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Found 41 results

  1. Mercedes Zetros in the version of an extreme expedition vehicle was created two years ago. It was supposed to be a model to put on a shelf. Therefore, it has no drive and remote control. However, he is not completely devoid of life. One PF M motor through the gear box drives three different model functions. Winch, side ladder and rear platform with motorcycle and spare wheel. The motorcycle is an old set of 8251 in slightly changed colors, because it perfectly fit in dimensions. The car was based on the Unimog chassis, which was extended, reinforced and supplemented with a few details. The gear box and the engine have also been rebuilt. The cab and body along with the mechanisms were created completely new, in the model of a real vehicle. I tried to keep dimensions and faithfully reproduce the original. Dimensions 68 cm X 20 cm X 30 cm
  2. Hello people, as i have seen some topics made by some members were they share their creations, modifications and ideas, i thought it was a good idea to start my own topic about that, this way i can avoid filling other topics with too many information by saving all that information here and just posting small texts in those other topics. To start, i would like to share some creations which i worked on: Model Team Nissan Frontier. This is one of my oldest models, i made it even before i knew about Eurobricks, and i would like to share it with you because you might like it or modified it: This model features front independent suspension, rear leaf spring suspension using 5.5 axles, HOG steering, working doors, bonnet and tailgate, 5 seats and a towing hitch; its very possible that some parts are with wrong colors or there could be outdated building techniques, but i think that is not too bad for one of my first LDD models (i am no sure, but if i have enough time and inspiration i could make it in real Technic parts), The LXF: Frontier.lxf. Model Team Paramount Group Marauder MRAP. Again, one of my oldest models, it is made at a pretty small scale but it could still be considered as "model team" (i think), it has pendular suspension in both axles which are damped by cross-axles which act as leaf springs, it has HOG steering, working winch and doors, a spare tire and 2 turrets that can be mounted on the roof: The LXF: Group Marauder.lxf Technic Unimog U500 Long Chassis (I have called it UNI-MOC) You might have seen it in the latest posts at 8110´s Mods topic ( ), it is a 64 studs long and 24 studs wide model which i started to make because the modifications in the 8110 got to a too high level and i wasn´t satisfied with the whole model, i created this new model to hold all of my wanted functions and details, this model has some designs from other builders: Madoca´s Tatra 2-speeds gearbox (slightly modified to fit in this new chassis), Efferman´s planetary rims, a modified version of Didumos knob gear driven axle and a 3-side dumping system and dropping sides inspired by Kumbbl´s modifications, it was also made by some help and inspiration by Pat-Ard: This Unimog has 4 M-Motors, 2 L-Motors, 2 XL-Motors, 3 IR RC Receivers, 2 AAA Battery Boxes and 3 PF Switches (brick-built with ugly colors), why so many motors? well, as you might know, the 8110 had only one M-Motor inside it, which was meant to drive the 3 main functions of the set (front PTO, rear PTO and the pneumatic pump) the problem was that the functions couldn't be used simultaneously, you couldn't power front and rear PTO´s at the same time or with the pneumatic pump and because this system uses a gearbox and axles to engage and transmit the power to the different parts, this results in a lot of friction and power losing (other of the reasons of why i started this MOC), other thing that bother me about the 8110 was the proportions of it, it was very tall with lifted wide axles, but very thin cab and bed which made it look silly, the chassis had no space for all the functions that i wanted, i couldn't place enough motors or functions on it, and the axles were another problem, the steering pivot and angle was a disappointing, the tires couldn't steer too much with the half pins, and if you removed them, the mudguards and the surrounding elements needed to be placed far away from the tires to avoid them from colliding, these are few of the reasons of why i started to make my own version of this UGN class of Unimog (which are U300, U400 and U500). Some of the good features of this model are: Improved steering pivot (2 studs closer to the wheels compared to standard portal hubs) Wheels and portal hubs can handle more torque without jamming parts The axles are more compact (less tall), so the chassis can move even lower for a more realistic performance Front steering by L-Motor Rear steering (By M-Motor) with the same axle design as the front one Anti-roll bars in both axles, which help a lot to handle with weight and give a lot of stability, and they can be easily removed for serious offroading Remotely shifted 2-speeds gearbox by M-Motor Directly driven pneumatic pump (L-Motor) and PTO´s (M-Motors) for less power losing 3-side tipping 37 studs long 23 studs wide dump bed with dropping sides using a V2 large pneumatic cylinder Drive by 2 XL-Motors So, these are some of my models, i hope you like them, and i hope to upload more of them, i will try to do my best with all them, let me know what you think about this topic and the models, and any suggestion is well received Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, This is my new MOC, a 1:10 scale model of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It has the following manual functions: HOG steering with working steering wheel Fake V8 engine Independent suspension on all wheels Opening hood Opening gullwing doors, operated by gears behind cabin Retractable rear wing, operated by gear on roof Driving selector in cabin, shifts between drive, neutral, and park Comments and questions are appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself with a few favorite mocs of mine. I discovered Lego technic a year ago and I love it. I had something similar when I was a kid, called “Constructor”. It was the same principal as technic beams (only the Constructor’s beams were half the width of Lego’s), connectors, plates… and used M4 bolts and nuts to connect instead of bushes. So I built tractors, trucks, cranes, trailers, etc. I started building my creations out of Lego in LDD because I don’t have real Legos, and I enjoy it very much. I built a bunch of them in the last 5 months. So far I published my creations on LDD gallery website, but that site went to shit, so a few days ago I transferred on rebrickable. I very recently discovered this community so I thought I share it here also, with you. Anyway here are my mocs in LDD, I hope that’s ok. Mercedes Actros SLT Mercedes Arocs Crawler V2 Nooteboom Multydolly Nooteboom Euro Low-Loader Mercedes Arocs Timber Truck (mod) Volvo FMX 8x8 MAN Modular Truck Rock Crawler Black Buggy Naked Street Bike So, how did I do?
  5. Normally I would prefer building something really sturdy, as a result these models are always heavy and have a lot of redundant parts. This time I tried something new. Presenting my new MOC: a lightweight 6x6 pickup truck. This model is based on the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. It has a two-door cabin instead of the original four-door one, just to meet the definition of “Compact” in its name. It weights 1.2kg, and has around 1350 parts. I’m pretty satisfied with it given the fact that it’s a fully functional 6x6. How to make a lightweight yet reliable frame is a challenge. My solution is to have a unibody design, like most family sedans, instead of a body-on-frame structure, which commonly seen on off-road trucks. This means pillars need to help with sharing the load. The whole drivetrain is simple. All axles are live axles. Rear axles have multi-link suspensions. How to position those links is a big deal, misplacement will probably introduce unwanted wobbles. Considering the weakness of the universal joint, I didn’t put to much gear reduction into it, on the other hand, it has a relatively decent speed. Field test: With no diff lock, sometimes it struggles on rocks. But most of the time it can deal with less bumpy roads. More details: I will create instructions in a while. Enjoy.
  6. After some month of building I like to show you my latest MOC: A Mercedes Zetros 6x6 truck. It is a ~ 1:13,5 scale model of the Mercedes Zetros 2733. All functions are Full RC. It is 69 cm long, 21 cm wide and has a height of 27,5 cm. The weight is 4553 g. As battery I use the BuWizz. The Zetros is remote controlled by 4 Sbricks via iPhone. Functions and used parts: Propulsion: 4 Lego Technic Buggy Motor Steering: 1 Lego PF Servo Diff Locks (front / rear axles + central lock): 1 Lego PF Servo 4 Lego Pneumatic V1 + V2 1x5 (Automatic) Compressor: 1 Lego PF L-Motor 4 Lego Pneumatic Pump (V2) Winch: 1 Lego PF L-Motor Telescope Crane: 1 Lego PF M-Motor 3 Lego PF Servo 3 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2x11 2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 1x11 Outriggers: 1 Lego PF Servo 1 Lego PF M-Motor 2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2x11 Lights: 10 pairs Lego PF LED plus several Lego extension wires Some more highlights: Full independent Multi link live axle suspension Portal Axes Planetary Gears Working head lights, rear lights and flood lights Working turn signals and warning lights [/url Edit: I nearly forgot some special picture pair ;) [/url] Second edit: I corrected the scale which I'd miscalculated.
  7. Current status: 8+N+R gearbox, D-N-R shifter, and the engine done. Also some color matchings and a little bit of interior --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to introduce my new moc in progress (and the first to post here). It's Mercedes AMG GT R. (in 1:8, with porsche wheels&Tires) (From I'm planning to make it in black, as 3x11 curved black panels are available now. If amg gtr convertible model comes out, I want to try the convertible mechanism, too. My current status is only up to the drivetrain (engine&gearbox) And this is it. It's a 8 speed gearbox, with D-N-R which I built by myself. At first, I was goint to use charbel's 8 speed gearbox, which is awesome, but soon found out that the gear ratios aren't realistic (the last gear is 45 times faster than the first gear.) This gearbox is also combination of a common 4 speed gearbox and 2 speed gearbox, but different in the fact that the 2 speed gearbox is shifted every 90 degrees, and the 4speed gearbox is shifted every 180 degrees. And that resulted in a realitic gear ratio... in which the last gear is 6.25 times faster than the first gear. The hardest part was the mechanism to make one shift in the 4 speed gearbox while the paddel shift (which is not built yet) is shifted twice. The mechanism is here: Here's the sifting video: Under the chassis, you can see the D-N-R selector, which the gearstick to shift it is not built yet. As I only have times on Sunday afternoons, the progress will be very slow, but I will finish it sometime, so don't be angry even if the progress is slow. Comments are welcome, and advices are also welcome. Thanks. Oh, I missed some explanations on the gearbox. The 4 speed gearbox is just the regular one, with 1:1 to 1:5, and the 2 speed gearbox is 1:1 to 1:1.25 which doesn't work yet as currently I don't have any chains. The chains are also linked to reverse gear.
  8. Hey everyone, not a huge city builder, but thought I'd share a few small MOCs I gone and done: - minifig playable vintage Mini Cooper - old model Actros with long heavy haul trailer - good ol' backhoe I wanted a playable mini for my family minifigs, although in my quest for playability, fitting two minifigs in parallel and aesthetics, I made it a bit big, I will try out a 4 wide minifig version soon front rear front engine interior and functions I'm mainly a castle and space builder, but something needs to deliver all those castle wall stones and spacefaring engines! I tried ot make the front in the older Actros style, with engine playability and sleepability on the interior front interior with bed engine trailer hauling the Medieval Market Village And finally a simple backhoe to terraform the ground for the castle buildings and spaceports, for some reason I feel like the official Lego backhoes never get it quite right... front rear in action
  9. r5-j2

    A.M.G. Batmobile

    There are some folk on this forum who build stunning Batmobiles from scratch,I`m not one of them, but I do like to "tweak" stuff, and when I saw this A.M.G. Mercedes with it`s set back cockpit and long bonnet ,it yelled Batmobile at me.....maybe Mr Wayne took some machine shop college classes and put this together? Take care everybody Kenny IMG_2855 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2853 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2848 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  10. Time for another truck, and this one is orange, because orange is awesome. Modeled (kindof) after the current Mercedes Benz Arocs. Features two axles driving a two cylinder fake engine, two steering axle with different ratios, tipper bed, tilting cab, and working doors. More at
  11. Hi there, after assembly 42043, I wanted to make a little copy. It turned out for me or not, it's up to you. Motorized functions. - Steering (Servo motor) - Driving and tilting of cargo bay (L motor) Manual switching functions "driving - tilting of cargo bay". When cargo bay is lifted, the side automatically opens. The cargo bay is mounted on a separate frame and fixed to six connectors to the truck chassis. So you can easily replace it with another element. The trailer is made similar to a truck. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  12. Hi all, As an entry to the TC10 contest I would like to try to make a side loaded recycling truck based on Mercedes Atego chassis. The pneumatic is powered by single L Motor and it will be using 7 cylinders. I'm building it for a while so the actual progress is from the first chassis mock-up to current state. Planned functions Pneumatic functions will be following: Side loading of trash bins Trash compacting Body dump Tail gate opening Cabin tilting Other functions: Hog steering connected to cabin steering wheel Fake I4 engine Front and rear suspension Schema of pneumatic system Inspiration The idea is build something like this: with Mercedes Atego 4x4 chasis: Actual progress: Cabin design
  13. Hi everyone, I've recently finished one of my modular scale cars in real bricks, the Lamborghini Aventador. Currently, i have LDD files of a Mercedes, a BMW and also a Truck who will be finished soon. My scaling Trucks: 7-8 wide 15+ plates high maximum 2 minifigs in height Supercars: 6-7 wide 8 plates high below Minifig shoulders standard Cars: 6 wide 9 -10 plates high middle of Minifig head i dont use any of the availiable mudguards, so the width stays the exact width in total. I find Cars thinner than 6 wide unrealitsic - compared to the Minifigs and the Modular Buildings, that explains the wider than 'City' style scaling you see here. The wheel types i choose are also smaller than 'City' scale. Also, its possible to fit more than one minifig inside - or- to have it completly filled with bricks for windows etc. I thought, id share those pics with you guys, because i've read that some people are not all too happy with the City vehicles in their Modular Streets? I personally find this scaling and building detail more fitting to the modulars. What do you think? Watch the video below to see all the pics i've made of this model. Lamborghini Aventador for sale video by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr To show scale in front of a Modular (i frankly dont own any, so this has to do for starters). A bunch of fans waiting for their entry to the cinema. But before that, a special guest will arrive first. who will it be? an actor from the new Star Wars Film? possible autograph time? we dont know.... Modular Cars by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr The model ontop a brickbuild road Aventador roadster with figs by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Lamborghini Aventador by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Currently being worked on in LDD, i will make them 1 plate higher than shown on the photos, the rear must gain more height compared to my supercar scale. This is a replica of an AMG low tuned Mercedes E class. The windows can be taken out to fit 2 figs inside (leaning them figures back) Mercedes by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Mercedes by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr This BMW is on the same platform, still needs some more work. BMW Wip by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr many greets and thanks for stopping by, i will upload more pics to this thread once im done with the other cars. Until then, stay safe!
  14. Hello This will be my first post to showing one of my moc: Mercedes Actros 3248 Hooklift. I know a lot of people know this model, from my pictures on Brickshelf. I finished building this moc in early 2010, so it is 6 years old. Yes its very late to post here, but i think better late then never. The truck ist pf-remote controlled with 4 functions: - Drive by one PF-XL Motor to the rear wheels (2-Axle) - Steering by one old-style 9V-Motor (2838c01), second axle with transmission 16:20 - Hooklift powered by one PF-XL Motor - Boom look for tipping - loading / unloading controlled by one micro-motor (the eletric-cable can be changed for electric trailers or additional equipment There are also some manually fuctiones / features: - Two-speed transmission with gear ratio 1 : 1 or 1 : 3 - PF-lights in front and 9V-flashing lights on the roof working when the battery-box "on" - Openable doors by the drivers-cabine - Openable doors in backside by all three containers Scale from this model is 1 : 17. There are some more pictures in my brickshelf-gallery here: http://www.brickshel...?m=swissbagger1 And also one video on my youtube-channel: Feel free for your comments Kind regards Beat Schuler (Swissbagger)
  15. emilstorm

    Mercedes ML emergency doctor

    I am going through my basement and finding all these creations. This one is from around 2012 i think. There are a bunch of things i would like to change on it. The front of it bothers me a bit. I have changed it a number of times, and now i actually like one of the old versions better. I would also like to change the wheels, I think they are a little too big, but the ones i want to put on need a different attachment, and unfortunately my time these days is limited to just posting pictures. And then there is that awful half plate gap under the rear window... And of course i need to put on the stickers i spent hours making back then, but here i am furthermore limited on patience I will post some more pictures, just don't have the patience to wait for them to be uploaded on brickshelf right now good night folks
  16. Hi guys, just finished my latest build after almost year long break from lego. It,s 8x4x4 truck inspired by Mercedes Actros. I know, another truck... But I ordered thouse weels and they seems to be great for trucks in medium scale. Features: 4x2 Drive by L motor 4x2 Steering by servo motor with different angle (great turning radius) Manual 2 speed gearbox Openable doors Liftable cabin I would like to build more trucks in this scale! Any suggestions, what to build? I was thiking cherry picker or dumper for start? I will propably also create LDD model if anyone interested? PS: Sorry for photo quality...
  17. Hi All. I want introduce You our project. It's Lego Led kit prepared to 42043 Mercedes Actros, just watch what the result is and what I will introduce: As You can see it's controlled by LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control (item no. 8885). It's supplied by Lego PF Battery Box. There are used two channels, 1ch is used for driving, lights will turn on automatic. 4ch is used to turn on and off programmed Led lights. First I will explain what is happen when you modify your model to be driving by lego PF. 1CHANNEL: When You first time move Your model the parking lights turn on automatic. 1. If You want to turn on right side You have just tu move control button right up to blinked for right. After You turn it blink 3 times and turn off automatic. For the left is, right channel down. 2. For moving forward You move left control button up, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 3. For moving backwards You move left control button down, reversing lights turn on, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 4 CHANNEL: 1. First time left control button up: Parking lights on; Second time left up: Xenon headlights on; Third time left up: Xenon headlights off; Next time: Xenon headlights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 2. First time left control button down: Beacon lights 1 program; Second time left down: Beacon lights 2 program; Third time left down: Beacon lights 3 program; Fourth time left up: Beacon lights 4 program; Fifth time left down: Beacon lights off; Next time left down: Beacon lights 1 program (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 3. First time right control button up: Hazard lights on: Second time right up: Hazard lights off; Next time: Hazard lights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 4. One time right down: ALL RESET. This is just my idea about what channel, which control button is responsible for some functions. It could be programmed differently, it depends on our mind :D It's not finished, We have to put it in small box, finish the connectors and produce some parts like PF connector. Remember it is IR so the range is not long. Sorry if I made some English Mistakes.
  18. LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr After years making prototypes of steered trailers, we, JaapTechnic and LiftingBricks, finally made it to create a system to make a semi trailer with automated steering axles. This system uses the angular displacement of the fifth wheel to steer the axles. This all happens with pure LEGO powerfunctions. In the following video you can watch this system in action. In the video are the following models presented: Nooteboom MCO 121 semi trailer Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT Volkswagen Transporter T5 escort van Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 build by LiftingBricks For the Nooteboom and Mercedes are building instructions available. The Volkswagen van will be digitalised for instructions end 2015, begin 2016. Nooteboom 8 axle semi trailer Functions: Lights 7 automatic steered axles by PF servos Length: 113cm (153cm extended) Parts: 2768 Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT Functions: Lights; front bumper and warning lights 2 steered axles by PF servo 2 driven axles by XL motor SBrick Length: 46cm Parts: 2722 Volkswagen Transporter T5 Functions: Lights; 24 LifeLites LEDs with customised circuitboard Frontwheel steering by PF servo Rear wheel driven by L motor SBrick Length: 32,5cm Parts: unknown Volkswagen Transporter T5 stuck in the sand by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr Lego volkswagen transporter t5 interior (WIP) by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr
  19. Hello :) Today I'd like to show You my new MOC. MOC built for LUGPol's contest: you must build a truck using cabin from LEGO set 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (cabin may have several changes, including color). So I decided to build flatbed recovery truck. My main goal was to build MOC for similar official LEGO sets like 42008 or 42043 it means one PF motor and mechanical and pneumatic functions, but not full PF. I think that building transfer case is more challenging than using 1 PF motor for each function. For driven I used 1 PF M motor. So I have 3 groups of function: manually, mechanical and pneumatic. Manually: lift cabin, opening doors, fake R4 engine, winch, HoG steering. Mechanical: lifting and extendible platform. Pneumatic with using airtank: extendible and lifting fork. Desing it's just liftarm construction with a lot of technic panels (34) ;) Movie how it works: And photos in my Flickr and Brickshelf gallery: , http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558907
  20. Imanol BB

    mini 42043 made in Lego City scale

    Hello all, i want to show you an smaller version of the lego technic 42043, the Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245, built in Lego City scale, this truck has various functions, the crane can move just like the technic version, and the bed can tilt, there are also 2 outriggers, the truck has full suspension in all the axles using rubber parts, i couldnt make the front grille because its too complex for a model this size (there is supposed to be an sticker), i hope you like it, any suggestion is well received. more at my brickshelf gallery
  21. G'day. Today after a couple of hard lego nights Ive entered a competition on ReBrick for a design on a Mercedes truck in the year 2045. As to the comp rules I am allowed to display it after I have submitted it in the comp which I have done. Mercedes Hybrid 850. Using two fuel types to ensure day and night running. Water for Hydrogen gas to an inline turbo 6. Electric motor for main source of power for zero emissions. The truck will still be able to go off road on dirt (here in Australia) or ice but have a heavier payload and pulling more trailers. Extended cab with a flat floor for sleeping area/office where the steering wheel folds up and seats turn around for when in driver less driving mode. Using mag-lev tech from trains incorporated to freeways the truck becomes self propelled and lighter (switch on top of cab to turn on lights).Hud display only for a cleaner cab interior. When coupled to a trailer extra solar power is accessed by the solar panel on its roof. Extra charge is created by air driven ducted turbines under each side of the cab. A drone can be deployed for a birds eye view and assist remote driving. Mirrors replaced by cameras and an active large front grill that can shut off air flow when not needed. Double wishbone front suspension and disk brakes all round and gull wing doors. Battery on one side and the water tank on the other and rolling on anti puncture tires. Playable features- *Hog steering. *Push button gull wing doors. *Full suspension. *On off driving lights. *On off Mag-lev lights. *Detacheble trailer. Here is a couple of pics Mercedes 2045 Truck by Jono Mckinlay, on Flickr Mercedes 2045 Truck by Jono Mckinlay, on Flickr Mercedes 2045 Truck by Jono Mckinlay, on Flickr
  22. Hello, I would like to present Mercedesa Arocs built for Lugpol competition ("Bulid own Mercedes Arocs with 42043 cabin"): Mercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on Flickr The model was built during 2 months - as for my building and level of complexity it is really quite fast. The model parameters (for those who do not like reading): - Electricity: 1 BBox, 1 PF Servo, 1 PF L, - Weight: 2,5kg, - Dimensions: 53 x 17 x 27 cm (lengt x width x height) Mercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on FlickrMercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on Flickr The model functions (for those who do not like reading): 1) controlled by PF Servo: - turning of 1st and 3rd axle, 2) controlled by PF L: - propulsion, - hook lift, - crane rotation, - stabilisers, - height of 3rd axle, - bottom crane arm, - middle crane arm, - upper crane arm, - rope, - R4 engine. 3) controlled manually: - switchgear box, - propulsion clutch, - switch between hook lift and tipper, - container doors, - cabin, - cabin doors. collage by Mateusz R, on Flickr collage2 by Mateusz R, on Flickr collage3 by Mateusz R, on Flickr The model description (for those who like reading): From some time I would like to build truck with configuration 6x2x4 with hook lift and crane equipment. Additionally, I would to have all functions controlled by switchgear box and propulled by one PF XL engine. During the model construction has occurred that PF XL was to big and has to be replaced by something else. I choose PF L - copes, but sometimes lack of power is visible. It is the first time that I use PF servo. In general I'm content, but delays of signal transfer are visible (especially when batteries are weak). Mercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on FlickrMercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on Flickr The model is one, big swichgear box. Everything is tight built. In general I'm glad of the model. Especially from the crane - I managed to make him fully controlled by PF L. Only disturbs wrongly selected rope - stratifies and stretches. The model has the big number of gears - I used all my supplies of z12 and z 16. 32 by Mateusz R, on FlickrMercedes Arocs by Mateusz R, on Flickr About the future of the model. For sure I will build trailer. I'm thinking about rebuilding it to model team. But for some time, because now I need take up another topics (non-Lego). Galery: Flickr BS Thank you for watching. Feel free to comment.
  23. Hi! Today i'd like to show you my version of mercedes-benz truck in 2045 Model was built for rebricks competition "Mercedes of the future" It was built by 1 month. The idea for the name "Karpaks" suggested to me by my brother which associates with strength. Functions: Remote control Opening doors with handles raising Fifth wheel rotating seats rollaway bed fake engine I'm realy happy with these photos. Thanks for watching
  24. Hi folks, today I'd like to present you my newest MOC. No, it's not a Unimog, but hey, it's a Mercedes - a G wagon with short wheel base. I already own a long version of the G wagon which uses effermans great chassis. For the new model I designed a new chassis - it's not the quality of effermans, baut it works... The G is remote controlled an uses a L motor for driving and a Servo for steering. The doors and the rear gate are openable and it has a removable hard top... Here some pictures: More info here: And a small video: Have fun... So far Pat