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Found 16 results

  1. This LEGO version of the famous double-deck AEC Routemaster bus (Wikipedia link if you care to read up on this famous bus type) is a mashup of 2019 Harry Potter set 75957 - Knight Bus, albeit scaled back a bit. This model required a bit of changes to the originally purple triple-deck bus... more than you might expect, actually! Sadly, the original three-studs-long windows aren't yet available in red, (even after all these years!) so I made do with different windows. The rear of the bus. The sand green 1x4 tiles are advertising billboards. Sadly, neither the roof nor second level come off to seat figs inside. The family of Buses is complete! From left to right with a link to each bus's own topic: Knight Bus (from Harry Potter films), Routemaster (you are here), Bertie the bus (from Thomas and Friends). Thoughts?
  2. "This far-out VW bus is, like, full of positive vibes. No negative energy is allowed onboard, and no squares either. You're not a square are you? ...Groovy. I'm on my way to Woodstock for three days of peace, love, and music to tune in, turn on, and drop out. I'll also be protesting the Vietnam War on the way back to San Francisco. Wanna come along, man?" - The Hippie So, I was looking through my back catalog of downloaded LDD models and found this one from 2013 and the Build Together campaign Lego had at that time. They had a website for it an everything, and after a decade of waiting, this 8-wide bus finally resurfaced and caught my eye. I added a bunch of flowers, an hippie CMF fig (plus a custom female counterpart fig) and a far-out new paint job. The rear features a hitch for towing a trailer. Unfortunately the large door on the other side does not open... I didn't design it right and am NOT going to tear this apart to fix it. The inside has been decked out with all new details: a lava lamp, bed, table and chair, along with two chairs up front. As you might have guessed, the roof is mostly removable. UPDATE 1/18/23: Real world photos added! Thoughts?
  3. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on a mid-century house interior as I was influenced by the housing magazines from the time. There are many features you might find in a home of that era. Textures on the walls, a sloped roof and a open-plan feel. Anyway onto the pics; I've posted them also in my flick stream if you wish to view them there; As always any queries or comments welcome!
  4. snaillad

    MOC: Mid century home

    Hello fellow EB users. I've created a home based on Mid-century architecture mainly inspired by homes in Palm Springs. I've used loosely based A-frame design usually found in cabins which would use a timber constructed roof but I've went with a 'concrete' one hence the use of white. I added some features form the time such as the porch with a patterned wall to allow light to pass through and some external tiling to the front as well as large windows. Only a couple of pics and no interior but I hope to work on a standalone period design soon enough. They can also be found of my flickr stream here: here Regards!
  5. NOTE: This car was NOT my design as I used the awesome video instructions made by @hachiroku as seen here based on the Lego Incredibles video game. I just wanted to build it real bricks too, and since he didn't have a topic already opened about this model, I thought I'd start one instead. I DO NOT want credit for the car! After I get my Classic Space base stuff done around this Christmas, I think I'm gonna work on a superhero team to go onto my town. This team will be the Parr family, consisting of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and of course, Jack-Jack. The rear of the car features a place for flame jet booster exhaust. The car seats one figure in the drivers seat. I'm also debating using the Clayface Splat Attack (set number 70904) set's parts minus Batman (as seen above) from the LEGO Batman movie line together with the Brick villain mini-figure (from Incredibles 2, as seen below from Bricklink) as kind of a she-creates-a-monster-and controls-it scenario. The scenario I'm envisioning is a train derailment (using my period-correct Aerotrain model, from the same time frame as the movie's: the early 1960's-ish) as a disaster caused by the two, whom I'm calling Brick and Mortar. They want to stop the train on it's way to a science convention, in order to steal the blueprints for a secret invention of an prominent scientist... along with kidnapping the scientist herself! (I'm going to use the Mayor McCaskill figure as the scientist in question, I think.) So, all in all, does this sound like a cool idea or not? Comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  6. This is the fourth version of the Joker's Lowrider-inspired car for Bob from the Neo Nexus Force. (a space faction I came up with after the LEGO Universe video game shut down, whose topic can be seen here) I was inspired to create a new front end grille for this car from two newer fender pieces, with one of them upside down to make a unique "O" effect. This very rare car is powered by a turbine, which means it can run on gasoline, diesel, alcohol, paint thinner, and even cheap perfume. It runs very efficiently at high speed, but gets very fuel-hungry at slow speeds, like sitting in bumper-to-bumper City traffic. Luckily for it's owner, Bob, the snowy tundra wastelands offer little time for sitting still, and plenty of space for getting up to very impressive speeds. And if he gets struck in a snowbank, the very high-heat exhaust (which can melt asphalt if stationary too long on City streets!), can easily break the car free with no problem. The rear of the car has a license plate and dual super-hot exhaust. As usual this printed part is missing from the hood. The roof of the car is easily removable to get at the mini-figures seats which allow for figures to sit side-by-side. The spacious opening trunk has plenty of room for luggage and the doors to the cabin area open as well. This LEGO model was partially inspired by the early 1960's Chrysler turbine car (one of the nine left is seen above, but it's not my picture). You can read more about the experimental car at this Wikipedia link on the car. Any thoughts, suggestions, complaints and ideas are always welcome. This car is on the "to be built" list after the current Western project is done. (and when funding allows!)
  7. This is the Mach 5, the fastest looking (and driving!) white-with-red paint scheme car ever devised. It is piloted by Speed Racer (son of Pops Racer, designer of the car) in the original Japanese anime, (Mach Go! Go! Go!) and all subsequent TV and film adaptations. The car seen here was inspired by set 8158, (Speed Racer & Snake Oiler) from the tie in to the Speed Racer film from 2008. Needless to say, the film did horribly and flopped about as hard as the crash of the Mach 6 in the film. Anyway, as my parents were fans of the original 1967 TV show, I bought the set way back in 2008 to make my own Mach 5 model. The many stickers killed any joy of putting it together, and thus ruined any chances of me touching the set for almost a decade, albeit digitally only for now. The stickers have been eliminated in place of carefully placed red parts to make the hood "M". Doors have also been added, and rear trunk latch .... though the trunk doesn't open and does not fit any mini-figures or pet monkeys. The dual exhaust / tail-lights are new, and so are the Speed Champions wheels in white. The car seats two figures comfortably with even more arm room thanks to the opening doors. I couldn't think of a way to put the "5" decal on the side of the car though. The young and energetic driver of the Mach 5, Speed Racer. Both the hair and printed helmet are included in the LDD file, with the hair off to the side of the car. Speaking of LEGO Digital Designer file, here it is: Speed Racer and Mach 5 file. This file is 100% build-able in real life, and will be made by me eveventually. When that happens, I'll update this thread with real life pictures. Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  8. This car MOD was inspired by the flying car named Lola from the Marvel set number 76077. (Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes) The color has been changed from red to yellow, though blue, red, and black are possible colors that can be built instead of yellow. I removed the flying car convertible wheels and replaced the printed front grille with actual grille tiles. I also added a licence plate, rear bumper, and side mirrors. The car can seat one mini-figure, and the cabin features opening side doors. LDD file coming for this model as soon as MOCpages is back online. Comments, Question, and Complaints are always welcome!
  9. This model was originally by Hachiroku24 as the flying car driven by the Weasley's in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In real life, the car type used in the film was made by Ford for sale in the United Kingdom and was called the "Anglia". This particular version (a 105-E Super) was built from 1959 - 1968. I've wanted a accurate version of the flying car driven by the Weasley's in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I have been doing this cycle of building, revising with newer parts, tearing apart, and repeat since 2002 when the original set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) was released. I changed the color from the original medium blue to black around 2004 and revised the wheel size around 2011. Now I have added a new style front end to the car via a design by Hachiroku24. Oh, and the mini-figure in the picture is my sig-fig, which is NOT included with the car in the LDD file. The car without my sig-fig. The car can seat two mini-figures on jumper plates, and also features opening doors and trunk with plenty of space. The rear of the car features a license plate and a jumper plate to represent the exhaust pipe. As I said, the car fits two mini-figures comfortably. (The steering wheel is in the wrong spot for UK driving, but I live in the USA so I changed it for right-side driving here in the States.) Here you can see the original Hachiroku24 model, which inspired me to revamp my car. If you want to build one of these according to the original designer, follow the instructions in video form in this topic here on Eurobricks. Comments, Questions, and Complaints are welcome, though any praise for the blue model and front bumper design should go to the original designer ( Hachiroku ) in his topic, as linked to above. If you are looking for the LDD file for my car, here it is.
  10. This model was inspired by two Harry Potter sets numbered 4841 (Hogwarts Express, 4th Edition) & 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) plus a single Friends set number 41101 (Heartlake Grand hotel) to create this single vehicle type, the 1960's Ford Anglia 105-E. This isn't my first time creating this car, but it is my first time reworking the model so heavily.... usually I follow the same pattern set forth from this model: This is from way back in June 2007. And this is from today. Unfortunately, the only colors you can build this car in is white or black. To keep it visually interesting, the black car has white furnishings, while the white car has a dark bluish gray interior. The front of the car features headlight styling cues from Heartlake Grand Hotel's Taxicab, while retaining the grille work of set the Weasely's Anglia from the Hogwarts Express set. I also added hinge plates to the sides by the doors to represent mirrors. The rear of the car has the trunk design from 4728's version of the same flying car from the 2002 Chamber of Secrets set line. Oh, and the bumper features a license plate and tailpipe. The model features two off-center seats for mini-figures (two can fit in the car), opening trunk with plenty of luggage space, and two opening doors. Here is the LDD file for both the white and black model cars: http://www.moc-pages...1467244397m.lxf Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome, as I would love feedback on the models. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Here is a picture of an actual Anglia for reference, taken from Wikipedia. Here is the link to it's wiki page:
  11. BrickWild

    [LDD MOC] 1960s Airstream Bambi

    Travel down memory lane to the 1960s in a single-axle Airstream Bambi RV! I even managed to add an interior, despite its small size!
  12. Now here is something different from me, a scene from 1960's live TV......In Melbourne Tonight with host (the king of TV) Graham Kennedy and his co-host (and life long friend) Bert Netwon. Graham was always the joker and hence in the images below Bert is going to receive a pie to the face. There is a camera with it's operator as well. More to come, keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  13. The front part of this model was originally the blacksmith's shop part of set 70751, (Temple of Airjitzu) while the car was inspired by set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive). I took the whole shop apart and added a swing-open back portion to the building, turning it into a house in the process. I added a similar yet sturdier styled roof, and a staircase to get to the upper floor. I then added interior details and a car that I had already obtained. Standing back for a second, I realized it looked a little like the cookie-cutter subdivision houses common in cities all over the USA after World War II, kinda like the one my grandmother used to live in. You could put a lot of these type of houses in a row, in all sorts of colors, and still make a typical late 1950's / early 1960's subdivision. Speaking of colors, you can change the medium blue to the following other colors: sand green, light bluish gray, black, dark red, blue, tan, dark bluish gray, red and yellow. The car is based on the one used in the movie "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets". This updated LEGO version features an remade hood / grille area and comes with an opening trunk. The rear of the house. I am actually going to modify the roof a bit when built in real life, and continue the slope of the house instead of abruptly cutting it off. The inside features a stove, couch, upright piano and stool, side table, bed, and phonograph. The piano was thrown in there because I couldn't think of anything to put there but a table, (and I wanted to put a piano somewhere in my town) and the large-cone-style phonograph probably is a little out-of-date for the 1960's. This is my updated version of the car in set 4728, (Escape from Privet Drive). That car is based on the one used in the movie "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets". In real life, this car type was built from 1959 - 1968 and was designed by the Ford Motor Company for use in the UK. The engine was a straight in-line four cylinder, and the body came in 2 door saloon, 3 door estate & 2 door panel van. (I think the LEGO version is the 2 door saloon) The rear of the car features a opening trunk and a license plate. Here is the owner of the house and car: me! (This mini-figure is NOT in the LDD file!) The LDD file for the house and car is available here: http://www.mocpages....1445877553m.lxf EDIT 1/11/16: (Version Two) Since the last time I uploaded this model on October 26th of 2015, I recolored the house to tan and redid the second floor. It also has a newer roof, with a larger front awning over the porch area. I did remove the upright piano and it's stool from the inside. These two items were replaced with a small kitchen table and chair. The rear of the house. The roof back here was modified as well. The inside features a stove, couch, kitchen table, and chair, side table, bed, and vintage phonograph. One again, the cone on the phonograph is a little out of date for the 1960's... Sorry! Here is the new LDD file for both the car and house: http://www.moc-pages...1452548291m.lxf
  14. This is a generic freight train from the USA in the mid-1960's. Some cars are older (I'm looking at you, water tanker!) than that, but that's when I'm saying these cars were made up into this particular train. I'm intending to have a steam locomotive pull this train, possibly the 2-8-0 I've been wanting to build. (Yes, I know steam was almost gone by the mid-'60's, but in my LEGO layout it still exists pulling trains as if the diesel takeover never happened / was severely pushed back by several decades) This train consists of eight cars (there are 7 different type of cars but 8 pictures because of the two identical boxcars needed only one shot but the inside of the caboose warranted a second photo) Anyway, here is the lineup: - Lumber Car - Automobile Transport - Two Boxcars - Water Tanker - Generic Dropside Flatcar - Tipping Rock Gondola - Wide Vision Caboose Here are the cars in order of appearance: Originally designed by my brother, this lumber car was inspired by set 60056. (CITY Logging Truck) This car holds three logs (maybe more can fit) that float in place because of faulty LDD physics. This auto-hauling model was built to carry set 5920, (the Adventurers - Dino Island themed Island Racer) it can fit other cars of this size, but not much longer or wider. I built these boxcars from set 3677 (Red Cargo Train) but with red instead of green. These car s have been in my real-life train collection for a long time... about three years! This water tanker (Does it carry water or not? I don't know what it was supposed to carry!) was originally part of set 2126 (The TRAINS theme's wondrously named Train Cars.) This car features very few upgrades from the original tanker. I did however, change the roof pipe to an odd length and tiled it. (It always had one studs overhang on one side, and it drove me nuts!) This drop side flat car was first part of set 2126 (Train Cars), but it didn't really have a purpose. It was hauling uprooted evergreen trees in the set, but that didn't look very good, so I changed it to generic freight. (My resident hobo usually catches a ride on this car.) Another version of set 2126 (train Cars... AGAIN!) , this time it's a rock hauling tipper gondola. (That's quite a mouthful of a name for this small car!) It usually is empty, as chasing escaping 1x1 round cylinders across my floor is not fun. This Wide Vision Caboose was originally Model number 30 from set 10183. (LEGO Factory's Hobby Train). I redid the whole model from the ground up, replacing old windows and updating the style. The caboose features removable cupola and cupola roof, along with the two regular roof sections. I'm going to use this piece for the side of the caboose: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=87079pb006 The Inside features a bed, stove, table and two chairs, while the cupola features two more chairs. Here is the whole train... minus the locomotive. Here is the engine: NOTE: I have raised the pistons about 1/3 of a brick since taking this picture. This prevents the from banging into the front pony truck. Their are printed 1x1 tiles spelling out "BRS" (these should go on the tender) while "5775" will go on the cab. Here is the LDD file for the whole train, minus the engine: http://www.mocpages....1423516645m.lxf The engine is a Anthony Sava design and will not be handed out. If you want your own then here is a link to his Bricklink store: http://www.bricklink...itemID=15852317 (If I might add, he sells some pretty brilliant model instructions there!) EDIT: I also want to add most of these train cars I already own In Real Life. The timber car, caboose, steam engine are all that's left to get.
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum so not sure if i am posting this in the correct place! I have recently become the new owner of this cool official LEGO item - and i would love to find out more information about, what its worth and how many of them are about! I've only seen 3 others like this (on another forum on brickpicker) but i'm struggling to find anymore information about it! The stamp reads "more excitement from lego" and i have been told it is an ink stamp for a 140 set model (model #4)... Here is a photograph of my stamp - i tried to upload but the file was too big but hopefully this link will work :) I look forward to hearing any comments or advice about this item! Thanks, Cristina.
  16. MSC94

    The City Copper

    This isn't exactly a comic, but it's a series of pictures with a continuing story anyway! 'The City Copper' is set in the 1960's and follows the life of the protagonist, PC Dennis Taylor, with an ongoing part-serious and part-humourous narrative. You can find it on my Flickr photostream, here: I'm currently up to #5. I'd really appreciate some feedback from it, as I haven't really had any from Flickr so far. Any tips for editing the LDD pictures would also be helpful, bearing in mind that unfortunately I don't have Photoshop. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!