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Found 31 results

  1. SalvoBrick

    Vehicles in my town: updates

    Hello people! This summer I've updated several MOC vehicles in my town. Hope you'll enjoy! first, the taxi: now converted to 6-wide and a few more realistic touches; The TV van has been updated too; Tow truck totally rebuilt; more realistic look for the hot rod; total rebult for the ambulance too; Mail delivery van converted in a 3-wheeled van (like an Ape Piaggio) so it can move with more agilty into narrow streets; and finally the car transported, with updated mechanism: Hope you liked these vehicles and if you want to see more check my flickt gallery: Salvatore | Flickr
  2. So I looked for ambulance and found nearly all results showed normal City theme builds. Only one or two Technic theme builds. So I made the plunge, found some drawings, and got to work. The first attempt was a fail as the scale was a little to big, cause I ran out of parts. So I found a different set of drawing and found Sariel's unit converter app. This allowed me to plan and make to scale and smaller, only to find out near the end that I still didn't have enough red. (Or money at the time to get more, but have also moved on). So I will call this somewhat viable MOC- Ambulance V.1 I have plans to build digital and make a version 2 in the future, but I got another set of MOC's on the table at the moment.
  3. Criga88

    MOC - ambulance

    Hi all, since my police force has substantial numbers now, it's about time to focus on the other emergency services for a while. First cab off the rank is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter based ambulance. I think the 4431 set was based on a Sprinter as well, but given that it's the size of a truck, it doesn't really fit in with anything else. The MOC ended up being 5 wide and 16 long to give it the correct looking proportions. This still allows for a driver up front, a passenger or another paramedic sitting in the back and a patient on the stretcher. The exterior of the MOC won't be changing as this is about as close as I can get it, but under the bonnet there's a bit of space left free for clips and odd connections that LDD just wouldn't allow. Trying to attach the windscreen was giving me issues as well so when I get to building I'll attach that with some clips. There's a breakdown of the sliding door on my flickr stream, but since the MOC's only 5 wide, it can only work on one side. Naturally, I opted for the safe side (kerb side). The large double doors on the back allow for a small stretcher to slide in and the fender piece holds it in place. The middle section of the roof is also easily removed for a bit off added access. As always, let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for updates.
  4. [Edit] List of annual Police Interceptors, now Emergency Vehicles 2011 see 2012 see 2013 see http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=80154 2014 this thread 2015 this thread 2016 this thread 2017 this thread 2018 this thread 2019 this thread [/edit] Hi all, a little late this year, but here it is, the Police Interceptor 2014: It was quite obvious that the Police Interceptor of the year 2014 would have to be an LCS vehicle. Furthermore, since the future town will be illuminated I was wondering if at least some of the vehicles can be lightenend, too - it would look quite awkward if cars without lights were cruising the town at night. It proved to be possible without any foreign parts - via a combination of 9 Volt and PowerFunctions stuff. Functions: self-steering front axle emergency lights (9 V) siren (9 V) headlights (PF) backlights (PF) 100% Lego. The car weighs over 200 grams (battery included) but is an excellent mover on the LCS. Credits: derjoe whose "brick & tile" car building style proved to be most appropriate when dealing with lighting Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo who introduced me into the "9 Volt world". Rear: From below: Hopefully the PI 2014 will be the first of a series of illuminated "night" cars like ambulances, fire engines or stretch limos. Some more pics on my Flickr. Thanks for looking! In action on the LCS layout:
  5. Here are my latest, Actually completed and posted on the last day of the last year. I am a big child and I wanted to make some cute old-timers, and are there cuter cars than those from the 40's? Anyway, I made toys I could play with when I put my kids off to sleep and so I did. Everything opens and each model's got something extra. For example Fleetmaster Fastback version which is the police vehicle's got guns and a rifle. Coupe version for the Fire Chief's got some fire extinguishers, Sedan version which is the TAXI's got 2 suitcases and the Delivery stretched Ambulance version some medical gear an oxigen tank, water tank with a pipe and a gurney. I hope you like these and if you want to see more it's on Flickr. Just click on the pic
  6. de-marco

    [MOC] Vintage ambulance

    Vintage ambulance building instructions Parts list
  7. de-marco

    [MOC] Ambulance

    Ambulance building instructions Parts list
  8. SpacySmoke

    MOC: Type III Ambulance

    V-LF-15B Updated May 31, 2012! Jump to the latest version! Support on Cuusoo LEGO Ideas! Original post below: Yes, it's another ambulance to add to the numerous ambulance MOCs on this forum. I chose to do this because ambulances are one of those vehicles that every city ought to have, but the official Lego versions don't look like the typical American ambulance. I've also seen some great ambulance MOCs here, but they weren't quite what I had in mind in terms of scale and proportions so hopefully mine will bring something new to the table. The first thing I started on was the 6-wide cab. I specifically wanted to be able to fit 2 minifigs in there. That wasn't too hard, but I did have to remove the seats in order for the roof of the cab to fit properly, otherwise I would have had to raise the roof by one plate in height. At first I used a 6x5x1 wall panel as the back of the cab to allow space for the seat backs. Once the seats were gone, I decided to use regular bricks. This allowed there to be an opening to the patient section in the back like on a real ambulance. The outside of a real ambulance has a lot of storage areas that can open up. For my model, I decided to focus more on the inside detail, which meant that outside storage had to be sacrificed since there isn't enough space. I do have a container on the driver side, but that's it. I added some 1x1 light bley tiles to simulate the door handles of some of the storage compartments. The roofs of the cab and patient section can be removed for easy access. This picture also shows the brick-built doors in their open position. This was the first time building my own brick-built doors and quickly found that simply using hinges wouldn't work due to the thickness of the bricks. At one point, I experimented with a snot door that had cheese wedges on the side to allow it to open and close. It didn't look good, so I scrapped the use of hinged plates/bricks altogether. A shot of part of the interior. There is a seat for an EMT to help with the patient and lots of storage for medical supplies. The other side (not shown) has an area where another minifig can sit, though the stretcher would get in the way of the fig's feet. There's also an oxygen tank and fire extinguisher that you can't see in this photo. The ice skater has had a bad fall! Her fans are quite worried. Here you see a bit of how the doors are made. There is a bar on the door attached to two robot arms. The other end of the arms are attached to a bar on the interior of the patient section. This allows the brick-built doors to be pulled straight out and then swiveled to the side. It's hard to see, but I also used 1x1 corner panels to allow a bit more clearance for the robot arms. I feel like I've seen this door technique before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it. The side door opens just like the rear doors. I'll probably use a similar design if I decide to make a bus. Comparison with official Lego vehicles. The bus from City Corner is looking a bit small now. Well, I guess that's it for this MOC! Thanks for looking! My next MOC might be an 8-wide bus, or maybe a regular car of some sort. This MOC can also be viewed at: Flickr MOC Pages LDD file: Spacysmoke's American Ambulance (ver.B)
  9. durazno33

    Upgrade to the Arkham Asylum

    Over the past month, I dedicated a lot of time and effort in up-scaling and improving Lego's Arkham Asylum set 10937. After several Bricklink orders and trips to my local used Lego store, it is much larger and with some real grounds and hopefully enjoyable. Here is a video of its assembly from parts. I hope you enjoy!
  10. Dar2k

    [MOC] Ford E-450 US ambulance

    Updated November 2, 2016 : New version here : > click there ! < Ford E-450 Ambulance by Rastko, sur Flickr Original post : Hello everybody ! As I said in my presentation, I like building everything with wheels. So today, I am going to present you my newest MOC. It's an american Ford E-350 E-450 (thanks Only Sinner ;) ) ambulance, and I was inspired by the L.A. Fire Department one. The real ambulance : And my version : Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Rear doors can be opened Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr The top is removable, and the inside is also detailed : Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Ford E-350 Ambulance by Dar2k TFOL, sur Flickr Thanks for reading me. Hope you like it, and don't hesitate to comment ! :)
  11. This model is inspired from 6691 set which was produced between 1981 - 1983. It was one of my favorites sets in childhood. There are many differences but I intended to keep the Classic Town spirit. I've added a working door on the right side, windows on sides, I've used nowadays elements like curved slope bricks for actual design and I also made the model a little smaller. LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 1 by Severus A, on Flickr
  12. emilstorm

    Mercedes ML emergency doctor

    I am going through my basement and finding all these creations. This one is from around 2012 i think. There are a bunch of things i would like to change on it. The front of it bothers me a bit. I have changed it a number of times, and now i actually like one of the old versions better. I would also like to change the wheels, I think they are a little too big, but the ones i want to put on need a different attachment, and unfortunately my time these days is limited to just posting pictures. And then there is that awful half plate gap under the rear window... And of course i need to put on the stickers i spent hours making back then, but here i am furthermore limited on patience I will post some more pictures, just don't have the patience to wait for them to be uploaded on brickshelf right now good night folks
  13. Severus A

    [MOC] Ambulance. 4 Studs.

    I am a Classic Town nostalgic and sometimes I miss the real 4 studs models :) In fact I think they are still useful for City dioramas. So I've built this tiny ambulance using the nowadays elements except the wheels and the back hinged door. LEGO ambulance 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  14. Somewhere on the Western Front a young sailor fell in love with a beautiful "lady of the night". While he was leaving her, he met a civilian going in her house with flowers and a bottle of wine. Jealousy was stronger than wisdom and the sailor punched him. Fortunately, the MP and the Medics came quickly. For this diorama I used the demolished building, the Willys MB and the Dodge WC54.
  15. legofrik

    WWII MOC Dodge WC54

    Every Army needs an ambulance. I hope that enemy will see all this Red crosses. Medics are on the way. Plenty of room for injured soldier.
  16. ParmBrick

    [MOC] City Ambulance no. 1

    Here it is my City Ambulance no. 1. The base is the 2006 set 7890 "Ambulance". The style of the ambulance wants to look like the style of american ambulances so I enlarged it to to derive a large compartment in order to accommodate a paramedic, a stretcher, medical computers, medikits, various equipments and an oxygen tank.
  17. ParmBrick

    City Ambulance 2

    Today I post my City Ambulance 2, is the model from 2011 set 4431 "Ambulance". I haven't changed the exterior, I only changed the interior, added more medical computers and equipments.
  18. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Small Ambulance

    This is my version of the ambulance from 2013 set 60023 "City starter set". I changed the color of the roof, changed the layout of the lights. I added some interiors, added a stretcher, a compartment for some medical equipments as a oxygen tank and medikits.
  19. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Off Road Ambulance

    Hello mates, I'm back with new creations on rescue and emergency theme. This is a 4x4 Off Road Ambulance. Is based on the vet unit from 2015 set 75917 "Raptor rampage". I changed the colors, add a winch, and added some details and interiors as a stretcher, medical computer and an oxygen tank. For the stickers I have downloaded them from internet.
  20. tommi5

    Hospital in Lego City

    I built this creation, because I think there isn't enough lego sets like this. You can only find fire and police stations among the lego sets. So please support my Lego Ideas project: There you can find more pictures.
  21. Civil model of the Bell UH-1N Twin Huey. This example was used by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for air rescue and ambulance services. Model features a detailed interior, rotating main and tail rotors with adjustable blade pitch, opening crew cabin doors, and sliding main cabin doors with swing open forward auxiliary main doors.
  22. A little background. While my sets were mainly disassembled from the 1990's, the vehicles for the most part were NOT. Prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web. my mother had picked up a bunch of used lego at a garage sale for me. Until I acquired set 6395 (Victory Lap raceway) I was utilizing the funky window and hospital symbol pieces as wall and building window pieces. That is until I acquired a stretcher, then the gears in my adolscent brain started turning. That strecher especially with a person on it wasn't going to go in pretty with regular lego blocks as walls at the back of the ambulance??? I wonder if that's why these have the grooves and all of that?? Which took me to the rear end of the ambulance. The unfinished look of studs didn't appeal to me, so after much messing around. I ended up with the result that you see below: Even at that age I didn't want the slopped front window and rear window look so I blew my old flat windscreen on the front, the sunroof pieces don't look bad but sets like 6688 look bad to me. After looking at the pics, please don't point out the lack of QA on the stud gap on the middle of the hospital. So . . . I'm a little curious if the anyone can tell me if this was in an idea book or genuinely my own idea. I really like it regardless. As soon as I parked the ambulance beside the one from the 6380 my first reaction . . . . aside from cringing with the yellowing . . . "I have to moved the rear axle up further!!"
  23. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Medical Ship "White Whale"

    When Tony Stark decides to leave the arm-dealing field, he sets up Stark Resilient, which aims to put his technology to the city to benefit the needed people. This time, he puts his arc reactor on the medical ship, and that helps reduce the transport time for patients to the hospitals and makes in-the-air surgery possible. The arc reactor engines are small and powerful, so that the ship can have more space for other uses. Tony meets the team of medical staff at the launch of new medical ship. Overview of the ship, which is quite bulky. Probably that gives people a more "caring and steady" feel for transporting the injured. Side view, and front view below. The cockpit has two seats, and the higher back one can be closed sideways so as to give access to the front seat. And yes, it is a little futuristic era to see the blue transparent panel. Maybe the front should have the same, now I realize! The top is the core of the energy source. The new repulsor engine in action. Normal; flipping out shields and turning backwards for rear thrust.... The back, which has two doors to ensure that the inside is sealed off from the outside, since this ship allows in-the-air surgery. The inside is a well equipped surgery room, with all the necessary medical supplies and tools. "Relax, and we will soon arrive at the hospital for a more thorough check." Thanks for checking!
  24. I am a fan of the Fire Brigade modular #10197 and wanted to expand on the look. I have the City Ambulance set and wanted a place to put it in my modular city. So I designed this building for it. Its similar to the FB, but not exactly the same, its kind of a cousin to it. I would put it next to the FB on one side to look like it was an addition to it. It is essentially a place for the paramedics to live when on duty. The height of the parking bay had to be that size to accommodate the ambulance. It sort of seems too tall, and I suppose the ambulance is a little too big a scale for the modulars (6 studs wide). Oh well, I like it enough to think about getting the bricks together to build it. The interior consists of a stair from the front door to the upper level living quarters for the paramedics. This building addresses the missing features in the FB, like beds and a bathroom. There are 2 beds a computer workstation, a kitchen and eating table. There are storage cabinets for supplies. Lots of accessories. The bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink. I know the window has a nice view of the WC...haha, but its high enough above the street to not be too visible ;-). The rear ground level has a storage space and perhaps an office, with windows out. I am still not sure about the color scheme, but for now, it works for me. tan gray and the dark red. Black window frames and doors. Comments most welcome!
  25. Here are some of the few childhood MOCs i have saved. A couple of police cars I remember making the one on the left after I saw Robocop 2 and wanted to make his cruiser. I think I nailed it pretty good... If you imagine Robocop driving a Honda Civic Here is an ambulance and a small delivery van. The ambulance is still one of my favorite creations of all time. It is supposed to be a VW Caravelle, and it has had minor changes done since the first version, but nothing major. The color design is the same as the original one i made, I am very proud of ca. 12 years old me Last is a Shell road assistance truck. I stole the design for the tow thingy from my older brother