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Found 9 results

  1. Well the teardown of my Koenigsegg Regera is done, instructions are being tested and video is released. Huge thanks to my brother Lachlan Cameron for your amazing teardown photos and killer video edit. Thanks to Justin Wong for being the Guinea pig for the build and your patch notes along the way. Hey all, soo it's been a very long while since I've posted anything. Probably over two years now, however I have been busy in my spare time. For over two years now I've been working on the Koenigsegg Regera. By far my most challenging build to date, especially considering I've been working on Both and HOG and an RC at the same time. The HOG will be Dark Azure/Black centre with White accents and interior. So may I present to you the Regera, it's still a work in progress but everything is pretty well there. It's missing seats, stickers and a few things need adjusting but for the most part it's all there. This car will be on display at the Bricks in the Six Lego convention this weekend so I thought I'd share some early pictures before ones get taken and shared from the show. As always there will be a Video and instructions to follow. But first I need to get the HOG model finished as well. Either way here's some pictures a list of functions. The drivetrain is simple, on the RC it's just drive and steer, no gearbox as the real car is direct drive. 4 L motors for drive and one servo for steering, with a fake V8 in the back, the suspension is where it starts to get interesting, the rear is triplex suspension, unequal length control arms, with integrated sway bar like the real thing, the front is also unequal length suspension, cantalievered with torsion bar and sway bar, the front also raises and lowers a stud and when raising up flaps under the front valance deploy and tuck back up when the car lowers back down. The interior the seats slide and recline, the steering moves up and down in the centre console there's a lever which is a brand new concept which allows you to switch between opening, the left door, the right door, or both doors at the same time. Now when you're opening those doors which are Synchro dihedral the mirrors will fold in as the doors open out and upwards just like the real car. The front and rear clam shells will open as well and there's a lever in the back which will allow you to open the front, the back or both at the same time. On the rear clamshell is the rear wing which is on a cam that raises upward and outward and raises out of the back. The roof is removable like the real car, and can store underneath the front clamshell while still leaving enough room for a tote bag. There's also a manual and an RC model the manual model has two gears the dash the first is to open the doors, and the other to steer. The RC model has drive and steering that's hooked up to the fake V8, the doors and the clam shells are also motorized being able to switch between the front and rear or both at the same time. It also has LED lights front and rear. So overall this is a very in-depth detailed and accurate model in sense of functions.
  2. Hello everyone, Let me introduce ma latest creation, a Jannarelly Design 1 at 1:9 scale. Jannarelly is a French car manufacturer based on Dubaï : We feel a lot of Cobra Shelby or Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa design inspiration. It is a Neo-retro style : New materials on old shape ! SPECIFICATIONS : - Dimensions in cm (L x l x h) : 44 x 20 x 12 - Dimensions in studs (L x l x h) : 54 x 25 x 18 - Ground clearance: 1,3 studs - Weight : 1,3kg - 2 000 parts FEATURES : - 5+R gearbox - HOG (at the back) + working steering wheel - Openable cockpit canopy - Transverse V6 engine - Independant suspensions - Front axle: Ackerman steering, caster angle, steering radius : 55cm - Openable doors, front trunk and engine cover - And a cool stripe ! On picture below we can see elementary features : The HOG is connected to a gear reduction 8t/24t to enhance wheels rotation. Front axle has a positive caster angle. I re-use @T Lego one from La Ferrari : The cockpit canopy can rotate to see interior details and give a better access to gearbox lever : The gearbox is a 5+R architecture like Shelby @Sheepo : The main column is taken from @Charbel Volcano RS design. Ratios are : R - 1:134 1 - 2.1:1 2 - 1.67:1 3 - 1:1 4 - 1:1.33 5 - 1:1.667 Back 3D view below : Each driving ring (middle, left and right) has its own linkage (pink, green, blue). There is no "no back" system like @Gray Gear or NK03 gearbox design because too big to fit in. INSPIRATIONS : Nico71 : Jeroen Ottens : Ottens/alfa-romeo-4c-spider/#comments T-Lego : Charbel : CONCLUSION : It was a real pleasure to work on this car : design working and features implement were a good challenge ! HD photos on this link : Thanks for reading, I hope you will appreciate this creation ! See you !
  3. Instruction can be downloaded here. After second version of the Ford Bronco I decided to build another pickup from Ford, really love powerful truck with double rear wheels and also I wondered to use handlebars as part of the front grill and now you can see how this part is used in the model.As usually I am trying to follow some rules regarding the building process, therefore in this model I also used modular building, to simplify the process model is split by 4 steps.Dimensions: 18.5 x 46 x 15 studsWeight: 952 gFunctions: HoG (detachable) Working steering wheel in the cab Working V8 engine Openable all doors, hood and trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building
  4. Dimensions: 29.5 x 49 x 30 studsWeight: 1524 g Instruction: download here To see all my ongoing projects follow me on instagram @anton.kablash Functions: 0. In the model i kept original chassis with improvements and adjustments HoG 4-speed sequential gearbox All wheel drive with 3 differentials Independent suspension on both axles Working detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine Working steering wheel in the cab Openable doors, hood The driver's cab can be tilted for access to a detailed V6 engine Working doors locks Detailed exterior and interior
  5. Designed model is based on the Ford Bronco revealed in 2020. During creation of this model, modular build concept is used to simplify the building process by splitting the overall process on three stages. Follow me on Instagram @anton.kablash Instruction you can download here: Ford Bronco InstructionDimensions: 16 x 38 x 19 studWeight: 738 gFunctions: HoG (detachable) Working steering wheel in the cab Front independent suspension Rear 3 link suspension Working engine Openable doors, hood, trunk Detailed exterior and interior Adjustable seats Modular building More photos in the Ford Bronco Album
  6. As the title suggests, I am making an LMP1 car, my second during this month. As a fellow EuroBricks member has pointed out, April seems to be the month of LM cars. It is not based on any real car and it completely HOG. It has a working model inline 4 engine with rear wheel drive and full independent suspension. It has spring loaded Gull-wing doors. Here is a close up of the mechanism. Model engine. Working steering wheel, and progressive shift lights. For wheels, it uses two 62.4 x 20 s wheels joined together to form a wide tire. IT IS NOT YET COMPLETED! what do you guys think of it?
  7. This is my first topic so sorry if it is not perfect. Sorry for the pics but I don't know how to post them directly. Back in March (I think) I made this red red super car. I made the chassis first but it was not extremely strong, but I ignored that and built the body on top of it. I started with the front hood first and I managed to make it detachable, then I made the rest of the body but making it detachable was too big of a hassle. The front was not inspired by anything in particular but the angle reminds me of a Lamborghini Countach, and the rear was inspired by a Gallardo. Of course in Lego tradition it was mainly red. It has HOG steering and a working model V8 mounted at the front of the car. It has full double wishbone independent suspension and RWD. The front: Front, side view: Side view: Front without cover: Inside: This car has been destroyed, so no video. Thanks, Epic Technic
  8. Hi all! This is my first idea/entry for the mini contest. It's a supercar with the color variation of classic technic sets. First I make it in LDD to see the parts count, now it's exactly 200. Two 1x4 red plate is missing from the LDD model, they connect the 11 and 15 L liftarms. They will also give the rigidity of the body. I tried to put in all of the regular supercar functions: - independent suspension (front&rear) - steering with working steering wheel - two speed gearbox - rear wheel drive - V6 fake engine There are some more little features. The front suspension's bottom swingarm is longer than the upper one, this means more reality in the front axle. The gearbox is linear, the two dkblgray pulleys are responsible for extension in the drive line. They look like clutch plates in real cars. The suspension works with original Lego rubber bands. It's nearly finished, but maybe some improvements (like instrument panel decal) will be done in the next weeks: More pictures, video, part list is coming soon.
  9. 8448 is a great supercar but it has two drawback: a) suspension is too soft b) no HOG which is really bad for the gullwing version because it is really hard to steer even for children well, drawback a) is very simple to fix: just replace the original shock absorbers with the hard spings (e.g. from 8458 silver champion, Part 731c04 at bricklink - quite cheap) - works very well and the suspension is now exactly right, not too stiff, not too soft Here comes a simple MOD for the lack of a HOG: it does not violate the modularity of the model, i.e. you can build this new HOG-drivetrain just into the chassis and then add all the other stuff as rear and front suspension, gearbox, engine etc as described in the official building instructions...also adding the mini 9V motor as described in the BI is still possible. And after applying all the red panels the additional gray gears are well covered so the beautiful look is not disturbed... and i'm sure everyone of you has the skills to apply the HOG an base of this modification ;-) For the convertible version there is nothing to add: in this case no HOG is needed because you can steer with the steering wheel and the new HOG-preparation is just driven without using it - works like a charm... In this brickshelf folder http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=540020 you can find some zoom pictures.... BTW: IMHO there is no other good way to apply a HOG because a HOG-drivetrain below the gearbox would reduce the ground clearance too much and beside the gearbox (as with 8880 e.g.) there is really no place cause of the design of the 8448-gearbox... anyway... maybe you find this useful if you are a fan of this old beauty or if you have kids who wants to play with the gullwing...