    This all goes along with 61 trains (rolling stock and locomotives) and 6 structures (such as the above station and shed, but with bridges, a water tower, and several other objects)

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. Sorry for the major bump, but the first post has been completely reworked with revised vehicles, new text and real world photos galore with more to come soon. Enjoy!
  2. NOTE: This car was NOT my design as I used the awesome video instructions made by @hachiroku as seen here based on the Lego Incredibles video game. I just wanted to build it real bricks too, and since he didn't have a topic already opened about this model, I thought I'd start one instead. I DO NOT want credit for the car! After I get my Classic Space base stuff done around this Christmas, I think I'm gonna work on a superhero team to go onto my town. This team will be the Parr family, consisting of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and of course, Jack-Jack. The rear of the car features a place for flame jet booster exhaust. The car seats one figure in the drivers seat. I'm also debating using the Clayface Splat Attack (set number 70904) set's parts minus Batman (as seen above) from the LEGO Batman movie line together with the Brick villain mini-figure (from Incredibles 2, as seen below from Bricklink) as kind of a she-creates-a-monster-and controls-it scenario. The scenario I'm envisioning is a train derailment (using my period-correct Aerotrain model, from the same time frame as the movie's: the early 1960's-ish) as a disaster caused by the two, whom I'm calling Brick and Mortar. They want to stop the train on it's way to a science convention, in order to steal the blueprints for a secret invention of an prominent scientist... along with kidnapping the scientist herself! (I'm going to use the Mayor McCaskill figure as the scientist in question, I think.) So, all in all, does this sound like a cool idea or not? Comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  3. (slight bump) Benny's car (inspired by @hachiroku and his Hudson Hornet model) and the revised house / office pictures with new radio antenna have been uploaded into the first post. (I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures of the car, as they are kinda fuzzy. They are the best ones of all the photos I took at that point, and i gave up trying to retake them.) Next up to be built: the modular base walls on December 25th-ish... this should be the last bit to be built, before calling this project complete.
  4. When the mad Scientist Dr. Floyd Parsons opened his doorway to the pre-big-bang time zone for the first time in 1914, he sent his wife Penny (wearing a makeshift gray pressure suit) into the portal and waited for her quick return. Unfortunately, something happened and the portal itself destabilized and shut down as a safety precaution on it's own. Eleven years pass for the Scientist, who becomes obsessed with reuniting with his lost love, delving every dime and ounce of energy into creating the rescue hover craft and fixing the portal machine onto said flying time-craft. He finishes it in the middle of the year 1925. An eternity passes for Penny, yet she does not age a day. She is taken in by the Brothers Three, whom she nicknames Alpha, Beta, and Omega. These strange alien beings are the sole inhabitants of the pre-big bang, being the sole survivors of a great war (they may have started it) and becoming almost omnipotent in the process of floating in the vast unending void of space. The Brothers Three ask only one thing of their kindness and helping keep her alive in the harsh environment: when rescue inevitably comes for Penny, let them come with her through the portal so they can help mankind achieve it's "destiny". Let her be their "herald", telling the governments of earth all about their amazing powers and how they can help serve man. So, will Dr. Parsons get his wife back? Will Penny allow the Brothers to follow her through the portal? And just what is this destiny these three are talking about? TO BE CONTINUED?
  5. Murdoch17

    What did you buy today?

    @Johnny1360 you can see the digital version of both here. The real world one is on the to-finish-soon list, as it's a WIP in real life.
  6. Major Bump: I am back to work on the mad scientist's building (which is actually Sanctum Sanctorum Shownshown, set 76108), which now includes a upgraded version of set 76109 (Quantum Realm Explorers) turned into a time machine. To honor the truce between blue and yellow factions of how I should color this building, the green car stays where it is in the post! (Thanks to @iammac for the suggestion on that! ) This time machine is mostly a slight MOD of set 76109, (Quantum Realm Explorers) with two of this part for the side windscreens (un-printed in LDD, of course). The quite eccentric doctor is at the controls of the machine at the moment, but seems to have lost his large top hat due to lack of room for it in the cockpit. EDIT: and I am a Duke now too!
  7. Murdoch17

    What did you buy today?

    Last weekend I bought and built the Quantum Realm Explorers set. (76109) I plan on making a ramshackle 1920's time machine out of it, to go with the steampunk Mad Scientist's lair I'm making out of the non-pizza parlor / apartment half of 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) that I bought when it first came out in May.
  8. Now loading in the main post, the Classic Space secure cargo transporter! (75217 MOD) This fuel hauler is finally finished in real life, and pictures have just been added to the first post. Also, Benny's new car (the '50's Hudson Hornet-like one) and some new arms for Astro-Bot 33 (the hands kept falling off the old ones!) have been ordered with some birthday cash. You should be seeing the new post sometime next week or so. Any thoughts?
  9. First post updated! (sorry for the bump!) This time, it's got a new 1920's transfer truck inspired by set 75972 (Dorado Showdown)!
  10. Murdoch17

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    Thanks @Peppermint_M, and to all my fellow monster-makers! I'd like the purple Pharaoh's eye please!
  11. Welcome aboard the Astro-train! This stream-liner was a mix of the 1950's Earth train-set called the "Aerotrain", and the 1980's landmark speed-record-breaker "TGV" series built specifically for use by Classic Space forces as high-speed, high-security ground transports for senior level officers such as Benny. Unlike the Aerotrain, the Astro-train can have cars added or subtracted to it's consist, with the normal amount being three to five coaches plus the engine. (three are shown above) The train is nuclear Fusion powered, with a top speed of 300 MPH possible with banked curves and level track otherwise. In reality, I liked my take on the Classic Space Aerotrain, but it can't be built due to design and motorization issues. thus, I stretched the design into the model you see here, with added bonus, of the engine being able to pull freight cars, (such as Benny's road car on a flat car) too. This train is able to be motorized by 9V by easily replacing the front bogie with a motor. Also, the front 4 x 2 slope is missing this print, while the two 1 x 1 tiles near the windscreen are missing this number "60" print and the four fans on top of the loco are missing this turbine print. This is the baggage car, and like the rest of the train, all the doors open. This is the passenger car. (actually there are no inside details, so it can be whatever you want it to be!) I'm not too happy with the rear of this car, but I couldn't think of a good end cap for it... if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to any and all suggestions! (pictures would probably help the most if you do post an idea below) BUILDER'S NOTES: Now, this Astro-train is a flight of fancy only and will never be built, as my 75217 CS-styled Conveyex MOD should be built in real life this weekend, with real-world pictures coming by late Sunday or Monday. This newer model will take up my train spot on my Classic Space layout, even though it doesn't use actual train tracks. Also, parts are on order to fix an issue with Astro Bot 33's arms, as his hands keep coming off his wrists.
  12. Murdoch17

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    (This is a mash up of the Vashta Nerada monster from Doctor Who and Benny the 1980-something space guy. I gave him the robot arm he has in the promo images from The LEGO Movie 2 but with a whisk instead of a hand for story reasons. It may not be the most inventive monster for this contest, but I thought it was cool.) Out among the stars, far beyond the furthest galaxy your can see from your humble home planet, and long after your time in this Universe is done, there is a planet called The Library, a 51st century planet filled with books and pamphlets and more paper that your could wrap your head around. However, in this paper - in the very wood the building is made of - is a alien species made of shadow just waiting to be unleashed. One hundred years ago, the Vashta Nerada (the name for these flesh hungry shadow beings) struck, and the library-going public panicked and ran for the exit teleporters, which overloaded and instead sent them to the computer core to be "Saved". Eventually, the Doctor rescues everyone and gets everything straightened out to leave the Library to it's fate.... well, almost everyone. Enter Benny the Classic Spaceman, who 100 year prior, was looking for an manual on how to re-program his robot arm, as it was stuck in egg-beater (or was an odd-looking laser gun?) form. He must have had his 1980's Walkman on in his helmet and not heard the evacuation sirens when the attack started. Who knows what thoughts went through him when the Vashta Nerada found him and entered his space suit. All that is know is that is the cries for SPACESHIP! were heard by many people when the Doctor finally rescued the rest of the library-goers 100 years later. Some even reported seen a strange skeleton-faced blue-space suited man with an eggbeater on his right arm, but they were just dismissed as delirious by rescue crews.
  13. I've been thinking about remaking my 2-6-0+0-6-2 Garratt steam loco in a different color, and adding a matching it to the passenger consist. I decided on dark blue with light bluish gray sections and wanted some opinions on adding it the mystery train seen in the first post... What do you guys think of this?
  14. Murdoch17


    Sadly, that is all the Railbricks issues ever made. You can see their spiritual successor in the blog Brick Model Railroader.
  15. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Darjeeling Class-B 0-4-0 Narrow Gauge Loco

    I say yellow looks best, personally. I can't quite put my finger on why, but it just looks better than the others.