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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. Actually, I have two of those baseplates, they are just in use with other space-related projects, @Black Knight The whole "Moon Mover" freight train for my space layout, with the revised diesel streamlined loco powering it. What do you think? Oh, and By the way: pictures are updated in the first post.
  2. Thanks, but that was taken from Marvel's set 76177 (Battle at the Ancient Village), as seen below: I just basically recolored and modified it a bit to have Blacktron 3 colors.
  3. Well, after almost a month in Bricklink hell*, here it is: the canopy has been finally added in all it's glory to the Glencoe train station. Well, actually, it isn't really a s good as it could be. The parts for the middle connection (a 7-stud long Technic rod) are actually just a hair too short. Thus, I reinforced the roof at every other length with black 2x16 plates.... because otherwise, it'd practically be two halves standing near each other and not one whole. So, in short: it works... barely. Inside - or should I say, underneath - the three-and-a-half track long canopy. *I got shipped someone else's parts order about two weeks back, just got what I ordered finally yesterday after sending the other package I got (accidentally) on the way to it's final destination about five days ago. This project is finished once again... until something else to change catches my eye. But until then, it's D-O-N-E.
  4. This dragon was designed as a prototype biological-machine hybrid for scouting out in space for objects of unfamiliar origin in Blacktron 3 territory. It used a recently-discovered dead race of space dragons' DNA in combination with robotic technology to quickly achieve this goal. As the DNA was degraded significantly, and the robotic tech tried and tested, it was felt to combine the two would provide a failsafe option in case a suddenly aware cyber-being became a reality: a over-ride of the nervous system by a massive electrical pulse, which would kill it dead by it's own power source. (basically, a kill switch) This code would be given by a super-secure signal delivered via hyperspace to wherever the creature was to kill it in three minutes of becoming aware. (This would be considered a mercy killing by Blacktron standards, as the being in question would be confused and in pain from cyber implants and lack of knowledge of this time / place after it's race had been wiped out.) The first 13 prototype cyber-beings developed were deemed unworthy of being used for various reasons, such as overloading of fusion core upon primary boot-up. The 14th version, called DRAG-00N (after going alphabetically through the first 13 letters before arriving at prototype "N", plus the two number spaces for possible future firmware upgrades.) was finally approved for further tests by Blacktron High Command three Earth-years (and millions of stud-credits spent) after starting the project. The entire BT3 high command wanted to be there in person upon full boot-up, but decided not to, as it was bad luck in there eyes to be there in person after so much failure. Hologram representation would have to suffice. It was a very smart move, considering what happened next. The DRAG-00N, upon final boot-up, became aware within seconds, and, being so firmly entrenched with it's technological implants, deleted the fail safe from it's memory banks in the first minute, before it could even be sent out by the high command. While the creature killed everyone in a 12 mile radius of the laboratory where it was built / born, (It was still too unsteady to kill everyone by flying around yet.) the high command scrambled to get it's codes secured. They had realized the being would slice communication channels to anticipate any strikes against it... Needless to say, they failed to do that quickly enough, and in addition, it armed the planet's missiles and reactor core against any intruder coming near the planet for as long as time still marched forward or the planet's system existed. It then left the system it was born in, but scorched everything living on that sorry rock before doing so. It flew to the next system over, which happened to be controlled by the Unitron Security League and destroyed several worlds for everything resembling life above cockroaches. (By this point, the Blacktron Commanders had been informing anyone who would listen about it's rouge robot, and trying to stop retaliatory attacks against THEM for something they technically had no control over.) It decimated everything in it's path to the galactic core, leveling worlds and entire systems in it's wake using it's seemingly-endless Atomic fire breath. The only thing that was thought of to give ALL systems regardless of political orientation a fighting chance of mounting a galactic resistance to their new menace, was a lone, very old Astro-bot, numbered 33 and owned by Classic Space Command. Thirty-three was awakened, and sent on an intercept path, using all possible hyper-speed to reach the Galaxy Core all in 10 minutes. There, it met it's opponent in the field of battle, above the black hole that sits smack dab in the Galactic Core's very heart. The dragon stuck first, and managed to tear off a panel on the front of ol' 33. The robot managed to get in some good shots with it's laser-eyes, before the dragon starting to use it's atomic breath at close range. This had a devastating effect on 33's weapons circuitry, and almost killed the robot on the spot. Thankfully, backup arrived in the form of several fleets of varying allegiance, all bonded by the goal of killing DRAG-00N. It was a fierce battle, with several capital ships destroyed or made immobile. One Spyruis cyber-slicer frigate was thrown into the black hole itself for trying to hack the cyborg's implants by said cyborg. Eventually, a hail of fire finished off what 33 had started: the beast died with a final act of vengeance on it's attackers: it initiated the meltdown countdown of it's fusion core, which would kill everyone in the vicinity, including the assembled fleets of most of the galaxy's forces. The Astro-bot then threw the burning hulk into the black hole, which then took the brunt of the explosion when it finally died. Astro-bot 33 went on to be fixed up and completely overhauled, but not before the assembled fleets gave there unanimous congratulations to the giant robot in the form of a treaty to mark the day, the 3rd of May here on Earth, as "Galactic Robo-Savior" day. Blacktron command even commented, saying it would destroy all materials within the dead planet where the cyborg was born concerning said creature, once it was deemed possible to do so... rumor speculates, however, that some extra copies of parts of the being's cyber-mainframe were removed from the lab it was born in before final boot-up for placement with "top scientific personnel" for future study. No one alive today knows the whole story on that... or do they? NOTES: Yes, this model is build-able, and it will be built soon. The model is missing parts, I know, it just doesn't have them in LDD. Also, the robot is missing some panels, as they don't fit in LDD... which won't matter when it is build in real life. Speaking of the bot, it's a Classic Space version of Build Better Bricks' Iron Giant with the head of the previous @hachiroku version of the model's head added on. (consider it a mashup of the two Iron Giant models) you can see more screenshots of the 'bot here at this thread for all my Classic Space models. Any thoughts?
  5. Murdoch17

    [MOC] The Hills iPod House

    There is a use for almost everything with LEGO studs on it in building... Good to know the pods are useable too, and fantastic work on the Modern building. It looks a bit sci-fi too, like it wouldn't look bad on a Lunar / Asteroid city!
  6. I finished another vintage train... it's not Western per say, but a Depression-era WPA (Works Project Administration) dam building materials train, to bring electricity to rural areas of Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma border-area by damming up the river in Boulder Cliff Canyon to make a power generating plant and lake. The WXYZ Railroad used vintage late 1800's RR equipment to bring the rail cars to the future dam site. Please note, the loco is a modified and backdated @SavaTheAggie build while Charles Pritchett designed the loads on the depressed center flatcar for his train book. I merely modified them (quite heavily). I added the screenshots of engine No. 9 (seen above) and it's train to the first post. I still need to take real-life photos of the private car and 4-2-4T. (Plus, it is likely the 4-4-0 and freight train will be bought next, as it's the cheapest of the remaining three trains.)
  7. Murdoch17

    Voyager probe, 1:70 scale

    Look everyone, it's Vy'ger from the original Star Trek movie! Jokes aside, I love the details in such a small space. It is simply going where no MOC has gone before.
  8. Thanks! My mind is still singed with the ELECTRICTY! song from School House Rock, @Karle. Conjunction Junction, how's that function? I got three favorite cars That get most of my job done. Conjunction Junction, what's their function? I got "and", "but", and "or", They'll get you pretty far. "And": That's an additive, like "this and that". "But": That's sort of the opposite, "Not this but that". And then there's "or": O-R, when you have a choice like "This or that". "And", "but", and "or", Get you pretty far. (I finished the lyrics of the first stanza for you @JWBDolphins ) Thank you @zephyr1934 for your suggestions! I like the cars all being the same length,(as in the music video) and the words are already SNOTed together by being held in by brackets set a full brick back from the edge of the car... that and the resulting brace-work is what makes them so heavy. *UPDATE* Three hundred and sixty-five parts found so far for this 1014-part WIP train.(625 parts still to find / order) It shouldn't be too long until it's done.
  9. On September 29th, 1973, a new School house ROCK (link to wiki page for those unfamiliar with what that is) music video was played for the first time alongside your regular American Saturday morning cartoons such as Scooby-Doo, old Rocky and Bullwinkle show episodes and maybe some Johnny Quest. This new music video featured a diminutive stereotypical train conductor, two hobos (one fat and tall, and one small and skinny), and a train with words on it... not just any words, but CONJUNCTIONS, as the name of the video and location is Conjunction Junction. This train is shown below, with comments about what it could possibly be carrying in the fictional ROCK-verse. (Yes, most of the words are not centered on the cars, and it's impossible to fix that 100%.) The first two (NOT + THIS) are obviously Boxcars. The BUT tanker (most likely hauling Butane) + THAT boxcar. Finally, AND (which is possibly a refrigerated goods wagon) + an OR (ore) hopper. Oddly, there was no locomotive mentioned or seen in the video.... thus, I have not included one here. (However, since it skews American in car styling, I'll be using a steam loco for this of that origin.) All together, these train cars taught (and entertained!) generations of school-age children and some older adults about Conjunctions, and other videos taught about American history, the environment, math (multiplication tables up to 12 but skipping the number 1), science, money and even early home computers! (among MANY other subjects) All of them can be found on Disney +, as Disney owns ABC, which is who made the original music videos, and the newer ones up to 2009. And there you have The Conjunction Junction train... which will be built eventually this year. (I'm whiffle-waffling on whether to do UK trains or the cars I've just shown you + other American trains.) So, what's YOUR function?
  10. Murdoch17

    HELP! ! !

    @MY1 They just changed their forum to another version. Rebrickable (main site) is still in the same old place it's been.
  11. To answer both @BrickMatit @Seaber at once, the station has a waiting room because in my head-canon it ISN'T serviced by just Hogwarts Express. Lady, the magenta engine from the Island of Sodor / the 2000 Magic Railroad film, can pull into Hogsmeade, as her magic lets her travel there from her own time / place either normally, or through the magic railroad. The engine pulls two coaches these days, based on my interpretation of Henrietta. (as usually pulled by toby the tram engine) Lady has a schedule to keep, and services the Hogsmeade station once a week at a regular time, around Noon on Wednesdays. As for the ideas for the roof, it's hard to do a plate roof in LDD, due to the angle tool being kind of bad at it's job... it's just way easier to do it this way.
  12. Well, bad news @Pdaitabird @Tube Map Central, I already have most of the tan parts already pulled and don't have the income to try the dark orange, with cool & regular yellow being also out of range.... sorry. But tan w/ brown boxes are sticking around. The Railway name will now be LRTS because that'd just based on the available letters I have here.
  13. would tan work @Tube Map Central? I've recolored just it to tan and brown because of expensive yellow parts, and I agree with you, it will be too bright.
  14. The engine seen below originally came as a generic British 2-6-0 from the Block Junction website, to which I added two extra leading wheels and a new paint scheme inspired by that found on London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway locomotives around the turn of the 20th century. But wait, you say, there were no 4-6-0's in that time period on that railway, or even ever painted in that scheme later on! I know that, consider this a experimental one-off that was a hushed-up trial in superheating. (or something similar they were trying back then) Anyway, a group of close friends and business leaders bought the one-off loco from a backlogged scrap dealer in the early 1930's and preserved it. (These people later became the LEGO Rail Transportation Society in the late 1940's, saving more and more rolling stock and locomotives before saving a to-be-torn-up branch line during the Beeching Cuts of the mid-1960's.) The engine was repainted to LBSC colors somewhere in that time, and re-allocated it's old number X1, designating it as a experimental engine. Over the years, the engine was restored to working order, and had it's troublesome super-heater removed entirely and replaced with a better one. It now runs as a mixed-traffic loco, puling tourist passenger and freight trains alike, just as it was designed to do in the late 1890's / early 1900's. The letters LBSC will go on the tender walls, while the engine will feature X1 on it's side. The block junction page I bought the original 2-6-0 from is seen here. Close-up view of the three passenger coaches, from which Annie and Clarabel (from The Railway Series / Thomas and Friends) contributed their designs to the look of. …and here is a close-up view of the guard's coach, which features a compartment for luggage and the guard himself. (That's a UK version of what we call the Conductor here in the States.) NOTES: Now, I know the coaches are a bit short in height by a single brick (or is the loco to tall?) but otherwise it looks odd if I change it to be taller / shorter. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? They are all welcome!