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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.
    This are all my buildings I own:

    -Old Blacksmiths, now my house with finished bottom floor and staircase.
    -The Tavern / Pub / Bar from has an inside staircase.
    -Ollivander Wand shop is used as Bob's Adventure Supplies.
    -Gringott's is now First Imperial Bank.
    -Borgin & Burkes is my fictional local Ironwood Lego Users Group (Iron-LUG) meeting spot, featuring a Micro-LEGO layout.
    -There is a custom two story Post Office.
    -Town Hall borrowed from the 2008 Town Plan remake.
    -Triple 32x32 base-plate long World City-style train shed

    This all goes along with 61 trains (rolling stock and locomotives) and 6 structures (such as the above station and shed, but with bridges, a water tower, and several other objects)

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. Murdoch17

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Great Scott! I can't believe no one has thought of this yet! I wonder how many people are going to use the new Main Square's (set 60271) town hall coupled with the old Delorean time machine set 21103 and have it "wired" to the clock tower part to send Marty back to the future? I know I just might with my MOC Delorean!
  2. Murdoch17

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    No, that's regular orange, they mean like on the 2018 passenger train set, 60197. But looking back, the first grainy leaked image of 60197 looked yellow too... but it turned out to be Bright Light Orange. (I managed to save a copy onto my hard drive) Anything's possible!
  3. Interesting. That and this MOC by by a Flickr builder called lemon_boy inspired me to build my own version. See it at the bottom of this post. Is this better @Pdaitabird @Laura Beinbrech @Axle? One of these are going to go where the Gatling gun car went, and another at the extreme rear of the train (behind the private car). Also, to answer @davidzq's question: I'm using the names used in Orient Expedition, along with some of the characters from my "shared universe" of Monster fighters (Major Quinton Steele), Pharaoh's Quest, (Jake Raines, Mac McCloud), and Ninjago. (the movie star turned accidental realm-hopper, Clutch Powers) The Monster Realm is one of the 16 realms (but as a sort of bridge-realm, not a full fledged one), as is Ninjago (obviously a full fledged member of that club) with 1920's Earth being a distant star system in the modern-day Ninjago realm. NOTE: To explain Clutch Powers (without going to far off track), I just say he got stuck in Monster Realm, and Ninjago suffers a hideous, world-ending catastrophe (what, is unknown even to him). What is known is that it is 100% gone. And, in 1912, he is picked up by the Monster Fighters after spending nearly a week among the darkness of the realm of monsters. Now, stuck in mid-1920's Earth as the last Ninjago resident, he tells his tale in serial format for the silent B&W theaters of the time. (with some mild embellishment!) He hopes to someday meet a ninja-hooded figure from his past that may have somehow survived the end of Ninjago.... but those odds are not looking so good as years go by. Meanwhile, the earthly researchers study the hole in space where the planet once was, and wonder... could it happen again?
  4. Murdoch17

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    At least the tram is using a recolor of the 2018 CITY passenger train piece in yellow. I have a MOC with just the place to use this piece! (British Rail anyone?)
  5. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Journey to the Skull Rock

    I've think it's awesome! I've been inspired to do the same, but one bigger: the skull-face of the dungeon itself is calling my name! I think what I'll do is replicate what you did, add it to the right of the skull dungeon itself, and use it alongside my upcoming pirate ship MOC as a Goonies-inspired take on a immortal (undead, or cursed?) pirate crew's lair for my Adventurers. Thanks for inspiring me!
  6. Murdoch17

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    Hey, If Adam 12 comes with the crossover with EMERGENCY! (with the firehouse and what firetrucks they used + "the squad" 51 truck), I'll buy it. They did do an episode or two crossover-wise in both shows. (I'm not a really big fan, but I know a person or two who are and who probably literally have a heart attack for such a set.) Kinda grows on ya tho.... NOTE: It's just conjecture, but I wonder if anyone could mock up a set for IDEAS. The 50th anniversary is coming up in 2022, afterall, and it did inspire a generation of firemen, and paramedics...
  7. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Western Railroad

    it ain't mine @sander1992, it's @Dzoni90's build! (Though i'm flattered you think it's mine. I never could build so well as this.... I'm not good at landscape)
  8. And now for a slight BUMP... This railway shed was inspired by @lightningtiger and his smaller shed from a thread so long ago I can't recall which one it was. He designed the basic Technic frame of this shed, and I ran with it to create this wooden western-style steam locomotive shed. It's gone through several revisions since first being uploaded in early May 2018, and is now on the shortlist to be built in real life, as seen below. These are all the parts left to order off BrickLink at some point in the future as the rest of them have been found in my collection. Please check out the first post (near the bottom of it) for more details on this old, yet new, model! Also, as an update on the rotary snowplow: 4 out of 5 packages should be here on Tuesday. So things are moving faster than expected!
  9. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Western Railroad

    I can almost hear "Man with a Harmonica" (from Once upon a time in the West).... you just know some gunslinger (maybe the Man with No Name from "the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly"?) is gonna show up soon!
  10. Really love what you've done with the yellow station, and NPU with the collectible mini-fig plates as chimney toppers for the smaller station @Legownz! About the two stations not matching schedules: if they were in different cities, they would have different schedules, as they could be in vastly different regions or on another route altogether. Not all trains / routes take the same amount of time to get to everywhere! (as for the two yellow station ones not matching: slow speed flag-stop kinda train vs long-distance high speed express, maybe?)
  11. First post updated to included the snowplow, new shed pictures coming soon. The engine is two parts away from done, and I have found 50% of the parts needed to build the rotary snowplow + caboose in my own supply. I just ordered the needed pieces today from BrickLink. I'm expecting to see the train completed around the weekend of August 1st, with pictures uploading sometime that weekend.... hopefully they will arrive like I think they will!
  12. BUMP: First post updated, real life pic below! The engine is two parts away from done, and I have found 50% of the parts needed to build the rotary snowplow + caboose in my own supply. I just ordered the needed pieces today from BrickLink. I'm expecting to see the train completed around the weekend of August 1st, with pictures uploading sometime that weekend.... hopefully they will arrive like I think they will!
  13. Thanks! Here is my most recent overall view of the base, with the new command building in the shot: Except for the 30-or-so mini-figures and my 103-stud long SHIP, (which wouldn't fit in the base, or on the table!) this is everything classic space that I own. Interior views of the building coming soon!
  14. Yes, I have made my own as well! In fact, I have a whole three-page thread dedicated to mine, the LEGO Universe MMO inspired Nexus Force. I used the 2014 CITY Arctic sets and an orange version of Benny's SPACESHIP! from the original Lego movie to make it my own continuation on the story-line left open-ended by Lego in 2012 when the game was shut down abruptly. I've also used the Systar system ships (along with a similarly colored 2009 Tantive IV set) and so-not-evil Space palace along with the Unikitty TV show figs to make a version of a space theme for her royal highness, and her friends / family as seen here. I wish LEGO would return to the heady days of the 1980's and early 90's with regards to space, but as long as they keep making cool sets like the ones that can be modified to fit individual tastes (Benny's space squad, the Blacktron 3-like Vampires from NexoKnights and the Systar ship / palace) , I guess it's good enough for now.
  15. I just added the brand-new real world pictures of the completely updated four car train plus it's revised locomotive as seen in the first post. Once again, a big shout-out to @TJJohn12 for his help with this project, as without his instructions I would have never been able to figure out his baggage car. As usual, comments are welcome!