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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.

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  1. First post updated with new text / pictures! Ok, so here is my Dad's potential third Disneyland loco, to possibly accompany the C.K. Holliday one in set 71044 and the E.P. Ripley MOC I just finished building for him: it mimics the real world Fred Gurley pretty well too. The real 2-4-4 loco has been at Disneyland since early March of 1958. This paint scheme isn't 100% accurate (black boiler / black domes are dark green / red here), but IT IS in line with the modification my Dad and I have already done to the other locomotives. I'm not sure it has any air-pumps on the real loco, as it was originally built in 1894 and there aren't many bigger pictures of this side. But to be consistent with the other two, they are here on the loco. The roof lifts up as normal for this series. This is the Disneyland number three, the Fred Gurley. As seen on Flickr (not my photo) Sadly, the LEGO The Fred Gurley is unpowered, as I couldn't get a 9v motor to look good. But wait, there's more! Another Disneyland locomotive, a 2-4-0 named the Ernest S. Marsh, (loco number 4) that has existed since 1959 at Disneyland, for which the original C.K. Holliday tender design would do nicely for this loco in my opinion! This is one >tiny< tea kettle, even compared to the 2-4-4 type locos. I haven't designed it yet as I'm still thinking on how to do so without using small driving wheels from Big Ben Bricks.(My Dad is a purist in a major way, had to push him a bit with the red BrickTracks wheels for the C.K. Holliday from set 71044 we've still yet to build.) Any thoughts? I know @TJJohn12 was making a Fred Gurley loco...
  2. There were two trains at Disneyland opening day in 1955, and these were the Retlaw series. Retlaw 1 was the passenger train which consisted of one baggage, four passenger cars, and the observation car. Five of which are no longer used or were sold. (but the observation car is still used - as the Lilly Belle parlor car as seen in the official set) However, in this fictional revised version of the train, this retirement didn't happen, though they were modified. (Also, Retlaw 1 was NOT normally pulled by the engine C.K. Holliday, instead, it was pulled by the E.P. Ripley. But I forgot about this fact when I digitally built it / took the pictures.) The real Retlaw 1 was originally a yellow painted train, featuring front facing seats until it was mostly retired in 1971. The observation car of Retlaw 1 then became a parlor car known as the Lilly Belle. (named after Walt Disney's wife Lillian) This fictionalized train is in the revised, post-1971 color scheme of the Lilly Belle also has two passenger cars plus a baggage car with opening side doors. These cars all have side facing seats, as if Retlaw 1 were around and used in modified format after the 1971 overhaul of the Retlaw 1 observation car into the Lilly Belle. As a side note, each of the cars feature a removable wall for getting at the inside details, as in set 71044. The baggage car features two sliding doors in red, though other colors are an option to stand out more. (I prefer black doors, but that's not prototypical!) The side wall comes off, as it does on all the cars, to reveal seating. In this car, that means luggage room and two seats. The two coaches are identical in every way, and are also quite similar to the parlor car at first glance. The inside features side seating, as in the Disneyland park... this also allows for easier moving of figures, and placing them in any of the five seats per car. This is the stock LEGO set 71044 version of the parlor car, but I thought you guys would like to see it alongside everything else. The inside of the Lilly Belle is different than the other cars, featuring a table, three seats, and a bunch of table-top items (I couldn't find the teacups in my program, or make the flower pot work, so they are missing here!) The rear of the whole train. This train was designed with my father and his trains in mind, though he doesn't want to build them in real life. (This explains the 9v motor hooked onto the tender, as that's his preferred system) Thus I'm going to give away the LDD file for them, which you can find it at on my Bricksafe page.
  3. Murdoch17

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    (1 year bump, but for a reason) So, after doing some research, I made some Retlaw 2-like cars for a my dad's C.K. Holliday engine. These are probably not going to be built IRL, as he didn't want them. The two doors on each of the identical cattle cars fold down. I also made some other freight cars, but they aren't Reltaw 2 related... more like 1890's vintage freight. If you want to see more pictures of the revised engine + tender, see this thread. The parts should be here by the weekend for making the new tenders in rea life. Any thoughts @TJJohn12 @Carefree_Dude @Fingolfin or anyone else?
  4. First post UPDATE! The Conjunction Junction freight dispatch office is off to a good start, just need about 20 or so more parts to get this done. (The accompanying water tower is not shown above, but it will be attached as soon as I find it.) The Wild West railroad water tower model was inspired by LEGO builder The_Chestertonian and his water tower, as formerly seen on Flickr. (he sadly deleted his account) I have re-purposed the model for my Wild Western town / railroad. The tower top rotates a full 360 degrees with the water pipe, allowing the engineer to pull up, get his loco full of (imaginary) water, shove the pipe away, and move on.
  5. Here is the final parts I've found for the western 4-4-0 and it's freight train... the remaining parts have been ordered, too. Stay tuned to find out what it looks like soon!
  6. First off, my revised version of a @TJJohn12 MOC of the Disneyland number 2 (E.P. Ripley) steam loco with it's original, official set-size tender looked silly when compared to the real engines. (as you'll see later on) They just were too small, and had too few wheels! All throughout the building process, I was thinking about the tender sections of the original Disney train (set 71044) and the accompanying MOC of it's counterpart 4-4-0. I thought it would look better with a bigger tender, so I designed one for each loco, with a few added modifications to the red engine's stack to get it to go through the massive 96 x 64 stud mountain two-track tunnel my dad built a few years back. In order from Left to Right: 4-4-0 "C.K. Holliday" (engine 1) from 1955 4-4-0 "E.P. Ripley" (engine 2) also from '55 2-4-4 "Fred Gurley" (engine 3) started service in 1958 (NEW for late July 2021!) Each of the 4-4-0 models use 9v motors, as my dad has that system as his preferred train propulsion type... and GatewayLUG uses the 9v style-track / motors too, so it makes it runnable at shows. The Fred Gurley is unpowered, sadly. Here is the E.P. Ripley in it's currently-built LEGO form. I made it using parts ordered by my father, but it's still missing the 9v motor in this picture. Also, the LEGO MOC is dark blue, as it swapped colors with the originally dark green real-world engine. This is because the C. K. Holliday styled model in the Disney train Lego set is also color swapped, from what should be dark blue to dark green. So, basically, Lego used bits from both engines for the set, and we continued this trend here. For reference, below are the real trains from Disneyland: This is the Disneyland number three, the Fred Gurley. As seen on Flickr (not my photo) Here is the original Disneyland loco number two, the "E.P. Ripley", as seen on Wikipedia. (not my photo) ...while this is the Disneyland loco number one, the "C.K. Holliday", with the photo also from Wikipedia. (not my photo) Any questions, suggestions, or complaints? Let me know below!
  7. Congrats on being front paged - its well deserved @the Inventor!
  8. The Conjunction Junction freight train now done! Except for the new freight office... which you can see in LDD screenshots in the updated first post!
  9. Murdoch17

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Co2 Dave! Co2! (If anyone doesn't get the reference, watch the film!)
  10. @Plastic_Goth's instructions based MOD have finally been built in real life! Here is the loco in all it's glory! …and here is the crew! Left to Right: Conductor: Charles "Charlie" Newman Engineer: Maximilien "Max" Stepwell Fireman: Joseph "Joe" Branson ..also, almost all the photos have been redone, with the weed killer tanker and crew car pictures added to the first post!
  11. The whole train, including the new shovel-nose loco and extra (5th) passenger car. This Zephyr-like loco is going to replace the engine at the head of my Astro-train. I decided to do this for one reason: motorization! I will soon be able to put a 9v motor at the head of the train, running it via electricity for shows with Gateway LUG. The inter-car connection is the same as before, and most of the needed parts for the engine (plus one more passenger car!) will come from the pervious loco. ASTRO-BASE COMMUTER RAILROAD STATION This commuter station will be the departure point for my two Classic Space trains. It features a very low floor with two accessibility ramps to get at the two train tracks - one run through and one stub end. There are two benches, two ticket machines, and a single double-sided analog clock. The manned ticket booth (for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the electronic machines) has a sign above it saying the train terminal's name, which is named Astro-Base. This is because it is located next to my Classic Space moon-base. Here we see the other side of the run-through track. When these two projects are bought together, two more straight base walls sections are also added to the list, so the station will have plenty of room inside the walls Thoughts?
  12. Main post UPDATE 7/9/21: Compare V1 of the robot... Version two.. To version 3! ! This newer (or is it older?), Blacktron I style robot will be built later this month. NOTE: The chest should have the “upside down tri-force” logo printed on it. See first post for more details!
  13. I've devised a "wooden" coal hopper for my eight-wide wild West trains that can be filled with either 1 x 1 flat studs or round bricks. However, it can't be emptied unless turned upside down. (This is because I can't figure out a dumping mechanism that won't compromise looks or structural integrity.) Four of these wooden hoppers (and a yellow caboose) will be pulled by the 2-6-2 steam loco I plan on building. Speaking of which, here is the update where is all the eight Western - themed trains I've built (or am building soon) Three of those shown are not yet built in real life, and they are: 4-4-0 + freight train (only about $30 of parts left) 2-8-0 + U.S. military train ($50 worth of parts left) 2-6-2 + silver mine train (unknown amount of parts left, model still needs tweaking) Also, the 4-2-4 still needs photos taken of it and it's nearly-completed train. Any thoughts?
  14. @Calabar: set 60074 by user Stephan no longer works as a downloadable link. Can you please fix it, if possible?
  15. Everything built / done so far (end of June 2021) for my Classic Space base, excepting the Conveyex road train, cause I forgot about it. I'm also giving up on the remodeled base doors, and just using the ones I have already got. I do still need to build / buy the robot docking bay which will go in that hole in the main wall by where the Nucleus train is sitting.