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Found 72 results

  1. Here follows are the current confirmed upcoming Lego DC Superheroes themed sets, for late 2015-Mid 2016: January Wave: This winter wave is based upon the upcoming 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. #30446: (Untitled Polybag)- Price Unknown Microscale version of Batman v Superman Batmobile #76044: Clash of the Heroes- $14.99 Includes Batsignal build, Kryptonite, Superman and Armored Batman Minifigures Sources: just2good #76045: Kryptonite Interception- $29.99 Includes Batmobile, LexCorp Forklift, two Henchmen and Batman Minifigures Partial Set Reveal via SDCC (Shown Below), Additional images here #76046: Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle- $69.99 Includes Batwing, LexCorp Helicopter, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor Minifigures Wonder Woman figure Design via SDCC can be seen here ________________________________________________________________ March Wave: #76052: Batman Classic TV Series--Batcave -$269.99 D2C For Set Discussion, see this thread Offical Set Description: #30603: Batman Classic TV Series-Mr. Freeze Polybag figure, first distributed at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Available in April at Shop at Home (price varies, in the US, it's with purchases $75+) #76053: Gotham City Cycle Chase - $24.99 Official Set description follows: #76061: Mighty Micros: Robin vs. Bane- $9.99 #76062: Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Catwoman- $9.99 #76063: Mighty Micros: Flash vs. Captain Cold- $9.99 Summer Wave: #10724: Juniors: Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor Includes Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor minifigures Build includes section of Batcave, Batmobile, and Lex Luthor tank with arms #76054: Scarecrow Fearful Harvest Includes Scarecrow, Gas Mask Batman, generic Farmer, Blue Beetle, and Killer Moth Minifigures Build includes Bat-Helicopter, Scarecrow's combine harvester, and civilian tractor #76055: Killer Croc: Havoc in the Sewer Includes bigfig Killer Croc, Red Hood, Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Batman Minifigures Build includes Killer Croc's water craft, Bat-Tank, and Red Hood's motorcycle #76056: Rescue From Ra's Al Ghul Store Exclusive Includes Ra's al Ghul, Desert Batman, Talia al Ghul, Robin Includes desert buggy bat-vehicle, exploding doorway, jail cell for Robin, staircase, and minifigure-launching green pool.
  2. Has anyone heard if were getting another fairground set for 2016? The first 2, the Fairground Mixer and the Ferris Wheel were very nice sets and seemed like they were planning to do these annually. Any rumors?
  3. Well, now That we know that there will be sets, I thought that it was good to start a topic here. What do you guys think about the new femenine reboot?
  4. Hello there, it's been pretty quiet huh? So, in 2016 I neglected getting some of the BIONICLE sets then, for a number of reasons, and I was recently looking into rectifying that on eBay and Bricklink. I found that- more than the 2015 sets and even years prior to that- the prices for the 2016 figures are ridiculous. Like, even used figures I see at $40-50 regularly, and the only decently priced ones are bootlegs from China . Don't even get me started on the mint ones. So... what gives? Why are people asking so much for these figures in particular? Ah well, thank you and have a good one!
  5. It's been a busy 2016 for me, but I managed to get a supercar completed.. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think that it is my best work that I've done so far.. It is based around the sequential 4 speed AWD chassis that I posted last month which has been redesigned for this new model.. I tried to come up with some new uses for the new panels from the 42056 Porsche.. Everything seems to work pretty flawlessly.. Free instructions at ReBrickable.
  6. nickbrick

    Speed Champions inspired F1 cars

    I've been making some additional 2016 season F1 cars to sit alongside the Ferrari F1 Speed Champions set (75879), first up is one of my favourite teams (despite their poor form in partnership with Honda), McLaren. This is my interpretation of their 2016 MP4-31 #14 driven by Fernando Alonso. The build was straightforward as it follows the standard Speed Champions F1 car build closely with just a couple of tweaks to nose and wing. The stickers were the biggest challenge as it's not possible to put all the logos in exactly the right place and scale. I didn't want any stickers to span more than one brick which limited things still further but I'm happy with the end result. Let me know what you think!
  7. Welcome to 2016 discussion and speculations topic .
  8. With all the Ninjago polls floating around here, I thought I'd make another one. Ninjago has been around now for FIVE years! That is amazing for an action theme! To top that, Ninjago is in its prime now- sales are still strong and are even climbing from what I have seen. What do you think will happen to the Ninjago line in the upcoming years? Will it continue? If so, what will the overall theme be next year? Will it be canceled? Will it be replaced? What effect will the movie have on the theme? Post your opinions here!
  9. Hi everyone. I wanted to make a new topic so we could talk about lego games we expect. What I expect is as follows: Lego Batman 4 / The Lego Batman Movie Game Lego Guardians of The Galaxy Lego Justice League
  10. GO Here, Thanks! Welcome all to the Elimination Round of The Best 2016 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure! Votes have been cast in round 1, some minifigures advanced, many were eliminated. Now, further eliminations will happen. After the first 3 batches, we will have 3 minifigures advance to the final deathmatch, and from there we will learn what the Eurobricks community considers to be the best LEGO Star Wars 2016 Minifigure. Let us begin. Batch 1: Hovertank Pilot - 2 votes - @duboismerci @Error404 Ahsoka Tano - 21 votes - @Kevii23 @scoiltreasa @GallardoLU @benderisgreat @Tariq j @michaelozzie @AgentKallus of Hydra @ChiefPie @Gusseteer @starwars4ever @Japanbuilder @makoy @jdm44 @Franklinw1234 @KevinYoung @Sir Brickalot @Hokierespect @Ultron @Taaffeite-Art @bobasdad @DarthTwoShedsJackson U-wing Pilot - 4 votes - @LOBOT-OMY @legofives @LEGORACER1 @Cpt. Dan Princess Leia - 4 votes - @FactorXa @RogueTwo @Gremer @wesker Dengar - 4 votes - @Covi @Knight of Ren @mortesv @Knight of Ren Han Solo - 19 votes - @VaderFan2187 @Umbra-Manis @FishW @ChristopherLee @Sheharan @PickleManDan @JDbricks @KevinMD @ultiminutes @Forresto @JACKATTACKS @fatum @hachiroku @Daimar @NittanyOsFan @roadstermatt @JekPorkchops @TheGeneralMoe @robertgorman2505 I love Ahsoka and Leia, but my vote goes to Han Solo for his hairdo.
  11. Current Batch is Batch 18!! Hello! 2016 has come and gone, and brought a lot of LEGO Star Wars minifigures with it. But what is the best LEGO Star Wars minifigure from 2016? Vote in the poll above, after a while, maybe a couple of days, I will create a new topic that has another set of minifigures! Credit to @Itaria No Shintaku for creating a similar game for CMFs and inspiring this topic. Here is the first batch! Today we have Rebels A-wing Pilot Admiral Ackbar Ahsoka Tano Baze Malbus Bespin Guard Bistan Vote away! Do comment with who you voted for and why EDIT: For some reason, I have problems voting on my own polls. My pick is Baze Malbus, though Ahsoka is a close runner-up. Let me know if you can vote on my polls or if my problem applies to everyone too. EDIT 2: I will remove the poll. Leave your pick in a comment below. Thanks!!
  12. Hello World! This is my first post in this forum and i will start with my second work, a Ferrari F488 Spider. Later i will post my first work, a Chevrolet Camaro or you can just see it now in my Youtube Channel ( I will have instructions for this Ferrari but i dont know when. I'm out of time for now. :\ Please see the promotion video i made for it with a little help from 5571 truck! Photos: Lego Ideas: Cheers from Portugal! :)
  13. TheBrickPal

    Mixels 2016 Discussion

    We're headin' to Mixopolis, folks! SERIES 7 MCPD 41554 Kuffs 41555 Busto 41556 Tiketz Medivals 41557 Camillot 41558 Mixadel 41559 Paladum Mixies 41560 Jamzy 41561 Tapsy 41562 Trumpsy SERIES 8 MCFD 41563 Splasho 41564 Aquad 41565 Hydro Pyrratz 41566 Sharx 41567 Skulzy 41568 Lewt Medix 41569 Surgeo 41570 Skrubz 41571 Tuth SERIES 9 Trashoz 41572 Gobbol 41573 Sweepz 41574 Compax Nindjas 41575 Cobrax 41576 Spinza 41577 Mysto Newzers 41578 Screeno 41579 Camsta 41580 Myke
  14. Hi As I am a visual person I put together this image. Prices are in euros and images are not at scale. If you spot any error just say it, please At a first glance, I am frankly surprised to see so little "old" yelow, red and blue around. The main motivation was the people complaining in the 2017 thread about a dissapointing year for Technic and I wanted to see the full picture. I had the feeling that there were less sets at the mid-range price, but it is not the case. I think that people just dislike each of this year's sets over 80 € because looking twice, the overall offer looks good. A point I dislike is that we are getting more sets in the expensive side than before
  15. Hello everyone! Just sharing my thoughts on the Rogue One sets from 2016. Just a note to say I don't have any of the Rogue One sets from 2016 at the time of writing. 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank Price in my region: $69.99 This set looks pretty good to me. The spring-loaded shooters are really well integrated into the build. Chirrut Imwe, currently exclusive to this set, is a great figure to have. The Hovertank Pilots are good too, I like the sand highlights. Unfortunately, the ship does seem a too low down, plus it lacks one crate. Aside from the crate, it just looks like a flat grey build. 75153 AT-ST Price in my region: $99.99 Sorry, the images are kinda blurry. I like this set too. It's likely the best version of the AT-ST to date, albeit slightly a little too tall. Well-integrated spring-loaded shooters seem to quickly become a staple in 2016's Rogue One sets. I love that Baze Malbus figure! It's really detailed, the only complain I have is his hair is too short, but it was arguably limited by his backpack. The only main complaint I have about the set is that it's a little too small for $99.99. 3 bags only? Even the Hovertank has 4. 75154 TIE Striker Price in my region: $129.99 I take back what I said about "Well-integrated spring-loaded shooters." They really seem stuck on on this one. However, I really like the rest of the ship. The folding wing play feature looks smooth and tight, and the cockpit seems better than the one in the First Order TIE Fighter. I feel like the back is a bit of a waste of space, as they should have allowed space for another minifigure. On the other hand, the round shape of the TIE Striker is really well captured. I love it! 75155 U-wing Price in my region: $149.99 This image -------^ is of Jyn with her poncho, the next one is without the poncho. The minifigures in this set are good. You get two named main characters in currently exclusive garb. Also, you get a named minor character (albeit not named on the box). Bistan looks good too, plus the U-wing's pilot. It is noteworthy, however, that Jyn and Cassian are dressed wrongly, as both are wearing thick woolly clothes that they wore on Eadu, while the presence of the Corporal Eskro Casrich and Bistan indicate this is meant to be from the Battle of Scarif. Also, Jyn and Cassian did not arrive on Scarif in a U-wing, much less the one with Bistan. But I digress. The build looks marvellous. We have more well-integrated spring-loaded shooters, activated using blue pieces on the front. I like it when the missiles are near cannons (to simulate cannons firing) and that is true of this set. I'm not too sure what I feel about the cockpit-opening mechanism, but without it it may be hard to open the cockpit, which unfortunately does not seat two. The storage at the back does feel kinda tacked on, but the troop carrier section looks good, and even has guns which fold out. However, the guns which fold out seem inaccurate to me, as Bistan fired the guns in a U-wing through a window, not by opening a door and folding a gun out. This, though, seems like a worthy compromise in my opinion, as a troop disembarkation with covering fire play feature works. I really love this set! 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle Price in my region: $169.99 Hooray for sleek black ships! I love shiny black Star Wars stuff (my love for Darth Vader is not without reason) and Krennic's Shuttle looks really good. Currently, all the minifigures are exclusive, and they are Director Orson Krennic, Bodhi Rook, Pao, K-2SO, and two Death Troopers. The spring-loaded shooters are not completely integrated, but are hidden under the wings and look okay. Krennic's seat in the cockpit does make his cape a little squashed and thus make him look slightly uncomfortable. There are also four seats in the shuttle, two of which can be used by the Death Troopers. The panels fold open, but the interior is ugly with a lot of Technic pieces. However, when folded up, the shuttle looks great, especially with the wings in flight mode. I absolutely adore this set! To me, the higher the prices, the better the sets in the wave are. However, all of the sets are good to a certain extent for their price tags! Now, it's time for me to go buy these :) Let me know your thoughts about the sets in replies!
  16. MaxTube55

    2016 UCS Reaction

    2016 has been a very successful year for LEGO Star Wars. There so far have been 37 Star Wars sets released (including the 9 sets to be released September 30th). They also made a new LEGO Star Wars TV show, The Freemaker Adventures which just aired its final episode. But 2016's UCS sets have sparked loads and loads of controversy, when the images and details of 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth it sparked outrage as many people though it costed way too much, didn't deserve the UCS title, and was a lazy attempt with so much incompleteness, and other complaints. The other UCS set is the 75159 UCS Death Star, it also has been criticized as a lazy attempt and a cash grab by LEGO. ^ 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth ^ 75159 UCS Death Star Set Reactions: Now I totally see everyone's point on 75098 and I think it was a very poor effort by TLG, but I differ from the majority on my opinion of 75159. I believe that 75159 is great, I have heard how upset people were when 10188 was discontinued, but it was very old and needed an update. Then when we got the update everyone is so outraged and upset with TLG for not changing it much. I see that people wanted something new, but 10188 was selling well for the 7.5 years it was being produced so why change it, everyone loved the set. Now I also see why people are upset about the price hike, but two factors called for it, first is that inflation sucks and accounts for roughly $50 of the increase, and second back in 2008 there was only LucasFilm with the rights to Star Wars, but now LEGO needs both Disney and LucasFilm licencing which isn't cheap, so it sucks but we know that this had to be done to continue to make profit. Also this might be slightly biased because I got to the LEGO and Star Wars buffet late and by the time I bought my first Star Wars set in late 2015 I was not yet big enough a fan to consider buying 10188, so I want 75159 badly an that is also my final reason for why there was nothing wrong with what TLG did with 75159, because there were so many more who wanted and couldn't get the original and we now have a second chance to get it. So leave your reactions to these two sets in the comments and May the Bricks be With You, Always.
  17. Legoboy22

    2016 Lego trains

    Hello everyone, it seems like it is time for this topic because of the anticipation of TLG doing something special for the 50th anniversary of lego trains. Saying this please share any new 2016 trains here. Thank you in advance.
  18. There were many great MOCs during 2016. As is becoming a habit, and to celebrate some of Thirdwigg's favorite MOCs of the year, I present The Top 16 of 2016. Find out who won the coveted 2016 Thirdwiggy award. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know about your vehement objections to the list. Sorry for all the great ones I left out. Let me know what should have been included. Many thanks to Eurobricks for so many great designs and conversations over the year. I look forward to 2017.
  19. Lego technic Chaos supercar! A supercar with several functions like reverse ackermann steering, suspension, opening doors, a gearbox, and a working steering wheel! Watch the video for more details: The pictures are under the videos. Thank you and happy new year to all! BrickbyBrick, Dec. 26 2016
  20. 2016 LEGO City Sets Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream. 60105 60106 60113 60114 60115 60116 60118 60126 60127 60128 Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream.
  21. BrickCurve

    The Cottage In Autumn

    An Autumn version of one of my previous creations. I really should be building for Brickvention MOC but I really wanted to use my new LUGbulk parts! Now that Summer has drawn to a close, one of the oldest retirees of the Avalonian military has further settled down into his quiet retirement home on the coast of the southern part of Avalonia.
  22. New MOC! LEGO Technic DRAGSTER! It's pretty fast and powerful. Watch the video for more details. Thank you! More soon!
  23. Recently i made some expansions on my Modular Square. Within a few months, i have to fit in the Lego 10255 Assembly Square as well, but i'll find a way! I used 20 modular sets to create this square. For the square itself, i used over 16.000 parts for tiling, trees and benches! Enjoy my HD YouTube video, that i made last week and get inspired!:
  24. Trevpack4563

    Happy Force Friday!

    Happy Force Friday! I Hope You Like This! 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank $30.00 75153: AT-ST Walker $50.00 75154: TIE Striker $70.00 75155: Rebel U-Wing Fighter $80.00 75156: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle $90.00 75119: Sergeant Jyn Erso $24.00 75120: K-2SO $24.00 75121: Imperial Death Trooper $24.00 Minifgure you can get Only today! Get this minifigure by get a star wars set today! plus you can get a rogue one set and get this minifigure! Thanks For Looking at this and BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!