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  1. KikoTube

    [TC14] Wave Swing

    Great Project aminnich, the idea with the ball joints is ingenious Curious about upcoming posts
  2. KikoTube

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Top-structure should be done:
  3. KikoTube

    [TC14] Typhoon

    @Erik Leppen I don‘t think the motion will be a challenge, the only problem i see, is to make it very sturdy. If you look at the first picture, you can discover a small turntable, and a shaft The circle is built with connectors (4107082), which are stabilizied with a sturdy construction. It was testet irl, and it works fine. But yes, you are right, i should probably start building the main structure before deciding on color schemes. I underrestimated the whole project. Thanks Erik :)
  4. KikoTube

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Thank you for all the opinions, ill continue with v1 and work out more color-schemes
  5. KikoTube

    [TC14] Typhoon

    Thanks, got a question for design. Got two versions, one is more organized, one less. Which one do you think suits better? Version 1: Version 2:
  6. KikoTube

    [TC14] Typhoon

    @BrickbyBrickTechnic i was sure, somebody else would have the same idea I think i will programm the motion with NXT.
  7. KikoTube

    ScotNick's revised and new models

    Im building mine in 9-10 wide, suits the size of the rails. (1435mm)
  8. Hello guys, my first time at a contest... It possibly won't be done till the deadline, but that is not the problem, since i wanted to build something like this for a long time: The prototype looks like this: To-Do List: Decorate the seats Find a good color-scheme Build the arm To be continued
  9. KikoTube

    [WIP] LEGO Technic McLaren P1

    Are you sure it fits the blueprints? The wheelbase seems to short
  10. KikoTube

    ScotNick's revised and new models

    Which Scale are you Building in?
  11. KikoTube

    ScotNick's revised and new models

    I agree, the front of the Hercules is a real challenge. Much angles, hardly reproducable in lego. Im sure, you will be able to get it done tho Ever tried a 1044/1144?
  12. KikoTube


    Since this is the map of a pc game, it would be the best at "Special Lego Themes" i believe.
  13. Yes, please dont use them. Those will be rare
  14. KikoTube


    Thanks for Sharing!