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Found 244 results

  1. The iconic southwestern style house now in LEGO form! This whitewashed adobe flat-roofed house is a classic example of so-called Southwestern architecture. Adobe had been in use by indigenous peoples of the Americas in the Southwestern United States, Mesoamerica, and the Andes for several thousand years. You can still see these kind of homes in Mexico and in the southwestern of the United States indeed. It's packed with all the details and features you'd expect to find in a house like this in the middle of the desert. The house is a visual treat, covered with nice details, from the use of printed 1X1 round tiles on the protruding ends of the logs to the plant-covered arbors that provide shady spots on the flat roof. The use of woodgrain tiles above the windows and doors adds some welcome texture amongst the white. The set includes eye-catching floorings reflecting the designs of Central American cultures. Don't miss the chile ristras which hang next to the doors, the wrought-iron lever fountain and the Aloe Vera plant. The adobe house features a complete interiors with two floors: the ground floor with the living room, the bedroom and kitchen. Furthermore, on the left is the stable for thoroughbreds. Hope you like it!
  2. paupadros

    [MOC] London Street

    "London Street" is my entry for Bricklink Designer Program Series 3. You can check it out there, but I was tremendously busy to post it here and voting is already over. The build depicts a typical street of the British capital. Inspired by the buildings of the neighbourhoods of Soho, Camden and Islington. The model consists of two brick terraced houses set on a fictional street. The ground floor of the buildings have brightly-coloured wooden shopfronts that are common throughout the UK. The buildings are placed at an angle to add interest to the composition of the model. The left building is home to Erling & Sons Flower Shop, boasting an enchanting Sand Green, Tan, and Dark Orange colour palette. It draws loose inspiration from the Golden Eagle tavern on 59 Marylebone Lane. The building on the right is home to Print and Map Shop. It uses a combination of Dark Red and Medium Nougat to replicate some of the more typical terraced homes found all throughout England. The ground floor design takes cues from the Print and Map Shop on Portobello Road. A few extra pics so you can judge it for yourselves:
  3. The 709.600 studs foundation of our LEGO layout is finished, and the first part of the layout is now completed. The central part of the finished section is based on our previous MOC "Møllestien", which depicts a real world location (Møllestien in Aarhus, Denmark). The MOC has previously been on display at the Christmas Exhibition at the local department store Salling, but has has now been modified and integrated into our own layout. In our new version, Møllestien is surrounded by train tracks and landscaping, and all houses are illuminated by LEDs from Light My Bricks. Compared to the original version, four additional houses have been added, covering the posts for the upper level of the layout. As shown in the video, the full layout consists of three levels. Everything is built in LEGO - including the posts for the upper levels and the upper levels themselves. A lot of technic elements were built into posts and upper levels to provide strength and stiffness, so that heavy MOCs can be added without risk of collapse. More details in the video: Pictures:
  4. For this mid-century modern styled model I took two pictures of half of 2024 Friends set 42620 - Olly and Paisley's Family Houses - and recreated / heavily modified it in LDD. I added a back half, changed the colors, put in a fireplace, and placed new furniture everywhere. I even put in a spot to park a car by the back door! The first floor separates from the second story, but to get at the inside of the upper floor it folds open on a hinge. The rear of the house with the chimney flue visible. It was quite a pain to install that with the roof made the way it is, but it was ultimately doable... although it's not exactly what I wanted it to look like when I started. A comfy chair, standing lamp, kitchen table + chair, fireplace and trash can inhabit the first floor. The second story has a bed and Hi-Fi stereo system hooked up to a record player. Judging from the stack of rock-n-roll albums, this person loves good music! I have priced the model out and according to Bricklink it costs about $60 (US) before shipping, vsersus the set's $100. Of course, the original set has 1,126 parts, while mine has barely over 500. (506 to be exact!) It remains to be seen if I will be building this model in real life, but if I do, I will be using another 2024 set (76424 - Flying Ford Anglia) as the car that goes with it, simply because it fits the era. Thoughts?
  5. It's early afternoon, and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds on a hot Sunday in June, 1928. On the rail line near the house, the tail end of a freight train slowly trundles past as the distant sound of the chuffing steam loco recedes into the background noise made by crickets. The telephone rings, but you ignore it for a minute, as nobody is going to disturb your day off nap. It continues ringing and you go to answer it, thinking it might be your boss calling you into work on your lone day off. Nope - it's a guy trying to sell you some life insurance instead. You hang up the phone and return to your comfy chair and quickly retreat back into the land of dreams... This version of 'UP house' (set 43217 along with a back half addition I found on Rebrickable) features changed around furniture, and a more neutral color scheme. This version of the house folds open and locks shut on a Technic pin. My other white 43217-inspired model (it didn't turn out like I wanted) donated the majority of it's parts to this project. The rear half of the house. I built it from some very movie-accurate instructions on Rebrickable, as seen here by user rykfield. I did remove the rear dormer window, just for some variety. The lower floor features a living room, foyer, and dining room while the upper floor features a bedroom and music room. This is the inside of the front half of the building. The rear half of the house's interior. Most of the furniture seen in these two pictures is recolored from the Friends 'Downtown Flower shop and Furniture Store' (set 41732) along with a few pieces from the 'Moving Truck GWP' ( set 40586) and the original UP house itself. This vintage car was heavily modified from a model by BricksAA and these free MOC instructions over on Rebrickable. It reminds me quite a bit of a Ford Model A, thus placing the timeline for the first picture in this thread sometime between 1928 - 1931. The car features a spare tire hanging at the back of the vehicle. The roof is removable to seat the three figures on the inside - two up front and one in the back. Any and all thoughts on these two models would be appreciated! UPDATE 7/17/23: New finished pictures and revised text added as of now!
  6. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    Hello! A year and a half ago, I saw somewhere on Flickr a building assembled on something like that. The idea came up to assemble an entire city from such buildings. At first standart basis were used, then doubled and quadruplet, and sometimes more. During this time two cities were built. I will share renders for those who are intrested. First city Original here I will continue to add buildings in the comments. Thank you for attention :)
  7. soccerkid6

    GoH 10 B: Wax and Wick

    This is an entry for the Old but Gold category of the current challenge. I took some time deciding which old build to revamp, and eventually settled on this candlemaker’s shop I built back in 2014 (is it really that long ago ). It was one of my favorite medieval buildings for a long time, and it was a lot of fun revisiting it. Like the original, it features a full interior and this time uses the floating cobblestone technique we have previously shared a tutorial on. Glorfindel and Eryl continued on their journey after stopping at the Wayfarer’s Den, eventually coming to Hradheim. There Glorfindel was able to visit his old friend, Kenan, who owns the candle shop Wax and Wick. It sits in the shopping district of Hradheim which is always bustling with folks going about various errands or hawking their wares. Some sweet treats purchased from a baker’s stall nearby were just the thing to provide energy for another day’s travel. See more images on Brickbuilt and full resolution on Flickr.
  8. Captain Flint

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    This is an entry for the Old but Gold category. When I saw this category, I immediately knew which build I would revamp and it is a house from 2014. A normal day in a frigid wonderland, and for Gunther it's a successful day. He captured Ravynne the witch of Heedwor. Bad day for her, great day for him.
  9. Well, it certainly wasn't easy but I managed to reverse engineer most of set 43217 - 'Up' house (seen above in spoiler) and add a back to it using just two box pictures. I added a back half and raised the build by a brick and a plate. Unfortunately, I just couldn't figure out the roof from the set or the original bay window. The former just got swapped for a brick-built roof, while the latter was removed and replaced with something simpler after much stress. The new rear half. It had it's issues trying to get everything to work. But it's good enough for me. The house folds open and even wraps around the chimney as much as possible. (The odd-size flue sticks out into the back half's space a bit) The lower floor features a living room, foyer, kitchen, and dining room while the upper floor features a bedroom. The first floor worked out well design-wise, but the second floor is an absolute mess due to all the supports / arches / beams needed to hold the roof together. Speaking of the roof, both sections aren't very pretty, but it works... at the cost of taking a whole bunch of upstairs space on the inside, as you can see. This vintage car was heavily modified from a model by BricksAA and these free MOC instructions over on Rebrickable. The car features a spare tire hanging at the back of the vehicle. The roof is removable to seat the three figures on the inside. EDIT 3/11/23: Car photos added! Thoughts?
  10. ExeSandbox

    MOC: Container House II

    お久しぶりです Eurobricks 🙇 It's been so long since I've shared any new MOCs over here. Life got in the way for a while, and I haven't had much opportunities for personal LEGO projects. But today I have something that hearkens back to an old MOC of mine that I posted here during the end of 2018 (gosh it feels kinda nostalgic already ) Container House II A follow-up to it's predecessor, but with fully legal construction and much less fun to look at! Gone are all the cool angles and playful colors, instead I have opted for rigid shapes, a monotone black and white color scheme and a heavy emphasis on realism. Almost representative of transitioning from a high and optimistic TFOL to an A F O L too bogged down with the "realities" of life... pics are worth a thousand words etc etc so I won't bother you all with more text lol. enjoy the pics :) Back to more text!!! As a sort of post-mortem, here is a pic of the older and younger container house siblings. I love them both in their own aspects and have put a lot of thought and care into designing them. But I can't shake the feeling that despite the latter being a more successful and better executed LEGO model, the core idea is inherently weaker than it's predecessor IMO. Not to mention the amount of ideas that were copy-pasted from the former model. (very apparent when you view the interior of both models.) I came into this build hoping to completely outdo myself from the past, but it seems that the 4 year old model will still remain as one of my landmark models. As a footnote, I should add that I built this second Container House for the Bricklink Designer Program Series 1. I don't feel good in commodifying my creations all the time (even though that's pretty much the case now). But if it weren't for the program I wouldn't have pushed myself to bring this model into existence and I'm just happy to have made something new. (Not because I NEED THE MONIES or anything.) As well, though it may seem like the limited palette resulted in the restrained color scheme, that is not the case. It was a conscious decision of mine from the start that just happened to work well with the palette's availability. Thank you very much for viewing. 🙇
  11. Following the events of The LEGO Movie 2, and using the proceeds of his and Lucy's film careers, Emmet got to work on building Lucy and himself their dreamhouse again. They made it a little bigger, a little better, and a lot stronger... just in case of any future Duplo attacks. It also features an attic for extra storage space. Unikitty lives in the house too, and has made the unused attic space her personal play-place. The MOC's color scheme was heavily inspired by set 70831 - Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket. The building itself (not the furniture) was originally inspired by this Rebrickable MOC by user MIJbricks. The rear of the house features a chimney flue. The model also opens up like a dollhouse up to 90 degrees, and locks shut on a technic pin. On the front half's lower level is the living room, with record player, writing desk and couch. Upstairs is the bed, lamp, and a huge cabinet. The attic is Unikitty's play-place. (She seems really happy to see you!) In the rear half (lower level) is the kitchen table and fireplace. Upstairs is a vanity and Planty. Pictures of Emmet and Lucy are on the wall as well. Alas, it seems the house already has a Duplo infestation... In addition to the manor house, I'm also got a black version of set 40448 - Vintage Car (from Ideas) for Emmet and Lucy to drive around in. I absolutely HATED those loose-fitting surfboards on the sides, so I've created a easy workaround. Some other things have been changed in certain places, such as those eight 1x1 double curved slopes have been replaced with the new 1x4 version for added strength. I originally wanted to do the car in red, but the wheel arches are sadly stupid expensive in regular red. Blue was also an option, until I learned one of the 1x1 brackets needed are not available in that color yet. Thus, black was my only remaining choice. Thoughts? EDIT 9/14/22: real life pictures added, and text updated.
  12. jelletv

    The home of Ole kirk MOC

    hello LEGO fans around the world today 10th August 2022 lego celebrates their 90th anniversary and to celebrate I made a LEGO ideas MOC called THE BEGINNING OF THE LEGO HISTORY (90TH ANNIVERSARY Based on Ole kirk's house the place where the LEGO Group began their journeyIf you would like to see this one day become a real LEGO set and reach 10,000 support, please share and support it than at lego ideas:) also wish every LEGO fan and AFOL a happy 90 years of play and let's hope for many more great years to come. In the middle of the roof is a handle where you can easily lift the roof and view the details underneath. The office is the place where Ole Kirk came up with his ideas. In the office there are construction drawings of the house and of the wooden toys like the duck and a bus. The room contains several details such as an old-fashioned phone on the wall and a typewriter on the desk and many more small details to discover. the living room is the please where Ole Kirk can quietly drink a cup of tea while his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen builds a LEGO rocket with the new prototype parts in the year 1958. There is also a seating area in the living room. the store was the place where Ole Kirk sold his wooden toys like a number of iconic like the fire truck a blue car - truck - locomotive - plane and the wooden duck naturally. I also added an easter egg that refers to the Wooden Minifigure from 2019.
  13. soccerkid6

    Life in Allanar Forest

    One collab wasn’t enough, and we just managed to squeeze in a second build before Isaac returned to Denmark. It’s yet another scene set in our Alnya, and we returned to our roots by making it viewable from all sides, and even including a full interior! It fits on a 48×48 baseplate and is an entry in the Civilian Building category of the CCC. Extra credit to John for handling the last details and photography! Allanar Forest is home to one of the largest Dwelf communities in Alnya. Its beautiful trees, plentiful wildlife, and rich soil are a perfect match for the Dwelfs favorite pastimes of raising livestock, nurturing gardens, finding new uses for herbs, crafting beautiful cottages, and of course eating. See more images on Brickbuilt. Always feels good to post something new for the Guilds
  14. Marko is just about to try and return to the river to catch some more fish, while Sascha is drying the previous catch. A small furry friend is looking with anticipation waiting for Sascha to leave. -- Will probably be part of a larger layout together with -- It started out as a tryout to use a post-and-beam technique and evolved to this house. The stone base of the house is 10x10, with some jumper magic, the bottom of the house is 9x9, before expanding to the front to 10x9 studs for the floors above and the roof. Marko and Sascha's home by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  15. Mestari

    [MOC] Single-family home

    Hello, I would like to present to you my latest MOC of a single-family home with garage: It is inspited by several projects of similar style that is apparently quite popular around the area of Warsaw, Poland. Could be not just here, but more widespread phenomenon. This is a a fully furnished two story building with small garden, garage and a fitting car (yes, it does fit inside, although barely :) ) The tree was built to finally use all those leaves I took from a PAB wall. And boy, is it part intensive... Here you can have another look at the tree and the side of the building: and yet another one: And now for the car: I am not a car expert, just wanted to have something to go with the building :) OK, so let's go inside. But just before that - a general areal view of the ground floor and surroundings: Here you can clearly see the plan of the ground floor. Once you enter the house from the top, you will see stair leading to the first floor on your right, underneath those is a kitchen area, on your left doors leading to the garage, bookcase, and doors to the toilet. Straight ahead door leading outside to the other side of the building. And here is a view of the kitchen: and the other side of the room: Let's climb the stairs and see what awaits us on the first floor: A living room with essentials like gaming console ;) There is also a bedroom with wardrobe, desk and a bedside table: More pictures can be found on my Bricksafe. I hope you like it :)
  16. Mariachi wagon and Mexican house One of the most vivid traditions of Mexico is surely the Mariachi culture. I’ve been always intrigued by Mariachi musicians and when LEGO released the Mariachi in Series 16 Collectible Minifigures I thought it was really cute and perfect for a Mexican themed MOC. My latest creation represents a classic Mexican scene: the Mariachi Wagon with the musicians on board ready to play the serenade to the beautiful girl on the terrace. On the right her father with his eyes well opened. The house boasts a multi-level terrace structure, a couple of arbors covered by flowers and a large patio. Cactus and plants of all kind are all around. In addition to the Mariachi, I also included in the diorama the Maraca Man (Series 2), Flamenco Dancer (Series 6), the Taco Tuesday Guy (the LEGO Movie) and the Cactus Girl (Series 18). Below few pictures: Hope you like it. More info and pictures on my Flickr. Thanks for stopping by!
  17. This project is based on the house of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO group that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. I made several rooms in the house. The workroom contains various details such as his typewriter and various blueprints. If you want you can support this project
  18. snaillad

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on a mid-century house interior as I was influenced by the housing magazines from the time. There are many features you might find in a home of that era. Textures on the walls, a sloped roof and a open-plan feel. Anyway onto the pics; I've posted them also in my flick stream if you wish to view them there; As always any queries or comments welcome!
  19. street87

    Modular Town House

    Hello Everyone. I present you my first ever modular building... It is my version of a town house with inner parking space. I got the inspiration of the Creator 3 in 1 - 4954 - Town House. It is a really simple build, without any extreme building techniques and a small range of parts. I tried to use only existing colors for the parts. I am not very pleased with the back of the building, where the door to the garden is, but I didn't give it much thought, since it is on the back of the building. The house went through so many change for this couple of days, but this is the final product. You can see more images in the link below Darin Doychev | Flickr I would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you.
  20. "Sweet Tooth" Cabin I recently saw the Netflix series Sweet Tooth and, while I'm not much into TV series, the first episode gave me a brilliant idea to build a new cabin in the woods. And so here is the house of Gus, the half-deer "hybrid" child main character of the series, and of Pubba, his alleged father. There are a lot of details and "part usage" that I have used in my previous builds and I enjoyed putting them all into this diorama. Gus has the head of the faun from CMF series 15. From behind you can see the ears and a hint of horns, just like when Gus was growing up. The diorama consists of 5 small shacks that can be joined together and create the shelter of Gus and Pubba. In the background there are a series of trees of different colors and with different shapes. The whole build is placed on a base made mainly of dark tan wedge plates. On the right a deer shyly appears, Gus thinks it's his mother, if you've seen the series you know what I'm talking about. Hope you like it!
  21. Niku


    Hello, i am on the finals on lego ideas contest, if you could vote and help me would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :) One of the few interiors I have built, it is challenging, consumes many pieces yet very entertaining. Home by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Bonus pic. A poor confused bee visited the tree.
  22. Following the events of The LEGO Movie 2, Emmet Brickowski got to work on building Lucy and himself their dreamhouse again. He made it a bit bigger, a little better, and a lot stronger... just in case of any future Duplo attacks. It also features an attic for extra storage space, on top of the already-new second story. It is a modular style building, with removable floors and connection pins. The furniture (and house colors) were partially inspired by set 70831: Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket, and a few of the official modular buildings. The car was modeled after the 1957 Plymouth Fury, made famous by the Stephen King book "Christine". (It's also a 1983 horror movie of the same name.) I took the original model of the Christine car made by user @hachiroku, which I would link to but can't seem to find anymore... The rear of the house has the entry point to the Duplo Fallout shelter. Why a fallout shelter? Well, the house is from the late 1950's after all... plus, the Duplo creatures are bit rougher in their attitudes and might go about doing something drastic if they don't get their way. Upstairs is the only bedroom, which is plenty big enough for Lucy & Emmett with their respective pictures on the wall above the bed. (They are stickers, sadly) Downstairs is the living and dining rooms, plus the kitchen. It also has the connection pins to hook into the modular building standard. I don't have any real world pictures of the vehicle (yet), but it's been built in real life for some years now... I just have to photograph it. Instead, here are the screenshots I took of the model in 2017 below: The car was modeled after a certain red '57 Plymouth Fury. I made the car black instead of red and took off the parts which I thought would be unstable. This meant taking off the rear wheel covers, revising the front bumper, adding different wheels and a few other small things. The rear of the car features a very ingenious set of taillights. Kudos to Hachiroku for this simple, elegant design! I've already started parts finding for the house part of this project (and I've made quite a dent in the price), so keep your eyes peeled for more pictures coming soon! (Also, I know the parts are kind of dusty, they've been sitting on my desk a while.) As usual, thoughts, complaints, comments and questions always welcome!
  23. soccerkid6

    Alnya Cottage

    A small cottage set in Alnya, where a dwelf dragon tamer trains some young hatchlings. Built last summer, and only just got to posting this now
  24. Hi everyone! Welcome my latest Castle creation - Kasteelberg. You can vote for it on LEGO Ideas here: Thanks so much! :D
  25. The final confrontation in the mission "Jack of the Lantern" from the video game Secret World Legends's Blue Mountain setting, re-imagined as a (virtual) LEGO set, featuring custom decals for Jack the Lad, the Scarecrows, and my Illuminati player character the Blue Bee. Not strictly speaking sci-fi, but there's no, say, Horror, Urban Fantasy, or Video Games theme, and Sci-Fi fit better than any of the other options. No other camera angles on this one. I don't want anyone to see that I couldn't be bothered to build the rest of the house.