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  1. CorvusA

    [LEGO IDEAS] Sorcerer's Tower

    @JintaiZ @Paul Corbak @leafan Many thanks!! I just have added the first update
  2. Hi!!, this is my first LEGO IDEAS project, "Sorcerer's Tower", a beatiful and detailed tower with a workshop in the top floor, I hope find some support here, where you know how to appreciate this kind stuff (its being complicated, even being a high quality product)
  3. I present you my first LEGO IDEAS project, A detailed medieval tower with a sorcerer's workshop in the top floor. it has almost 3000 pieces and it comes with tons of textures, details and arcane stuff. It includes 4 minifigures; the sorcerer (Vladicus), the elf apprendice, a ghost and an armor. I have designed this tower having in mind not only the medieval/fantasy themes, it could fit in City as well (in Europe we have tons of this architecture in our cities). The building is modular but only the top floor is playable. Some pieces have custom patterns and I will make more in the future updates. You can find more pics and info in the LINK. Whats your opinion?
  4. Best you can do is the next: 1 - You import the LDD file on 2 - Remove the corrupted pieces 3 - Open the PartDesigner tool of (standalone program) 4 - Import on it the pieces you need from the LDraw catalogue ( you download them in .dat format) -> 5 - Export from PartDesigner to those pieces 6 - In the "Custom parts" section of you will have access to those pieces It works for me
  5. I honestly would pay 50-80€/$ for a PRO version. I dont need any exrta tool ( for those uses), I JUST WANT!! a modern LDD with all the pieces and upgraded graphics/performance... (And support for future updates as well). I dont see it so complicate and dont understand why LEGO doesnt want to give that to us, I consider myself a LEGO professional/artist and I need a good software. I wonder if we maybe started a massive petition...
  6. I have discovered that this part 65578 is available in LDraw (DAT format), can someone add it to the LDD format, please?? This is the LDraw link:
  7. Im trying to import this piece 23447 Rock piece on Studio from LDD and its impossible, its another way to get an alternative model for that piece in LDD? or maybe import it directly to the Studio part designer via format .obj .dat .ldr (the problem is that I dont know hot to get that piece in those formats)
  8. No problem. 1000 thanks for your amazing work on this.
  9. I have checked that one in LDD just now and i cant place the standard pentagonal shield tile on it
  10. Any chance to get these? 35032