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  1. LoMaC

    [MOC] Nissan skyline R34

    thanks) Enjoy it) I appreciate your feedback, nice to read that you like this model. I understand your concern about exhaust system, so you can see one of the modification of this model with different exhaust system R34 mod I hope you will find it interesting
  2. This model is the next generation of my Nissan-skyline-r34. On this version I reworked many things, such as engine, interior and exterior, improved stability of the model and made it more realistic in comparison with previous version. Instruction: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-65812 Dimensions: 37.5x15x12 stud (30x14.5x9.5 cm)Functions:1. Working Steering wheel2. Openable doors3. Working V6 engine4. Openable hood5. Openable trunk6. Adjustable spoiler7. Detailed exterior and interior
  3. Thanks for your comment really appreciate it, i made few photos for you) Cool, enjoy it, instruction you can find on rebrickable via this link, thanks for mentioning this, seems i completely forget about link for instruction in the description( Thanks, i hope you it will be useful for you) Nice to hear that, enjoy it)
  4. Thanks, nice to know that you are impressed by my moc, regarding bumper - it is just because macarons don't allow to use connectors, as connector has pin whole with wide edges, and angle the same as in the connector N3 Thank you, i used Stud.io, you are right control+ are missed, but i found custom parts files and imported them into studio.
  5. Cool, enjoy it, i had in plans to build some trailer for my Broncos, but now i am trying to concentrate on other mocs)
  6. Designed model is based on my previous model Ford Bronco, but created in pickup version with fully reworked rear suspension and body (look and feel I kept as it was in previous Bronco version). During creation of this model, modular build concept is used to simplify the building process by splitting the overall process on three stages. Instruction: hereDimensions: 16 x 38 x 20 studWeight: 1100 gFunctions: Steering Control+ L motor Drive Control+ XL motor Front independent suspension Rear 3 link suspension Openable doors, hood, trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building (body can be easily detached) Quick access to the battery box for batteries replacement You can change the torque just by replacing gears in the chassis
  7. You are welcome. I hope you will get a lot of fun Thanks for such amazing feedback, really nice to hear that. I absolutely agree with you, B model option was a big advantage of Lego technic sets, i am also sad about this. It will be cool if removing of b models will increase the number of releasing sets per year
  8. Ahaha, cool joke, i didn't focus on this but now i see)) I would say i am pretty sure that this is not the last creative use of defender arches. I have one more variant of using but it is a secret, hope i will use it soon
  9. Thank you very much for such good words. Soo, it is good question, i never built digital model before the real model, i prefer real building, i think it is one of the best things in Lego that you can start prototyping something new via playing with the parts in your hands. Definitely you should have a lot of parts and a lot of types of parts, what is not often realizable. Each my model, it doesn't matter if it is alternate or normal MOC, I am starting with playing with lego parts, i am trying to replicate some known parts of the real cars like grill, lights, hood. It can take a lot of time but when i found a shape or idea, i am continue working on other models parts. Honestly, i am really quickly building my models and often i have 4-5 active projects at the same time. With the land rover alternate i had 5 active projects. On land rover moc i spent around 20-24 hours (it is around 2 weeks, because i can spent only few hours per day) for model creation and 1 week for the instruction preparation. The land Rover model i started with the grill and probably i found a shape really quickly (in few hours, i was sat and rotated the arch and remembered that MAN truck have such shape, few minutes in google and bingo here it is). Also i would like to mention that i assembled land rover set two times and after each i was trying to build alternate model and nothing. That is the reason why i suggest to everyone don't stop and try and try because the building process really specific and not always you can find what to build and more important how. Sorry that i didn't provide a detailed history in this post about my model, i am not a story taller, i hope you understand me))
  10. appreciate you feedback, nice to know that my model impressed you so much))