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Found 124 results

  1. [GBC] Upslide

    I forgot to post this last week, here's my latest module Upslide. It uses a helical pusher to push balls up a friends slide, and it's powered by a PF M Motor. I tried to run it at BrickCan this weekend, but it only performed for a few hours before having a bunch of issues I'll need to fix. I need to reinforce the input bin walls, tweak the output at the top of the slide, and fix a small gearing issue for the helical drive. Stay tuned for a version 2.
  2. [GBC] D.R.O.P

    Hey Guys, Here's my latest GBC module D.R.O.P (dark red olive pusher). It's not the most exciting module, nor did I do the original engineering of the mechanics. I did however choose the colours and changed up the original design so that this is a bit more sleek looking. It's kind of slow, and somewhat unexciting, but I did manage to hook it up to a shared power system (later in the video) which runs 3 modules off 1 M motor with a simple axle chain using universal joints. Its reliable up to around 22 balls, any more and the arm may not be able to get underneath the balls to sweep them out. Having said that it *should* be able to clear the 1BPS rate of the GBC standard. I'm planning on running this at BrickCan next week and if the module does seem a bit slow I will regear it from 8-40 to 24-40 at the lift-arm.
  3. Here is my new LEGO set video – LEGO Technic - Extreme Police Racer. This LEGO technic set combines two: 42046 – Getaway Racer with the 42047 Police Interceptor. Combine LEGO technic set 42046 Getaway Racer with the 42047 Police Interceptor to create the Extreme Police Racer combi model. Please feel free to like/dislike and comment my Lego technic sets video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the fist to see new videos.
  4. Hello! I would like to share with you my new work. GAZ "Tiger" (GAZ-233036 or SPM-2). It's russian 4x4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle manufactured by GAZ, first delivered to the Russian Army in 2006. Primarily used by the Russian Federation's armed forces. Specifications: Four-wheel drive Independent suspension Open all doors, hood and sunroof The steering wheel in the car is synchronized with the steering Row 6-cylinder engine 4 L Motors for Motion Servo motor for power steering M motor to winch drive Power and control implemented by BuWizz 1.0 Weight - 2.3 kg Length - 50 cm Width - 20 cm Height - 20 cm Description: The model is executed on a scale of 1:11. The project was started in the middle of 2016, but it can be considered completed only now. The model is based on the GAZ-233036 armored vehicle, GAZ Tiger or SPM-2 (special police machine), which can be found in the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular in the OMON. In the process of construction, the main question was how to force a model that weighs more than 2 kg to go and not crawl like the Lego trial trucks, and indeed most large models weighing more than 1,500 kg. To the aid came BuWizz, the power of which was enough to allow the Tiger to move with the speed of SUVs from the Lego of medium size, while overcoming small obstacles and not adding weight (hello to the big Lego battery packs). Each axis is driven by separate pairs of L motors with a gear ratio of 2.8 through the open differentials in front and rear. For the steering is responsible servo motor, running synchronously with the steering wheel in the cabin. In the front bumper there is a winch, powered by an M motor. All remote control is via BuWizz 1.0 In the cabin, the front instrument panel is worked out, there are two seats in the front and two benches in the passenger compartment. The color scheme is printed on self-adhesive paper More photos: Now I am modifying the model in the Lego Digital Designer. Maybe someone has something to like, what would be worth changing or adding to it? In my plans to make several modifications.
  5. Until now I had a big problem with taking videos, where I can´t hold the camera (iPhone 6s) in my hands and I have to support the iPhone by some lego wheels or a bottle. It was horrible. But today I have finished with my LEGO iPhone stand, so I can take much better clips much faster.
  6. Hello, this is the first GBC that I have ever made. It just has a shooter, which shoots the balls about 10cm high and 7cm far and a basket where the balls should go in. Its powered by the L motor, it has one battery box. It can´t be powered manually because the panels which stretch the shooter need the same speed all the time. Otherwise, the shooter will shoot the balls with different power.
  7. Hi everyone, Finally, I have finished a project which I was building since last September. It is the scale model of the Intrac 2011 snow blower which is/was often used in the swiss alps by the army and other communal parties. It was the aim to create another working snow blower after the success of the snow blower from last winter. The blower is powered by three buggy-motors which are all controlled by a separate Sbrick. Each track is driven by two PF XL motors. The snow blower shoot direction is controlled by two 9-volt micro motors and the height of the snow blower by one PF L motor. As power source I used two Buwizz as battery or a custom lipo battery. After a certain time in the cold I had the replace the Buwizz with the custom lipo battery. Cheers FT
  8. Hello everyone! I watch a good party out here. I could not resist and also decided to take part in a race Truck. The model only took 419 parts + pullback engine. For better visibility with a racing truck, v-12 is being installed by Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers). Heavy-duty front bumper, large rear spoiler and huge chunky tires. Activate the powerful pull-back motor...
  9. Right now I am doing on a big project, it´s Ford Raptor and I am waiting for some blue bricks from bricklink. And now it is about a month from the order confirm, so I wanted to build something smaller before the bricks come. I tried to build something like a drift car with a special drifting mechanism. But I decided to build a gokart, because a week ago I was go-karting and I had some videos taken from the helmet. PARAMETERS WEIGHT: 600g LENGHT: 22cm WIDHT: 17cm MOTORS 1xL MOTOR 1xSERVO gear 1:1
  10. Hi to all ABS-addicted

    Hi everyone As a new member of the eurobricks-forum I'd like to introduce myself here. I'm living in Switzerland and recovered my passion to build LEGO after my Dark ages around 3 year ago. Specially, I like to build LEGO Technic while using also basic bricks. The main topics of my MOCs are trucks and other functional vehicles. The main ambition of my building is to create models based on real vehicles with the same working functions as in real life. Furthermore, most of my models are remotely controlled. Normally, I control my models with Sbrick but I also built some models with PF IR control or with the Buwizz. From time to time I also take a LEGO set and make some modification to improve the functionality and make it remote controlled. In real life I'm working as research assistant at a University of applied science and love sports. Here an overview about some of my MOCs: Unimog 406: Functions: Drive, Steering, Diff-lock, winch, 2 speed gearbox, lights Airport Rescue Vehicle MOC Functions: Drive, Steering, Boom Control 1, boom control 2, water monitor 1, water monitor 2, Direction water monitor Unimog 4023 Functions: Driving, Steering, central and rear diff-lock, snow blower on/off, snow blower shoot direction and snow blower height Further models you can find on my YouTube channel: and on my webpage: Cheers
  11. Hi! I’m glad to show my new MOC – it’s Merlo Roto Telehandler in 1:11 scale. Here you can see the real machine: The dimensions: 80 x 25 x 30 cm, total weight – 5,7 kg. The max height is 83 cm. The model contains approximately 5100 parts. The model has eight remote controlled functions (three S-bricks, 14 motors). 1. Four L-motors for AWD with diffs. 2. Two servo-motors with independent control for steering. We can steer normal, with reduced radius or crab. 3. Outriggers deploying – two M-motors. 4. Superstructure rotation – one XL-motor. 5. Boom raising – two M-motors. The boom is rather heavy it can’t lift significant additional weights. 6. Boom extension – one M-motor. 7. The rigs operation – one M-motor. I’ve created classic fork and crane. 8. Cab lift for visibility improvement. In addition to motorized functions the model has suspension with solid axles (eight hard shock absorbers), detailed cab and other cool features. Let’s watch the video: Photos: More photos on The building instructions are almost finished. Thanks for watching! I hope you like it :)
  12. Hey Guys I am new to Eurobricks, but here is my first MOC that I have posted to the forum. It is a Corvette C7 ZR1 with a body made out of system bricks and a Technic chassis. The car has steering, a functioning small-cylinder model V8, and opening doors. However, there is no suspension or interior. I have plans to make the car RC, but that will be quite the challenge. You can check out the video below.
  13. NEW LEGO ROPEWAY-SMALL BUT WORKING I decided, that i want to build a ropeway that can go up and down in one go, also i want at least one pillar and rope lenght more than one meter. So i created this:
  14. NEW LEGO ROPEWAY-SMALL BUT WORKING I decided, that i want to build a ropeway that can go up and down in one go, also i want at least one pillar and rope lenght more than one meter. So i created this:
  15. Hello, I am Nura

    Hello community, here i am! My real name is Stephan, but online i prefer the nickname Nura. I am 27 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. My dark ages ended with the lego technic set 8258 during my studies. This was 7 years ago. A lot of lego technic sets and fun building later I started my first own creation. Listening to Sariel I choosed a small and easy project without complex mechanism to get the first success. So I got my version of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC, you see below. I will make a discription later. My plan for the future is too build some more cars and maybe construction machines. I joined this community to find more AFOLs and to get a lot of building skills. Ah, bricksafe is working. :-) Stay creative!
  16. Hello, I would like to motorized my set - Lego Technic 42037 vers. B PF RC or A. Which parts I need and/or which briks I need to motorized my set? Is there any video to show (step by step) how to do it? Thanks for any help
  17. Hi eurobricks! here is my new dune buggy: details: it is fast, powered by l motor, nizn aaa batteries, servo motor and ir reciver of course! it also has some lights which are useful in the dark! building time: 4 hours. insrtuctions: no, but maybe i will make some. Video: i hope you enjoy!
  18. I was always inspired by the multi-functionality of backhoe's, and I always imagined ways to improve upon it and now I finally did. In this MOC I challenged myself to make the most multi-functional vehicle I could, using all the motors and sbricks I had, naturally I ended up buying more motors XD The final build includes 17 LEGO power functions motors (5XL motors, 6L motors and 6M motors), 4 LEGO power functions lights and 1 DIY LEGO laser! It's powered by 4 LEGO PF battery boxes, controlled by 5 SBricks and operated by a 20 channel SBrick profile. The drill/laser arm is operated by 5 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for spinning the drill head (PF M motor) 1 channel for activating the DIY LEGO laser (TOPIC HERE) The excavator arm is operated by 4 channels 1 channel for rotating the arm (PF XL motor) 1 channel for tilting the arm out (PF L motor) 1 channel for extending the forearm (PF M motor) 1 channel for moving the bucket (PF M motor) the bulldozer scoop is operated by 2 chanels 1 channel for raising and lowering the scoop (PF M motor) 1 channel for tilting the scoop (PF M motor) The crane is operated by 3 channels 1 channel for rotating (PF M motor) 1 channel for extending the crane (PF L motor) 1 channel for operating the winch (PF L motor) The plow/ trailer hook is operated by 1 channel 1 channel for lowering and raising the plow (PF M motor) The drivetrain is operated by 3 channels 2 channel for driving forwards and backwards (2x PF XL motor) 1 channel for steering (PF XL motor) The lighting is operated by 2 channels 1 channel for headlights 1 channel for rearlights Weight: 4.6KG Length: 62cm With: 32cm Height: 31cm building time: 4 weeks A special thanks goes out to my friend Bas for helping me edit and my amazing girlfriend for her everlasting support.
  19. A construction for controlling linear and rotary movements. I saw it in a mechanical engineering video by Nguyen Duc Thang ( ) and realised it with LEGO.
  20. Hi, lovers of Lego! Today I want to show you my new 4x4 MOC - Nissan Datsun '1996 in D21 body. Specifications of MOC Model Lego Technic Nissan Datsun built on all-wheel drive platform, has a beam axle with unlocked differentials front and rear, steering - rack and pinion. The body and chassis are separate elements and are fastened to each other by 4 points. Opened doors, hood and door body. Electrics: LiPo unit XL motor on movement Servo motor - steering IrV2 - Remote control Just want to say that this story of this model, I did not finish and I want to continue it in the back of double cab body. It all began with the construction of low general pickup, its theme, you can see here on EB. By the summer I want to build a second pick-up and take over the full video on the outdoor. I do not really want to ride on the dirty snow right now.
  21. Hello dear EB members, it really has been too long since I posted anything from my hands, but that only means I am lazy posting - not building. There are several creations I would like to publish ASAP, so here is the first one: The Dark Side of the Force never rests, so must not Lord Vader himself. Although he is strong with the Force, he is pretty tired after full 6 days of pedalling on two of our LUG's events in October and start of December. I give you The Dark Side Of Exercise. I got the idea a long time ago and got extra inspired by Jason Alleman a.k.a. JK Brickworks and his moving masterpieces - especially the Sizifus. After thinking about it for too long, I finally bought the 75111 Darth Vader set, which had to be modified quite a lot on the inside - outside remains the same. All the skeleton with bionicle ball joint parts was replaced by technic axles and u-joints in order to get a freely movable body. A free rotation of hips, shoulders and waist was also necessary. Free movement of ankles anf wrists is provided with bar pieces (I admit I cut 4L bars into 2L bars - I never thought I was capable of such horid acts ) Pedalling torture device was a bit more of a challenge. The main problem was getting all the necessary motion from rather spacious pedestal to a slim orbitrek body. I am pretty happy with the outcome, even though the gearing in the pedestal is a mess. The main goal was to get the body in its highest position twice in one revolution of the pedals. The gear ratio between those two is therefore 2:1 and they have to be synchronised so that the body is at its highest when the pedals are horizontal. The rest of the body motion is provided by linkages amongst freely movable parts of the body and the orbitrek. Another part run by the same motor is the big wheel, which is propelled by a small wheel inside the orbitrek body. This wheel is geared up a lot, so it turns fast enough. Running this MX bike wheel by contact proved to be most demanding for the whole system and caused most friction and wear of the parts and motor. A LEGO chain is not the best way to drive anything for a long time as well. You must guess it was a lot of fun to repair after it broke a couple of times during the exhibition. To conclude this presentation I give you another photo in Ludicrous Speed mode and of course a short video of swinging this man's booty from side to side Thank you for your attention and "May the Force be wih you!!!" Best regards and a Happy New Year, Miha You can check out bigger photos here:
  22. here my U-boat, hope u like it, people asked me for some images, i made a video for lego ideas, i will put soon the link here and into yt video for voting, im waiting for approval Thanks!!! Omar
  23. Hi guys! Today I'm happy to show you my finished Cat ct660 truck. It have all-Wheel-drive chassis, mobular cab and Hood and it can be easily changed into a dump truck by removing the fifth Wheel to place a m motor. The truck use one servo motor for steering and two XL motor for propulsion. More pictures can be found here: It took me a while but the instructions are done and I will put the link soon! Link for the instructions: Thanks for tking the time to read and any comments are welcome!
  24. Hello everyone, let's me introduce my new MOC: Liebherr HS 895, Speed:1cm/s weight: 5150g max loaded:1.2kg video here: