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Found 30 results

  1. |JDM Drift car| 4-piston engine Interior HOG Working steering wheel
  2. Hello All, Today I present my newest MOC, the Mini Race Truck (42041/8041). I originally was inspired to make this for the TC18 competition, but after seeing that trucks weren't allowed, I saved this model for later. It has all the features of the full-size model and more. Features: Mini V8 engine Opening doors Tilting Cab 2 Hog steering inputs More pictures: Includes step-by-step PDF instructions and a file for your building pleasure. 42041.pdf Throw it a "like" on Rebrickable! Enjoy! All comments are appreciated.
  3. Hi everybody! So much time was spent for findings which model to build for the contest and finally found the best option for me. I believe you already know which model i am talking about, yep it is Mercedes AMG coupe. At this moment i am not 100% sure that it would be SLS AMG or it would AMG GT, but for sure it will be one of these models. Few words about specification: Wheels: 43.2x14 for front and 43.2x22 for rear drive Engine: V8 connected with rear axle Color: red Regarding functions, let it be a surprise for all of us. ;) Initial update spent one night for preparing the engine and the place for steering.
  4. Designed to fit the 42098 Car Transporter here's my revival of the 8865 Test Car. Steering, rear suspension, fake v4, foldable front lights. More pictures:
  5. once upon a time... Oh no, it was an orange 11x3 curved panel that was in my hands after dismantling the Porsche 42056. I had just read about the existence of the contest. What can I do with this panel? It suddenly found itself oriented in such a way that it reminded me of the door of an Izetta! I had found my model. Looking for photos, technical information, a little puzzled about the engine, the idea quickly drifted towards a sporty, crazy, unbridled version. As I have it at hand, the MOC will be equipped with the flat 6 of the Porsche! The only thing left to do was to find a name for it. The Izetta had a modern interpretation in the form of the Microlino imagined in Switzerland. I will therefore opt for a synthesis of the two. So here is "Ize'lino", the most dangerous micro car to drive ever designed! Suspension: Double wishbones at the front with torsion bars (7L axles) and single rear pendulum suspension. A view of the engine Steering: There is a HOG at the rear as on the technic sets of this scale, and the steering wheel is connected to the steering wheel through gears. It's a steering rack for a better précision. Tilting of the steering wheel: As I couldn't make it linked to the front door, I had the idea to ensure the movement by a mini LA controlled by a cascade of gears with the Z12 black gear on the left side behind the front left seat. here are the different gears and axles to drive the functions. Blue for steering, green for tilting the sterling wheel, and orange for transmission from engine to rear wheels. The door opens manually The rear trunk can also be opened: On the look side, there are front headlights attached to the mirrors and front turn signals integrated into the spoiler. At the rear, there are red lights, reversing lights and turn indicators. The front spoiler can be swivelled to allow mounting on the car carrier truck. Finally, the rear spoiler on top of the rear window allows the car to hit the ground at very high speed! The dimensions are L=33 x W=15 (side mirrors not included) x H=14
  6. Hi everybody! Thanks to the organizers for this contest, I will participate for the first time! I chose the Porsche 911 RSR We are waiting for a detailed car with high detail. Doors and engine compartment open Rear independent suspension HOG and I will try steering control Mid-engine Maybe stickers Wheels 49.6
  7. Hello everybody. I'd like to present you my MOC car for the contest. Corona helps me to remember old hobby))) Here you can see a model preview. The most important information about functions : 1) independent rear suspension 2) dependent front suspension with steering 3) oppening hood. 4) detailed interior
  8. Guess I should start building the car from the chassis. So here it is. I don't know what kind of body I want to build yet. But it should be something with an engine in the middle.
  9. I wanted to make a small scale supercar model in the same scale as the Corvette. The TC18 was a perfect excuse to make a model with the following functions: 4 speed gearbox full working suspension a fake V8 engine working steering wheel openable doors Here is what I managed to create in LDD, inspired by the set 42111. I wanted to style the car like a 70's muscle car, so the fenders are brick-built to get the sharp lines needed. The final car is 40 studs long and 15 studs wide (excluding the mirrors). All of the described functions are implemented, the car is currently made out of around 900 pieces. I will post the WIP pics of the real build as soon as I start it.
  10. Hi all, introducing my WIP for this contest. I'm still coming out of my dark ages, and recently bought a 42098 (of which I've built the car to learn some techniques, and promptly pulled it apart to build an entry - I haven't built the truck yet!). The colour scheme for that led me to try to build a mini-chiron. Functions I am aiming for are steering, 4wd, w16 engine (mid-engine), and a retracting spoiler (3 our of 4 are done). It will be around 15w x 35 long or so. it's taken me a few weeks to get my head around proper studless construction (I started here with an entry into TC5 a long time ago with a studded entry and haven't a lot studless since), but I managed to get a reasonable chassis going. Front steering took a while to figure out, I haven't done 4wd like this before. Here's a mock-up of the bodywork. You can see some similarities to the car from 42098 here, given that is my only source of dark azure pieces. The rear 3/4 panel needs to move back 1 stud, so the silver loop will be more elongated once repositioned. The goal is the build a shell that can be pulled off easily to see the insides, but easier said than done.
  11. Hello every1. I am noob here and this is my first attempt to take a part is such competition. i am AFOL from Russia. my main problem - I can’t finish my Mocs, so I decided to hit goals importAnt for me first of all. 1. Keep building my model to the end 2. try myself in such worldwide competition 3. learn more about building technics i already started my build. It’s gonna be azure hot rod pickup. cause lack of experience it’s not gonna be a model with much details and features. Thx every1 and sorry for bad English. Don’t judge me to hard.
  12. Latest Update Original Post I started working on the build for the new contest. I'm not sure where it will end up - for now, I wanted an independent suspension in the rear that took up as little space as possible. The plan is to make the front axle driven (fake engine), steered, and with independent suspension. We'll see how this turns out - the 15 stud width is a fun challenge. I don't have a particular car in mind for the final product. I'm considering a minivan with sliding doors, or a convertible - not that they're in the same category. Here's a picture of the progress so far.
  13. Hello! I looked at a large number of wonderful models for the contest and wanted to create my own.I understand that I can’t compete with the leaders, so I’ll add my own for quantity and variety.This is my first experience of participation and almost the first to build models from a Lego Technic on such a scale. At the moment I have such a model, which of course needs refinement. It has a V6 engine with rear-wheel drive. The rear suspension is freely balanced. I will be grateful if they tell me how to insert pictures from flickr into topic :)
  14. Hello, Here is my new MOC for the TC18 competition. It is quite simple, as the main goal was to create a model reminiscent of the pre-panel Technic era. It features HoG steering, and 2 working twin V8 engines. There is also a surprise main feature: There would be no point in calling it a dragster if it couldn't pop wheelies! It is nearly done, and only requires a few more cosmetic changes and detailing. Although I don't expect it to win, it was a fun model to build, and I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on it!
  15. Haven't built anything from Technic for more than a year now, so I thought to give it a go in times we live now. Not going to reveal much plans upfront, prefer keeping it in secrecy. However from name (not final though, but may hint a little) you may figure out my model is planned to be built in a shape of pickup. To start with MOC I've built V8 with working pistons. It will be driven by some gears and face flywheel on the other side. Colors aren't final as it is still a WIP and I'm missing some parts. Anyone could suggest LEGO compatible 3rd party silicone rubber bands? 4 x 4 works (I got single one), but puts a little too much friction than I would have preferred. I've also made an engine trolley to show off the engine, this little MOC is presented here.
  16. Hi folks, I'm not affected by the lockdown and really really busy, but it's TC time again and hey, that means a good motivation to build something out of my comfort zone. Thanks to Jim for that, while I'm really not good in car building ... At first I built the two official chassis that fit to the car transporter to get a feeling for the required size: And I found a motor concept, it will be a mini V6: Please ignore the blue 3L pins, they are not final and will be only used during construction. Meanwhile I have seen so many marvelous ideas with full suspension, gearbox and gorgeous lines that I'm a bit intimidated and not sure if I can add any value into this contest. That's why I have chosen my WIP name ... However, next step will be to find a chassis that suits my requirements and a possible wheelbase.
  17. Hello! I decided to make a car for this event month ago, but then forgot about the Topic. So, here it is. I was running out of parts,so the car isn't very good, but it's my first time, I'll make something better for the next time. I started with chassis.
  18. Hi there! Was an observer for quite a long time, and finally decided to participate in the contest to push myself build something finished. A story behind: I have two sets - 42099 and 42068 which is give me less freedom and prevented me from starting this topic earlier, but I decided to give it a shot and make something. So, I decided to build a Mini Cooper b/c I love these cars! DTM version b/c I have not enough parts to build a good interior lol At first I decided that it should be modular to simplify the build. Eg body is detachable from a chasis. In general I build chasis only, then face an issue with lack of details disassemble everything. So this time I decided to start with a body. Features: HOG steering Fake engine RWD with differential Openable hood & trunk Modular design: a body is detachable from a chasis using 4 pins. The chasis may be split out into 2 parts using 4 pins Dimensions: Length: 31 studs Height: 11 studs Width: 15 studs Then I created a chasis and put a body on... Chasis design was borrowed from 42093 Now it looks like this: Still lot things to build, so I'll keep you posted.
  19. The MOC is finished and put into the entry topic. Instruction is finished too, the free download link is: Rebrickable link of MOC-42447 porsche 944 gulf This is my first time using the Studio, so apology and please let me know if you feel the instruction is hard to follow. Video: Some render pics: Some real built pics: (More pics here) Together with 42093: Hope you like it! ================================================================================================================================== Original post: Looking at so many topics so far, this will be an epic contest in the tech contest history! And I know there are already many Porsches under building now, still I want to add one more: A Porsche 944. Here is my progress so far: My plan is focus on the exterior look first. After finish that, will try to figure out if I can create a chassis with suspension or not. As to the color scheme, I prefer a pure dark azure version. However, due to lack of some azure parts, will end up a gulf scheme, like: Hope you like it and happy building!
  20. Hi, Preparing things for TC18 while working at home... Some ideas are comming. In the end, I renamed it to WOW4x4x4 - White Orange Wheels 4x4x4 and it was like this: And a video:
  21. Hello everybody. Yesterday I decided to participate in [TC18] contest for the first time and here's progress made on my classic car. I decided to build it after I saw a lot of modern cars in progress. The photo of chassis will be posted later, because I don't want anybody to copy (Please don't be angry with me!). The car will probably have a few functions : Rear wheel drive Steering operated by working steering wheel Working 4 cylinder in-line engine More photos coming soon.
  22. The Dodge Deora has fascinated me since I saw an original Hot Wheel one in my uncle's collection. My entry is loosely based on the Deora 1 and Deora 2. Current functions: V6 (original had Slant-6, but that was too long) AWD without central diff Front independent suspension Live axle on rear with fake leaf springs to locate the axle 4 speed transmission Planned functions: Opening tonneau cover Opening front "door" Functional steering in cabin and HOG Gear indicator in cabin and HOG shifter Easily removed body I decided to do something different with the transmission. Because my nephew was disappointed in the speed changes of the traditional transmissions, I went with an automatic transmission layout, omitting reverse: Park, Neutral, 1, 2. Underside. Light blue beam is for Park. Rear axle Front axle wheel hub. Front wheel suspension travel. The front wheels are limited in travel to keep the frame from hitting the ground. After I built the front axle, I realized the black pieces made it hard to see details. If I get some time, I will rebuild it in light grey, but I want to finish the car first.
  23. Hi, I started build model for competition. It`s my first myself model, which I must do in limited range. I think it will be very interesting - not many details and no expensive electronics, small scale. In model must be engine, steering system, differential ( I think so)- all of it will be in my model. I saw many builders used the Corvett`s engine and steering system, but I have`t parts for it. I`ll build engine from two independent blocks installed on a frame - it will be a base front part of model.
  24. Time to jump in this contest. I want to do a 4 wheel drive and steered car. I already have a chassis prototype : view from under. For now, that's it, it was really challenging to get a driven and steered setup that is 15L large I plan to add a V10 engine parallel to the wheels in front.
  25. Hey all, When reading about this contest I came up with some cars I would like to build. Sadly all these cars wouldn't fit the size limit after calculating the scale and size it would become. So I went scrolling down the information topic to see how strict this rule is. Then I read a small discussion about a next contest, If I'm right it was something like: 'build anything except a car'. And then there would be questions about 'Can I build a boat on wheels?'. And this is where I got the idea for this contest. Top Gear had an amphibious car challenge twice and I wanted to replicate something like that for this contest. I didn't want to make it to hard to build one of them, so I decided to build a 'Toybota', A Toyota Hilux with an outboard motor. But soon I found I'm not good in building small and goodlooking cars, even a simple pick-up. So now I've build my own amphibious car not based on a real vehicle. It is a modified pick-up truck that can be used as a transport boat or tugboat. The base of my car is a modified pick-up. As you can see in the next pictures it isn't a very good looking car, but with a story. It is supposed to be an old car, some bodywork panels have already been fallen of or have been removed to fit the body for the boat. The body for the boat is made of 4 panels, which are easy to place and remove. So during summer it is a boat and during winter it is just a car. Transport position to fit size limits: I do admit it doesn't look completely as my own idea. The whole boat actually looks similar to 42064. As I own that set and I love the color, there was a chance it would look similar. See bricksave for more pictures: