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  1. Thank you so much for the new update!
  2. @Stephan Im searching the *.g file for the 79393 piece in your Github and I dont find it, there is only the *.xml file. Did you uploaded it?
  3. its OK for me having it as a normal piece (without the flexibility) so if you can add it to your Github I can manage to take it from there until you release it with the flexibility in the future. Thanks in advance
  4. @Stephan Is this piece in the coming update? 27965
  5. @Stephan When will you release the new update?, Just a thought I have no hurry, really appreciate your time and effort.
  6. @Stephan Is this the link of the new pieces in your Github??
  7. THIS. Even more funny that LEGO designers use the "pro" version of LDD.
  8. I have done it but the hand appears without the wrist bar , just the hand, I guess its because in the standard torso model the hand is not modeled completely. How can I import it from LDRAW?
  9. @stephan I know that maybe sounds a bit dumb and almost everyone hate this piece without the complete torso but...could be possible to add the hand piece??
  10. I would like that piece as well but I found out that is not even in LDRAW so I think that will be impossible (the developers of theses updates take the pieces from LDRAW if Im not wrong)
  11. Amazing!, thank you so much man for the hard work
  12. Could you add this piece please? 69858
  13. You are making and amazing work!!, the catalogue now is even better than in
  14. CorvusA

    [LEGO IDEAS] Sorcerer's Tower

    @JintaiZ @Paul Corbak @leafan Many thanks!! I just have added the first update