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Found 60 results

  1. Hi, guys! I know that, there is February yet and we're before March release, but let's start new topic! So, at first I want to say that 2023 wave is amazing. New brand, new mudguards, new windscreens! Whoah! And there are my speculation/cars I want to see in Speed Champions 2024: ~ Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 ~ Porsche Taycan ~ Audi e-tron GT ~ BMW M6 ~ BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M3 1991 ~ Ferrari 499p LMH ~ Ford Focus RS 2021 ~ Honda Civic Type R ~ Cadillac LMDH What do you think about my cars? What cars would you like to see? Show your speculation/wishlist.
  2. AllanSmith

    Mercedes Unimog Camper

    Next project (while I wait for my Cabover Truck Bricklink orders to come in) is a Unimog camper. I like to use the bigger doors for my truck creations and all online MOCs used the small door so this is a complete new build. Also I have lots of LEGO service packs with the blue train doors and windows so blue it is: Inside has toilet/shower, overhead cupboard, oven and hot plates, fridge and seat/table that converts to a bed. Still have to design fuel tank, batteries, jerry cans for underside. Here is the render so far.
  3. Mercedes C126 - 10300 B-model The Delorean is a terribly ungrateful model for any rebuild. There are not so many light gray bricks and some key elements are difficult to use in other constructions. There are definitely more black parts, but not enough to make a car only in this color. Initially, Mercedes was supposed to be built from Camaro (and probably will be but a different model) but not from 10300. In search of inspiration, I came across a photo of the C126 in such a double color variant, which turned out to be a good solution. The model itself has a lot of simplification solutions as it happens in rebuilds and a bit too square silhouette. The only function the model has is the opening door. It was possible to make a dummy engine and a raised hood, but the whole model lost its appearance then. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the final effect, because doing something different from Delorean is quite a challenge but very satisfying. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: Mercedes C126 Parts: 1168 - also used extra parts Height: 12,5 studs (10 bricks and 1 plate) Width: 16 studs (18 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 43,5 studs Functions: Opening doors. Instruction: 384 steps on 242 pages. Flickr Brickshelf Instagram Rebrickable
  4. Hi all, Here are one of my latest Speed Champions scale MOCs; the legendary Mercedes G-Class. This is build after the older models, hence its 7-wide. I've build it in real bricks first, so the digital model does not contain an interior, the brick build version does however its very simple and only fits one minifigure because of the 7-wide scale. You can download the file free from rebrickable, if you like it.
  5. Hey everyone, for a couple of months I've been working on a lego technic camper module that fits on Lego 42129 easily! After a lot of designing, I have come up with a design. I've made a video for all to see and please let me know what you think of this model. This model doesn't affect the Zetros's ability to move in any way (however just to be safe please consider reinforcing the rear axle). It has the following features: Awning Interior with dedicated seating area, bedding and kitchen (kitchen has to be built with bricks haha) rear compartment storage along with a lock Openable windows for ventilation Flexible but sturdy structure for offroading openable door Additional step ladder that can be used to enter the unit Additional storage on the door side of the unit that has a separate compartment to the rear storage space for jerry cans Space for extra wheel
  6. ilyabuilder724

    [MOC] 76908 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    My 11th alternative for set 76908. This time i used ONLY parts included in 76908 to build an another legendary european supercar - Mercedes SLS AMG. With this one i wanted to challenge myself to build an alt without using windscreen piece. FREE INSTRUCTIONS:
  7. Hello everyone! Maybe it's too early, but let it happen. What do you think of the Speed Champions series in 2022? Do you think it will disappear or continue, or will it be under a different name? Anyway, personally, I think they will stay with us for a long time (after all, they have made specially new wheels for 2021). It seems to me that there is a good chance to see in 2022 in the SC series such cars: - BMW M8 (maybe GTE) - Pagani Zonda or Huayra - Ferrari - some F1 car - due to Toyota license can Toyota gr010 (hypercar) - maybe some cars from the DTM or VASC series Post comments about what you think.
  8. Hi there! A long time I wasn't alive here, perhaps it's a good moment to change it ;). As a comeback I'd like to present the model that has haunted me for almost a decade - Mercedes 300 SL gullwing. Although there are some really good MOCs around here, I just had to make my own model, obligatory with functional, well shaped gullwings door ;). More photos on Flick or Instagram.
  9. Hi guys, after several years of silence and other distractions i finally finished a new build. It's an AMG GT3 racecar in the colors of the Octan corporation. The only thing missing i guess is some sponsor decals from octan. The features are: - Drive and steering with powerfunctions (2 L motors, 1 servo) - Independent suspension on all wheels - Fake V8 engine - Working steeringwheel - Chassis is detachable from bodywork - openable bonnet/hood and doors Lately i'm a little bit into simracing and love to watch GT3 racing, so i decided to build my favorite car from this category of racecars. My availability of parts decided the colorscheme. I hope you like it. Enjoy building and have a nice time everyone. Rolf
  10. Hey everyone! I'm back with a pretty simple design: a Mercedes Uniknick trial truck. It's inspired by this guy: The functions are straightforward: - Steering with L motor and two small actuators -Power with 2 XL motors and no diff's -Steering is a turntable at the centre of the truck -PF LED lights -BuWizz power Here's the video and some pictures. Again, it was just a simple build, but the final performance and look was pretty pleasing to me :) And the reference: More images at my bricksafe: Enjoy guys!
  11. Hey guys, Here's my model of a really basic race truck powered by BuWizz 2.0 as an experiment. The power is amazing, way above expectations. Features of the truck include: Front independent suspension, rear trailing arm suspension Rear wheel drive with 1 buggy motor More pics here: And here's the video, edited with music now: Hope you enjoy!! Teo
  12. Ever since the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series broke the Nürburg track record I have always wanted to build the car in Lego Technic. After a year of returning to Lego and recently picking up the Lego Sian I decided to start building my first MOC: http://DSCN1401 by Pangolin Bricks, on Flickr http://DSCN1412 by Pangolin Bricks, on Flickr http://DSCN1403 by Pangolin Bricks, on Flickr http://DSCN1404 by Pangolin Bricks, on Flickr More photos can be found on my Flickr: Functions include: Functional steering wheel (right hand drive) Independent suspension on all wheels Opening bonnet, doors and boot Adjustable rear spoiler V8 engine 42115 8 speed sequential gearbox with DNR selector controlled by a gear and a knob next to the steering wheel Video showcasing functions: The model uses parts only from 42115, 42099 steering wheel, 42110 wheels and 6 transparent slopes from my own collection. Free instructions can be found here: I am not entirely sure what the scale is, but I built it to scale from the wheels Criticism welcome but please bear in mind this is my first MOC and I was limited to (mostly) parts from the set. Sorry about the part stacking in some cases! I only used the gearbox from 42115 as I do not fully understand how to build my own. PS: I am sorry if the images aren't attached properly - I'm still learning!
  13. Hi, I wanted to share with you my first MOC… Meaning: since a very long Lego brake – my first digitally conceptualised and afterwards actually build creation. Learning to use took me some time… And it felt like “beginning once again” when I noticed that “creating something digitally” and “being able to build that thing in reality” are two different things. So, the first project I tried to employ the skill of “trying to make it buildable in reality” was the Mercedes SSK I started in late November… I really wanted to get the interesting front right… those very thin axles… the springs… so this was actually the first part I designed to see, if this could be done at all… Behind the grill there were springs doing the work of the mock-spring-suspension… when I test-build this, I noticed that lego springs are not as strong as I remembered them to be… so in the end I needed to get rid of the invisible suspension in the front. I also wanted to have as little weight on the front axle as possible… so I thought about the principle of “moving the centre of gravity” towards the back axle: Hence I build this main frame – with the rear axle being mounted on the farthest point in the back of the car… and trying something similar for the front axle. The rear axle is actually also hosting the two motors… originally designed for two BuWizz motors… but since they are still not available, I built it with two L-Motors… this could be changed easily when the other motors are finally available. Also: this minimizes the weight on the front axle as well. When I had the impression that my digital work was finished… I looked into available colours of the bricks… a step I am likely to be doing much sooner in the building process with future projects. I nearly went for the white version… but since I am planning to do a couple of other Mercedesesessses in the future – and since they rarely have any colour beyond white and black – I opted for the red version. Also: the SSK is quite well known in the red version as a car. Actually… short brake about the original: This is the SSK of 1928… so it is the “Super Sport”-version of the model K… and in the year of 1928 it was built as a 40cm shorter version to be more corner-happy while doing hill-climbs. And it really did… it owned all the races in the mountains. This car was partially used in “sports car racing” – mostly in white colour scheme – and partly used as a very pricy toy for the rich and famous (mostly in the red colour scheme). There was also a more hardcore racing version – the SSKL. (L for light-weight)… you can actually learn more about that car also in this forum, since Sariel just posted his lego SSKL today here as well. Real SSK: Back to the building process… I stumbled over the concept of “separating the car in numerous fragments” to make the building easier… So, I tried to do that on my digital model… I can not remember how much time I burned… but it took the bigger part of December to split the car into the following segments and steps: Main Frame 84 Rear Axle 39 Front Axle 48 Grill with Lamps 60 Body -> Structual Body 124 -> Bonnit 55 -> Exhaust 15 -> Body details 51 Interior 49 Spare Wheels 8 total 533 After this was done… I tried to order the parts from bricklink… an experience I did not enjoy so much… but somehow made it through… nearly all parts arrived around Christmas… (because I have no Lego at all in the town I work) Thanks to the step-by-step Instruction in I managed to build the car… and noticed a couple of design flaws… like: It is a very different kind of force, when a car needs to be picked UP – instead of just standing on its own wheels… much like a bridge it collapsed. :D But I was able to get rid of this problem surprising easily – by strengthening the bodywork instead of the mainframe. I also had to add a bar before the front wheels to keep both of them synced… which annoyed me a bit… because I wanted as less structure as possible in the front… and I had to get rid of the front suspension and also make it much more robust… which went really well… Cross-linked Technic with Lego System is insanely robust. All adjustments I added were first developed in – than ordered via Bricklink – than finally tried in real life… since I got no Lego at all here in my work-town… So that process took some time… Time in which I got more and more interested in other projects. :D I am now at that point, where the car does what I want it to do… drive around remotely – be super sturdy – and look nice, since it is mostly standing around on the shelf. I still need to add-in the changes I made during construction into the Instruction… and I am wondering more and more, if this car would be better off without the electronics… since there is nice room for a cool engine replica… steering is designed to be easily connectable to the steering wheel… and the performance is a bit boring. On the other hand… I enjoy driveable things much more… mostly because I grew up with lousy-performance lego-cars and always wanted impressive driving stuff. :D Clearly, I haven’t made my mind up… but something cool happened today… when Sariel posted his SSKL I was finally brave enough to also join this community… I have been reading daily for some years without an account… and I would like to participate in bringing joy to others – just as you did to me. Kindest Regards Marcus
  14. Hello to everyone, I am here with the new Lego MOC - 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL. I revised a few of the original designs. Some of the important ones are that the side mirrors continue without breaking the oval line at the place where the door exits. Updating the engine as 6 cylinders. Just like the upper part of the hood looks more smoothly oval, with more smooth lines. Please do not withhold your vote on the ideas below link if you like For all photos, you can check my flickr address. Thanks Everyone,
  15. This is my first try at making a tread and posting pictures, so I hope I do it right. It all started with me making a very oldschool 2015 Sauber car out of ancient lego I found in a tray in the basement. 20190310_161317 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Later lego started making real versions of F1 cars and I remade my 2015 Sauber. 20190310_161340 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161434 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Then during the 2018 season I started making all of the teams cars and I finally finished the project, right in time for the 2019 season to begin next week The cars were made with parts available to me and might not be the perfect match, but they are good enough for me. All 10 cars 20190310_161801 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mecedes. I made some changes mainly removing some green, which I feel are not "of the right shade" url=][/url]20190310_161821 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161842 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Ferrari. Is the official one, I think. 20190310_161900 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161913 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Red bull 20190310_161944 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161957 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Renault 20190310_162054 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162104 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Haas 20190310_162117 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162126 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mclaren 20190310_162525 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162536 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Force India 20190310_162756 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162810 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Sauber 20190310_162819 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162831 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Toro rosso 20190310_162851 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162910 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Williams 20190310_162920 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162928 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr On the grid. 20190310_162039 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162617 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_163022 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr All of them 20190310_163203 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Some cars are a bit dusty, it was a long season and some was done way before others. I hope you will enjoy them.
  16. Hello everyone, This is my new MOC, a 1:10 scale model of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It has the following manual functions: HOG steering with working steering wheel Fake V8 engine Independent suspension on all wheels Opening hood Opening gullwing doors, operated by gears behind cabin Retractable rear wing, operated by gear on roof Driving selector in cabin, shifts between drive, neutral, and park Comments and questions are appreciated, thanks!
  17. This is my own creation of a Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4² SUV. Check out my Rebrickable post for instructions which you can download for free:
  18. Conceived as a racing car, but it turned out a half-internal rear-wheel drive SUV . When assembling, I relied on a model from Jeroen Ottens, the car was assembled from a photos with modifications, which eventually affected everything. 1 Buggy motor Servo for steering SBrick 2PF leds Pneumatic suspension
  19. Hello people, as i have seen some topics made by some members were they share their creations, modifications and ideas, i thought it was a good idea to start my own topic about that, this way i can avoid filling other topics with too many information by saving all that information here and just posting small texts in those other topics. To start, i would like to share some creations which i worked on: Model Team Nissan Frontier. This is one of my oldest models, i made it even before i knew about Eurobricks, and i would like to share it with you because you might like it or modified it: This model features front independent suspension, rear leaf spring suspension using 5.5 axles, HOG steering, working doors, bonnet and tailgate, 5 seats and a towing hitch; its very possible that some parts are with wrong colors or there could be outdated building techniques, but i think that is not too bad for one of my first LDD models (i am no sure, but if i have enough time and inspiration i could make it in real Technic parts), The LXF: Frontier.lxf. Model Team Paramount Group Marauder MRAP. Again, one of my oldest models, it is made at a pretty small scale but it could still be considered as "model team" (i think), it has pendular suspension in both axles which are damped by cross-axles which act as leaf springs, it has HOG steering, working winch and doors, a spare tire and 2 turrets that can be mounted on the roof: The LXF: Group Marauder.lxf Technic Unimog U500 Long Chassis (I have called it UNI-MOC) You might have seen it in the latest posts at 8110´s Mods topic ( ), it is a 64 studs long and 24 studs wide model which i started to make because the modifications in the 8110 got to a too high level and i wasn´t satisfied with the whole model, i created this new model to hold all of my wanted functions and details, this model has some designs from other builders: Madoca´s Tatra 2-speeds gearbox (slightly modified to fit in this new chassis), Efferman´s planetary rims, a modified version of Didumos knob gear driven axle and a 3-side dumping system and dropping sides inspired by Kumbbl´s modifications, it was also made by some help and inspiration by Pat-Ard: This Unimog has 4 M-Motors, 2 L-Motors, 2 XL-Motors, 3 IR RC Receivers, 2 AAA Battery Boxes and 3 PF Switches (brick-built with ugly colors), why so many motors? well, as you might know, the 8110 had only one M-Motor inside it, which was meant to drive the 3 main functions of the set (front PTO, rear PTO and the pneumatic pump) the problem was that the functions couldn't be used simultaneously, you couldn't power front and rear PTO´s at the same time or with the pneumatic pump and because this system uses a gearbox and axles to engage and transmit the power to the different parts, this results in a lot of friction and power losing (other of the reasons of why i started this MOC), other thing that bother me about the 8110 was the proportions of it, it was very tall with lifted wide axles, but very thin cab and bed which made it look silly, the chassis had no space for all the functions that i wanted, i couldn't place enough motors or functions on it, and the axles were another problem, the steering pivot and angle was a disappointing, the tires couldn't steer too much with the half pins, and if you removed them, the mudguards and the surrounding elements needed to be placed far away from the tires to avoid them from colliding, these are few of the reasons of why i started to make my own version of this UGN class of Unimog (which are U300, U400 and U500). Some of the good features of this model are: Improved steering pivot (2 studs closer to the wheels compared to standard portal hubs) Wheels and portal hubs can handle more torque without jamming parts The axles are more compact (less tall), so the chassis can move even lower for a more realistic performance Front steering by L-Motor Rear steering (By M-Motor) with the same axle design as the front one Anti-roll bars in both axles, which help a lot to handle with weight and give a lot of stability, and they can be easily removed for serious offroading Remotely shifted 2-speeds gearbox by M-Motor Directly driven pneumatic pump (L-Motor) and PTO´s (M-Motors) for less power losing 3-side tipping 37 studs long 23 studs wide dump bed with dropping sides using a V2 large pneumatic cylinder Drive by 2 XL-Motors So, these are some of my models, i hope you like them, and i hope to upload more of them, i will try to do my best with all them, let me know what you think about this topic and the models, and any suggestion is well received Thanks.
  20. Hello everyone, As promised in the official Jurassic World thread, I'm sharing the LDD models I made of some of the JW vehicles. Like many of you, I was a little disappointed by the vehicle builds in this theme and wanted to make my own more movie-accurate versions of some of them. Most are heavily inspired by offical LEGO builds (mostly from the City line). Note that the stickers are obviously missing from the vehicles so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination for that part. The first vehicle is loosely inspired by the Textron Tiger armoured truck which appears towards the end of the movie. It is based on the offrad pickup truck from the 1st Avengers movie (set 6867). I turned it into a two-seater and added the rear section. JW Textron Tiger 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW Textron Tiger 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Up next is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van used by the ACU to track the I-rex. This one is based on an ambulance from the City theme (set 4431). JW Sprinter 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr There's enough room for about 4-5 figures in the back but it's a tight fit... JW Sprinter 4 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The next vehicle is the ACU 6x6 G36 from the same scene. This one is an original design but I'm still not 100% please with how it turned out. Hopefully you'll still like it and maybe some more talented builders will improve it. JW 6x6 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW 6x6 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Here's how it looks next to the Sprinter van. JW by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Next is the G-class SUV, which is pretty much JW's version of the Jeep Wrangler. I made two versions of this one, the first of which is pretty much a recoloured police SUV from set 4440. JW Mercedes 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr I then made a second version of the car, which is a two-seater with working doors. JW Mercedes 2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr And finally, we have the Unimog. I used City set #60083 (which is a much better representation of a Unimog than the JW one) as a base for this one and tried to improve the official LEGO design from the JW theme. JW Unimog 1 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW Unimog 2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr The rear section was made shorter and I completely modified the interior but you can still fit standing minifigs in there without problems. JW Unimog 3 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr Here's an example of the vehicle with a different rear section (this one is inspired by set 4205). JW Unimog 4 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr JW2 by Elrond Half-elven, sur Flickr If you guys like them, here's the LDD file containing all the vehicles: Jurassic World Vehicles.lxf Thank you for stopping by. ;)
  21. Hello dear friends! Please let us (yes, today - we are both with ADCchannel are the authors) introduce the latest MOC - today this is Mercedes-Benz G-class 6X6 Trial edition. This truck (definitely it is!) is our common project. I was always dreaming of creating my own implementation of this greatest version of legendary Gelandewagen. I build the body with pleasure and know that ADCchannel riched senior skills in building chassis for truck trial, so I offered hiw some kind of collaboration. Luckily, he immediately agreed. The main difficulty was that we are living in different cities, but not far from. So, couple of month were spent truck is ready. To be honest body itself is absolutely new. From my previous G class Mansory edition I took only front view and side doors. Roof, interior, body frame is completely new. Mandatory point was to create easily removable body. So, you can split body from frame removing only six axles (easy to remove). Some description, though :) This monster is propelled by 3 XL motors - one per each axle. M motor for steering and we decide to power truck bu Buwizz. But it's ready to use regular Lego IR receivers. Suspension has 3 portal axles like original Mercedes. We use 7 Claas tires (actually 6 + 1 third party). Everything what can be opened - is openable - hood, doors, trunk. Unfortunately there were no room for any V8 engine due to front suspension construction. First purpose was to build truck suitable for trial. Here are the two different(!) videos. Feel free to watch and comment. Any critics would be highly appreciated. Dimensions: - Wide - 25 studs, - Lengh - 72 studs Here are some photos from bricksafe page: Pictures will be uploaded in a couple of hours. Some technical issues for now.
  22. Today I like to show you my latest MOC: The Mercedes Zetros 1833 Expedition Truck 4×4. It's my second LEGO Technic Zetros in an approximate scale of 1:13.5. The construction time was actually only three weeks. Then the truck was finished by and large. The extensions and improvements took another 11 months. For the impatient among you, here's the video first: This MOC was originally designed for lightweight construction, best off-road capabilities and adequate speed. Therefore I completely redesigned the chassis and the axles. And because it has to work in forest, desert, arctic and jungle, I designed the chassis and drive as simple as possible. Each wheel of the 4×4 truck is driven by an XL engine. Via a 90° deflection via knob wheels, the drive goes to planetary gear. Thus the highest possible torque is available at the wheel. The steering is done by a servo motor. Two SBrick are used to control the truck. In addition, a Power Functions infrared receiver is installed. The Zetros draws its energy from two large PF battery boxes. The lightweight construction was not quite successful. The Zetros weighs 5.7 kg including batteries. Therefore I had to reinforce the springs several times. Now the long red springs are in front ( a bit softer ). In the back there are four yellow, hard springs as well as two spring-loaded shock absorbers. The shock absorbers were necessary because the body quickly built up during off-road driving. So the truck is very stable and easy to drive. About the functions: At the front of the Zetros there is a cable winch with pulley and hook. The winch is operated via one of the SBricks. In the rear of the fully equipped superstructure there is a garage for an ATV. I control its winch via the PF IR. The ATV is quasi a “MOC in the MOC” and of course fully functional. It has a fake V2 engine and rear axle suspension. For a long time I worked on the retractable awning. This stretches itself. The motor, which is hidden in one of the built-in cabinets, only rolls in and out the fabric. The awning is also controlled via the PF IR. A real highlight is the lighting of the truck. Functioning front and rear lights go without saying. The indicators also work on the left and right as well as on the “warning lights”. There is a floodlight bar on the roof. And because it is equipped with an odd number of single LEDs, there was one left. Well, now the truck even has cabin lighting. For interior design. There is a passage between the driver’s cab and the superstructure, as in the original, which is covered at the top and sides with a flexible rubber bead. In the living area there is a loft bed (above the ATV garage), a small bathroom with a suggested toilet, a suggested kitchen block (which hides the winch for the ATV), a closet (which hides the mechanics for the awning), a table and two storage compartments (one is empty, the other contains the awning shaft). On the roof of the driver’s cabin is a luggage rack with two expedition boxes (what’s inside, I reveal in the Behind-the-MOC video) and three canisters of water and diesel (what else). I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. More photos of the finished Mercedes Zetros 1833 and the Work in Progress of the Zetros can be found on my Flickr channel.
  23. Normally I would prefer building something really sturdy, as a result these models are always heavy and have a lot of redundant parts. This time I tried something new. Presenting my new MOC: a lightweight 6x6 pickup truck. This model is based on the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. It has a two-door cabin instead of the original four-door one, just to meet the definition of “Compact” in its name. It weights 1.2kg, and has around 1350 parts. I’m pretty satisfied with it given the fact that it’s a fully functional 6x6. How to make a lightweight yet reliable frame is a challenge. My solution is to have a unibody design, like most family sedans, instead of a body-on-frame structure, which commonly seen on off-road trucks. This means pillars need to help with sharing the load. The whole drivetrain is simple. All axles are live axles. Rear axles have multi-link suspensions. How to position those links is a big deal, misplacement will probably introduce unwanted wobbles. Considering the weakness of the universal joint, I didn’t put to much gear reduction into it, on the other hand, it has a relatively decent speed. Field test: With no diff lock, sometimes it struggles on rocks. But most of the time it can deal with less bumpy roads. More details: I will create instructions in a while. Enjoy.
  24. Hello, I am new here, this is my first post, and my english isnt perfect, so sorry for any mistakas ;) I was worked on this project for long time (its still not finished...), and now I can show some pics. Its cabin from Arocs 42043, but all the rest is my design ( I would like to notice, theres some designs, from people on youtube, this forum etc, because if something is good, I dont want to invent it a second time :D ) Soo... TRUCK Cabin has suspension - rubber blocks Drive - 6x4 - XL motor Steering - Ackerman system - Servo motor Suspension - Front - Solid axle on leaf springs (this springs are made by Efferman, you can buy this parts on Shapeways) -Rear - Solid axles on leaf springs and air assist ( system, that minimizes stress, works like tandem-axles, air pistons are connected all together, so if one axle is going up, second axle is going down without pressure change) You can change height of rear axle/rear part of truck, like real one) 2x air connections for trailer 1x connection for trailer engine TRAILER (its not perfect, I want to use power from truck, so theres no battery box etc) Suspension like in truck, but no air assist Detach deck by pins, they are moved by air piston I will rebuild it, because I want make it better. any Q just post it, if You want more pics etc i will try to make it for You. I have no instructions, because I like to build like "sit & build" no programs, projects etc, but, i will try to help, if someone want ;) PHOTOS >
  25. Mercedes Zetros in the version of an extreme expedition vehicle was created two years ago. It was supposed to be a model to put on a shelf. Therefore, it has no drive and remote control. However, he is not completely devoid of life. One PF M motor through the gear box drives three different model functions. Winch, side ladder and rear platform with motorcycle and spare wheel. The motorcycle is an old set of 8251 in slightly changed colors, because it perfectly fit in dimensions. The car was based on the Unimog chassis, which was extended, reinforced and supplemented with a few details. The gear box and the engine have also been rebuilt. The cab and body along with the mechanisms were created completely new, in the model of a real vehicle. I tried to keep dimensions and faithfully reproduce the original. Dimensions 68 cm X 20 cm X 30 cm