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Found 210 results

  1. This is a MOC I originally created for the "15 Years of Lego Ideas" challenge. This version was rejected for use because it contained microscale versions of existing Lego Ideas products which was evidently not allowed as part of the contest. I had to swap the microscale models above his head for more generic elements. You can see the final version of this model here: Lego Ideas - 15 Year Challenge. Check out my other projects on Instagram and Flickr.
  2. Hello everyone, Today I am happy to share a small series of 4 MOCs meant to complete the existing "line" of microscale Disney sets such as the mini-castle 40478 and the mini-haunted mansion 40521. These are all inspired by locations found at Disneyland Paris, a place I visited many, many times... mini-Thunder Mountain mini Thunder Mountain 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Thunder Mountain 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Phantom Manor mini Phantom Manor 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Phantom Manor 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr This model holds a secret, if you lift the house you can access a crypt where you can place a minifigure. mini Phantom Manor - The crypt by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Hollywood Tower Hotel mini Hollywood Tower Hotel 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Hollywood Tower Hotel 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr This model also has a special feature, the back holds a small monochrome scene inspired by the Twilight Zone TV series. mini HTH - the Twilight Zone by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini-Skull Rock mini Skull Rock 1 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Skull Rock 2 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr mini Skull Rock 3 by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr Instructions for these 4 models are available on Rebrickable (the mini-Thunder Mountain instructions are FREE) or on Planet GBC where you can also find custom kits. mini-Disney series by Gregory Coquelz, on Flickr I hope you guys like these, which one is your favorite? Should I keep going, and if so, which location should I do next? Edit: Click here for a short video presentation of each build.
  3. Build for the Summer Joust 2023 12x12 vignette category. The City of Water - Al Aqua by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  4. socalbricks

    [Freebuild] The White Wyrm

    Built for Brickscalibur (Medieval Micro category) Legend spoke of a massive citadel within Enchanted Isles. Crafted from obsidian, it served as a brutal prison for particularly dangerous inmates. One such inmate was an elderly sorcerer. Worshipping the almighty White Wyrm, he prayed for salvation and a chance to escape from this awful fate. His prayers were answered in a dramatic fashion...
  5. Built for Brickscalibur 2022 - Medieval Micro category. Hope you'll like it
  6. With storm clouds forming off to the east, Ebenezer Droll calls out to his man Benedict Thumber to return the cows to the milk barn. ----------------- OOC: To be licensed by Corrington as a small plantation in Wullham. If I'm not mistaken, this would yield 5DB per turn, @Ayrlego
  7. Brick Car

    [MOC] Microscale Offshore Powerboat

    A tiny microscale Offshore Powerboat!!! It contains 33 pieces without the base.Fast,tiny and yellow,the king of the sea. Offshore powerboat new_4 by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new_3 by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new_4 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_6 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_7 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_8 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_9 by Antonis Papastergiou, on Flickr
  8. Hi All, I haven't posted here for a while, but having just shown my latest endeavour at the Great Western Brick Show, I thought anyone who doesn't usually frequent Flickr might like to see the MOC. IMGP9984 by kaitain, on Flickr IMGP9966 by kaitain, on Flickr (Just some Christmas lights added to give a fantasy feel to the display). "Heroes of Heroica" is a 240x112 stud campaign map, featuring 16 different routes into the forest from the 8 beach landing points, 57 dungeon entrances (these lead to random Heroica dungeons) in the forested area alone, 3 multi floored "Dark Druid" towers, 9 villages where treasure can be sold and equipment/potions bought. A goblin fortress to sneak into, lots of different heroica monsters to fight, including new snakes, scorpions, and even Dragons. The entire build process is available on my Flickr photostream, and when I've sorted through the photos from the show, I'll upload those as well. The aim is for the game to be played co-operatively like any other RPG. The extra campaign rules are still a work in progress though. Regards Kaitain Edit: It should have been 16 routes off the beach, not 6
  9. After being tasked by Brigadier Howe to establish a new settlement on Arlintina, Colonel Allcock headed east. Upon arrival at the southwest tip of the island, they spotted numerous coral reefs and the captain of the ship cautioned Allcock that moving closer to shore could be treacherous. So Allcock and a small group of soldiers rowed basic supplies to shore and established a camp for the night. One of the first courses of action was flying the red banner of Corrington. ------- A small build to move along @Ayrlego's story where he will set up a new settlement on Arlintina Details of the island:
  10. evancelt

    [MOC] Mini Redcoats

    Horse design by vir-a-cocha
  11. This is my microscale version of the 42055 BWE - Bucket wheel excavator, including the truck.
  12. Brick Car

    [MOC] Microscale Speedboat

    Racing Speedboat microscale vignette.The "sea" part is made in a way that the hull of the speedboat seems submerged as in reality.It contains 235 pieces and throws a lot of water...I also made an alternative front end in parts designer that can be made if you chop the ball of a 4131 party hat and glue it to the cone and one with a 24482 spear that you can easily make if you dont like the front part to be only the 2x2x2 cone.Enjoy and comment if you like it.
  13. Xig_brick

    [MOC] Microscale Hoth Diorama

    These days I designed a microscale snowspeeder. Now I did a small Hoth diorama because I like to see him in his natural habitat.
  14. Hello Brick friends, today i started a new project. A microscale city. come by and see how the city grows from the first building to a brick new World full of ...... yes, that´s for you to find out. In this youtube series i will build on my city every week and bring you new videos for you to enjoy. Be a part of it and watch it now! Have a lot of fun! Cheers
  15. Hi everyone! Welcome my latest Castle creation - Kasteelberg. You can vote for it on LEGO Ideas here: Thanks so much! :D
  16. thenightman89

    [MOC] US Supreme Court Building

    I designed the US Supreme Court in the style of the Architecture Landmark series! Since the building is actually quite long in its depth, I took inspiration from the overall approach of the official Trafalgar Square set. The rear side of the building also features a super micro version of the famous courtroom! Let me know what you think!
  17. This is my LEGO Ideas Rivendell project. You can support it here! You're support can help make this a real LEGO set! :D Description Rivendell, a collection of beautifully designed buildings, built by Lord Elrond in the 2nd Age of Middle earth. Nestled, almost hidden, among the trees of a deep gorge to the west of the Misty Mountains, Rivendell is the home of the Elves. Rivendell is one of the very key and more well know locations in Middle Earth, having many places named after it in real life. It plays a key role in both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, as a safe haven and place of comfort to the characters in both stories. Build This highly detailed, architecture style model is built in roughly trophy figure scale (the same scale as the micro Hogwarts Castle set). I have tried to capture the architecural style and granduer of Rivendell as well as possible in such small scale and with LEGO bricks. I based my design on Weta Worksop's model of Rivendell, which you can view here. Although there is no particular right or wrong for how Rivendell looks, Weta Workshop was the company that designed all the props for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, so I thought that their model would be a good place to start. Pieces This microscale model is actually quite a large set, containing 2578 pieces exactly. This number will obviously change a bit as I make changes to the model based on suggestions made by the community, but I will update it when I can! Would love to here what you think, and even more would love your support! Thanks for checking this out!
  18. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* There are many reasons that those who indulge in greed are weakened. As you claw and sweep others' treasures towards yourself, you'll find--like the millions before you-- that having more will not--cannot--create the happiness you lack. Quite the opposite, and the explanations of why are many. That's just one problem with hoarding material riches: the more that you have, the more you have to lose. Imperials plunder the galaxy as if they are its rightful owners. Like spoiled children, like the tyrant kings of old, they look on the earnings and the heirlooms of the galaxy and demand they be given the best. No one gives it to them, so they kill, and they take. And then they have to squirrel it all away somewhere safe so that no one can ever do the same to them. The Imperial Cargo Hulk slid like a glacier through the darkness of space. This huge gray thing, this gargantuan pyramid that pushed steadily on, its treasure trove of dull-colored cargo containers locked in behind. It was a bloated whale, rich with oil. Three ships accompanied the beast: two Gozanti-class freighters, weighed down with spoils of their own, and an Arquitens-class Light Cruiser; a floating slab of durasteel stuffed full of TIE Fighters and spotted with guns. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Four starships shot out of hyperspace. Lo, came the hunting party. With no hesitation, they moved to engage. Mandalorian warriors and ships funded by the considerable wealth of Atrisia and a coalition of sympathetic CFS member worlds. The best warriors in the galaxy, a well-laid plan, and a blank check. They came to take the whale. A Teroch-type gunship--a modified heavy-hitter from the old Mandalorian Wars--took aim at the cruiser, the biggest threat by far. The cracking blue ray of an Ion beam erupted from the Teroch's focusing dish and struck the cruiser. Blue sparks arced along its surface as the ship listed to the side. The two Gozanti's banked to intercede, but as the Teroch--the Mando'a word for "pitiless"--disabled the cruiser, the D5-Mantis (a Mandalorian classic) and YV929 (a brick filled with weapons) swept past and descended on the freighters like birds of prey. A flurry of screaming missiles raced out from the Mantis and under, smashing both ships' TIE complements to spacedust. The Imperial professionals on board readied their counter attack, but Mandalorians hadn't held their own against Jedi without leaning into surprise: while the Imperial pilots and gunners sighted in on the Mantis and YV929, the breach alarms went off. A boarding party, but with no sign of a docking ship. This maneuver had been carefully-coordinated, long-practiced, and perfected by the disciplined soldiers of Clan Eldar: Dozens of super commandos launched themselves from the Mantis and 929 at the right moment and used a combination of momentum and jetpack thrust to land on the Gozanti, only seconds after the missiles had hit their targets. Now, at once on both Imperial freighters, they tore through the interior hallways amidst clouds of smoke, blasters ringing in the deaths of the Stormtroopers on board. The warriors aboard the Teroch disembarked similarly onto the ILC, but unlike the freighters, leaving the ILC in a flyable state didn't concern them. Teams of three landed and set charges while the ILC sat ion-dazed and silent. The next step would be the most dangerous: they ran along the surface and jumped, pushing away from the cruiser by way of their jetpacks. A trigger man on board the Teroch pulled the switch and the seismic charges blew simultaneously. As though pulling in matter around them, the implosions deadened all sound. Then, at the deepest silence, blue rings rippled outward in a concussive burst that carved its way through the hull of the cruiser, but caught and sent the Mandalorians hurtling toward their target. The Cargo Ship. The Mantis and 929 strafed the behemoth's surface guns while the Teroch held its ion beam and the fourth ship--a modified ARC-170-- launched anti-hull missiles at the crippled cruiser. The ARC buzzed like a hornet, sending a torpedo screaming straight down the ship's gullet into its central hanger. Fire blossomed out and vanished as the ship crumpled in on itself. Paralyzed and pulverized, the cruiser was done. The last squads aboard the Gozanti freighters finished checking supply closets and maintenance tunnels. Shouts of victory filled the halls, a Mandalorian cry to signal a battle won. They had the ships. A small crew was left on each while their comrades left the airlock. With forty flares of jetpack thrust they left the freighters for the channel of space between them and the Cargo ship, drifting to join their brethren. The Mantis and 929 dipped towards them, slowing in place for the soldiers to latch on, before slingshotting them to their destination. Intentional to avoid the boarding parties, they joined the Teroch and ARC-170 in picking away the rest of the surface guns. 60 Mandalorians landed on the Imperial Cargo Hulk, managing only a 20 seconds difference. Group by group, they breached airlocks, hulls, and the bridge itself. Precision that comes with centuries of battle. Perhaps you're worried you might unknowingly face a similar wrath one day. But this did not come from nowhere, it was far from unprovoked. An Imperial Remnant had done what greed makes all men do: they had taken what was not theirs. Lucky for you, you can learn from their mistake. ______________________________________________________________ More Pictures Notes Thanks for looking!
  19. Hello there in 2021! :) It is finally a nice white winter outside and to kick-off the New Year, please let me share with you something from the "vaults" - a LEGO mini-scale MOC of Luke's snowspeeder that I made some time ago, but newer shared properly here. Snowspeeder is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles of all time and I have a very fond memories of receiving the first snowspeeder LEGO set for my birthday back in I guess 1999... I have seen so many great MOCs of this ship in different scales, including the mini-scale, so I hope the form and shape of this mini-scale rendition that I have done will resonate with you! http://Snowspeeder_MOC_microscale by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr
  20. A microscale MOC of one of the most famous symbols of the town of Novi Sad, Serbia. The Name of Mary Church is often referred to as a "cathedral" by the locals despite it being a church in reality. The piece which set the tone was the white hub cap and everything else was done to scale with that. It took me about a week to build it. A picture of the real thing: Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Microscale Name of Mary Church (Crkva imena Marijinog) by legomanijak, on Flickr
  21. Here it is, my newest model, the Woolworth Building. The Woolworth Building is an early American skyscraper located in Manhattan, New York City. Designed by architect Cass Gilbert, it was the tallest building in the world from 1913 to 1930, with a height of 792 feet (241 m). Located in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, The 60-story structure consists of a 30-story tower situated atop a 30-story base. Its facade is mostly decorated with terracotta (though the lower portions are limestone) and contains thousands of windows. The skyscraper was originally conceived by F. W. Woolworth, the founder of a brand of popular five-and-ten-cent stores, as a headquarters for his company. Woolworth planned the skyscraper jointly with the Irving National Exchange Bank, which also agreed to use the structure as its headquarters. Construction started in 1910, and it was completed two years later. The Woolworth Building underwent several changes throughout its history. The top thirty floors, formerly used as office space, were sold to a developer in 2012 and subsequently converted into residences. The remainder of the building remains in use by office and commercial tenants. This model stands at 63cm tall and contains ~8,500 pieces, built at a 1:400 scale. There is a lot of techniques I had to come up with to be able to get all of the details in the façade and the roof. The details of the Woolworth Building are so intricate that it would be impossible to include everything at this scale but I tried my best to make it work. Overall, I'm really happy with the way it has turned out and I can't wait to get started on my next build.... More pictures can be found on my flickr:
  22. My submission for OcTRAINber 2020: This was originally intended to be a 3x3 baseplate sized full microscale diorama of the Hogwarts Express crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct, with the Weasley's flying car chasing it. Alas, time and other duties were not fair, and last weekend I had to reimagine the project into a much smaller size. But I am glad I did, as I think it came out really well - hopefully my woeful photography skills still allow some of its glory to shine. Couple of "Where is Waldo's?" - Did you spot the bear? - The construction crew at work? - The fallen tree?
  23. Hogwarts-microscale-perspective by Hugo, sur Flickr _________________________ New Moc based on the Harry Potter Universe ----------------------------------------- Harry, Ron and Hermione come back to Hogwarts for a new year. They took the Hogwarts Carriage at Hogsmeade. It is pulled by Thestrals, skeletal winged horses that only people who have seen death can see. ------------------------------------------ I tried something new in this new creation: the perspective (and microscale): the carriage is getting smaller and smaller on the scene. To the left, the trees are following the perspective and are getting smaller and smaller . To the right, the trees are on the first plan, so they can't be on the scale of perspective. At the center, i built a microscale Hogwarts. ------------------------------------------ The perspective give me the possibilty to build a landscape without using billion of bricks. It was the first time that I had used perspective and microscale. It's up to you to tell me if it's successful. I still have to improve myself on it to produce new creations ------------------------------------------ See you soon for a next creation uruk/hugo
  24. Sebosaure

    my fleet

    as i made a lot of spaceships, here is a selection of my creations. Just for your eyes!! A small starfighter, made with boat parts Harpon: starfighter "Harpon" by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Bomber: P1060900 by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Y-E wing, neo-classic space style Y-E WING CS style by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Kameleon class battlecruiser: Battlecruiser by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr other view: camouflage by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr small ship space rescue and patrol by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr micro fighter ( 10 parts ) P1060331 by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr speed figther recon-class fighter by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr Pacificator: pacificator nuanced shiptember 2018 moc by Sebosaure Brite, sur Flickr
  25. [NCS]-Space city under construction, microscale I felt inspired. Space city under construction in microscale. It is by doing anything that we become ... uh ....... Afol? :) Let the city under construction, is voluntary. There is 70% empty space. It is to set up the start of spatial colonization. Kind of like a "outpost-city". There are 3 landing strips with gravity generators. A forest in the center, under the dome. LDD and Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr