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Found 5 results

  1. I always build my MOCs in Studio first, and time and time again I found myself wishing I had a Lego color chart that would not only be a reference to identify colors, but would also help me decide on colors for my designs by allowing me to try out different patterns, so I created this: (Click on it to see the full size. It shows colors as rendered in Studio with these settings: Asteroid, Intensity 1.) At the moment, it’s not possible to build it, because many colors don’t exist as 1x1 bricks or 1x4 tiles, but I would really like to have this made of real bricks, so I also submitted it on Lego Ideas. The cards could then be used like paint swatches, you could hold a card against a MOC you are building to see which color would look best for a certain part. And the 1x1 bricks (plus 1x2 tiles for transparent colors) would allow us to experiment with colors and try out different color patterns, like this: I also designed a little display stand to hold the cards: If Lego releases new colors, it would be easy to update the cards either by expanding them with a second plate or by replacing colors that you don’t use often with the new colors and keeping those that you rarely use on an extra plate that you store away. Lego could sell the parts you need to update your chart in the ‘Pick a Brick’ section. I have also considered the possibility that it might not be possible anymore to manufacture some of the older colors. If that is the case, my proposal would be to print a background as close as possible to the color it should be on white tiles and white bricks so you can still get a good idea of how it looks. You would then have the possibility to replace those printed bricks with already existing bricks of that color if you wish, which would be better than not having them at all. (But at the end of the day, Lego would decide which colors they want to include or not.) I know that only very few ideas have been approved by Lego lately, so if you can think of any improvement that you feel might give it a better chance of being approved by Lego, let me know. Here is the link if you would like to support it on Lego Ideas:
  2. A little something I threw together to make my life easier when creating custom LEGO decorations for LEGO Digital Designer. These are color swatch sets for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, featuring all current brick colors (according to BrickLink), with black and white color corrected to match LDD's black and white. The Illustrator set is organized by catagory, and since the Photoshop swatch system doesn't allow for this, each catagory is its own set. Even though these are brick colors and not decoration colors, it seems to me that most decorations tend not to stray very far from this palette. Download Illustrator Swatches To install the Illustrator swatches, download the file and place it in "C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [VERSION NUMBER] Settings\en_US\x64\Swatches". Once in Illustrator, open the Swatches window, and from the dropdown in the corner of the window choose "Open Swatch Library>User Defined>Lego Colors". Download Photoshop Swatches To install the Photoshop swatches, unzip the file and drop the *.ago files into "C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [VERSION NUMBER]\Presets\Color Swatches". Then go to the dropdown menu in the corner of the Swatches pane and select "Replace Swatches", and pick the one you want.
  3. Hi, yesterday I reinstalled windows (Windows 10 like before) and all the apps, LDD included, version 4.3.11, brick version 2670 ( I dont want the last version of the official LEGO page because is a broken piece of shit with the half of the pieces, thanks TLG). Well, the issue with the Adobe in the installation was solved but today I have opened a file and try to change a colour and... there is only red in the palette LOL. Kinda weird because I used this version until two days ago...even in my laptop I have it as well and I see the complete palette. Can someone helps me please?? I work with LDD and makes me angry ( I need the double of time to make the same build, the mechanics are VERY CLUNKY) Screenshot->
  4. There has been quite some discussion about the new color schemes and color palettes. This topic is to discuss these new colors....we have been asking for for years
  5. bartneck

    LEGO Color Palette

    The LEGO color palette remains a mystery. Yes, there are many AFOLs who tried to identify all the colors and even TLG provided some information. The problem is that they all disagree with each other on the exact color definitions. I wrote a blog entry on my analysis. Have you found a precise definition of the LEGO color palette?