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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.
    This are all my buildings I own:

    -Old Blacksmiths, now my house with finished bottom floor and staircase.
    -The Tavern / Pub / Bar from has an inside staircase.
    -Ollivander Wand shop is used as Bob's Adventure Supplies.
    -Gringott's is now First Imperial Bank.
    -Borgin & Burkes is my fictional local Ironwood Lego Users Group (Iron-LUG) meeting spot, featuring a Micro-LEGO layout.
    -There is a custom two story Post Office.
    -Town Hall borrowed from the 2008 Town Plan remake.
    -Triple 32x32 base-plate long World City-style train shed

    This all goes along with 61 trains (rolling stock and locomotives) and 6 structures (such as the above station and shed, but with bridges, a water tower, and several other objects)

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. Murdoch17

    Nexus Force - real life LEGO Universe builds

    New year, new car, neo Nexus Force! The inside seats one figure and and one suitcase. This car was originally inspired by a @hachiroku design as seen here as a Mad Max -type vehicle. This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship, with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. More recently, I combined the ship with a more elongated nose taken from the 2015 DC Comics set 76028 (Darksied Invasion). This sleek nose also fits nicely with the sloped windscreen, but I'm not done yet with the ship... parts have just been ordered to revamp the laser weapons systems all over the ship, so stay tuned for more updated pictures in the coming weeks!
  2. After constructing my current building for Benny, I realized it is too small to fit everything inside that I wanted to include. Thus, I was inspired to redo this earlier model from the Jurassic World set 75930 (Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate), with some design cues from Classic Space sets from the 1980's. (I will be taking apart my 10228-style house to make this model in January 2019.) The main dollhouse-style mansion model was built from the set pictures of 75930 and from features from the second Jurassic world movie itself, with the fall-apart play features removed and two opening rear quarter-sections added to match the front half. The model also features an added round "time window" for Benny to experiment with in his spare time. As usual, the classic space logo goes just above the front door, but below the balcony on the 4 x 2 slope. The rear of the mansion features a conservatory and the chimney flue, along with a back door and rear porch light. The fortress walls you see on either left and right ends were inspired by a very much expanded and modified Jurassic World set 75919 (Indominus Rex Breakout). This building will be part of the modular fortress designed to hold spaceships and ground vehicles for Benny's classic space fleet, along with the giant robot I have already constructed in real life. The house folds apart, with the two rear sections opening in quarters up to 90 degrees, while the conservatory opens up to 180 to allow for figure placement. (Up to five Technic pins can hold the model shut at key points for transportation with ease and handling with little fragility.) The front half on the found floor features the entry hall, TV room with couch and dining room. The second floor features the custom-printed master computer (un-printed here in LDD) Benny's bedroom and office. The uppermost two floors features the science lab, with the time window and radar / communication dish control stations (sadly also un-printed). The right rear quarter has the dining room on the first floor, a miniature model city on the second level, and a rocket model on the third floor. Stairs from the first to second level are in the section, as is the back door to exit the building. The left rear quarter features the conservatory and some furniture on the first and second floor. This section also has stairs from second to third floors, plus a '80's video game cabinet (Astro Nut, of course!) on the second floor, along with Benny's golden arcade video game tournament trophy. Expect to see this revised and expanded mansion model in mid-January 2019, and @icm @sander1992 I think you might like this one a bit better than before!
  3. Just picked up these six astronauts this morning from the LEGO store, and finally finished building the modular Classic Space base walls too. More pics will come as soon as some of my stuff comes back from the show it is currently at. In-universe picture description: The astronauts you see here are the famous "Lost Six". These half-dozen brave souls were with Benny in 1988 when the space station they were on was ambushed by Blacktron I forces and blasted into a black hole. Benny managed to escape the station before it entered the gravity field, but only just in the nick of time. (He could not reach his ship mates due to a computer error with the hatch systems.) Benny's suit was damaged in the escape, and he still wears it like that to this day as a reminder of his failure to get his crew off in time. This is the last picture of the Lost Six, with Benny out of frame because he took the picture. (He was supposed to be in the picture, but he forgot to set the timer on that take.) Will we ever see these brave men and women again? Only time will tell!
  4. So this is what nearly 2,500 parts of Classic Space base wall looks like in raw, un-built form! Soon, (hopefully by new years eve, as it's a lot of repetitive work) these will form twelve straight sections, four corners, and one main gate with two interlocking / sliding door sections on it. These segments are all modular based, so they can be rearranged in any way or size I want. The largest of these possible formats is four XL base-plates square. (96 x 96 studs, or 30 inches by 30 inches!) Here is what it looked like when I ordered the parts, way back in early September. I'm making amends to the original design to make space for the 10228-style mansion (see previous posts) and it's support walls. This also constitutes as my Christmas haul post for 2018, so Happy Holidays!
  5. Thanks @icm for your help! I'm gonna get the parts for the Conveyex's windows, plus two Benny's space squad's (when I can find them) after Christmas is over.
  6. Murdoch17

    Nexus Force - real life LEGO Universe builds

    The NIFT-E robot was designed in 2015 to compliment the thousands of Sentry (set 4416) series robots produced in 2006 by the X-POD corporation for the original Nexus Force founders. Thirty-four of these newer robots were produced in 2018 as a test batch, called the Nexus Iron Friendly Teammate - Engineer class (NIFT-E) for use as spaceship ground-crew and heavy engineering duties, including fueling and heavy duty maintenance, computer updating, and guiding ships into landing zones. They are used alongside human counterparts who work on the harder to reach areas of a ship's engine, and on life support systems. Each human master mechanic (of which every base has at least two or three of them, plus several apprentices) is assigned an NIFT-E counterpart, in which they are equal partners working towards the same goal: keeping the ships flying, the base humming with life, and repair bay as empty as possible in case of emergencies. This robot requires three parts not in LDD, AKA this printed part goes on the center of his chest, while two of these orange tubes connect to the front and back of the NIFT-E to help cool the super micro-scale computer housed in the chest cavity with super cold water. (that's what's housed in the two tanks on the back) Also, four of these brackets are missing from the hip area in Light bluish gray. Builder NOTES: The model is inspired by 31090 - Underwater Robot from the 2019 Creator theme. I originally built it for my brother in Blacktron III colors, (he has it coming to him for Christmas from me) but I then decided to take off the claw weapon and build it for myself in Nexus Force colors too for my own purposes.
  7. Murdoch17

    Nexus Force - real life LEGO Universe builds

    Fictional info: This space station (named Destiny II) orbits the ice world of Beta Polaris, pointed at the direction of the trans-dimensional rip in space-time that leads to Lego Universe, ready to report any threat that may emerge from the space between spaces. Destiny II is both an advanced weapons research platform and a forum for great minds and leaders from throughout the universe.The station is the headquarters for the Neo Nexus Force, (in cooperation with the Norsta race, of course) and the home of Nexus - Polaris University. This school focuses on the meaning of time and space itself, plus performing experiments on hyper-space streamlining, artificial gravity production, theoretical physics, and sports. (Let's go Nexo-nauts!) Real world info: The space ship and station are micro-scale. The space station was inspired by this post by @dr_spock and by my Classic Space version of this station, which I color swapped into this version you see here to make it cheaper. (I already have a bunch of the needed parts on another earlier space station model) This model is also a 100+ stud-long SHIP, as well.
  8. Murdoch17

    Nexus Force - real life LEGO Universe builds

    BUMP: This small orange automobile was originally designed as a Mad Max-like vehicle by builder @hachiroku as seen here until I turned back the clock on it into a regular, non-apocalypse version. I then decided it would work well for Bob from the Nexus Force, formerly of the LEGO Universe MMO from 2010 - 2011. (R.I.P.) The mini-figure of Bob has been upgraded as well with white epaulet's and this new torso print. (I will be building this (and the final orange Arctic / Moon-base inspired parts I still haven't bought yet) as soon as I get the Classic Space stuff done in January, if not sooner.) I added taillights and a license plate to the rear of the car. The Nexus Force logo goes on the center of either side panel of the car on the middle curved 2 x 2 slope. Here we can see the car with the roof removed. Their is only room for one mini-figure (Commander Bob), but the space behind the driver's seat can hold some small cargo, such as a 2 x 2 x 2 (with tile lid) crate. Also on the table for early 2019 is the possibility for getting this set, 75975 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar) and modifying the space shuttle (which I've isolated here in the picture) into an orange and white Nexus Force ship by replacing the black at the rear with orange slopes and curved hull sections. The Medium Azure plates would become orange as well, and more prominent engines would most likely be added to the wings such as on my Y-Wing / Javelin mashup-MOD. This new ship would also gain a four-barrel movable gun turret from my Benny's sSS! MOD in orange, which would mean both ships would most likely be sacrificed for parts to this project if completed. But to truly see if this is possible, I will have to wait until Brickset posts it's inevitable review of the set to see the inside of the ship, of which views are sadly lacking. Any thoughts on this idea? Here are my older ships for comparison.
  9. Classic Space 75217 MOD Conveyex Crawler Transporter (UPDATE) I added trans-yellow windows and eight air-tank friendly seats to my already-finished Conveyex Crawler to turn it from a cargo hauler to a people transporter. The 160 parts (total) should be ordered to convert the older, real world model to it's new form come January 2019. This will be a much cheaper option than buying the other train I unveiled in the Train Tech forum by about $200 USD, and I won't have to worry about adding in any track (or more openings) to my current space base setup I've already designed. Each of the two former cargo cars can hold four seats each behind the fold-up side walls, plus on both of the engine units is the dual drivers compartments, located on either side of the tread behind the square openings. Any thoughts on this new development?
  10. Welcome aboard the Astro-train! This stream-liner was a mix of the 1910's Earth train called the "Bipolar" built specifically for use by Classic Space forces as high-speed, high-security ground transports for senior level officers such as Benny. Unlike the Earth version, the Astro-train is super-streamlined, and can go up to speeds of up to 400 MPH on special track, with super-elevated curves and long straight-away's of tens of miles.\ BUILDER'S NOTES: In reality, I liked my original take on the Classic Space Aerotrain, but it can't be built due to design and motorization issues. thus, I stretched the design into the model you see here but with my Super Bipolar at the head. This will be able to allow the engine to pull freight cars, (such as Benny's road car on a flat car) too. This model was inspired by both a 1999 version of the original, real-world Bipolar engine built by user Legosteveb and by a digital-only design by @Sunder to create the Super Bipolar you see in my picture above. Note, the two 4 x 2 slopes should have this CS print while the four white 1 x 1 tiles should have this "60" print. Also, a bonus for this engine model is if I ever show off this train at a LEGO show, I can replace the middle wheel-set on the loco with another person's 9V motor swapped in to power the train. This is the baggage car, and like the rest of the train, all the doors open. (Although there are no interior details, so it can be whatever you want it to be inside!) These are the two passenger cars. The observation car. This is the complete train. I'm planning on building this in 2019 in real bricks, at some point, hopefully. Anyway, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  11. BUMP: I was really worried about the structural integrity of the thin rod-and-plate pieces I had used before on this design before, and the possibility they could sag under their own weight, so I revised the design into the shape you now see in the first post. I used a lot of bigger bricks, some panels, and more secure Technic rods to do this, but it should work a lot better now. (I also added more black A-frame supports for when it is set on a level surface too.) Compare this to the post above.
  12. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Southern Pacific/Western Pacific GS-6 4-8-4 "Warbaby"

    I am lucky to have the 4460 (the only surviving GS-6 Warbaby Daylight) in my hometown railroad museum here in St. Louis, and as someone who has labored long and hard to get it right on my own 6-wide version, I applaud your excellent vision of what 4460 looks like in LEGO. You and me are two of the few who have ever attempted to build the GS-6 engine in digital format or otherwise, and I dare say you have blown my version away detail-wise. (you can see my model in real bricks below) Congratulations @ProvenceTristram, I tip my hat to you!
  13. Thanks, and neither can I! Here is his flickr. He hasn't uploaded much yet (82 photos so far), but he's working on it. He doesn't have a Eurobricks account, but some of his models are pretty cool. Sometimes we borrow models from each other, as you will find, with his original blacktron fighter, which started life as my Nexus force fighter ship.
  14. Thank you @sander1992! Well, it was either this mansion, or a blue / white / light bluish gray Classic Space version of the Darth Vader's castle set. My brother, who is building a Neo-Blacktron base, beat me to that set with his version (currently on order from Bricklink) so I went with my 10228 model in CS colors. (I didn't want to seem like I was copying him, and besides, the castle already looks evil enough without lime green and trans-bright green added in!)