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  1. Oh, i got one... They wrote that they dont update the LDD anymore. So they cant help. I still have the problem
  2. McLaren MP4 -12 C

    First i would rebuild the front. Ur front is to straight. The back looks good to me.
  3. That's a great Idea! How about putting the Bat-Box in a vertical line, so you could increase the space between the axles. Edit: A idea for the truck ;) Chris
  4. Kiko´s Train World

    Could you explain it to me why it shouldnt work? Chris
  5. [TC11] Maximum Impact FINISHED

    This bot has all what it needs. It counters every other bot type and is even looking great! I think you have great chances winning this competition. Good luck! P.S.: You have my vote! Chris
  6. Cool Little Bot, but the name sounds a bit racist...
  7. Kiko´s Train World

    Hello Guys... After a visit in the "Hungarian Railway Museum" i was inspired to build a new wagon. The WR4252:
  8. [MOC] RC Defender 110

    As u can see here, the wheels are too small and whole cab too high... But if you ignore this... Its a great and clean build with smooth curves Edit: Also clever use of Basics :)
  9. [TC11] Blackout Battlebot

    Smart little bot :) Im also unsure about the damages on other bots. Maybe try to hit a 1,5L bottle and look if the weapon is strong enough. Chris
  10. Article - building modern trains' fronts

    Köszönöm :)
  11. Article - building modern trains' fronts

    Hello, thanks for the Article. What about the hungarian version? I would be interested in.
  12. Is this a finished vehicle? Isn´t missing something at the front?
  13. [TC11] The Bot with No Name

    Not bad, but the flipper is no flipper Its more like a ramp... Also the "Flipper" would be more stable, when you put 2 LAs on each side. Name: DrivenRamp Edit: If another bot, drives over the flipper, the tracks will just slip away.
  14. M.A.N TGX 18.400

    I made a Trailer for it: I will tighten a plastic plane on it