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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everybody! So much time was spent for findings which model to build for the contest and finally found the best option for me. I believe you already know which model i am talking about, yep it is Mercedes AMG coupe. At this moment i am not 100% sure that it would be SLS AMG or it would AMG GT, but for sure it will be one of these models. Few words about specification: Wheels: 43.2x14 for front and 43.2x22 for rear drive Engine: V8 connected with rear axle Color: red Regarding functions, let it be a surprise for all of us. ;) Initial update spent one night for preparing the engine and the place for steering.
  2. MOC #64 Ford Mustang GT500CR Classic video is published now. I designed this Mustang when #10265 coming out, but I didn't satisfy some detail of it. So I put it aside and work on other projects instead. Finally, I picked it up again to complete it. I also expanded my virtual Lego city. You can see what I added in the video :D
  3. Hi folks, I'm not affected by the lockdown and really really busy, but it's TC time again and hey, that means a good motivation to build something out of my comfort zone. Thanks to Jim for that, while I'm really not good in car building ... At first I built the two official chassis that fit to the car transporter to get a feeling for the required size: And I found a motor concept, it will be a mini V6: Please ignore the blue 3L pins, they are not final and will be only used during construction. Meanwhile I have seen so many marvelous ideas with full suspension, gearbox and gorgeous lines that I'm a bit intimidated and not sure if I can add any value into this contest. That's why I have chosen my WIP name ... However, next step will be to find a chassis that suits my requirements and a possible wheelbase.

    [MOC] Ford GT 2005

    Made a few changes to my GT. The front is now more sturdy, roof and the side were updated too, rear is now shorter and hinged in a different way. Thanks for viewing :) Regards, KMP
  5. Hey fellow LEGO-fans! This is a race car made using the rules of Super-GT - which is basically Japan's touring car championship. This model may look a little familiar because it evolved out of my latest creation. 1150 parts, steering, fully modeled engine, exact same size as the LEGO F-40. I hope you like it.
  6. I have built two Lego Technic supercars in the past - both of which were motorized and featured SBrick control. Since both proved to have an interesting building process, I decided to make my second MOC to this year's BrickFair Virginia a mid-engine supercar. The building process involved lots of Trial-and-error, the most apparent being completely redesigning the chassis from scratch and streamlining the chassis in its early stages. I've also changed up the interior many times, especially the seats, dash, and underside panels. The car is driven by 2 PF L motors located very close to the rear axle - giving it a very efficient drivetrain. The drive motors are also connected to a V8 piston engine which can be accessed by opening the rear hatch. Steering is done by a PF servo motor, and I decided to use the newer steering hubs in the front. The car also features full independent suspension, with 1 shock absorber per wheel in the front and 2 per wheel in the rear. The power source is the 8878 rechargeable battery, located conveniently behind the rear axle. As for the aesthetics, this model contains plenty of angled connections - most of which are done by angled connectors. This was especially true for the front end, where plenty of angled connections were used to get the smooth, rounded shape of a supercar. I also used plenty of flex axles in the bodywork, especially for the wheel arches and windshield. The roof used 3x13 curved panels to get a more rounded shape, and since they are currently not available in red I went with black which resulted in a two-tone body I'm very happy with. The only part I'm not so happy about is the rear hatch, since the black panels seem to be just placed on there randomly. I also felt like the interior could have used a bit more detail. but overall I'm happy with how the model turned out aesthetically. This MOC was a MOC full of trial-and-error but ultimately turned out to be something I'm really happy with. Comparing it to my earliest MOCs (and even my previous supercars), I see that I have come a long ways over the past 5 years. Looking at the results, this model seems to resemble most closely an Acura NSX even though I didn't really have a "goal" car in mind as I built it. Although this was a MOC primarily concerned with aesthetics, it isn't so lacking in functionality either as it is not only motorized but also features the opening rear hatch which I never planned to include in the beginning. Overall it was a great MOC and building experience and I'm excited to display it at BrickFair Virginia this year. Video: Photos:
  7. Hey guys, here's a project I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. It will be my second MOC to BrickFair Virginia this summer, along with my Kenworth T600 that I just finished. This MOC will be a sequel to my V6 Supercar from 2017. As you can see the V8 piston engine is already in place. It will, of course, be a mid-engine supercar, with the engine clearly visible from the rear window. It is going to be a motorized MOC, as seen by the two L motors already in place. It will also include SBrick control, although I don't plan on motorizing anything other than drive and steering as it could make things more complicated. At this point the rear of the chassis is pretty much complete, with two L motors connected to a 2-speed gearbox that will be controlled manually. The gearbox's output bypasses the engine via u-joints and connects to the rear differential, while the engine is connected directly to the drive motors via a gear train behind the rear axle. As of right now, my plans for this MOC include: Red body with black roof Red rims with low-profile tires Full independent suspension Servo steering SBrick control Obviously, with less than two months to build this MOC, the building process will go pretty fast. Also because this is a more straightforward build than the Kenworth, I might not do as many WIP updates but the updates will cover more progress. Photos:
  8. McLaren97

    Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    Whats your favourite Speedchampions set?
  9. Porsche Carrera GT Specifications Scale 1:8,5 Length 67s / width 29s / height 17s (54/23,5/13,5 cm) Weight: 2500 g Front suspension: independent pushrod Rear Suspension: independent multilink pushrod RWD Functions Driving - 2L Steering - Servo Moving spoiler - M LED headlights Working steering wheel V10 dummy Openable doors, hood, trunk Removable roof – like the original After a longer break I would like to present the Porsche Carrera GT. In my opinion it’s the best Porsche ever made. My nick commits, so I decided to build it ;) Original car was produced in 2004-2007, had V10 engine with power 612KM and the maximum speed at 330km/h. The construction isn’t very complicated. Porsche is driven by 2L motors with ratio 1,4. It eliminates resistance, which would be in the gearbox. Thanks to that the car is quite fast. My first decision was to place the Battery Box in the middle of the model for easy battery replacement. That’s why I had to build the frame a bit different, because in the place where usually were liftarms, now is Battery Box. The spoiler is moved by 2 mini linear actuators driven by M motor. The front and rear suspension is similar to the original one: independent pushrod. It works same as in F1 cars. In front there is also Ackerman geometry. For depreciation I used 2 springs from yellow 6.5L absorbers (in front) and 2 yellow absorbers 6.5L per wheel (in rear). Suspension would have worked a bit better, but it’s imitated by the original, and in the real Porsche all the links are form metal, here are plastic. The steering is really simple – servo, gear 12 and gear rack. I’m generally satisfied with the model, it looks and drives quite good, but the suspension would have worked a bit better ;) Pictures – of course with comparison to 42056 Gallery
  10. This Ford GT is the ultimate expression of form following function. Its teardrop- shape body is the result of extensive work in the wind tunnel. Its carbon-fibre body and its 600-plus horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine are the ultimate expressions of technological innovation. Flickr: Hello Ford and Technic addicts! Thorsten has completed professional instructions for the Ford GT. It might be time to disassemble your 42056 Porsche Kit and build this orange replica of the 2017 Ford GT! Avail at Rebrickable, check it out! Rebrickable: Flickr: Video: Ford GT - race car for the road ? by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This supercar packs RWD driven by 2 XL-Motors, Servo for steering, pushrod-actuated torsion bar style suspension front and rear, Sport and track mode suspension, V6 engine, Sbrick plus, Rear spoiler with manual lift, 2 M-motors (1 for each door), button to turn on the car under the hood, easy battery access. Ford GT - From drawing board to reality ? by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Nothing about this build was easy. This car had so many new things that I've have never accomplished before. To start was the framework. I was worried this build would be too heavy for the pushrod suspension. Each wheel has 2 inboard shocks that are positioned in the same fashion as the real Ford GT. Ford GT - door mechanics - filter shot by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I really wanted to have the doors open the same as the real car and this is where difficulty started. Opening those huge, heavy doors was a small feat in itself. The pressure required to pop the door to the final position upwards is immense, so I has to seriously gear down the axle. Ford GT - doors by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The next challenge was the motor placement. Man was it ever hard to fit everything inside a tear drop bodywork! I had to use the middle of the seats for the Sbrick, which may not look too cosmetically appealing, but I can assure you it did completely strengthen the framework immensely. (this may be my sturdiest frame I've made) IMG_0043 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Lastly, I kept the Veneno to race the Ford GT as they have identical gearing. If you watch the video, you'll see who wins. I will work with Thorsten as well for professional instructions in the future. Ford GT back view ? by lachlan cameron, on Flickr A big thanks to @brunojj1 for suggesting to place more studs between the wheels. I tried it this time (2 extra studs) and I feel it looks proper. thanks! Ford GT - white room - filter by lachlan cameron, on Flickr

    [MOC] Lego Aston Martin Vulcan

    My moc of the Aston Martin Vulcan, at the moment it's my favourite moc. First saw the car while watching Grand Tour and loved it. The front of the car isn't very accurate but overall this is a satisfactory build. Hope you guys like it ! Regards, KMP FB : Flickr :
  12. Hello! Im glad to present my new model for LEGO Technic Porsche contest. I hope it will be published soon at rebrick =) Porsche Carrera GT Features: - 1:10 scale - realistic Carrera GT V10 piston engine in mini scale - full independent suspension - rear wheel drive - HOG steering with working steering wheel - openable door, hood and trunk - rising rear spoiler Video below shows some of these functions. I recorded very simple video just for the contest, without any titles and sounds.
  13. First of all, for those who havent seen it allready: They claim it to be just for advertising and not to become an official set. Well, looking through the video, this is quite easy to build. So we dont mind^^ From what i could see, there are no new parts so this can be build with nowadays "standard" stuff. If you allready own some of the SC, this should be a piece of cake partwise. File is ready for LDD download via this link , though im not very sure on the inside structure. The shape however should be correct ;-) Enjoy Ford GT 40 Speed Champions LDD file by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  14. Finally I get some time to build! WOOT! Well I've been wondering what to make for my next project, as I really wanted to make a modern curvy supercar for once! And just when I was about to give up look what pops up! What can I say? I love the looks, and I wasn't really a fan of the old and really old GT, but this one I like! I'm also looking forward to building in a new style for me consisting of Black and Blue rigid and pneumatic hoses. The idea is for it to be ultra light and cheap to build using 8070 rims and tires and possible those nice Ferrari rims. I'm not sold on the back of the car tho, kinda looks like a skull with firey eyes! LOL Looks nice in silver! http://www.motorauth...icago-auto-show Here is my WIP The bodywork will be completely pneumatic hose, and I'm aiming for under 1kg final weight. The hose on the Left is 3rd party, slightly more stiff and off blue tho. I must express my disapointment that my previous thread was locked after only 4 days with no WIP, but anyway we shall move on. And no discussing what makes a supercar or not! Make another thread please.
  15. Well I've been wondering what to make for my next project, as I really wanted to make a modern curvy supercar for once! And just when I was about to give up look what pops up! What can I say? I love the looks, and I wasn't really a fan of the old and really old GT, but this one I like! I'm also looking forward to building in a new style for me consisting of Black and Blue rigid and pneumatic hoses. The idea is for it to be ultra light and cheap to build using 8070 rims and tires and possible those nice Ferrari rims. I'm not sold on the back of the car tho, kinda looks like a skull with firey eyes! LOL What do you guys think? Love... HATE? Do you think they copied something? *cough R35 GTR cough* (side windows)
  16. Hey guys, I'm a big fan of lego technic (from when i was a kid) and creator (since the last 2 years) really dig the highway speedster (have 2 of them) The original car: (set) the pics come from: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=78797 and they belong to RUFUS How it started: I've stumbeled upon a video recently in the youtube lego channel about making cars "cool" with flames and all it gave me some inspiration and this is The result: I've lowered the car a little bit and did an attempt to make the body smoother: V8 engine and crome exhaust: new interior: (handbrake and some gauges): wing + lowered the body and gave the back more of a GT racing car look: Minifigs fit without a problem due to the lowered floor (they even fit with the roof on): hope you like it and thanks a lot for watching!
  17. Hi all, This is my first MOC post. The Lightning GT-RC or GT-RallyCross. The car: Engine: Li-Po Battery powered RC Buggy Motor. Propulsion: Engine right to the rear differential, possibly with a center shaft to the front differential. Steering: Currently M-motor with rubber band auto centering. Performances: Engine: 4.5 W @ 1200 rpm. Top Speed: 8 km/h (5 mph) Weight: 570 gram Dimensions: 37.6 X 19.4 cm A picture: