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  1. Very damn good already! I see potential in this build...
  2. And that is the main problem with builds like this. Now think about it, with some weight on the control surfaces. It wont even turn a little bit. As @Rudivdk said, the best would be to go with a full linkage system.
  3. Thanks guys :) My dog tore apart its legs Yes, its pretty quick. Probably a bit of both
  4. Hey guys, i've built a technic walker which I want to show you. It is obviously focusing on the mechanic part and not on looks Small demonstration video: It also has a built in differential transmission: It was a fun build... And in the end i have to admit, it is quite creepy :D
  5. Hi Beck, its nice to hear from you again... Gorgeous MOC!
  6. KikoTube

    [R] Tempesta GT-1

    At least for me 14 wide is a rather small scale ...
  7. KikoTube

    [R] Tempesta GT-1

    Very nice for its small scale
  8. @m00se I am trying to programm the motion with a nxt. Still figuring it out
  9. How come, no one commented on this? Cool build :)
  10. Great Project aminnich, the idea with the ball joints is ingenious Curious about upcoming posts
  11. Top-structure should be done:
  12. @Erik Leppen I don‘t think the motion will be a challenge, the only problem i see, is to make it very sturdy. If you look at the first picture, you can discover a small turntable, and a shaft The circle is built with connectors (4107082), which are stabilizied with a sturdy construction. It was testet irl, and it works fine. But yes, you are right, i should probably start building the main structure before deciding on color schemes. I underrestimated the whole project. Thanks Erik :)
  13. Thank you for all the opinions, ill continue with v1 and work out more color-schemes