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Found 14 results

  1. Bricks4Ever

    Coruscant Underworld

    Hello guys ! Here is a Moc I’ve been wanting to build for a long time : Coruscant Underworld. I started this project in november and finished it in april, but then I needed some time to edit a video to give the vibe I wanted people to feel. Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr For those interested in the video, here it is :
  2. Semantic

    [MOC] Alien Train Station

    Hello everyone on! I honestly don't remember if I already registered here and posted this. :) If so, please notice me. Want to start with this old work, I made one day on vacation some years ago. Skull was based on slightly modified creation by "Choking Hazards" and train base was modified Maersk train base if I remember correctly. The rest is straight from my sick mind. :) Train is PF-motorised, with lights (particularly in skull's eyes). Other pictures under
  3. AllThatJazz

    The Dark Ages

    Growing up as a young kid Lego has always been my number one interest, I was just too crazy for those little bricks. My interest surpassed those of my classmates who seem to "grow out" of lego by 11 or 12 years old. I was 14 and still going strong. I began to explore other mediums such as brick filming and simply could not see myself giving it up. It was part of me. Now 19 going on 20, I seemed to have unintentionally walked away from my lego hobby, occupied with other interests and relationships. After all, isn't setting aside our toys just part of growing up? Or does it have to be? Despite this something refuses to allow me to sell or get rid of my lego collection. Something still pesters me from time to time, just itching to make another brick film or build a new MOC. I will find myself unintentionally watching brickfilms and MOC videos on youtube out of sheer curiosity, or something more. I understand I am in the midst of one of the most dangerous times for dark ages and I wanted to ask how you combat your dark ages, what your experiences have been like, or anything dark ages related. I hate to say I am embarrassed to continue this hobby, but as a college student the feedback I could expect to get from my peers is inevitably negative. Any and all experiences are welcome!
  4. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] The Tumbler V2

    Back in April I created my own version of the Tumbler Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy. Some people suggested that I should swap out all the gold pieces for black ones given that the gold was too much given the small scale of the model itself... fast forward about half a year later and I have finally done so and in all honesty I am in love with how it looks. I also took the opportunity to change some elements of my previous design in order to make the Batmobile much more stable. As with my previous version Batman can still fit inside cowl and all. Here are some images of the updated model, enjoy :) That's all she wrote, I hope that you enjoyed this little creation of mine, feedback is always appreciated :)
  5. The Maestro

    Braving Nocturnus

    A lone Avalonian champion attemps to brave the harsh world of Nocturnus, fighting off all kinds horrid creatures, to please his lovers father . A romantic story of sorts, which unfourtuantly comes to a rather nasty end... For the CBC - RPG category Inspired by the game "Dark Souls III" the build is not based on any location in particular but the area "The High Walls of Lothric" was probably the biggest inspiration. It also doubles as a ruin in Nocturnus. An absolute pleasure to build and would have to rank very high on my favourite builds list. Unfourtuantly I am suffering from writers block (an thing I haven't come across before), which is not great as I have a convention in 3 weeks and I have hockey tournuments on both weekends to make matters worse. So after a couple failed concepts I don't have much of a idea of what to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy and C&C welcomed
  6. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Alien in corridor

    In this scene a Xenomorph is walking through a hallway just after a kill. I worked on this project for 3 hours and it's small but very detailed and eerie. I tried to design it so when you look at it there's a bit of fear in your, even though it's "just" Lego. I hope you like my dramatic hallway scene from Alien.
  7. TheBrickBuilder14

    [MOC] Arkham Asylum Batmobile

    Ever since it made its first appearance in the video game Arkham Asylum I have been a huge fan of the Arkham verse Batmobile (so the 1st one not the tank one that was in Arkham Knight). For a long time I wanted to recreate it in Lego form and I have finally done exactly that. The Arkham-verse Batmobile as it is known was a rather small one much like the Batmobile from 1989 and as such it isn't exactly big in Lego form either. My version is as close to minifigure scale as I could get and I must say that I am rather pleased with it. I have decided to make the canopy red because in the comics the Batmobile is almost Always depicted with red windows, don't know why but I do like the effect that it provides. Anyway here are some pictures: Here is the Batmobile from the front, you can clearly see part of the engine, a custom built, high performance turbo-charged V8 engine (creating 1200bhp). A look at the turbine engine with afterburner in the rear for sudden bursts of speed. I hope you like my version of the Arkham verse Batmobile, have a nice day
  8. Chilly_Productions

    Have you ever felt judged for liking LEGO?

    I went to Argos (a UK retailer) a few months ago, when I went in and bought the Star Wars advent calendar, the woman serving me was giving me this "you're special, aren't you" kind of look, needless to say it was awkward. Whenever I buy a set, even if I'm in the recommended age range for a particular set, I still get a weird look from the cashier. I am a TFOL, and I know that AFOLs get it much worse, but AFOLs do have the advantage of other people assuming that they're buying it for their kid. Before I just bought primarily Bionicle and Star Wars, but know that I'm interested in getting Nexo Knights sets, it's gonna get worse. "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." -C. S. Lewis-
  9. Hey guys , after waiting two months to get all the parts , everything I need for my Classic Arkham Batmobile has arrived . In my mind I’m still calling this a WIP , as there still remain some changes to be made , but they are really small and subtle , so I decided to post it as it is ( and maybe post a V1.1 later ) . As I’m sure you can imagine , one of these changes is changing the colour of the two “road signs” on the roof of the car to black . Unfortunately , these parts don’t come in black , so I’ll paint them ( I don’t love the idea anymore than you do , but I think the parts fit in perfectly and they look inaccurate being grey and brown ). I am also playing with the idea of adding stickers to give the model that extra bit of accuracy , specifically on the "6005" parts in front of the rear wheels . Finally , what’s a Batmobile without Batman ? I knew , from the moment I started building this that I had to get a custom Arkham series Batman minifig to go along with it . And when I tumbled upon onlinesailin’s Arkham City Batman, I was amazed by the astonishing level of detail, the amazing resemblance to the iconic suit, everything . Thanks “onlinesailin”, for the best minifigure out there , this moc wouldn't be the same without it . Now, I’m sure you came here to see a Batmobile, not read boring details, so here are some pictures . Now let me get that explosive gel ... I really hope you liked my build , please comment your opinion and/or constructive criticism . Thanks for viewing :)
  10. Goldsmartie

    Charbodis V2: bionicle moc

    Hello! Im new here so I figured the best way to start off would be with a big Moc that I made a little while back! Charabodis is a pretty big figure, standing nearly two feet tall, the design idea was something large, dark, thin, and creepy, and I like to think I pulled it off. You can veiw the flickr album here. I will upload pictures if I can figure out how...
  11. Hello Eurobricks . This is the build I made to showcase my Batpod , as well as replicate one of my favourite scenes from "The Dark Knight" ( probably my favourite movie , along with the rest of the trilogy ) . The lamp posts (which along with the batpod are the most " tricky " parts of the build to get right ) took a while to design , as I wanted them to actually light up , and I'm not a big fan of 3d-party lighting for Lego so I had to use the PF lights . The solution came from modding the lights by removing the covering so that they get "bar" (lightsaber blade) wide , so they can fit through pins ( you can find some tutorials online but it's not necessary , you can probably figure it out by yourself ) . The lamp posts are also designed to look exactly like the ones in the film . The batpod is probably one of the best things I've ever built ( at least in my opinion ) and I think it is the very , very close to the " real thing " , at least for mining scale . I wont't talk too much about it , since there is a post just for it right here , so head there for more details about it . The "road" part of the build is simple and somewhat plain, but I like how it looks , and I believe it should be plain as it is so that it doesn't distract from the main part of the build , the two rivals . Finally , the minifigure roster includes the "Tumbler" 's Joker , as well as my custom pad printed Batman ( Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises suit ) , one of the few Lego Batmen with regular ,non-cartoony-white eyes . So , enough with the boring talk , and on with the pictures : Here is a main shot with everything . you will notice the cables leading to the lamp posts . Again , yes those are modded PF lights and do actually light up , which is barely visible on these photos , as the light they produce is nothing in comparison to the flash of the camera used . A shot of the Dark Knight running full speed for Joker , considering breaking his "one rule" . Here is the lamp post again , sorry if the shadow is a bit distracting , I tried many things to avoid a shadow that can be confused with the build , but with no success . The cables go to the back of the lamp post , and are held there by a 1x1 brick with hole . The go all the way till the pavement , and there again they are held under it with another 1x1 brick with hole . Here is the Joker , equipped with a brickarms weapon ( I can't remember the exact model ) . He is , in my opinion , the best minifigure TLG has ever produced for the Superheroes Line , he looks just like he does ain the movie , and really stands out next to any minifigure . An above shot from Batman's POV , as he heads straight for the Joker . You can get a good perspective view of the whole thing here ( except from the street lights ) . The "set" , without the minifigs and batpod . Joker stands on the stud to the right , while Bats' bike just stands on its own ( it's kinda unstable but not too much ) . Also you can see the cables coming out from under the pavement . A final shot of Bats heading straight from the camera . Thank you all guys for viewing I hope you liked it . Please leave a comment , I want to hear as many opinions and suggestions as you guys can come up with . The Caped Crusader
  12. ultron32

    [MOC] Chibi Dark Aster

    Chibi Dark Aster by Ultron32, on Flickr Based on Ronan the Accuser's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy, here is one of my entries for The Brother's Brick's Chibi Vehicle Contest: Comments appreciated! :)
  13. Louie le Brickvalier


  14. Legonardo

    !n the dark of Augmar

    The dark of Augmar is stuff out of childrens ghost stories, the places that kids get dared to go and are threatened with as punishments for wrongs. Liliandra has found it the best place to settle, very quiet and away from everything apart from the nature. different nature to what most would fancy. the old druid is about to get a visitor. Gladia, asking for her daughter, Brianas hand... well here I am, haven't been building much, haven't had the time and ive had my lego packed up anyway but heres something :) enjoy!