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Found 14 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Hello, this is a racoon in a hurry. It´s a lifesize model. It´s 67 cm long and contains about 3750 bricks to build it. I hope you like it!
  2. The Flying Saucer piloted by the Greys - Luckily it didn't crash this time! Ready to explore the far reaches of space (and Earth now and again!). The Flying Saucer has retractable landing legs so that it can be displayed as having landed or can be flown about with the landing legs up and fully secured. Three of the Aliens come with their own piece of Alien technology and the other one has a map (even Alien's can get lost!) Please support my idea. Any feedback is also very much welcome! Thank you in advance! VOTE HERE
  3. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Baby Porsche or VW Beetle tuning? This is a fictitious race car, I hope you like it :) You can support it on Lego Ideas: It is a studless build in Speed Champions scale, but with City wheels. I used only standard LEGO elements, the slopes with stickers are part of the set called 1968 Ford Mustang. Baby Porsche 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  4. Hello fellow builders, I present you the Flying Dutchman, the infamous ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, in LEGO! The idea came to me a year ago, while I was sitting at my desk when I cast me eyes upon the 3 official LEGO POTC ships on the top of my shelf: The Black Pearl, The Queen Anne's Revenge, and The Silent Mary. For years I had been waiting for LEGO to release a Flying Dutchman, but to no avail it never came out. Determined to build the ship myself, I embarked on an exciting, challenging but rewarding journey to produce a MOC which would take up its rightful place among my fleet and make it complete. More information can be found here at LEGO IDEAS. If you like it, feel free to support! Here are some renders below (more can be found on my Flickr page): LEGO Flying Dutchman - 1 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 2 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 4 by Scarvia And with the crew: LEGO Flying Dutchman - 6 by Scarvia The infamous triple-barrelled chasers in the bow: Triple-barrelled chasers (Out) by Scarvia Triple-barrelled chasers (In) by Scarvia Thank you for your time.
  5. craigslegostuff

    HOW TO BUILD....A drinking fountain!

    Hi everybody! I've decided to start sharing a few ideas and tips for building some of my own creations - starting with this minifig-scale drinking fountain. Why not have a go?! Uses less than 30 pcs.... (click this link, not the pic, for full instruction pics)
  6. I created a grey and silver reference for those that are interested: I'll post other colors as time permits. Enjoy.
  7. If you remember those little clockwork robots, which used to be toys and are now prized collection articles, than you will surely recognize my representation! I've been working on this for some time now and I'm proud to say that this robot walks as well as the real thing! It uses two pullback motors, a couple cogs (gears) and 623 LEGO elements to achieve (I only hope you agree ) both good looks and great functionality. The mechanism with the incorporated motors is made to fit exactly into the case and the case comes off all in one piece (I like my modularity). The mechanism for the legs is the most simple thing ever but making it was as complicated as any of my larger MOCs, because balance played such a vital role in all of it. You can still see it wobble as it walks (I find the wobble quite indearing though ) and a lot of work went into keeping it from falling when it does. I like to think this is my best work yet, so I hope you like it just as much enjoy!!! My Flickr gallery
  8. Hiya, I'm assembling my 2 x 10027 Train Engine Sheds ready to sell and I've run into an odd problem. Brickset's inventory says it contains the new stone greys while Peeron says it's the old greys. I tried to narrow it down by assessing whether I had the correct baseplates, tracks and other unique parts in the right colours which lead me to believe Peeron is correct and this 2003 set was on the cusp of 'greygate' but if someone could check their set and confirm which greys it uses, I'd be very grateful. Were there any sets that contained a mix of both out of interest? Thanks, Alex
  9. Hi there, as most collectors know, the grey era boxes were redesigned in 1989. But I don't know if all sets from the 1989-1990 lineup were affected, therefore I need your help. So far, I found 1989 versions of the following sets: 7813 Shell Tanker waggon (sorry, no picture yet) 7817 Crane Waggon all sets from 7850 to 7861 7865 Motor 7867 Light posts The 1989 version can be recognized by looking at the copyright date, which contains two years: the first one states the initial release (e.g. 1980, 1983 or 1985). The second year is always "1989". [7864 power supply is a special case, it exists in three different box versions: 1980 and 1982 without copyright, and the final one with 1990 copyright] So, the question is: do the following sets also exist in a 1989 version? 7823 Container crane depot 7835 manual road crossing 7839 car transport depot 7866 remote controlled road crossing If any of you has one of these sets with a 1989 copyright, a picture would be great. kind regards, Christian
  10. Hello, when I started collecting the sets from the grey 12v era 1980-1990, I bought many used sets and incomplete lots. Bricklink was (and is) a great help to check them for completeness, and to complete the missing parts. But later on, I faced some problems, e.g.: 1. I found part variants, that Bricklink doesn't know . 2. Some invetories are obviously wrong. For example, it is hard to believe that the power rail 2731a shall be contained in set 7725, but not in 7727. In reality, it looks as if this part wasn't used at all before 1986. 3. Alternative parts are not consistent among various sets. For example, the second version of the black steam cylinder x461 is listed as alternate part for 7730 and 7750, but not for 7865. I got into conctact with other collectors (e.g. Reza) and we exchanged lots of pictures and information. The result is a huge table that can be downloaded here: Table It is a write-proteced Excel file. To use the file, you need a monitor with huge resolution (at least Full-HD) and not too big scaled font size (for Windows, 100% is fine). The table shall be a basis for discussion, not a final document. In many cases, there are only hints and conclusions, but no hard evidence. Any feedback is appreciated. A short guide to the table columns: A "Part" Basic part description B "Variant Type" The different known variants of the part. C "Number" Bricklink part numer. Parts that Bricklink doesn't know, use a "+" at the end of the name, or ar marked "?". D-N "Years" Assignment of the part variants to the years of production / selling. O-P etc. "Sets" Each set consists of two columns. The first one indicates, if the set does containt the part at all. The second columnt indicates, how many parts are contained, and if it is a "regular" or "alternate" part. P.S. I already had contact to the Bricklink inventory admins. They are interested in improving and consolidating the set inventories. But for me, the process is extremely complicated and time-consuming. Every single change for every single set should be handled as separate "inventory change request", and every request takes weeks/months until a decision is made. Imho, this is very ineffective, so I decided to write this text and to provide the table for download.
  11. Godtshep

    MOC - Derelict House

    Based on visits to derelict buildings; not based on any building in particular.
  12. ponyboy

    The V19-83 Starship

    Hey everybody this is my first time posting so please tell me if I did something wrong or you need more clarification on something. This is the V19-83 Starship. It's something I am working on for a comic I am creating. The basic story of this is that it is a prototype that was left unfinished and found by my protagonist. I wanted something that in essence would be bare-bones but unique. I would like for this ship to change and grow as the story continues which is personally one of my favorite aspects in storytelling. I've always loved when the characters get a new base or upgraded gadgets. I wrote descriptions on every photo I took in my main album so I'm linking a couple of my favorite pictures here and if you would like to see more and read about my thoughts then feel free to visit the entire album.

    The Buzzard

    I've had this sitting around collecting dust for a while so I thought I;d finally get around to posting it. It's a generic sci-fi VTOL design, mainly built to experiment with wedges and SNOT techniques. Quite pleased with the end result. By the way, this is my first post on this subforum! Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  14. Sorry to be a pain again, I fixed my last problem as I found a thread with the solution, but there's now another problem that I need some help on. After fixing the color values by using notepad to modify the code by changing the srgb tag on each color to just rgb I managed to render my latest MOC (I've got to say I'm liking the potential I see here when using POV-Ray), however the main color of the model is black, however when rendered, it is a dark grey color, as you can see here. I'm pretty stuck on what it might be that is causing this, no doubt it is something simple probably. Just so you know I am using POV-Ray 3.6. Perhaps upgrading to 3.7 will solve it however I'd like to try and find a solution with 3.6. If it helps as well I have the POV file I can send if someone is willing to render it and compare it to the point where the issue could be uncovered. Many thanks for any help, really hope I can get this sorted as it looks so much more realistic so can't wait to see what it looks like on my past and future LDraw MOC's.