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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. Murdoch17

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    Mask of Light was my favorite film of this era. (It sadly got bumped from the top overall spot by The Polar Express in the following years and the three* LEGO Movies pushed if further down later on.) Anyway great work of representing my fav Bionicle film and the TRUE first Lego movie. Love the posing and scenery, and figures and... basically everything, actually. Keep up the fantastic work! *I don't talk about The LEGO Ninjago Movie, it doesn't exist!
  2. Murdoch17

    Star Wars

    James Earl Jones has retired as the voice of Darth Vader. A.I. will be taking over the role from here on out. This makes Vader "more machine than man now."
  3. 11. - 2 points 9. - 1 point
  4. I've remade the rest of set 10308 - Holiday Man Street, so I tried my hand at the cable car. I turned it into a more common streetcar - specifically a Birney safety Car. (link to wiki article on the streetcar type) I have recolored a second copy blue in addition to red, as there is trolley line in St. Louis, Missouri that uses replica Birney's in blue and red for a modern trolley line in an historic area called the Delmar Loop as a line called the "Loop Trolley". (Granted, the new replicas used by the Loop Trolley use a single modern pantograph and not trolley poles, and have two two-axle trucks and not two fixed axles alone. But I digress!) My model of a classic Birney Safety Car has a different, more accurate roof, complete with two trolley poles along with full-length sides. Sadly, this means most of the interior was scrapped as it was too cramped for figures to sit. The blue one features a 9v train motor, while the red one is unpowered. NOTE: The four (per trolley) black lattice window panes used in the door spaces as gates are missing in the LDD file. You can find this part on Bricklink under part number 38320. The free LDD file for both models together can be found at this Bricksafe page. Thoughts?
  5. My wallet is currently singing "Sympathy for the Devil" in Latin while playing a golden fiddle and sitting in the center of a funny-looking circle / star thing... It's honestly amazing, because I didn't know my wallet could carry a tune. In all seriousness though, can't wait for 2023!
  6. Murdoch17

    [CATC] Monster Racers

    Getting some serious Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf vibes here.... and I like it! Great work! (link is to the films' wiki page)
  7. Murdoch17

    [CATC] The Great Filter

    I'm throwing money at the screen and nothing's happening!?! In all seriousness, it isn't really too far fetched for Lego to make this or something like it. They did Galaxy Squad a decade ago, which is a obvious "Starship Troopers" knockoff. Your theme almost seems like a revamped, beefed-up Classic Space theme of the 21st Century, like the rejected "Space Marines" Ideas / Cuusoo project of a decade ago, but with a fresh spin and clear objective. Good luck in the contest!
  8. Sorry I'm a bit late, but here it is! (the first post has been updated as well) Front view of Murdoch. The rear of the tender with the number 17 on it. Cab view. Any and all thoughts are welcome!
  9. This model was heavily inspired by the Toy Shop in the just-revealed-yesterday set 10308 - Holiday Main Street from the Winter Village collection. I added a back to it, changed the color scheme around, fixed some areas, and replaced the toys with items for sale to make it into a shop for fashion designer Edna Mode. (from the Incredibles films) Apparently she has branched off from superhero costumes. NOTE: Some printed parts are currently missing, such as the 1x2 tile for the sign above the front door. A few other parts' printed designs will change when built IRL. The rear has a delivery entrance. The technic pin off to the side is to lock the walls shut, as in the 2009 set 10193 - Medieval Market Village. On the inside, the lower floor has the shop full of items for sale - from tiaras to top hats, pants to suits. Upstairs is the tailor's workshop, complete with sewing machine and long folds of different-colored cloth. The vintage sewing machine was from free instructions seen on Rebrickable by user @Scarlet_Patronus. (The lower floor's display cases were also based on items from this talented builder.) This building costs about $30 less than the post office (also inspired by 10308), so this shop will probably be purchased first. Thoughts?
  10. Murdoch17

    what do you call your lego city/ names for lego city?

    Sound fine to me, and plenty original. Nobody is going to have their town named Mottersville besides you, thus it's unique. Good luck on your expanding metropolis in the years to come @DJ MotorBall!
  11. Murdoch17

    LEGO Trains 2022

    It seems the trolley can be motorized and lit up with Powered Up elements. Looking at the photos on Brickset, only one axle had cross axle on it when "powered up", the other appears to be a regular wheel block. Meaning, the motor unit only is using one axle, with the other without any wheels on the other axle. Thus, I don't think 9v will work with it without heavy modifications. Also of note for PF users, it seems to similarly not have room for the Power Functions IR receiver. Picture in question in spoiler due to size. Side note: I plan on making the trolley less of a cable car (it's current look resembles this type) and more into a Birney-like streetcar. I also will de-winter and de-Christmas it, and possible recolor a second copy blue instead of red, as there is trolley line in St. Louis, MO that uses replica Birney's in blue and red for a modern trolley line in an historic area called the Delmar Loop. (link to Wikipedia on the project, in case anyone is curious) Anybody else going to modify their copy of this streetcar?
  12. So I woke up this morning to the news Winter Village set 10308 - Holiday Main Street had been revealed. I like some of it (Trolley FTW!) but the buildings were lacking "something". So, I tried to recreate the music store in LDD to fix what Ii thought I needed to fix. That quickly turned into full-blown MOC only slightly inspired by the set with a back wall and different interior. (All in all, I spent two-and-a-half hours digitally puzzling this out.) I then turned it from a music store into a post office as I still need a post office on my town! NOTE: The big front window, drain pipe parts, and a couple printed pieces are missing. The rear of the building has a service door to give access to big trucks for delivery / pickup of cross-country mail. I'm honestly not happy with the roof, but doing a matching one to the front is impossible. Thus, this version will have to do. The lower floor has got a sales desk with old fashioned cash register, a scale for weighing packages, and a couple safety deposit boxes. The poster on the wall above the boxes will be a "most wanted" mugshot, for a true post office feel. Moving on, the upper floor is the sorting room, with bunches of drawers for route maps / address change requests / etc. and trashcans for dead letters. The table is for where the postal employees do the sorting. Finally, the attic is empty, but I'm tempted to put the lawbreaker mentioned on the poster up there hiding out! I have a mail delivery vehicle built already (technically it's been built since 2018) just waiting for a place to pick up mail from. Sadly, I seem to have never taken pictures of it in real life. So until I find the real model and take pictures, a few older digital screenshots will have to do: This model was modified from @ScotNick's red British Morris Mail Van. (see it here on Flickr) The yellow van MOD features a brighter paint scheme and a sign on the side signifying it's job as a letter carrier. I added backwards-opening doors, a different rear hatch, a new front end for a 20's look and bigger tires. Not much of the original model remains intact, to be honest. This vehicle can seat one figure in the drivers seat and can hold a lot of cargo in the back compartment. Thoughts, anyone? EDIT 9/23/22: added the color scheme of the set back onto the building. Looks better, and it is no more expensive that the drab coloration of before.