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  1. After another stealing of @brunojj1 McLaren I start thinking "How Instruction designers can protect themselves" from MOC thiefs? What do you think about instruction crowdfunding? Nothing can save us from chinese copycats and stealed MOCs, but such thing as crowdfunding can guarantee a minimal fixed reward for experienced builder, for example, designer can make quality instruction if at least 50 buyers can vote for it an pay real money at CF platfrom. So getting minimal but sensible reward can save from disappointment, when fakers release a set only 1 month after you release instruction. More of that, I sell instruction (of course pay to authour) at my site of one technic AFOL (he know that), and I mark every PDF with buyer's email. This can not save from professional thiefs, but at least customer will be more careful with IP. Share you thoughts
  2. ThunderWarrior

    [MOC] Battle of Nagashino, 1575

    Hello! I'm happy to present you MOC about Japanese history! The Battle of Nagashino (長篠の戦い Nagashino no Tatakai) took place in 1575 near Nagashino Castle on the plain of Shitarabara in the Mikawa Province of Japan. Takeda Katsuyori attacked the castle when Okudaira Sadamasa rejoined the Tokugawa, and when his original plot with Oga Yashiro for taking Okazaki Castle, the capital of Mikawa, was discovered. Nobunaga's skillful use of firearms to defeat Takeda's cavalry tactics is often cited as a turning point in Japanese warfare; many cite it as the first "modern" Japanese battle. Seeking to protect his arquebusiers, which he would later become famous for, Nobunaga built a number of wooden palisades in a zig-zag pattern, setting up his gunners to attack the Takeda cavalry in volleys. Forces of Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Forces of Takeda Katsuyori. Thanks for watching!
  3. I wanted to created a Friends-themed diesel engine…. An early F7 style diesel locomotive that could be pulling a set of streamlined passenger coaches. There is plenty of commuter rail in the US still using old diesel workhorses like the fp40, so I figured a theoretical “Heartlake Express” Might be running something a bit older and more streamlined. I started off with Murdoch17’s EMD demonstrator (Here’s a link to version 3, but I modded an earlier version). I liked the 2 color livery design, and it seemed like it would be a pretty straightforward conversion to a “Heartlake Express” style livery. Given the existing parts and colors, Medium Lavender and white would be a good color scheme with some of the more functional bits (handgraps, vents on top and sides, etc. getting a light blue grey. I flirted with trying to make the trucks light blue grey, but I decided to keep them black so they would match a powered truck, as well as a custom unpowered one of the original design. I kept the 1x3 arch in the front nose Magenta, since the piece doesn’t exist in Lavender, and the extra splash of color at the nose feels fine. I could have made this piece white, but I wanted to break it up the white on the nose and continue the color from the sides...even if it was a different color. I Considered using Magenta for some other trim or accents… we will see. Maybe on the coaches. First thing I did was slightly redesign the nose. I wanted to hint at a streamline diesel design, rather than a heavy hauling switcher. I did keep the ability to light up the front headlight, from the original design by Murdock17…. There’s room to run a lego train light wire all the way to the powerbrick, undeneath the drivers compartment. Next Major thing I did was redisn the base plate so it had an opening for a powered truck cable. Given the placement of the wheels in the original design, I couldn’t use an existing train base plate, but given the double plate thickness of the original design, it wasn’t hard to keep it strong and functional. I also changed the color scheme on the undertanks below the center of the baseplate to match the rest of the “functional trim.” The cab windows were a challenge since there was no good window that looked good on the side of the cab in the correct color, so I built a frame and have open windows. Might be okay to ad a 1x1 Lavender brick and 1x1 see through brick, but I’ll leave em open for now. The ladder up between the hand grips didn’t have a 1x2x1 panel in the correct color, so I built out a slightly deeper solution for the lavender portion of the steps. Not perfect, but meh. I also think it's possible to build functional opening doors with the 1x4 swivel base, even though they don’t come in the right color, using tile plates… but that bit of detail along with the above “window” fix may be for the next version.. Since there aren’t any doors, I need to make this with a removable top to put the figures inside and to also allow easy access to the Power Brick. In order to do that, I had to move the side vents down 1 plate lower. I opted for a single removable top. With the new power functions receiver, it can be completely internal… No need for a line of sight IR transceiver. Just a 4x4x8 block internally. Next big thing was to create an interior driver’s compartment. I rejiggered some of the front interior, so I could simply place a built out cockpit block inside the body. This allows for replacing a mini-doll cockpit with a minfig cockpit. Most modern Lego city trains only have room for 1 operator, but I added a side facing control counsel, since there is so much room inside this. A bit out of spec for the prototype, as this driver area extends it back where the side venting is.. But again… I don’t care… It’s a nice balance between external visuals, and play value. I could add windows up there, and where the front top vent is, but that too is for a 2.0, I think. I could also then move the fans back to be above the theoretical placement of the diesel engines. With the driver’s compartment section and the power brick providing a bunch of stability, I removed all the crossbeams that ran through the interior of the original design, and created a base for the power brick that allows cables to run underneath it. If I was really being hardcore, I would make the front roof, and the back roof separately detachable. But all one piece probably provides a bit more stability. Also given the rear grab handles, I could possible make a visible Diesel engine in back section, but I’ll save that for version 2.0. There is probably an opportunity to use the fan hole as a place for the power on/power off switch. Again, something for 2.0, I think. I didn’t care for how the transparent dishes looked on the side of the original model, so I swapped them out form some round plates… The original prototype had windows under the vent, and that is what the dishes were modeling, but I decided for some external knobley/crunchy bits to break up the side panel. In real life these dieseals were constantly getting cutouts, and boxes welded onto the side, as engine and component upgrades demanded. I made the front round tile on the side a pre-printed piece from the lego elves set. This would be a nice spot for a custom printed Heart Lake Express logo…. A heart with Wings...
  4. Hi everyone You may have seen my MOC modular buildings on here recently, The Queen Bricktoria and Brick Square Post Office. For my new project I've decided to build something completely different. This is also my first ever entry as a Lego Ideas project. "A roaring fire and a full head of steam, the old traction engine is ready for work!" I have created a scene set some time during the early 20th century. Farmers are working in the fields with their steam traction engine, affectionately known as "The Old Workhorse". The model includes a detailed mini fig scale traction engine, a wagon and various other accessories and mini builds. THE TRACTION ENGINE The main feature of the model is the traction engine itself. I've used a classic green and red livery with polished brass lining and details. There are several interesting parts used to create this engine including paint roller handles and mini fig syringes used to create the piping around the boiler and inside the cab. A system of cogs ensures that the flywheel spins around as the traction engine is pushed forward. A detailed cab interior includes steering wheel, controls and a firebox door that can be opened and closed to reveal the burning fire inside. The front wheel axle can be pivoted left and right. THE WAGON I've also included a wagon/trailer that can be coupled to the back of the traction engine and used to carry the various accessories included with the model. The sides of the wagon can be dropped down to provide loading access for the mini figs. There is space at the front of the wagon to hold tools and mini fig accessories. MINIFIGURES & OTHER ACCESSORIES Included with the model are 2 mini figs, a dog, a rat and several mini builds including tree stumps, logs and rocks. These are all designed to be carried and towed in the wagon. THE FINISHED MODEL The overall model contains 480 pieces. Here is a shot of The Old Workhorse, steaming past the buildings in my MOC modular street. LEGO IDEAS As mentioned earlier this is my first entry as a Lego Ideas project. If you like what you see then I really would be so grateful if you could please support my project on Lego Ideas, and help The Old Workhorse to gather steam. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you like the model. Feel free to let me know what you think. If you'd like to see more pictures, there are many more on my Flickr page.
  5. I like to present you my Lego town Steinbruck. The name is from Stein=brick & bruck(old German)=bridge. This is my current layout: My MOC and MOD buildings (more detail pictures in the albums; just click the pictures to get there): I'm planning a car wash for the Service Station and will build it in the next months. I also build digital, but can't afford all of them to build with bricks. Click to album.
  6. The Tales of Lady Gwenllian 0. Introduction 1. The arrival of Lady Gwenllian aboard the Cedar Serpent 2. Scouting a Site 3. Early Spring in Prenmôr Having received a charter from Queen Ylspeth to build and a license to crenellate, Lady Gwenllian and her small host made plans for a castle and built shelters for the winter. While temporary, these structures were designed to last several years while the main fortifications were built. The two-story, dirt-floored structures were framed out of timber (garnered by skillful negotiations of Myellan with the local elven tribes of the nearby forest), and the walls were sealed with wattle and daub. Because of the season of her arrival, it was too late in the year to establish quarries and there was no stone to be had. The thatched roofing was constructed from local plants and grasses, and a hole was left at the apex of the chimneyless structure to allow smoke from the central firepit to escape. In early spring, as the weather began to warm and the snows melted, the dead grasses began to give way to new growth. Alis was given the task of caring for the fowl, Chwyd took to sweeping up (having vowed to never voyage by ship again due to his seasickness), and Lady Gwenllian led by example, hefting supplies along with her people. The new Avalonian colors hung proudly over Lady Gwenllian's house. Over the winter, she and her lady at arms, Seren, had been planning the new fortifications. Quarries would need to be established, timber would have to be sourced, workers would have to be found, and all with the cooperation of the local elven and human communities in such a manner as to preserve the environment. Castwyr and Myellan had spent part of the winter getting to know the neighbors of this region. The winter had not been particularly harsh and Lady Gwenllian felt optimistic about the upcoming spring in her new home, deciding to name her small village Prenmôr, meaning 'refuge' in her native tongue. I welcome comments and criticisms, and I especially appreciate specifics--if you like/dislike something, please tell me why, and if you see areas for improvements, I would like to know what I'm missing. I'm trying to learn how to make my builds better, so any tips or advice is appreciated!
  7. Hello there. A spontaneous MOC: Drift Buggy - 2 L paired for 2 rear WD - Servo for steering - Buwizz Weight: 950g. Dimensions: 32cm long x 23cm wide x 14cm height. Wanted to build a quick medium sized vehicle with 62 mm wheels, but since I had rc third party tires, decided to try them on - and wasn't dissapointed. Gear ratio is 1:1. Some photos: Perfect donut timer 2:04 in the video
  8. charlesp1138

    [MOC] Winter Village Cafe

    Finally finished this after 18 months of tweaks and fussing around. Due to requests, you can get the building guide/instructions here:
  9. Hey everyone, hope everyone has been doing well. I've been busy working away at expanding my minifig scale MOC collection (Still only digitally atm). And thought I'd bring you something that I haven't really seen around anywhere. A minifig scale Hyena-class Bomber. This one was pretty tricky, but I think it came together rather well in the end. The official LEGO Hyena bomber was alright, but left a lot to be desired. The overall shaping of the ship was kind of off and the walking mode looked nothing like the source material. My goal was to get mine as close as I could and keep it in line with my other minifig scale builds. This was a little harder than I had anticipated, and I had to make one sacrifice right off the bat. There was no way that I could get the legs to physically retract the way they do on the actual ship, even more so at this scale. So unfortunately there is a small bit of "parts-forming" required between modes, but I made it as little as possible. I was able to get the wing mounts to extend out of the main body to allow upper leg movement though. The other thing that always made the model look wrong was using the head build method established by LEGO. While the stickers used to make up the "face" look nice, the overall head shape is left extremely flat. It took a week or so of playing with parts, but I was finally able to come up with a brick-built head design I was happy with. While it may not be perfect, for the most part has the general shaping of the actual Hyena bomber. I then utilized variations of the technique to build the other head-like shapes on the ship, including the targeting head below. I've also included a couple photos with some of my other MOCs for size comparison. Prior to working on the Hyena bomber, I had built a minifig scale Vulture droid, but was unhappy with the stock LEGO style head. However after figuring out the head for the Hyena bomber it wasn't too hard to down-scale to get a suitable head for it too. So since they are fairly similar I'm including the pictures of it here as well. Both ships were designed to use The Clone Wars colour schemes, although it could be debated that they Hyena should be sand blue rather than DBG, but given that practically none of the pieces come in that colour, there wasn't much choice. There are scenes from the show where it does look more grey that blue anyways. As always, hope you enjoy! I'll be back soon with my minifig scale ATT and DDT.
  10. This is my version of the iconic RV from the hit television series Breaking Bad. The Fleetwood Bounder, better known as the RV, was a motorhome that served as a mobile laboratory in which Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooked methamphetamine. Jesse nicknamed the RV "The Krystal Ship." The model includes detailed interior, and has an opening side door. I created the model in and then ordered the pieces to build it in real life :) Hope you like it, contact me if you are interested in gettin' the file and offer me a beer *minifigs are custom
  11. Kalais

    [MOC] M:Tron mecha scouts

    From some time I am in the mood for 90s theme - M:Tron. I keep building new stuff for those friendly space guys. This is my newest creations - again mechas. This time scout mechas. They are mainly based on... Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron mecha scouts WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  12. Hey guys, I decided to create this topic and the main idea came from this and this post (so special thanks to @danth and @Digger of Bricks!). I would like to highlight three things before I start to post inspirational MOCs: I’ll post three staff picks everyday! Please feel free to post your favorite MOCs! Have fun admiring and taking inspiration from those great MOCs Top three MOC’s IMO in Baroque architecture: 1. This incredible Baroque Church by @Jellyeater! 2. This amazingly detailed MOC by @pj_bosman! 3. This greatly shaped modular by @cimddwc! Here are the three best Baroque MOC’s IMO! What do you think about them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG made? Here are the Steampunk ones: 1. This incredible layout made together by @castor-troy and @domino39 (they also made one MOD of the PR and the MS and two MOD’s of the CC included in this layout. But they look so different that they are more MOC then MOD). EB topic here and Flickr albums with more photos here, here, here and here. 2. These great Steampunk modulars by @adde51! 3. These very interesting modulars by @Zilmrud who as well made great MOD’s of the PC and the BB! Here are the three most gorgeous Steampunk MOC’s IMO! What do you think of them? Would you buy modulars like those if TLG ever made?
  13. Hi Everyone I'd like to share my first MOC design which I've been working on over the past few weeks. I decided to set myself a challenge to see if I could create a Modular building using just the parts taken from 3 of my existing sets. All the parts I used were taken from the 3 Creator sets above, 31036, 31050 and 31065. The only extra thing I added was a green 16 x 32 baseplate but apart from that, everything else is taken from those 3 sets. So here is my very first MOC - The Modular Convenience Store As you can see the model is 16 studs wide and is designed to fit in with the Modular building series. There are 3 levels and although it's essentially one building, I wanted to give the impression from the outside that it consists of 2 narrow buildings side by side with the main shop on the left and the tall blue section to the right. Level 1 - The Convenience Store The first level of the building is the Convenience Store itself. Outside on the front we have a bench, street lamp, flower display and a fire hydrant. The main door at at the base of the blue tower gives access to the inside of the store. Inside the store there is a cash desk, fruit and vegetables and shelves with various items for sale. I also built a small shooping trolley for the minifigs to use with their shopping. A door at the back of the store gives access to the rear of the building. At the back is a staircase leading to the second level. Level 2 - Apartment On the middle level is an apartment / studio flat. On the outside is a large Bay window and a door with a Juliet balcony looking out on to the street below. The inside of the apartment is pretty small but I have managed to squeeze in a kithcen, TV, bed, lamp, shelves, table and stool. Level 3 and Roof Outside again the only way for the minifigs to reach the next level is via a ladder on the back of the building. The top level consists of a small building and a roof top garden. The roof top building is extremely small (6 x 4 studs) but the roof can be removed and inside is a table with binoculars, a lamp and a brick built sweeping brush hanging on the wall. A door from this small building leads out in to the roof top garden. Here we have a BBQ, seat, plants and a glass covered vegetable patch. Displaying the Model Here are a selection of pics showing the model on display alongside Parisian Restaurant and Assembly Square. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the model, feel free to let me know what you think. If you want to see more pics then head over to my Flickr page where I've added loads more.
  14. Hi all, most of those people who know my LEGO Train works (following my topic at this forum or my Facebook page) know that I am building LEGO-replicas of real rolling stock running in Hungary and some neighbouring countries. Through the years I have built four different Stadler FLIRT units, a Bombardier Talent unit, Siemens Taurus and V63 locomotive pulling InterCity cars and a full set of Railjet train (Taurus locomotive + 7 cars). I also own some rare Hungarian trainset like BVmot and a real dual-voltage GySEV Vectron and also some trams. For this work the aim was always the same: give back as many details of the real thing as I can, and I never tried to build my own MOC. Last week I designed a crossover of the new Powered UP train and Stadler FLIRT3 EMU - putting the wonderful color pattern of the new train set to one of my existing MOC trains. Three days ago I made a step forward finally and designed my own electric motor unit with unique color pattern and design. For first I thought that it is really unique and the freedom of building whatever I want was really nice - later my friends in our LUG reminded me, that whatever I build finally it will look that Stadler have built it. So maybe I wasn't good enough to create something really unique, but at least this is my first MOC, with - as I have to acknowledge - a big influence of the Stadler railway vehicle manufacturer company. --- Since I enjoyed the planning of this three-car electric motor unit I decided to launch a train series built by the fictional company "AshiRAIL" (using the first part of my nickname which I use for 13 years by now). The first member of this series has the name VELO - a perfect solution for suburban and regional transport in LEGO City. 1. Overall look: The color pattern is based on different greens - lime, green and dark green, separated by white lines. White lines go up to cross each other at every articulation, but to make it more fun pattern is not the same at all car endings - the short, 4th car containing all the Power Function elements have a different pattern, which influences the neighbouring cars as well. 2. Front design with a big bulky part - but no gaps in the curved and sloped part! Maybe Hod Carrier's (EB-member) Desiro ML's curved front inspired me for this front - but I really wanted the big 6×6 curved slope to be built into my model. Also please note the hinge tool an the driver inside the cabin - the mirrors can be opened but when they are closed they line up with the side wall of the train making her aerodynamics better. Horns and GPS-antenna is also placed on the top, just right above the top-light, which could be enlighten by Power Function led lights. 3. Front view: The big bulky curved slope caused a lot of problems and many hours to find a good design for the glass - take a look at the next picture to see why: Basically the train - as my other builds is 8W. 8 studs can be easily built with 20 plates in SNOT (1 stud = 2,5 plate), and since the curved slopes are in SNOT, they consume 1-1 bricks (3-3 plates) from the total width. So I was left with 14 plates remaining in the middle - 15 plates are equal to 6 studs which would mean a really easy build for the windscreen. Suspension of windscreen is indicated on the top left of this image. Other problem was to little black and lime cheese slopes next to the front light containing transparent cheese slopes - since the curved slope is 0,5 plate bigger, making a stud connection to those cheese slopes is very hard. As a previous version I used 1×2×2/3 grilled slopes and led light should have given light through the grilles - than I rememberd the part indicated at the bottom of the above image - it simply can hold both the big curved slope and the cheeses. I'm glad LEGO introduced this SNOTting part one or two years ago. 4. Front view 2. The thing I don't like that much in my previous MOC builds that the Stadler trains have completely flat sidewall. So I decided use the 2×4×2/3, 1×2×2/3 and 2×2×2/3 curved slopes to make it more elegant. The front's big curved slope almost passed for this, where the side pattern needed, 1×2×2/3 curved slopes were repleced with cheese 1×1×2/3 and tile 1×1 part. 5. Interior This is a low entry train with step-free interior - we can see here the middle car with a standard toliet inside. 6. Power Module I learned in my Stadler FLIRT units that a big AA battery box (AAA emptied too quickly), an SBrick and the cables for 4 functions (interior lights, front A lights, front B lights, driving) needs a lot of space even in a 6 wide space. So to avoid consuming too much from the place designed for passangers I inserted a power module with Jacobs-bogies, which was introduced for real by estonian Stadler FLIRT diesel units. This is a good way to keep axle-load low, and I can spare every stud at the interior for the minifigs. With all the small details and SNOT-techniques part count went up to 5129 bricks - the four-car long Stadler FLIRTs have around 3500. So it would be fun to build and especially to motorise it, but I think SBrick and 2 or 3 Power Function train motors can do the job. Please tell my what do you think, best regards, AshiV
  15. Dear Lego Technic fans, A little while ago I've built this MOC (for which I got inspiration from ETS2, where is my favorite truck) in LDD only and it has sat on Rebricable ever since. A month ago, thanks to our fellow builder @Nequmodiva it came to life. These are my LDD pictures: And these are pictures and comments posted by @Nequmodiva on rebrickable: - bottom view of the chassis "I know a lot of people are crazy about double wheels. But if this can only be achieved by reduced stability I would always prefer stability instead. The axles of the back wheels are only hold in place by the small gears inside the differential which is not very secure." - top view of the chassis "The pistons of the fake engine are only hold by gravity. If you turn the model around they will fall out." "The cabin does tilt which is nice. But not very far and does not stay open." "Doors open and cabin has interior." "Side wind deflectors could be better attached. They will always move around." "The steering knob will sometimes come off when pulling the truck backwards. Now I know why they included an additional half bush here on the main model." - BTW, I fixed the steering knob and it won't pull off anymore. "Probably should have used the panels with window stickers at the side. Like this I had to use them on the trailer." "Also had to use the part with "8" sticker on the grill, because there are not enough without sticker of these." "Would have been nice if the designer had uploaded a photo where you can see where the stickered parts go. Is it correct to use the Mack sign on this Iveco truck? ;)" - There are a few more pictures of a truck and trailer, but for some reason they can't be embedded.
  16. LegoFjotten

    [MOC] Captain Nemo's car

    This is a small build for the Eurobricks 2018 event in Billund. The goal was to build a car in the Speed Champions style, either an actual car or a movie car. Since I'm not a car buff I opted for the latter. The car is Captain Nemo's car, from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I took some creative liberties to make it more Speed Champions like rather than going for accuracy. Comments are welcome, and check out my Flickr for higher resolution photos! Wasn't quite sure which forum this belonged in, but since it's a steampunk car it ended up here.
  17. Finally, an official addition to your Collection is here! After years of requests and tweaks to the model, Cavegod's Sandcrawler is officially ready to be released to the public! The MOC itself contains 12,110 parts, and its manual is 645 pages long. The MOC is built to minifigure scale, and does a job in capturing the sheer size of the vehicle in a way that no Lego set ever has (Or likely will) ever done. Lots of interest has been generated for this MOC, and Cavegod and I are really glad to make its release to the community! Looking forward to seeing all of the improved collections and Tatooine MOCs. If you would like to build this MOC, we are happy to share it with you in exchange for $60. Included is the pdf instruction manual, an xml part list, LDD files, and any help you need throughout the process of making the MOC. For more information please PM me or contact me at A rebrickable page with a parts list is available here: Here are some pictures of the MOC and of the pdf manual:
  18. dtomsen

    LEGO Gmbh Spielwaren Köf

    Well, my turn to present this lovely shunter even though the MOC was designed in 2012 and is based on my DSB Køf already shown here LEGO Gmbh Spielwaren Köf Deutche Bundesbahns legendary shunter köf was built in 1950 by Deutz, and bought in 1987 by LEGO Gmbh Spielwaren in Hohenwestedt, Slesvig-Holsten, where the shunter moved cargo between warehouses in an old industrial area until sold in 2002. My model: Scale: 1:45 Lenght: 17 bricks Width: 8 bricks Bricks: 268 Powered: 1 x 9v motor or PF motor with the old 9v battery box using the PF to 9v extension wire Designed: 2012 First, a high-quality rendering by LDD to Pov-Ray using custom decorations and some manual editing: The stickers are downscaled versions of the official LEGO ones but homemade from then on. The IR receiver can be reached easily from the section behind but the receiver, the 9v battery box and all the wires demand optimal utilization of the tight space inside, especially some of the empty space above the train motor: Photo from Klodsfest 2013, our yearly Danish LUG event.
  19. Wow, first real post here! This is my modification of TLG's 75042 Droid Gunship, in an attempt to make it more film-accurate. List of Modifications: - removed play features such as dropping bombs and spring launchers - slimmed down light laser cannons on winglets - changed main laser cannon to add articulation and increase accuracy - added additional pieces to front to cover gaps between ball turrets and nose - added more accurate payload on underside of disc - removed cockpit hinge, filled details appropriately Here's a view of the whole thing. Off to the side, you can see the original cockpit section, which can be easily installed As a little bonus, you can open it to reveal the HMP's Droid Brain! In canon, nearly all of the Confederacy's space and ground "vehicles" were actually independently-controlled droids. However, many games portray them as vehicles with onboard pilots, so you can easily remove the droid brain, as it is only attached via the front two studs. Above is a close-up of the droid brain. The image below shows the improved payload of missiles. Let me know what you think! I'm planning to make more accurate versions of other ships as well, so let me know what you'd like to see next!
  20. pagicence

    [MOC] Schnabel car WECX 801

    Dear Lego train fans, I designed this Schnabel car WECX 801 last year for the Ultimate Trains competition on I only built a LDD model of it and since then it has sat on LDD gallery website and Rebrickable. And now, thanks to rebrickable user mawe it has been built for real. This is my original design in LDD: And this are the pictures, comment and a video posted by mawe: "R40 does not work. R104 and R120 work well" - This "baby" definitely isn't meant for tight turns. And a video:
  21. Earlier this year Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett, visited my hometown Fredrikstad (Norway) for a sci-fi festival. I found out I wanted to build a model of Boba Fett and show it to him when he got here. Unfortunately I underestimated the task so the model wasn't 100% complete when he was here (and not at all stable!). But I brought the model anyway and showed it to him (I even got the stand signed!). Here are two photos from that day: Bulloch was really nice and the cinema manager wanted to send him a copy of the model once it was complete. Talk about giving a Lego-builder performance anxiety! I got back home and decided to redesign the structure of the whole model. I got a lot of inspiration looking at other builders way of solving figures like this. Finally, after a few months of testing and trying (hey, I got two small kids), I feel done! Here are some pictures of the completed model: The model is now packed carefully down and will be shipped to mr. Bulloch next week. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of it. My own copy (with the signed stand) will stay in my shelf together with my BB-8, which is the same scale:
  22. Hello everyone, here again with a new MOC. Nissan Patrol GR II (Y61). Fifth generation of patrols before restyling is my favorite. A lot of experienced offroaders love it too, not without a reason. This is a 3-door version which is much less common than 5. All the dimensions are strictly scaled 1:10. Taking into consideration that the real 42 inch tractor wheels definitely require suspension lift and are 106cm long. Also it is 3 doors and not 5 just because of the scale I've chosen. 5-doors would be something around 80 studs long, considering paneling and other stuff - that would be too heavy for an offroad vehicle. Dimensions: 45cm long x 18.5cm wide x 22.5cm height. Weight on the video: 1750g. I wanted to build a working vehicle, not just a standing brick, so I had to sacrifice some things to get it into optimal weight condition. The front is the visiting card for Patrols (imho). Think I caught the main features. All photos: The most effecient gear reduction was this one (no reduction from XLs to the transmission): In my previous MOC Ural 4320 I used a similar reduction, but 1:3 slower in the gearbox. It was really slow and couldn't compensate the speed with torque. Resulting - it could go from an obstacle steadily, but not climb it - if it was a large hill. Not only this one is faster, but has a shorter transmission, which is always good for models. No strain axle - steering ball joints is at it max bent position, giving a nice clearance. Always a minimal height limitation when using 9.5l shocks. I could cut off a stud here and there, but this position I liked most of all. The body is fully modular - axles, engine part, chassis and panels: It looks most organic with tractors (imho). Think I have failed this MOC, because: - I wanted both front and rear axle diff lock, but just couldn't find space in the front with winch on top. - This model literally wouldn't drive with many other gear setups (originally tried 2PF L and 20 beavel gears locked differential, but may be because of the weight, may be something else - couldn't make it cross obstacles without gear crack). - The weight is not distributed evenly between axles, with an overweight on the back. As you can see in the video I've taken some parts from its back to more or less stabilize it. - Design has some holes and is not so smooth - result of purpose of this vehicle - which is offroad. Many small detalization parts were falling off. So with quite a few rebuilds was getting rid of them up to this point. With 41999 for scale: Summing it up, I like it a lot. Really enjoying using it for direct purpose. It rolls over, crashes, but is extremely satisfying. Feel free to criticize and write that it's not a Patrol GR II Y61.
  23. kobalt1977

    Service Bot

    Hello everybody This is my new model : „Service Bot”. Inspiration :  „Mechanic/Medic Mech”, by Emerson Tung Thanks for looking! Gallery on
  24. Hello. New post in this new year to show you this: So what connection between this rope and Lego, you say? The machine that does it, of course !!! I start with the video. Edit : WIP vidéo : Now, photos and explanation. This braiding is based on the following system: to alternatively turn the trays. Although it uses 12 strands, braiding is relatively simple: The strands are braided in fact four by four. The blue plaques turn to the right and red on the left, etc .. Between each rotation, the trays are realigned by "jaws". To power, a motor M is more than enough. The lever to switch to manual. Here, the manufacture of the central party of the rope: This part can be replaced: Here two little winding mécanisme for the bobbin: A very important detail: the elastics that ensure proper tightening of the braid. Finally, different braids made by the machine: And also Happy New Year !
  25. Recently our LUG got the new Powered Up passanger train which was a great fun for the kids at the holiday LEGO camp to assembly. However it seems that TLC will keep the big, one-part train fronts for all upcoming passanger trains, in other details the new City set seems a really good deal even for my AFOL-eyes. The color scheme, the easily removeable battery compartment solution is really nice, and the improved remote handles the speeds better (train not stopping at curves with speed 1). It is a real drawback, that only two outputs can be handled by a single battery box and connectors can't be stacked, but I hope there will be an official solution from TLC to put more motors on the same port (and maybe AA battery box). But back to colors... this bright orange, dark blue and light bluish gray combination is just perfect, I think it looks better than the 75% of real train colors. So I decided to make a try in LDD how this color scheme would look like on my Stadler FLIRT3 EMU (which was build for real recently). I had to change bright orange to simple orange - bright orange parts are still very limited. So, here are some screenshots from LDD: 1. The overall look: 2. Front pattern (light bluish gray cheese slopes missing but could be fit for real): 3. Overall look focusing on front: 4. Next to my GySEV FLIRT3: Basically only small details have been altered - the hinge connection by the front needed to be changed since the 1×2 plate with bar (closed ends) doesn't exist in orange. Also the side detail next to driver's cab and front window have been changed a little. However FLIRT trains have two different levels (upper one next to driver's cab and articulation, lower one anywhere else) I kept all color patterns horizontal through the train. Some lines with 1 plate height in Powered Up set have been increased to two plates (white on side and darb blue on the top), and made the full-orange front to have a line back at the bottom just like Railjet locomotives are painted with the red pattern curving back to the bottom. The doors became orange, sincs new TSI standards require to make doors with outstanding pattern to be easily identifyable to people with damaged vision. For this train I decided to make the plan with 3 cars - most LEGO passanger trains are given with 3 cars. Battery compartment could be hidden at toilet section. Tell me your opinion. :)