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Found 21 results

  1. I was just on the 'Everything we know so far' page for 2021, which I check regularly, and realised that despite I having known about both these sets for at least a month, I've seen almost no discussion of them Eurobricks. If there has been, can a mod please merge or delete this post. Just for the details: 10280 Flower Bouquet 756 pieces US$49.99 / EUR49.99 / £44.99 10281 Bonsai 878 pieces US$49.99 / EUR49.99 / £44.99 These are the first two unbranded small 18+ sets. The PPP seems pretty good. 10281 is listed on Brickset now, but with no info. 10280 is not. Interestingly, 10281 has been put under 'Sculptures' - the fourth in this category, after Statue of Liberty, LEGO Minifigure, and LEGO Dragon (all released 20 years previously). Both sets are scheduled for release January 2021. A leaked image of the Bonsai was posted on Instagram today, probably resulting in Brickset adding it to their inventory. What do you think of these sets? Is the small size a good thing? Do you see many more being released in the future? If so, what? Discuss below.
  2. 10283 is a listed set on this site. I saw a similar mention of the same set on Instagram recently. The info has also come from The given information is: 10283 Space Set? US$199.99? July 2021? The recent expert-style sets (Creator Expert/Ideas/18+) have been: 2010: 10213 Shuttle Adventure (Creator Expert) 2011: 10231 Shuttle Expedition (Creator Expert (Rerelease of 10213) 2014: 21104 Curiosity Rover (IDEAS) 2017: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (IDEAS) 2017: 21312 Women of NASA (IDEAS) 2019: 21321 International Space Station (IDEAS) 2019: 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (Creator Expert) 2020: 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V (IDEAS) (Rerelease of 21309) So... 2021: 10283 ????????????????? (Creator Expert / 18 Plus) Discuss below.
  3. I noticed recently that there's been no topic for future landmark buildings (mods please merge/delete if I'm wrong) so I thought I'd better make one. There have been 6 landmark building sets made by TLG so far: 3450 Statue of Liberty (2000) 10181 Eiffel Tower (2007) 10189 Taj Mahal (2008) 10214 Tower Bridge (2010) 10234 Sydney Opera House (2013) 10253 Big Ben (2016) The Statue of Liberty is technically not part of this line but of the 'Sculptures' line that also includes 3723 LEGO Mini-Figure and 3724 LEGO Dragon, but I have included it here as the only Creator Expert set not officially of the 'Buildings' line that is a building known worldwide. The Taj Mahal was rereleased in 2018 as 10256. But the big question is.... what next? The building has to be something that can be sold and recognised globally, and would be a very large set (the smallest so far is the Statue of Liberty with 2882 pieces). It would also probably need to be something of architectural interest - not just a big glass skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa falls into this category). Towers are possible, but as the last one was a tower, I think it's unlikely. 10253 also had a large extension to the side which made it far more interesting. If you ignore the Taj Mahal entirely (or at least the rerelease) there have been buildings in 2007, 10, 13, and 16, so it would make sense to have one in 2019. The Taj Mahal rerelease is now the only one available, as Big Ben and Tower Bridge have both just been retired from LEGO’s range. It would therefore make sense to have one this year, with no others available apart from the Taj Mahal. So what is it? Share your thoughts in the comments below - but please no 'I want' or similar.
  4. (Putting this together rather hastily) There has been very brief mention in the Creator thread of a new 18+ Titanic model for 2021, rumours having been leaked in the last 24 hours. Considering that the last ship LEGO made in an expert style was the Maersk one, which I missed, I'm particularly excited about this one. Thanks to @VanIslandLego for this one. No other info is known. Discuss below.
  5. did a bunch of these over the summer; the image hyperlinks to flickr if you want to see more photos Or You Can Just Follow My Insta Or look below They've all been built irl trust me
  6. Klaus-Dieter

    Seasonal 2021

    Hello everybody! Since I couldn't find any other topic about this theme, let's discuss this year's seasonal sets here. Here is what is known so far - apart from the Chinese New Year sets: 40462 Valentine’s Brown Bear - 14,99 Euros - already available via S@H 40417 Year of the Ox - GWP (with 85 Euros) ? - mid January? 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute - GWP (with 150 Euros) ? - late February til early March? 40463 Iconic Easter Bunny - 14,99 Euros - March? 30579 Easter Chick - GWP (with 55 Euros) ? - mid March? What are your thoughts?
  7. Hello Lamborghini and Speed Champions fans, The Lamborghini Countach 2021: the supercar is reborn 50 years after the 1970s original. It is futuristic while also paying homage to the legendary 1971 design. The engine, a 12-cylinder hybrid with a staggering 769bhp, growls in a way only a 12 cylinder can do, while an electric motor adds another 34bhp to the output: a glimpse into the future of hybrid and fully electric Lamborghinis. Building instructions are available on the following link: ( 20% off coupon on the first week: COUNTACH-FIRSTWEEK :) ) It is a studless model in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. I have minimized the use of stickers to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds, therefore only two ones are used: the Lamborghini logo and a solid black one for the narrow front grill. My intent was to keep the width-length-height ratio of the real car and this size makes it possible. I wanted to build the model as accurate as possible in this small scale, therefore it contains lots of details: for example the side grills, the front ligths, the front grills, the side view mirrors, the exhaust details etc... Maybe the most challenging one was the emblematic polygonal side opening. I tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used. The model has space for one minifigure. I suggest to use small or middle sized hair. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Countach 2021 - Instructions 1 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 2 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 3 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 4 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 5 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 6 by László Torma, on Flickr Countach 2021 - Instructions 7 by László Torma, on Flickr
  8. Hi all, since it's now published on Brick Model Railroader group, I can finally present also here in EuroBricks my second entry, this time in "MOW vehicle" section: You already know it from the WIP thread - it's a small little patchwork of two Fiat 600T/850T vans and a FIAT 500 499,5cc (21HP) motor. Here's the full story! And here's some bonus content!!! Presentation for Octrainber ends here , but there are some other photos: Transmission is on only one axle, as in the prototype, and it's using (again!!! ) the twisted rubber band transmission. The battery is a 200Mah Li-Po, connected to a small circuit in order to charge-discharge and manage the output to the motor. It can be recharged with an USB Adapter (in this case a serial to USB adapted I had at home). And two videos, showing the rubber band transmission and a small track with the 500 in action! I hope you like it! Ciao! Davide P.S. for reference! For more information, please refer to this site (it can be translated) and to this video, showing a restoration of the Fiat 500 Draisina - which inspired the Giovanni and Giorgio story (Italian only, sorry, maybe it can work with subtitles)
  9. As part of Revember, I'm taking a look at a set from a line that hardly anyone seems to talk and/or care about here on Eurobricks (this one's obviously not for the stats). Some people somewhere must care about these sets though, since LEGO is in the money-making business, not the "niche products nobody wants" business. Join me as I dive into... SET INFORMATION Number: 43181 Name: Raya and the Heart Palace Theme: Disney Released: 2021 Part Count: 610 Minifiguresdolls: 2 Set Price (RRP): 79.99 - 89.99 EUR / 74.99 GBP / 119.99 AUD / 79.99 USD / 99.99 CAD Links: Brickset, Bricklink INTRODUCTION As I mentioned up top, the Disney Minidoll line (and most Minidoll sets, honestly) go oft-overlooked in our slice of the internet AFOL community, though I don't see a tremendous amount of coverage or discussion of them on the other AFOL sites I read either. But for me, a lover of eye-catching, colourful designs and unique parts, the Disney sets based on recent films provide some of the most displayable and special location-based playsets that LEGO puts out. All that makes it sound like I'm a voracious purchaser of LEGO Disney, but to be totally honest this is only the second set from the line that I own - the first being the previous time I requested to review one, 41068 Arendelle Castle Celebration way back in 2015. That's partially because the playsets they make that are NOT based on new films haven't been all that impressive to me, nothing in the intervening years based on Moana or Frozen II truly caught my eye, and my LEGO budget is still more concentrated on Harry Potter, Star Wars, and buying parts and minifigures. Still, I requested to review this set for the same reason as I requested the Frozen one six years ago: a unique, impressive-looking location set, cool parts, and bright colours. THE FILM At the time of writing this review, I have not seen Raya and the Last Dragon, nor watched any trailers, so I really know next to nothing about the story, location, or characters presented in this set. Through that lens, I will see if the details make sense or if there's anything I feel like I'm obviously missing, which might provide some fun. It also means I'll be judging the set just as a set, and not against the source material. I intend to watch the film after writing this review, and make a follow-up section or post on how the set achieves whatever it's going for. THE BOX The box doesn't let an uninitiated consumer like me in on any plot secrets. Namaari seems to be waving some swords, while looking at her (magical?) purple pet fox, as Raya arrives to the Heart Palace on a giant slug-armadillo - let's call it a slugadillo, coining it now. The back provides a tour through the set's moveable parts, features and hiding spaces. I especially appreciate the LEGO-fication of the same Raya picture as the front of the box. THE PARTS & THE BUILD Five colour-filled numbered bags greet us out of the box, along with an un-numbered bag containing the big parts used on the dome, the slugadillo, and the grey disc part which is no bigger than some of the parts that do come in the numbered bags. The instructions and sticker sheet come nicely packed in their own bag to avoid crumpleage (coining that word now too). This set has the fewest black or grey parts I can recall seeing in a set of this size - just five black and one grey - and it shows here. Pretty much every single patterned detail, besides the dome and randomly one 2x3 tile, uses a sticker. There's no use crying about it. There IS use crying about the sticker that goes on the 8x8 round tile though. I was used to that part being printed when it has a pattern, but Bricklink proves me wrong. I'm still annoyed that's not a print anyway, but at least it isn't four independent stickers applied to the one part. 1996 was a weird time. BAG 1 The first bag contains a lot of basic bricks and plates to kick off the base of the palace, plus the parts to make the saddle for Raya's slugadillo. In contrast to the trend of sprinkling figures throughout the build in minifigure sets, both minidolls come in this bag, along with the purple fox. The basic bricks in medium azure turn out to be a lot more common than I thought they would be, but the hinge parts are exclusive to this set in that colour. They remind me of Alien Conquest, though only the minifigures in that theme used medium azure. Upon completion, we get a long base hinged into multiple section plus the figures which I'll look at closely later. BAG 2 Bag 2 brings a lot more large parts, including the 4x5 panels with window exclusively in blue, and the cylinders with handle in teal that come in just three sets. You can also see the printed tile, which again I'll talk more about later. The palace now has some rooms and an elaborate throne, but is still looking more like a wall than a palace. Note the low number of leftover parts. BAG 3 More medium azure and teal here, including those 4x4 dishes that were created for the Vidiyo Beat Boxes. RIP. Our wall has some minarets now! I noticed the window sandwiched by double-cheese slopes is the same build used in the recent Chamber of Secrets, though the Vidiyo dish caps it off much more nicely than the weird thing with clips that the Chamber designer went for. They have different looks trying to be achieved though, of course. BAG 4 Woah, this is different! Suddenly lots more colours, and lots of tiny parts. One of those big Mario plates has crept out of the Mario theme for the second time (a reddish brown example did it first last year), which is nice to see, plus we get the classic Adventurers crate in dark red for only the second time. You could call this bag the detailing bag, because it has put a lot of life into the palace by way of small details. Look how many spare parts there are! BAG 5 Bag 5 feels much lighter, with parts to finish things off on the front of the palace. Notable parts include the 4x4 Mario plate in white that's been in just four sets, and the opalescent fishbowl helmet, also in four sets currently. Voila, our palace is complete - annoying sticker on 8x8 tile and all (minus one pearl gold spike I must have knocked off). I should note that those four lanterns are an intriguing build - I haven't seen an official build before requiring plates stacked at a particular angle from each other. THE MINIDOLLS Much like fleshies, stickers, the changes to the greys and brown, etc. etc., minidolls are here to stay, so there's no use raging about them if you don't like them. I'm happy to complain about the quantity of them included in sets, though. Now again I haven't seen the film, so I can't say for sure if the Heart Palace is a lively, thriving place, or a desolate palace in a remote location that only Raya and Namaari visit, but just two figures feels like not enough for an $80 USD set. From LEGO's perspective, I get it - minidolls have a lot of work put into them, and are surely more expensive to produce than minifigures, but from the consumer side it's more fun to have more figures and we don't necessarily "feel" LEGO's costs. Let's talk about how deluxe these figures are, though. Both have unique headgear designed for them, extremely fine detail, and a fair bit of personality, especially Namaari (the one without the hat, if you didn't know). Raya's face looks a bit more bland. Both figures use the same pants part, but it looks totally different given Namaari's "hips" being a different colour and her having silver boots painted on. Her foxy friend looks a bit strange though, with all that gold and tusks. Is the fox actually a boar in disguise, or vice versa? I've removed the headgear and cape for a better look at the details. Namaari has asymmetrically printed shaved hair on her head, to work in conjunction with her hair piece. Raya's torso looks exceptionally good, and this is the only set where she wears a cape and brown shoes. She's got bare feet in the other sets, for some reason. Perhaps her booting up to get serious is a big sequence in the film, I don't know. More excellent detail from the back. While Raya's hat/hair includes a pin hole for accessorizing as is standard with minidoll hairpieces, it's thankfully inobtrusive. Unlike most minidoll sets which eschew direct conflict, this set contains a few *gasp* weapons! Raya's unique sword looks nice in shaping, but is reminiscent of those creepy old Ewoks and Gungans and original Dobby that lacked painted detail and desperately needed them. Look at the front of the box and you'll see that only the handle should be green, while the blade should be metallic. It's odd because the sword already seems dual-moulded, with a solid handle and more flexible blade, so they could've at least gone with a sand green handle and flat silver blade, if not printing for the inlaid gem as well. They almost got there, but stopped short. In case you're wondering, the hairpieces work perfectly well on minifigures. I've seen plenty of people using Namaari's hair for Cara Dune from The Mandalorian, although I don't know where all those people are getting the hair piece, because I haven't seen it on Bricks & Pieces and it hasn't been very available on Bricklink (though somebody sold 93 in one go, what the heck!). And if you ever wanted to see a whole lot of Raya's cone hat on minifigures, check out Megbricks' picture. Good stuff. THE SLUGADILLO The Raya sets really include a lot of unique moulded elements. I have counted nine in total across the three sets (two hairpieces, three Ongi monkey things, this slugadillo, Raya's sword, and two parts for the Sisu dragon's head and mouth), which strikes me as a lot for a line of three sets. This guy is no small fry either. It's moulded with lots of excellent detail, while not being too detailed to the point of feeling out of place with LEGO. The face printing and little toes are exceptionally cute. All in all it bodes well for a LEGO Appa, if they ever get another shot at Avatar: The Last Airbender (please, LEGO!). The little build for Raya's saddle also looks quite cute, with perhaps a sort of rolled up blanket and a sack of food. The parts down the side represent a bridle, I suppose? And just for the heck of it, one more picture of everything in the set besides the palace itself. These are some truly fun things to play around with, and all done to a very high level of quality besides the somewhat lacking sword. THE PALACE OVERVIEW With the side dishes out of the way, let's move on to the main course: the eponymous Heart Palace. At a glance, it looks stunning. The various blues, white and gold coalesce into a model with a lot of shelf appeal. The bulbous dome stands out (the second use of that part, after Trolls World Tour), towering over the rest of the set. You can also glimpse a click hinge at the front, underneath the stickered dish. That's for adding an entranceway, included in 43184 Raya and the Sisu Dragon. Does that mean that this courtyard is technically inside the Heart Palace, and enclosed all around? Not sure, but as it is without that set the whole palace feels light and airy with no true exterior to enclose it. Like we saw in the build, the "interior" side also has a fair bit of detail and looks good as well. Let's take a tour... THE GRAND TOUR We begin in the central courtyard. I whinged about this being a sticker, but regardless it looks great. I also appreciate any set that takes up a larger footprint than its physical LEGO parts, because more space feels like more value for play and display than a densely packed but smaller model. Before I take you "inside" around the semicircle, we'll look at the sections most visible from the outside. In the centre we have an exquisite throne, which you might think is only playable from the courtyard side but in fact folds down into a relaxing daybed. What luxury. Moving over we have a section with a revolving platform, that includes the2x3 tile with a printed map that resembles the Sisu Dragon with a bunch of yellow labels. So is the Heart Palace where Raya goes for a map to find the Last Dragon? Honestly, I have no idea why this part is printed. I guess LEGO has a habit of printing maps. One last stop before the "internal" rooms: the front most rounded panels open up for spots to store Namaari and Raya's weapons while they're grabbing a bite to eat in the banquet hall. Now working our way around from left to right, the first room contains just enough space for the decorative crate, which contains a whole lot of diamonds. I'm getting more Adventurers vibes from those. Next is the banquet hall, which contains some fun micro builds like those wooden cups of water and built up food. It all looks very healthy. A couple of slight problems with this room bug me, but probably wouldn't bug a kid playing with it. For one, given the table's construction and minidoll proportions, the figures sit so low that the table winds up at chest height and the stuff on the table towers above them. Second, since minidoll feet take up more space than just two studs and can't separate, they can only be placed abutting with the table. All in all a great looking room that doesn't interact with figures as well as I'd like. Flipping past the throne room we come to the other larger room, which contains the rotating platform and some kind of zen tree with a tea-preparation station? The tree cleverly makes use of the new-ish coral piece in the coral colour. That looks fantastical, but then again the whole set looks like fantasy. Usable floor space becomes an issue once again in this room: you actually can't place minidolls ANYWHERE if you want the platform to turn. It looks like there should be plenty of space for figures, but I tried, and no dice. If you leave the platform static it's fine, but you'd assume you could both pose figures and turn the platform without issue. The final room has what looks like an apothecary, and only has studs for figures to stand on one side of the table. It's... fine. We have the dome section left to explore, containing a very spacious bedroom making great use of the Mario plate as a base. There's loads of space on the bed, a cute little reading lamp and one more of those decorative three-toned paper lanterns hanging above. Cute stickered portraits adorn the walls, though they intriguingly look like actual cartoon characters and aren't LEGO-fied. One shows the three Ongi from 43185 Boun's (Extremely Overpriced) Boat with a character I don't recognise, while the other shows Boun himself with Slugadillo. So, who lives here? Are these Raya's pictures, showing past adventures? To show just how much space there is on the bed, I've positioned Namaari and her fox-boar friend comfortably, with Raya climbing up by way of those bar pieces that serve no other purpose. The whole dome spins loosely, which can be taken as a play feature. If you wanted to see what the Heart Palace looks like with the bedroom facing out, here you go. For display this doesn't make much sense, but could be fun for a kid playing around. Show up to the Heart Palace and jump straight into the bedroom, why not. SUMMARY & CONCLUSION As a disclaimer upon disclaimers, though I requested to review this set because it looked cool to me, and there's the suspected subconscious bias that receiving a set for free will colour one's opinions, I really would've had no qualms lambasting it had I found it extremely lacking. Just look at my review of 76387 Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter - I received that set for free to review and thoroughly walloped it. If you've managed to read through my whole review, you'll be able to tell that I feel pretty warmly towards this set. It looks great, it takes up a good amount of space once built because it has plenty of larger panels and creates empty space within itself, and it has lots to offer in the way of unique or rare colours of parts, including the slugadillo which is unlikely to ever be seen again. The design isn't perfect: most of the interior rooms are limited, including the larger ones, and even without having seen the film it's kind of obvious that the Heart Palace has been miniaturized, given the unusable windows especially. Still, for kids I think it would be a fun set to play with, and for adults it's either a unique model to display or a good parts pack. Bring on an Agrabah Palace done to this level, I say! SCORE How do I rate this set? 8 MINIDOLLS The two included are fantastic, some of the best I've ever seen, but there should have been at least one more for a set this size. 10 PIECES Amazing selection and lots of exclusive or rare parts. 9 DESIGN The Heart Palace looks great, with a good mixture of big parts to build it up and small ones for fine detail. Only the interior rooms have some design faults, which are not detrimental. 8 PLAYABILITY Overall there's a fair amount of space for play, and a couple of built-in features like the spinning platform and dome. Less figures make for less playability though, and the problems in the banquet hall and rotating platform room could annoy some other people. 7 PRICE Given there are only 610 pieces for $80 USD, the set doesn't feel as overpriced as one might expect. The palace is relatively large thanks to the larger pieces used and the shape employing empty space in the courtyard, and our friend slugadillo adds value. Still, ten units of currency less wherever you are would sit better. 8.4 OVERALL - An excellent set with a few flaws, and an easy buy at a slight discount. Until next time...
  10. Just so you know the lingo, SHIP = "Seriously Huge Investment in Parts" (or, a large spacecraft over 100 studs long). Usually built in September as part of a month long building spree. (it's more like a mad dash, really) The month usually involves a digital poster created at the end for all participants who took the correctly facing pictures and followed the rules. Join the new SHIPtember group here. They also have a discord going created by Simon Liu but I don't have link for that. Anyway, I designed a MOC in early 2017, as seen here that later became a Classic Space version with a very long body called "Project Upsilon". I have decided to tear apart the original orange vessel linked to above that proceeded the CS project I built for SHIPtember 2018 and expand upon it with features from the Upsilon design... which was recreated for the new orange colony ship I'm posting about due to the Upsilon file being lost. …If that's not confusing enough, it was all based on a 2016 MOC by @dr_spock as seen here. Now that you head is probably spinning so fast it's probably nearing escape velocity, here is the lowdown on this ship's lore: This is the "Separation Anxiety", one of four Nexus Force colony ships for cryo-frozen colonists headed for the Andromeda Galaxy at full 9.0 warp from Beta Polaris. The bridge crew is still awake, and will be for the whole journey due to a small time-stasis field enveloping the bridge only. Why do that for them and not the passengers, you ask? Simple: the ships' on-board power is fully devoted to colonist life support and engine thrust only. (They couldn't power the time field even at full power!) The eight large arrays on either side of the ship power the field, and can draw energy from the microwave background radiation present all over the universe since the Big Bang.... endless power drawn from the Universe itself, so to speak. NOTES: A removable cockpit roof is standard here, although the colonists area is empty and unopen-able. This should be finished IRL by October 1st, at which point it will be added to the "SHIP's: WIPs and Discussion" group 2021 thread for use in the poster. (hopefully it will exist this year!) The nose features the bridge crew area, with a single weapon attached to the very front. This was actually an advanced heat dispenser for the microwave arrays that can be quickly re-calibrated to cut through dura-steel up to a 30 feet thick like butter.. and anything organic nearby cooks thoroughly or is incinerated to ash from the radiation as well. (depending on distance from beam impact) This weapon has never been tested to full power, as it might destroy the ship in the process. The two extremely high-power Nuclear-fusion engines get the ship going in a hurry. They are capable of Warp 9 - which is just barely sub-light speed - but require half a solar system's length to slow down to atmospheric-entry speed. (You really don't want to incinerate the planet's crust your are trying colonize with your engine's high-energy backwash!) Parts left to find after doing a cursory check of the pervious IRL model. All in all it should cost $65 (before shipping) according to BrickLink's wanted list feature a it stands right now. I'm not entirely sure I trust that number 100%, but it should be somewhere in that general ballpark. Comments are welcome from everyone!
  11. Klaus-Dieter

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Hello everybody! ? A list for the Winter 2021 Friends sets appeared on the usual place: 41444 Organic Cafe (30 dollars), 41447 Park (40 dollars), 41448 Cinema (50 dollars), 41449 Andrea's House (70 dollars) and 41450 Shopping Mall (100 dollars) could be interesting if the buildings were (minimum) two floors tall, had decent sidewalls and if the colors weren't too extremely girlish, don't you think?
  12. Thanks to LEGO, we have four of the new for June 2021 Harry Potter sets, and I have the pleasure of reviewing them. Without further ado, let's kick off with the biggest and most intriguing... 76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets | 2021 | 1176 Pieces | 10 + 1 Minifigures USD $130 | GBP 130 | EUR 140 (variable) | CAD 170 | AUS$ 230 __________________________ LEGO has departed from the style of Hogwarts sets it produced from 2018 through 2020, which prioritised reproducing recognisable sections of Hogwarts from the film. The new June 2021 Hogwarts represents a soft reboot, prioritising modularity and interior spaces, while the exterior harkens back to the very first type of Hogwarts sets released for the first two films in 2001 and 2002. Fan chatter has certainly been mixed, but I'm going in with an open mind. Will this set succeed? And, will it still combine with the older ones if you have them? Join me to find out. __________________________ THE BUILD & PARTS Bag 1 Bag 1 kicks off with one of the best minifigures in a set of good minifigures, as well as the new and exciting Basilisk. The actual Hogwarts section is nothing to write home about. The Basilisk looks fantastic, making great use of the already-existing lower jaw with a brand new head. While it feels a touch small, the shaping and mean-ness are there - an improvement on the fun original one, and the "one" from the 2018 Great Hall doesn't even bear mentioning. It's also great to get the CMF Sword of Gryffindor. Bag 2 Bag 2 includes yet more new goodies, in the form of the Cornish Pixies and the new candlesticks piece which will be used for Beauty and the Beast's Lumiere later. Note the first of many, many frogs included in this set. Though it's not visible in this pic, Bag 2 also contains a brick 1x2 with two studs on the side in light flesh/nougat. That colour is starting to be used more outside of minifigures, but still a surprise, and the only one of them in the set. I had to whip out the macro lens for a glam shot of those Pixies. The shine down the middle and go translucent at the edges - glorious! Bag 3 Bag 3 contains those lovely rounded bay windows that fit the old square grills. I didn't mention yet that the random chocolate frog card (tiles) are sprinkled throughout the build rather than being in a single bag. Bag 4 Bag 4 builds up the Great Hall. Nothing extraordinary here, though the spread-wing owl in pearl gold is a fun part. This Dumbledore represents another example of recent CMF prints being reused in sets, as the face is the same one that was previously exclusive to the CMF2 Dumbledore. Bag 5 In addition to glow-in-the-dark Nearly Headless Nick in Bag 5, there's also an unprinted glow-in-the-dark head that goes under the newish fishbowl helmet piece (used for Mysterio, for example). There's also the printed trans head containing some sort of potion ingredient, but the writing on it is unreadable even in person. Nick's prints are nearly an identical colour-swap of the version included in the 2018 Great Hall, besides his reverse, considerably more shocked face - he's been petrified! He glows quite nicely, though the fact that his hands to not glow becomes quite noticeable. (We haven't gotten to the g-i-t-d 1x1 round tiles yet.) Bag 6 Bag 6 takes us down to the Chamber of Secrets level at last and changes up the colour palette considerably. Tom Riddle's diary comes in Bag 6, though it's unfortunately a sticker. Oddly, they have you put the sticker on in such a way that it puts the gold edges on a different side to the printed one. I've looked it up, and the stickered way is more correct, I think because his name is actually written on the back of the diary. So, the printed one has the gold correctly in relation to the name, but incorrectly in relation to the spine. Bag 7 Bag 7 builds the wonderful Chamber Entrance, and includes the fantastic new owl print/colour. This is where the g-i-t-d 1x1 round tiles appear, as owl droppings I suppose? More on that later. Bag 8 Bag 8 contains more of the dark colour scheme from Bag 6, primarily building up the Salazar Slytherin statue. Bag 8 is the first bag of the entire set that does not make a self-contained build. All previous bags make a whole section or module within each bag. Bag 9 Finally we come to the final bag, which completes the Chamber of Secrets... and the Great Hall, with an extra table. I was wondering where those cereal boxes had gone! The most exciting thing would have to be the recoloured Ninjago snake heads a spooky statues. __________________________ THE MINIFIGURES I wouldn't go so far as saying that Minifigures can make or break a set, but they certainly play an important role, and for a franchise that's all about the characters, it's important to have a full complement of them in the big sets especially. Thankfully, much like the 2018 Great Hall, this set delivers the goods. It also feels like the Minifigure choices were deliberately made to work with what had come before without too much overlap. If you have previous Hogwarts sets, you're not going to get too many character repeats, and most of the ones that are repeats have new and very reusable robes. The Kids For students we have, from left to right, Luna, Ginny, Harry, Colin Creevey, and Justin Finch-Fletchley (token Hufflepuff with a little screen time). These new robes look fantastic and beautifully complement the previous jumper ones, and it's fantastic to get three out of four houses. It might've been even more fantastic to get all four, but three Slytherin ones come in the smallest (and very good) set of the wave, so they're easily obtainable. The only new head here, though, is Colin's and there have been grumblings both about Luna and Ginny sharing the same face and Luna being in this set at all. I agree with the former - Ginny is important in this film and merited a unique set of prints I feel, with appropriate eyebrow colouring. As for the latter, canonically Luna would've been at Hogwarts during the events of CoS, and her hairpiece is still unique to her and rarer, so I'm fine with it. Swap her hair and/or face if you mind. They all have very slightly different prints for the way their hoods fall. The Adults The adults in this set also look fantastic, with heaps of new prints throughout. 20th Anniversary Goldemort looks fun as a memento, and it's cool LEGO is doing both golden figures and collectible chocolate frog cards in these. While Dumbledore's bright outfit draws the eye, the standout for me is Professor Sinistra - a truly left-field inclusion, but a tremendously good minifigure with her detailed outfit, reuse of McGonagall's hat-hair, and a reddish brown head with two excellent prints including Dumbledore-stlye glasses. I'm embarrassed to say that I can't quite put my finger on the colour of Lockhart's body and legs. I'm a lifelong LEGO devotee but they finally make too many colours for me to keep up! Since Diagon Alley, I've not been a huge fan of the hair choice for him, but it's ok. I tried his original one and didn't love that with this face print. The one outlier as having something really wrong is Tom Riddle. The choice to have light grey legs with black printing looks so 2010. If they're going to go this colour route, they needed dual-moulded legs, or black legs like the version in a recent book would have been preferable. __________________________ THE GRAND TOUR Here's the exterior all put together as per the instructions (of course the modules can be re-arranged, but that's for another article). It looks LEGO Hogwarts-y in the way that all LEGO Hogwartses did pre-2018 - not actually replicating anything from the films (besides the Great Hall sort of), but sticking to an aesthetic that they created in 2001 and pretty much stuck to for a decade culminating in 2011. This set specifically matches the outline of the very first complete Hogwarts, 4709 (click for my scathing review of that one!). In a vacuum, it looks good; the colour scheme works as a whole, what details there are are created with bricks and not stickers, and overall it has significant bulk to it. Now let's go through in detail from top to bottom. The Astronomy Lookout I chose not to use the word "tower" just so we wouldn't confuse ourselves here. The best detail here is the sticker, showing a constelation that looks like Toa Tahu's original mask - a great easter egg. The roof removes somewhat easily so would-be astronomers can astronomise. This feature also appeared exactly in the original 4709. Lockhart's Office The next level down is comprised of two 8x8 modules, one that simply creates a balcony with a broom and clear stand to pose a flying figure (though I've put Nick there), and Lockhart's sticker room, I mean, office. All of the graphics look lovely, and small stickers like these that aren't absolutely integral to the look of a set don't bother me too much. Am I making a pointed reference to the new Hogsmeade set? Stay tuned. A key test of LEGO interiors involves the amount of space left available to pose and play with minifigures. Offices in both the 2019 Clock Tower and 2020 Astronomy Tower failed this sets abysmally; this office does a bit better. There's not a ton of space, but enough that it doesn't feel ridiculous. Can someone else explain the extra set of hair to me, though? Is it something I missed in the film? Also note the chocolate frog hiding behind Lockhart. Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom The next stop down is the DADA classroom, which contains plentiful details: the Pixies, the new candlesticks, the lovely sticker painting, and more. This classroom really exhibits the strength of the new modular system: at 16x across and 8x deep, that's a total usable space of 14x7, which leaves plenty of room for details and lots of figures without it feeling cramped. 8x tall for a classroom also conveys the grand scale and high ceilings of Hogwarts, and makes the room accessible for fingers. The Clock Tower also had a DADA classroom, which I personally liked, but while that one had 16x across of usable space, it only had 5x deep, and 4 in some places, making it much less playable. It's simple maths really. The Great Hall I wanted to touch on the exterior here for a couple of reasons. First, how Great Hall-like is this really. It's certainly not very "great" in scale, being so short. It kind of captures the look of the Great Hall, but not that obviously, which is why it actually could work with the previous one, which had proportion issues but felt much more recognisable. Second, the way the designer has tried to transition between round bricks and the window in the centre tower is ugly. That's all. Where the module system really shined for the DADA classroom, it backfires somewhat for the Great Hall. Confined to this limited space, it doesn't feel very great at all. What details there are are nice, including the owl podium and some stuff in the rafters (also harking back to 4709), but it certainly doesn't convey the large, magical feeling of the place. It's better than the pitiful Great Hall interior in 4709 no doubt, but falls far short of 2018's Great Hall and even 2010's 4842 (another one I reviewed, what a coincidence!). One of very few "play features" in the set is the hidden Sorting Hat, which comically rests on a poop piece. Lift the flag and reveal the sorting hat - yay! I think this is the only Great Hall without the flag-swapping between houses gimmick. Populated with minifigures, you can see how comparatively cramped it is. There are two tables, but only one bench, so figures on the outer side have to stand on the ground. Just two spaces for teachers is also pretty sad - Ginny is sad about it anyway. Of course, this particular Great Hall doubles as the setup for the Dueling Club match, and in that scenario that space is less noticeable. The function works well - it's a simple lever, what is there to go wrong? Here they have Harry wipe the sneer right off of Justin's face. The Chamber of Secrets Entrance This might just be the most accurate-looking part of the entire set - simple, but what a good door! There's room for a minifigure to stand within. The back has those glow-in-the-dark parts, which, given their placement, I assume are owl droppings? Odd, but glowy parts are always nice. The Chamber of Secrets Slide Here we have half a play feature. Half because, while you can drop figures down the slide, it really works in tandem with the Polyjuice Potion Mistake set. Good sales tactic! Note the white skele-frog, which is behind and underneath the slide. Despite the slide taking up room, this segment still passes the "room for minifigures" test. Even Colin is getting in on the action. The Chamber of Secrets Slytherin Statue And now the final part of the set to explore: the iconic gigantic statue of Salazar Slytherin's head! It looks really, really good. Applying the stickers was nerve-racking, because if they were misaligned it would've really thrown off the look. Fortunately I did ok, but this is a case where prints would've been far preferable because these could make or break it. All of the rounded shaping is excellently done with parts, though. A drawback of this section is that, as built, the snake statues on either side get in the way of using any of the interior space. The space is there, but the build locks it away. Of course, you can remove the snake statues, which is just fine, but given that the action happens in front of the Slytherin head in the scene, ultimately your "Chamber of Secrets" will be your own floor/surface, with the LEGO parts set up as the backdrop. To my taste, that's a shame. I prefer when LEGO scenes can be re-enacted on the actual LEGO, and not on in front/to the side of it. This section also has a play feature of sorts: the lower jaw of the mouth slides out, allowing you to then slide the Basilisk through. It's all very manual, and the interior of the mouth serves no purpose, which I think is a bit of a shame. Would have been nice to see something hidden in there, like an old textbook or set of tattered robes or something. Voldemort is about to say "looks like that young lad is in trouble... but that's none of my business" (if you get the meme, good on you). __________________________ A WORD ON PLAYABILITY Throughout the review I indirectly touched on the fact that there's not much in the way of "play features". In that regard this set shares a choice with the previous ones from 2018-2020, emphasizing doll-house style playability over LEGO action playability. There's plenty of space to play out scenarios with the minifigures, but besides the hidden Sorting Hat, the Dueling Club table and the mouth the manually slide out of Slytherin, there's nothing in the way of functions. Gone are the days of trap doors aplenty, yanking chains, spinning furnaces. Now, I derided most of these for various reasons in my review of 4709, but what I did say is that they felt magical. The wonder and whimsy of the Harry Potter stories is all about the magic, and in the films you certainly feel that when things are floating by themselves through the air, or someone flicks their wand and causes something to happen. LEGO has the ability to capture that through action features, and given that these new sets prioritise interior play over exterior look, these would have been a good place to reintroduce some of that LEGO Harry Potter magic. __________________________ DISPLAYING HOGWARTS Many people want to know: how does this new, green-roofed Hogwarts look with the ones from previous years? Unfortunately my new display cabinet is a bit cramped, but in my assessment, they display together just fine. My displaying ethos is one of "mushing it all together", and I did these two setups quick and dirty; lots of clever people here on Eurobricks have come up with more elegant solutions in the Harry Potter discussion thread. However, if you don't care about the accurate placement of buildings and simply want to know if the aesthetics work, this is for you: __________________________ FINAL THOUGHTS & RATING It's difficult to talk about value until the end. As a whole, this set has a lot of different parts to it, hitting many of the key memorable scenes at Hogwarts from Chamber of Secrets: Lockhart's manic classes, the Dueling Club, and of course the Chamber of Secrets itself. The spaces have lots of details, and mostly enough room for play, though the Great Hall feels a bit sad in scale for meal scenes, and the Chamber leaves a bit to be desired. The overall scale feels large; the modular system uses good economy of larger parts to build up a large castle, while not feeling under-detailed from the outside. It's simpler than the 2018-2020 sets, but still more detailed than the ones from 2011 and before. The tower part is as tall as the Astronomy Tower, with more room inside, while the Great Hall section feels comparable to the Clock Tower in size, being shorter but deeper. 2010's 4842 was the same price as this, with more parts, but less good playable space. The minifigures, bar Tom Riddle, are fantastic, and pair well with previous ones, if you have them. Looking at this set alone, there are enough figures to play out lots of scenarios, and the most important figures for the Chamber of Secrets itself. Of course, some are missing if we're going for accuracy - you need Draco for the Dueling Club and Neville for the Pixie scene - conveniently both available in the upcoming Quidditch practice set!! On the parts side, in the majority of parts there's nothing revolutionary, but the new creatures are amazing and I doubt they're going to be cheap on Bricklink. All in all, by itself this set offers quite the package, at what feels like a tolerable (US) price. I personally still prefer the look of the 2018-20 sets that went for exterior accuracy, and those are the ones I will continue to display, while I might create a second display with these new ones. However, as Hogwarts LEGO set its appeal is undeniable, and for collectors it offers enough that you probably don't want to miss. Dare I say it's the best "complete" standalone Hogwarts set yet? Minifigures: 9/10 - a point docked for bad Riddle legs and duplicate little girl faces. Pieces: 9/10 - there's a lot of them, and some good new and glow-in-the-dark stuff. If you like the colour scheme it could be a worthwhile parts pack, as there aren't a ton of large parts besides the flooring and a few LURPs. Design: 7/10 - The exterior is consistently fine (besides the ugly central Great Hall tower) though not wow, and the interior has some truly great spaces and some slight let downs. Playability: 5/10 - Again hard to rate. The fact that there's usable space makes this play-able, but it's a missed opportunity for some real play features. Price: 10/10 - I think it's right, what can I say? For the volume of it, the size of the finished model, and the new stuff and minifigures, expecting a lower RRP would be naive. Inflation hasn't even gotten the better of it, because the 2010 one was the same price and this one feels larger. Overall: 8/10 - Where I come from that's a solid B - a not perfect but still very solid score. That sums it up. I expected to like this set a lot less, but in actuality it has a lot to offer. Next up, a very good boy?
  13. With the release of official pictures for the June 2021 Harry Potter lineup unveiling a new modular system for Hogwarts, a question on everyone's mind has been: how well can these new Hogwarts sets be combined with the ones from the previous three years? Well, Eurobricks member @Textorix has whipped them up in and shared his findings in our Harry Potter discussion topic. He presents several variants, including with and without the rocky Chamber of Secrets. Click through to see all of Textorix' images combining the Hogwarts sets, and join the discussion! The findings are pretty conclusive. Can they be combined well? Yes!
  14. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC & MOD] Febrovery 2021: Rover Convoy

    A bit late to posting these, but it's never too late to post rovers. My builds for Febrovery 2021 31107 MOD Febrovery 2021: 31107 MOD by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Febrovery 2021: 31107 MOD by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr I made this in January after I got the City 60222 Snow Groomer from a secret Santa in my LUG. I wasn't really happy with the wheels of the original set so I modified the axles slightly to accommodate the tracks while still keeping the neat suspension, which gives it a much rugged look. Module Trailer Unit Febrovery 2021: Module Trailer Unit by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Febrovery 2021: Module Trailer Unit by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr A trailer unit designed to transport cargo, whether it may be containers or habitat modules. Made around the same time as my 31107 MOD, as I still wanted to use the wheels in some other way. I still had the modules of 60227 Lunar Station built in the corner of a shelf. I hoped the interior of 31107 would've been bigger, and thought about combining the sets and making it longer, but the orange would've clashed with the red/blue, so I made this trailer. Febrovery 2021: Module Trailer Unit by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Monowheel Scouting Rover Unit Febrovery 2021: Monowheel Rover Unit by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Febrovery 2021: Monowheel Rover Unit by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr A small scouting & reconnaissance unit, also found inside Trailer Units in case of emergencies. I had a spare wheel. Not sure where it came from, but I wanted to implement it in some way alongside the rovers, and remembered the old Life on Mars sets and how they had a tiny monowheel vehicle. Halfway through designing it I put it in the middle of the Trailer Unit chassis, and with enough space to spare, I made it as compact as possible to fit behind the trailer. Febrovery 2021 by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Thank you for checking out these Febrovery 2021 builds!
  15. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Hello again all, The Brick Train Awards are back for 2021! These are a virtual awards for LEGO train fans around the world, and are they are free to enter via from 1st - 28th February 2021. If you followed them last year, you'll have seen the huge variety and a lot of brilliant LEGO models from railways, railroads and transport systems from around the world. Prizes We'll be announcing prizes shortly, courtesy of the very generous Trixbrix who have once again stepped in to support the awards, including the cost of shipping prizes and winner's bricks worldwide. Additional sponsors for individual regions may follow. 2020 winners If you missed them, winners from last year's Brick Train Awards are listed on the website here; there's a 15 minute announcement video of winners here. Entering the Brick Train Awards 2021 As before, the awards are free to enter. You can enter up to 3 models per category; this time, models must have been completed in the last 24 months (2 years). Digital models can be submitted in the first 11 categories below: Best steam loco Best diesel loco Best electric loco Best other loco Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best structure Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) wagon Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) display / structure The above awards are drawn at a regional level (best models in Asia, Americas, Europe and Australasia) before a global winner is picked from those. The two categories below are judged at a global level only (as there are relatively fewer entries for these): Best group display Best individual display Enter your models for free from 1st - 28th February 2021; see details at We look forward to seeing what's submitted this year! Richard - Organiser, Brick Train Awards
  16. Travel back 90 years in the past and rebuild your LEGO Technic 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE into this replica of 1931 Hot Rod FORD Model A. All required parts comes in the set 42125 and no additional or spare sparts are needed. If you own the Ferrari 488 GTE, you can completely build this alternate Hot Rod with no restriction. This model uses 1329 parts of the set, which are 79.3% of the parts of the Ferrari 488 GTE. Follow this link to show all pictures, renderings, 360° animation and the story about the design process of this MOC. You can find this model with instructions here on rebrickable. Features & Functions independent suspension in front and back steering with knob (in the back) engine with 8 cylinders, driven through diff by the real axle openable doors openable tailgate with lock to locate the trunk box to transport usefull things that fits inside the trunk overnight bag that fits inside the trunk lifting jack to lift up the car 41cm x 23cm x 15cm (with closed doors) Here are some impressions of the model: Box and overnight bag The model comes with a transporting box and an overnight bag. Both fits inside the trunk very vell. Lifting jack Luckily there are enough parts left over to build a cool lifting jack with locking function. You can lift up the entire car and it stays in position. Version Cabriolet The model and building instructions are designed to make a Cabrio as well. Therefore, the roof is detachable easily for a quick summer drive. Scale, Sticker & Stability The Hot Rod fits in scale, vintage style and playability with my Vintage Custom Pickup - alternate build of 42111. I have never tried this model with stickers, but of course it is buildable and could look more "racing-ish". I am excited to see the first user photo of this model with stickers applied. Some people report about problems with the stability of the Ferrari 488 GTE - be sure, this Hot Rod is designed to be solid as a rock. What makes this model special The wheels are mounted in opposite direction, which is not really common, but looks way better on this model. Unfortunately this way the rims does not fit the wheel hubs. As a reason, this model can not use the wheel hubs for mounting the wheels, but uses two of the rear hubs as the headlights. If you have already connected the two parts of the wheel hubs (the light bluish with the dark bluish one), be careful separating them. Because the model can not use the front wheel hubs, these hubs are custom brick built in a clever way and works perfect. The real car Of course this Hot Rod FORD Model A is based on the real car. Here are some pictures of the 1931 original model: Instruction You get a premium high quality PDF-instruction with 412 building steps on 259 pages with clear images. Yes, this is a 18+ set, but the instruction is easy to follow. You can get the instructions for 9.90 EUR on rebrickable. Here are some example pages of the instruction: Have fun with this model. I wish you happy building and promise an enjoyable building experience, as well cool playing and displaying. Thanks for the attention.
  17. Since the set 42130 has been listed at, I thought I'd make this thread. Nothing is known about the set other than its set number. Discuss below.
  18. Piece #18677 together with crossaxles and tubes could potentially be used for an easy bridge connection. I don't have any of the new parts, I was just fooling around in LDD. It does leave some studs, but its a quick fix. No need to make a connection in the bottom. Thoughts? Bridge idea by SearchFunction, on Flickr
  19. The first 2021 Technic set's review is here, with next sets to follow on December 15th:
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    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    It seems rumors are starting, so I figured I might as well make this now. Ten years of Ninjago!
  21. DocStrange

    Lego Simpsons 2020

    This is a page based on the new possibility of a new Lego Simpsons sets and CMF sets. This is not for the older sets but the possibility of new sets.