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  1. Im pretty sure that bricklink list is missing the Saturn V, I just checked mine and it has metallic silver wheels included
  2. CREATOR 2017

    Yeah I'm not a huge fan of how it looks, its a bit boring and messy, but $120 is a good price. You guys gotta realize its bigger than it looks. Its 7 inches tall. And about as wide as all the other creator vehicles.
  3. CREATOR 2017

    CM4S says its $120
  4. Got the scout trooper and speeder bike for $7 at walmart. Probably a pricing error from someone higher up cause people all over the US were reporting it. Its awesome! Almost feel bad for not paying more. Love the detail and scale. It would be cool to get more technic star wars vehicles.
  5. [MOC] Computer lab

    love it, looks very retro
  6. (MOD) Revised 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

    Awesome! I literally was just about to ask about that since I recently bought it. Weird coincidence lol Great mod, fixes all the problems I had with the original